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Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram to Gain More Engagement

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  5. Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram to Gain More Engagement
best time to post reels on Instagram
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Social media platforms are growing at a very fast rate as time goes by. Many advancements in technology are continuously taking place. Technicians are constantly creating new social media platforms and different ways of communication to bring the world together. Nowadays, almost every task that we do is done through online social media apps.

Whether you want to communicate with your friends, get some entertainment, promote your brand and businesses, or keep up with the events going on in the world, social media can help you. Social media now has lots of competition as many new influencers and users are erupting at a very fast rate.

Many trends get developed due to social media and become highly popular all over the world. Growing on social media platforms can be very easy if you use the correct methods. Instagram is one of the largest social media apps on the internet currently. It competes with some very huge websites on the internet. This app is a great place if you want to gain an audience for yourself.

This is mainly because almost everyone in the world has an account on Instagram. It has a very large audience and can help you to elevate your account within just a few days. Instagram is also one of the best places to build your profile and showcase yourself so that your audience can find you easily. 

Everyone has likely used Instagram, a straightforward social media app that offers various features. With its huge user base, Instagram offers vast potential for overnight popularity with the right marketing tactics. However, knowing the correct marketing skills can be quite difficult if you are new to the app. This is mainly because, due to the large number of influencers and creators on the app, the competition is also quite large.

What are reels?

reels - Best time to post reels on Instagram

If you want to stay in the competition, you need to constantly keep up with all the trends and find new ways to attract an audience. A great marketing strategy is to know best time to post reels on Instagram.

Reels are the new feature of Instagram that the app is boosting quite a lot. Hence, if you use this feature, the app itself will increase your visibility and will help you to gain more exposure. This is very beneficial as it can speed up the process of your growth on the app.

Reels are very short clips of videos that you can post on Instagram. These videos can allow you to gain lots of visibility on the app because a person can watch thousands of reels at one time. Due to how short they are, reels often get addicted and many of the audience of Instagram spend a lot of time watching these deals. Hence, you too can benefit from this. However, you need to know the right time to post on your reels.

Why should you post at a particular time: 

Why should you post at a particular time

Like every other social media app, Instagram has its peak hours. These hours are usually the period within which most of your audience is active. This means that during these times, your audience is collectively using the app. There are many different ways to figure out when your audience is the most active on the app.

Having track of this is very important as it will give you an idea of when you should share posts. When you post during these hours, you will get the most engagement that you can gain from a post. but there are some of the top hacks that Instagram influencers uses is to buy real Instagram comments, views, and followers services that gives a huge impact on their Instagram account at any time. This is because, since many people are active on the app at once when you post, your content will get consumed to its highest potential. 

Most people will be notified when you post and will click on the notification as they will be active at that time. Moreover, they will also come across your post while scrolling through their feed, which will give you more engagement. With the help of these engagements, you will grow your account at a faster rate and gain more attention. Posting at the right time is very important for you to see active growth in your account.

Best time to post reels on Instagram:

Best time to post reels on Instagram

Here are the best times that you can post on your Instagram reels throughout the week:


Monday is quite a busy day for many people. It is the first day of the week and hence, people get back to their jobs and do not have much time to spend on Instagram.

However, if you still want to post on Monday and get a lot of engagement on reels, the best time to do so would be at noon. This is mainly because people take breaks during this time, before getting back to their work and spending some time on Instagram.


Tuesday is also a busy working day. However, the engagement on Tuesdays on Instagram reels is a little higher compared to Mondays. If you want to get the best results from your post, you should post from 9 AM to 10 AM.


Wednesday is also a day where the engagements on reels are quite moderate. You can gain a significant amount of engagement if you post at 11 AM on Wednesdays.


Thursday is a day where we can see engagement in the app almost throughout the day. Although this engagement will not be continuous, you can still gain some good benefits from it. The best time to post on Thursdays would be at midnight when the engagement on reels is at its peak.


Friday is one of the best days to post on your reels. This is new because people coming towards the end of the week have a lot more free time to access the app. The best time to post on Friday would be anywhere between 7 AM to 2 PM.


Since Saturday is a weekend, the engagement is a lot higher compared to other days. The best time to post on Saturday would be at 9 AM.


People are quite busy enjoying time outside on Sundays. Hence, the engagement is a little less on Sundays compared to Saturdays, but still quite high compared to other days of the week. The best time to post on Sunday would be between 12 PM to 8 PM.


These were the best time to post reels on Instagram throughout the week. Since you will be working hard on your content, having lots of Instagram engagement allows you to get some response to that hard work. Instagram reels are also quite a unique feature. This is because people scroll through these reels almost all the time throughout the day. This is mainly because these videos are very short and people can watch them quickly without having to dedicate much time to them.

Hence, even during times when people are busy during the day, they can always make some time to get some entertainment through reels. Hence, this feature is highly beneficial for your growth. We hope that this article could help you understand Instagram better and gain more information about reels and how they work.

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