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Buffer Vs Post Planner: Best Tool For Social Media Posts

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  5. Buffer Vs Post Planner: Best Tool For Social Media Posts
Buffer vs Post Planner

Starting your business and building your empire is quite an uphill task. In today’s day and age, there are endless social media giants and emerging brands to compete with. In this article, You will read About Buffer vs Post Planner to find which is the best tool for Social Media posts.

Moreover, there are also so many tasks to be accomplished. But there are several tools today that act as a silver lining and savior! Since it’s challenging to wear multiple hats, social media management tools have started gaining prominence. These consist of websites that take care of several social media operations like scheduling, posting, boosting, and more.

The easy accessibility of these tools makes it really handy for the dynamic social media landscape. Even for firms with a social media marketing team, the reliability of these tools is inevitable.

Some of the most popular social media management tools include Buffer, Post Planner, Hootsuite, and many more. Since it can be difficult to choose the right tool amongst a plethora of options, we’re here to help.

Comparison Between Buffer Vs Post Planner:


  • Buffer

Buffer overview

Buffer is a streamlined and intuitive social media management tool to reach more people on social media. It has 10+ years of experience with more than 75k customers, 100k+ monthly blog readers, and 1.2m social followers.

The tool is also the official marketing partner of industry leaders like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is trusted by several small and large enterprises like Burrow, Huckberry, Lensabl, and more. With a range of features and plans, it has effectively helped 160,000+ small businesses in gaining engagements.

  • Post Planner

Post Planner

Post Planner is one of the most trusted and credible social media schedulers and planners. With more than 10 years of experience, it is trusted by several top brands and influencers.

Some of its high-profile clients include Nike, Stamford University, and Microsoft. More than 219,000 business owners use this platform to organize content, save time, and skyrocket engagements. As per a Buzzsumo study, Post Planner posts gain 510% more likes and shares.


Buffer provides several integrations for its clients. This includes all popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Other than this, it has more than 30 third-party integrations available. Users can use it with their favorite platforms such as IFTTT, Pocket, Feedly, Quuu, Zapier, and many more. Users also have easy access to content creation essential sites like Canva and WordPress.

You can leverage Post Planner for the top 5 social networks today. Although Post Planner has a lot of inbuilt features like its unlimited quotations, that eliminates the need for certain integrations. Users can also discover viral content from other platforms like Reddit, Google, and RSS.


There are many similar features offered by both Buffer and Post Planner. Both platforms offer services for the most widely used social media channels worldwide. Both tools aim to maximize social media engagements for clients. And both have their own unique ways to do so. Buffer allows users to plan and publish thumb-stopping content regularly.

It also makes it very convenient for users to collaborate and assign team roles. Users can also easily browse engagements and quickly respond to their audience. It also introduced a free landing page builder for users. Users can get a calendar view and customize posts for each channel. Its advanced plans also include trending hashtag suggestions for all channels.

It also shortens links for further reach and accessibility. Users can get a performance overview, campaign analysis, boosted post insights, demographics, and more. One can get also custom reports and white labels for easy analysis. Users can store and analyze data from these reports for up to 2 years.

Post Planner offers some of the best features to optimize posts for each social network. The tool lets users craft the perfect post for individual social networks. Users can customize captions, add hashtags, tag profiles, curate and save templates for future use. Auto-recycling evergreen content is another one of its useful features.

Users can put timeless content on auto-post. Get engagement stats on each post and increase the reach of your content by 10x. Their drag and drop tool helps in reorder and shuffling to randomize posts. The tool eliminates the need for manual scheduling and re-scheduling. Their detailed analytics help in figuring out the most trending content to be recycled. Users can measure success using their insight reports.

Customer Support

Both Buffer and Post Planner have tons of resources available that can help navigate the functionality of these tools. Buffer offers a FAQ section, guides, video tutorials, and other resources. It also has several webinars for a better understanding of the social media environment.

Although the platform is pretty simple and straightforward to use, it does offer live chat support. However, its support section is quite organized and can be browsed with different topics. Users can reach out to their team through social media channels and email support. Their Buffer community is another plus point for additional assistance. Like Buffer,

Post Planner also has a Guide section consisting of different topics. The platform has an easy layout, making it simple to use. However, it doesn’t have any introductory tutorials, webinars, or a community. But users can easily reach out to their team using their live chat support.

Plans And Pricing

  • Buffer Pricing

Buffer Pricing

The price of any tool is a crucial factor in choosing the right tool depending on the budget. Buffer offers a plethora of plans including a vast set of features. Its plans are divided and also depend on the features and platforms that you are opting for. It has a Forever Free plan providing all basic features like publishing tools and landing page builder.

Its Essential Plan costs $5 monthly per social media channel. It consists of all advanced features like publishing, engagements, analytics, and more. Users can also pay $5 extra for its Team Pack Add-on.

Its extra features facilitate seamless collaborations with unlimited team members and clients. Buffer’s free plan makes it a very economical option for startups and small enterprises. Before starting with its Essential Plan, users can get a 14-days free trial.

  • Post Planner Pricing

Post Planner Pricing

Like Buffer, Post Planner also has several plans along with a free trial. Post Planner plans take care of minute details to cater to individual needs. Hence, they have a different set of plans for small businesses and enterprises. For small businesses, Post Planner’s Starter plan costs $5 monthly. Users can opt for the Solo pack costing $19 monthly and Business Plan for $29 monthly.

For its Enterprise Plan, users can get started with its Venture plan for $77 monthly. It also has an Agency plan for $139 and Enterprise Plan for $299. Users can choose whether they want to be charged monthly or annually.  There are some standard features common to all plans. Some of them are automated posting calendars, tailored posts, analytics, quotes, evergreen post recycling, and more.


Whether you are a budding influencer or a brand, both of these tools will surely help you strengthen your social media presence. As we can see, both tools offer an array of unique benefits and some similar features.

So, the perfect post for you would depend on your requirements and budget. Buffer would be a better fit for businesses requiring more integrations and advanced features. On the other hand, Post Planner would be perfect for content creators that are not running large-scale campaigns. For those on a strict budget, Buffer is a great tool to get started with.

It’s Forever Free plan and paid plans are quote affordable to accomplish most tasks without breaking a sweat. You can also try the free trial version of both tools to get a crystal clear idea about the right fit for you. Now that you have all the necessary information, get started on your promotions at pocket-friendly prices!

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