15 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Shares to be Discovered in 2021

Buy TikTok Shares

We live in an era where social media is in charge of almost everything. People now have a platform and a method to express themselves, whether it is to make their opinions known or simply to show the world who they are.

However, social networking isn’t without its drawbacks. Because many people struggle to keep up with the competition, only the most interesting individuals appear to triumph in this rat race. TikTok is no less and it becomes a needy task to buy TikTok shares.

Moreover, what’s more astonishing, the number of these social networking sites is growing by the day. You’ve probably seen that a lot of individuals are seeking to buy TikTok shares or TikTok views these days. This is because TikTok has taken the globe by storm, and nearly everyone who wants to establish a social media profile is trying to make the most of it.

We’ll go through the top sites to buy TikTok shares in this post; some are premium, while others are more inexpensive, but they all function in terms of gaining new followers and shares in a timely and secure manner.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest locations to buy TikTok shares right now:



Viralyft offers the best results for TikTok creators with their extensive plans. TikTok growth depends on the number of people who watch the content. There are plans for the views, likes and followers that the TikTok creators can get on their social media accounts. Along with all these excellent opportunities, there are special plans for TikTok shares. These shares are perfect for getting a larger audience for the TikTok videos. 

TikTok audience must grow in size for the creator to become popular. As the account gets more followers, automatically the number of viewers keeps increasing. TikTok videos getting shared with watchers from all around the world is a great way to gain popularity. Viralyft TikTok shares from active users bring new people to the account and finally increases engagement. Clients can monitor their orders from Viralyft through the special tracking facility of each order. 

Dedicated users who want to spend time creating content can buy TikTok shares for stable growth on the platform. All these plans come with the benefits of delivery within a day or two. This fast delivery with guaranteed growth from plans is possible due to the expert team. The content gets shared globally to many new creators resulting in engaging traffic from all directions. All of this is possible keeping the TikTok account safe along with the payments.



Affordable rates of plans from Getviral.io seem ideal for both new and old TikTok creators. GetViral offers everything for TikTok starting from the views for the videos to the followers for the account. Growth on TikTok is only possible with a large audience and as more views start coming, it brings likes. This positive engagement opens room for new opportunities on TikTok. 

Apart from this, sharing links to other users or separate social platforms is a good way to bring the content to new people. Unless more people check out the videos, the TikTok account is not going to improve. So, GetViral has dedicated plans to buy TikTok shares for the videos. As the reach of every video tends to increase, the video gets on top of the search list.

Packages for TikTok come with both refill and refund facilities. Clients are going to get the video shares for which they are paying. Therefore, the money stays safe even after ordering. If the TikTok user is not happy with the engagement they can ask for a complete refund. The live chat service is free to access at every step while ordering. All these shares are going to create visible results on the uploaded videos as well as future videos.



SocialPackages is an ideal platform which offers the services for most of the social platforms simultaneously. All the packages are devoid of any kind of risks like data leaks and payment issues. TikTok users are present in millions all around the world. Every video has the potential to reach a million people and get more likes. SocialPackages just helps with the chance of getting so many viewers through their ideas to buy TikTok shares as a part of the TikTok growth plan. 

Along with their TikTok views, new people are going to engage through video shares. Shares from premium users on TikTok make their follower base the potential watchers of the video. Video views from TikTok increase the popularity of the TikTok account creating room for more likes and followers. Plans for TikTok shares are present with other growth plans to make sure that more viewers get to see the new content. 

SocialPackages makes sure that premium TikTok users from all around the world share the videos. The refill facility keeps people safe from facing any loss. The privacy policy keeps the account data safe and the anonymity of the clients remains safe with the website. The delivery time is perfect to keep the video relevant for a long time with the shares. All the shares are going to bring followers to the TikTok account.



ViewsExpert is an iconic platform which offers services to some of the unique social websites. The TikTok network of users from all around the world helps the clients of ViewsExpert. Video shares from the TikTok share plans reach millions of people. This vast network is perfect for providing exposure to the video and getting more likes. As the views start piling up from new people coming from the shares, the video reaches the top list. 

Active users with a great follower base are the perfect people for sharing videos. Video gets a spotlight from all these people and with time the thousands of views get to millions. ViewsExpert offers additional TikTok plans like views and followers from the target audience. This website tries to attract the target audience for the creator through the shares. This maintains the possibility of TikTok growth over time. 

The website is so safe that people getting concerned about payments and the TikTok ban can relax and order easily. They offer special services to their clients through a live chat facility. All of this comes within a day or two at best. Even the bulk plans for TikTok shares work well for the account as a thousand shares will multiply the viewers within a short period of time. This proves that clients can expect genuine growth through ViewsExpert.



Out of the few marketing websites that maintain the originality of TikTok, Fastlikes.io is a common name. They offer the cheapest plans to buy TikTok shares so that every new creator can afford it. TikTok is definitely the perfect platform for sharing videos now as new trends are popping up. It is best to bank on this growth bandwagon and become a famous TikTok sensation. The fast delivery of these genuine TikTok shares plays an important role. 

Fastlikes.io makes sure that shares are not limited to a place. Their results speak for themselves as the results of the TikTok shares are clearly visible from the traffic on the videos. They have no wait time as clients can just buy the TikTok shares and wait for the shares to show up. Depiction of growth is possible in the form of likes and more followers. 

Experts who help the clients with 24/7 support always ask the clients to buy TikTok followers or view plans with the shares. It turns the video into a viral video bringing more new people to the account. Getting combined plans always creates a bigger impact. They offer a satisfaction guarantee with the results and clients can ask for a refund if they are not getting proper traffic. Fastlikes.io makes sure that TikTok shares bring the most possible people to the account as viewers or followers.


Followersup - Buy TikTok Shares

Followersup is a good place to start. Among the most significant benefits of working with this firm is that they can assist you with a variety of platforms. This implies they can help you purchase TikTok shares, likes, and views. They understand what it takes to get your TikTok platform up and running, as well as the fact that you don’t have unlimited time.

This is why they promise prompt delivery, provide excellent customer service, and provide reasonable rates. The first step is to determine which platform is the most in need of assistance. After that, you may pick whatever features you want and proceed accordingly. Overall, we believe Followersup is a fantastic firm that offers a wide range of services. They claim that if you purchase their shares service, your account will expand rapidly in terms of shares and followers.

Try Views

Try Views - Buy TikTok Shares

There are certain businesses that you simply know can help you with anything, no matter what it is that you require assistance with. One of these firms is Try Views. They’ve been doing this for almost five years, so it’s safe to assume they know what they’re doing.

While you go to their homepage, you’ll note that they have symbols for all of the popular social networking networks, implying that they offer functionality for all of them. This is fantastic if you want to expand your business in general, not only on TikTok.

They wish to assist you around the clock, which is why they never stop working to help their clients advance. Not only can they sell you TikTok shares and views, but they can also do it quickly so you don’t have to wait long.



Bouxtie isn’t your typical TikTok views and shares firm; they go above and beyond for their customers to ensure that they understand what true, authentic TikTok interaction is. They want to provide their consumers not just some of the finest interactions they’ve ever seen, but they also want it to be tailored to their niche so they don’t waste their time.

And that is why, before they do anything else, they help you design your campaign so you know precisely what you want to gain out of their services. You will place your order from here, and you can expect a speedy delivery that will only take a few minutes to complete.

These people not only provide excellent service, but they also provide some of the most competitive pricing in the market. They only want to make a genuine impact in their clients’ lives, with the hopes of becoming viral one day. When you work with a firm like Bouxtie, there’s a good chance your account will succeed.



Trollishly boasts to be TikTok’s number one source of shares and views and based on their customer ratings, we’re inclined to believe them. On their website, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they offer a chatbox where you may ask them anything.

This would be the type of openness that we like and believe is critical when offering a service like this. When you first visit their website, you’ll see that all of their pricing is plainly displayed, which is something we really like.

These guys provide excellent customer service and think that every one of their customers is entitled to significant TikTok growth. You may contact them by email, and while they don’t accept PayPal, their payment method is secured, so you won’t be concerned about hackers.



Although RedSocial appears to be straightforward, they are anything but not simple. You can see they invest a lot of time and attention into their services, and their efforts have paid off, based on client feedback. When you visit their webpage, you’ll see their pricing right away, and they even go through the advantages if you buy TikTok shares so you can see why it’s a smart alternative for your overall growth.

Their dashboard is basic and easy to navigate, and they ensure that the more you buy, the less you spend. If you need anything quickly, just let them know, and they even have some customizable package choices for those of you looking for something a little more niche-specific.

Consumers also have immediate access to helpful support, which is something we believe is critical. Overall, we believe that this is a fantastic firm from which to purchase all of your TikTok shares and views.


FlyMeSocia - Buy TikTok Shares

Fly Me Social’s guarantee of actual interaction for their TikTok accounts is one of the first things you’ll notice about them. This implies that not only will they provide you with high-quality interaction, but they will also be genuine and long-lasting.

They want you to establish as much reputation as possible for your account, and they want you to get long-term benefits from purchasing their items. FlyMeSocial, like us, believes they are worth the money. They aim to make sure you get the most out of every like and share, and we think to Fly Me Social is an excellent alternative because of this.

TikTok Love

TikTok Love - Buy TikTok Shares

TikTok Love is the place to go if you want to buy TikTok shares that will make a significant impact on your TikTok growth. These guys understand what it takes to stand out, which is why they prioritize quality over quantity in their interaction. At this moment, we’re quite certain that TikTok Love is one of those firms that will take care of its customers.

Several of the nicest things about TikTok Love is that they handle everything on their end so you can focus on generating more wonderful content for your new followers to enjoy. TikTok Love can assist you not just with views and shares, but also with other areas of your engagement strategy, making them one of the most effective alternatives available.


Jeffrey - Buy TikTok Shares

Jeffrey, like some of the other firms on our list, is one of those companies that helps you acquire shares naturally, so you don’t have to worry about the quality or authenticity of your interaction. They are, however, a TikTok bot, which has its own set of hazards.

They even go so far as to assist some of their clients in the development of their own growth service. If you like to maintain the majority of control and know precisely what you want, this is a perfect option for you.

They aim to spread the word on how to develop a SaaS business to as many people as possible, and as far as we can tell, they’re doing fairly well. They can assist you with both Instagram and TikTok, indicating that their services are rather specialist.


TokUpgrade - Buy TikTok Shares

Several of the nicest aspects about Tokupgrade is that you’re not simply purchasing TikTok shares; you’re getting them organically, which means they’re genuine shares. Tokupgrade values its customers and goes out of its way to give them organic growth and genuine TikTok followers.

They also provide a fully managed service, allowing you to concentrate on generating even more great content. Tokupgrade has risen to the top of our list since there aren’t many firms in the industry that aim to be as genuine as they are.

Another of the nicest aspects of this service is how simple it is to get started with them – and how easy it is to discontinue at any moment. They don’t employ bots and take the time to get to know each client’s specific requirements so they can do it properly the first time. Ultimately, if you want true, long-term success, you need to be sure the firm with which you’ve joined up has the things you need.


TokSocial - Buy TikTok Shares

Toksocial is akin to Tokupgrade in that it provides genuine, authentic shares and views to its customers rather than selling them in large quantities. When you visit their website, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they guarantee not to offer you any phony followers, spam, or bots.

This is a fantastic assurance because it implies that the interaction they do offer you will be genuine and long-lasting, allowing you to keep your account open for a long time. They can also assist you with getting started quickly, and you may cancel your membership at any moment, which isn’t something you’ll see very frequently.

We like that their focused growth means they’re focusing on the correct audience for your specialty and that they utilize complex filters to make sure they’re getting it right. They also provide each client a personal account manager, whom you may contact personally if you have any questions.

How to Increase the Number of People Sharing Your TikTok Videos

With millions of users browsing through TikTok every day, it is one of the most popular social media sites. Anyone can sign up for TikTok and start making videos to share with their online audience. If you use this app, you’re probably looking for strategies to increase the number of people who share your TikTok videos.

Increasing the number of shares on your TikTok videos depends on a variety of variables, including engaging content, correct descriptions and hashtags, and a grasp of the TikTok algorithm. We’ll go through a few simple strategies to get more people to share your TikTok videos in this post.

Post regularly

Accounts that frequently post on TikTok will automatically be boosted. You’re more likely to boost the number of views and shares on your page if you keep regular material ready to post. Those that share a lot of stuff are more likely to be included on the popular “For You” tab of the app.

Use Relevant Hashtags

On the app, there are a plethora of patterns to investigate. First, go to the explore tab and look at the most popular hashtags. Is it possible for you to add stuff to them? Using hashtags in your video will help your viewers discover them. However, it’s critical to spend time researching and determining which hashtags are most appropriate for the audience you’re trying to reach and the content you’re creating.

Make your videos more current by using popular sounds

Aside from choosing the right hashtags for your video, you need also think about the noises you utilize. Users frequently do searches based on a sound that they found interesting or amusing. As a result, be sure to look for audios that you may use in your TikToks. This will help your page gain more visibility and likes.

Produce High-Definition Videos

Because TikTok is such a visual app, it’s critical to produce engaging and high-quality videos. This means you’ll need a high-resolution camera, adequate lighting, a suitable backdrop, and video editing software. After you’ve installed the program, you’ll need to come up with some ideas. To generate relevant material for your audience, try to put a unique spin on current trends.

Participate in TikTok conversations with other users

You may increase the number of followers who connect with and share your material by interacting with other users on the app. Users are more likely to click over to your TikTok page and view your content if you offer value to a video with a witty or amusing remark.

Work together with other TikTok users

Consider collaborating with folks who already have a TikTok platform or like making videos if you want to boost the number of shares on your TikToks. You can generate great content that your audience will appreciate when you have a team of individuals working together. Furthermore, all contributors may tag each other in their postings, giving your material the visibility it deserves.


While increasing the number of shares on your TikToks may appear difficult, it is actually rather easy. You may get the visibility you want on your page by focusing on generating high-quality material, connecting with people, publishing often, and leveraging popular hashtags and noises. To attract more people to share your TikToks, try utilizing the methods stated above.

Several businesses in the market can assist to buy TikTok shares. The best part is that all of these firms can assist you in obtaining high-quality engagement, but the bad news is that there are still firms you should avoid.

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