Buffer Vs Hootsuite: Which is Better For You in 2022

Buffer Vs Hootsuite

An effective social media strategy is critical in creating exposure and engagement for your brand on all online platforms. It can help in gaining important input from clients, fabricating a solid client support department, boosting traffic, growing social media presence of Your Brand, and of course, open a whole new world for performing targeted marketing. Read This Full Article To know Buffer Vs Hootsuite.

Presently, there are numerous apps and services accessible that can assist with your marvelous marketing plans, especially with managing your social media posts across numerous platforms and even scheduling them to be posted at the ideal times. Such programming is intended to assist you with engaging with new followers and likes, providing you analytical data, screening mentions on various sites, scheduling and curating content among others.

Out of the many apps available, Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the best and most well-known ones. They can make your life much easier by doing all of the hard work involved in social media marketing for you.

In this blog, we have carefully compared the two based on their common features to help you choose the best for you.

Pricing – Buffer VS Hootsuite (Which is worth Buy)

Buffer Pricing-Buffer vs Hootsuite


Hootsuite Pricing-Buffer vs Hootsuite


Hootsuite gives you more than your money’s worth for every level but Buffer is cheaper for businesses. Buffer provides a Pro version of $15/month however there are certain limitations to it. You can’t add any new users to manage your accounts. You can just set only up to 100 scheduled posts for each account.

However, Buffer begins to look seriously engaging when you arrive at the business levels. It offers three business-level plans, going from $99/month for independent ventures to $399/month for enormous associations. These levels permit you to oversee 25 online media accounts on the low end, and up to 150 on the top level. They likewise support up to 25 extra members, and each business level permits up to 2,000 booked posts for every social media account. These plans also provide advanced analytic tools, so you can gain an insight into your audience.

Hootsuite begins its Business plan at $599/month. They do offer a Team plan for $129 each month, which may work for private companies, yet it incorporates fewer clients and social profiles than Buffer’s $99 strategy.

Hootsuite does not publically display its pricing, you will have to approach them directly for it. You can only pursue this arrangement by requesting a demo through Hootsuite, so if you trust that your organization could benefit from this sort of plan, you’ll need to contact Hootsuite directly before you can pull the trigger.

Social Platform Supported

Buffer supports all social media you are most likely to use but Hootsuite supports a much wider range of networks

List of all networks supported by Buffer:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Twitter profiles
  • Instagram business profiles
  • Google+ profiles and pages
  • LinkedIn profiles and pages
  • Pinterest boards

List of all networks supported by Hootsuite:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Twitter profiles
  • Instagram business profiles
  • Google+ profiles and pages
  • LinkedIn profiles and pages
  • Pinterest boards
  • WordPress blogs
  • YouTube channels

Posting And Scheduling

Hootsuite is more technologically advanced however Buffer provides a much simpler user interface Buffer permits you to make a custom timetable, called the Buffer Queue that directs when posts should go up. When you add a post, it will automatically be queued into the next available slot.

Let’s say you have a timetable that takes into account posts at 10 a.m., 4 p.m., and 9 p.m. consistently, however have already scheduled three posts for the day, so the next post you add will be made live at 10 a.m. the next day. You will also have the option to physically upload posts as and when you need them.

However, Buffer will permit you only 10 posts per account. When you turn on AutoSchedule, Hootsuite will pick an ideal time for your post to go live.

You can’t choose what times Hootsuite chooses (except if you post physically) — truth be told, Hootsuite may schedule your posts in a different sequence than you had chosen to. So if you need to post a lot of tweets and do not especially mind when they go up or in what sequence—just as long as it’s not all at once—Hootsuite’s methodology is great.

Dashboard Interface

Buffer displays only scheduled content whereas Hootsuite displays replies, newsfeed, and a lot more. Overall, Buffer and Hootsuite have quite similar dashboards. If you only want to deal with your own planned posts, Buffer is incredible. But if you need to follow different accounts and oversee replies on your posts, then, Hootsuite is the one that can help you out.

Keeping the similarities aside, some aspects are worth contrasting. Buffer has an added edge. The relatively simpler interface makes it easy to see which posts you have planned, the number of posts you have lined up for each account, and edit posts if needed.

In the Pro level and higher, you can even see your posts in a calendar view so you can plan your further posts. Hootsuite is a bit more complicated. On your dashboard, you have a few tabs, every one of which can contain various sections for all your social media accounts.

Team Handling

If your organization is well established, choose Hootsuite. Buffer is better for smaller teams. When access to Buffer is shared with your colleagues, you can physically pick which online accounts they can approach. You can permit them full posting rights, or you can require approval before posts go out. But, that’s nearly all of the team management that buffer is capable of. For little associations, it’s considerably enough. For huge organizations that may have hundreds of social media accounts, it can get unmanageable.

Hootsuite offers you more devices to categorize your employees. You can make Team Members, Teams, and Organizations. These categories will let you easily perform large-scale marketing tasks. You could, for instance, give an external organization admittance to one bunch of social media accounts, while your in-house creative team keeps on dealing with the rest of them.


You can create advertisements and manage them only with Hootsuite. It is the only platform offering advertisement management. This component allows you to launch and oversee ad campaigns across numerous social media from one dashboard.

It’s a different item from Hootsuite’s social media manager: Hootsuite Ads, and it’ll burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you are looking to launch ad campaigns without having to go to a different service provider then Hootsuite is your all-in-one option.

You can run ad campaigns through Facebook Ads or Google Ads, but you will not be able to manage them from Buffer itself. Another option you could try out is using Hootsuite Ads for your ad campaigns exclusively and Buffer for your day-to-day social media management.

Responding To Comments And Messages

Buffer Reply, a separate app by Buffer, offers better engagement For Social Media management when compared with Hootsuite’s basic packages. Since Hootsuite permits you to alter your dashboard however you wish to, even the free version is appropriate to manage your comments and messages.

You can, for instance, make a tab with a section for your Twitter mentions, Instagram comments, and Facebook messages, and respond to all from one spot. Owing to Hootesuite’s team management system, it is quite simple for your team to oversee networks and keep the engagement with your followers going.

Buffer Reply is an independent app offered by Buffer. Its Replies permits you to allot conversations to a specific colleague, add notes to discussions so you can recall when somebody connected previously, and even see which of your own colleagues are actively responding live.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

Buffer offers a spotless client experience that targets sharing your own posts and effectively manages a small team. With less expensive plans, it is ideal for companies that are just on the verge of beginning their ascent on social media and do not have a big budget for online Social Media marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite, however, offers more advanced and powerful tools that cover more than just scheduling your own posts. You can utilize it to screen your feeds, track searches, and get live data on how your social posts are performing.