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15 Best Sites to Buy and Sell YouTube Channel

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There are many ways to use YouTube to grow your brand online. YouTube is a great platform for creative people to show their talents and gain a lot of recognition. One can even earn a decent living by being a YouTuber. But it is not easy to get a lot of subscribers and views quickly. Also, unless you hit the goal of 1k subs and 4000 watch-hours in a month you will not be eligible for monetization. That’s why people buy YouTube channel.

One can even buy monetized YouTube channel. Today, we will be focusing on sites that allow people to buy YouTube channels for social media marketing or content creation.

Buy YouTube Channel:


Accs-Market - Buy YouTube Channel

One of the best places to buy social media and gaming accounts is Accs-Market. If you want to buy YouTube channel from any site you should definitely try this one out. It is one of the most popular sites for transactions like these. A lot of people trust the site because of the quality of the product and services.

Accs-Market understands the risks involved in online transactions like these and aims to ensure that all the parties involved have a safe and convenient process to follow. This is definitely the platform that you should try out if you want to buy or sell YouTube channel.


  • There are plenty of options to choose from. Since it is one of the most popular sites to buy and sell YouTube channel there are many sellers. You can buy the one that suits your needs.
  • If you want to buy monetized YouTube channel you can do that as well. Some sellers sell monetized YouTube channel.
  • Another great thing about having a lot of options is that you have a lot of niches to choose from. Thus, you can find a channel in a niche you like and want to continue making content in.


Audiencegain - Buy YouTube Channel

Audiencegain is a site that has been around for quite a few years. This company has experience in the social media marketing industry. It provides services exclusively to YouTube users. If you want to grow on YouTube but need some boost you can use this site. Besides that this site is also a platform to buy YouTube channels.

Many people choose this site as they consider it to be the platform to best buy YouTube channel. There are many reasons to choose over other service providers. Let’s have a look at the various features of the site.


  • The site provides you with a free consultation. Even then it does not go for the hard sell. You basically get free advice on what you should do.
  • Audiencegain sells two types of YouTube channels. You can buy aged YouTube channels or buy monetized YouTube channel.
  • The services of the site do not only include buying and selling YouTube channels. You can even buy views and watch hours. This can help you ensure that your channel can become eligible for monetization.
  • If you are looking for the best place to YouTube channel then this is definitely one of the better options to choose. This is because the site ensures that you only get the best services.


FameSwap - Buy YouTube Channel

Do you think that buying a YouTube channel can help your business or brand? One of the sites that are popular for these kinds of services is FameSwap. People all over the world use this site to buy and sell social media accounts.

So, if you have the budget then you can buy accounts on different platforms and improve the visibility of your brand. Many creators will also benefit from this service. This is because they will already have an audience in the niche to deliver their content. Let’s have a look at the various features of FameSwap.


  • Both the sellers and the buyers are important in all transactions. FameSwap ensures that everything flows smoothly between these two parties.
  • The services are professional. FameSwap expertly handles each transaction and directs the communication flow between the parties.
  • To ensure that buyers do not get scammed the company verifies each listing. So, the ads you see on the site are verified by FameSwap.
  • FameSwap takes care of everything once the transaction gets rolling. This way the buyer gets the account information securely and the seller gets the funds on time.
  • The company also provides good-quality customer support post-purchase.

Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral is your solution to get your brand name out there. This is a company that knows the ins and outs of the social media marketing industry. The team here are experts when it comes to social media promotion. Eazy Viral says that your audience is already present online and is discussing the niche.

The company will help insert your brand into the conversation. You don’t have to be a big brand or business to use this service. Even smaller businesses can see good growth using Eazy Viral’s help. One of the popular services involves YouTube channels. If you are looking to buy YouTube channel visit this site.


  • You can buy basic social media marketing services for your YouTube channel. This includes likes, views, and subscribers. You can also buy 4000 watch hours to become eligible for YouTube monetization.
  • You can directly buy a monetized YouTube channel. It is easy to do so via this site. The channel will already have the monetization feature enabled. So, just make content and gain money.
  • You don’t have to worry about any strikes since all the videos on the channel are original and the team here made them.
  • The company can even help you in linking a different AdSense account with the channel you buy.

Eazy SMM

Eazy SMM

Everyone wants to become viral on YouTube. But it can be hard for people to build an audience over time. Some creators, brands or businesses can benefit a lot if they have a starting point. Eazy SMM makes the process of buying a YouTube channel easier.

You should check out this site if you are looking for the best place to buy YouTube channel. The channels are of good quality and the company helps you in every step to ensure that you acquire the channel and start using it. You can buy monetized YouTube channel from Eazy SMM.


  • The YouTube channel that you get here can be converted to any niche. They have the monetization feature enabled and all the videos are original.
  • The videos on the channel are vlog-style videos. They are general videos which allow you to take the channel in any direction you want.
  • Once you buy the channel the company will make you the manager of the channel using your email id. After a week you can kick out the previous owner of the channel.
  • The process is safe and easy to use. You can easily acquire a YouTube channel with monetization.


LenosTube - Buy YouTube Channel

LenosTube is an Italian company that specializes in YouTube marketing. The company has not been around for that many years but has become popular. People often use the site to buy YouTube channel. The creators of the company are experts in this field.

One of them is a YouTube content creator and the other is a developer. They understood that their expertise is useful for people and created services to help creators and brands get noticed on YouTube. So, if you are looking for a site to best buy YouTube channel you should probably check out LenosTube.


  • This site has a bunch of features that can help any customer. The service is completely safe. When you get a channel from the site you own the channel.
  • You can buy YouTube channels that are eligible for monetization as well as buy monetized youtube channel. The company provides both of these services.
  • Another good thing about the site is that you can get a customized channel. The company will ask about your niche and the type of content you want and they will create the channel for you and get it monetized.
  • You have to pay more for the custom option but you can buy a channel with a generic niche at lower rates and faster delivery time.


123Accs - Buy YouTube Channel

This site is a bit different from the rest. This is more for promotion rather than actual content creation. But nonetheless, the company ensures that the service is safe you know all there is to know before purchasing the service.

123Accs is a company that sells high-quality social media accounts to brands and businesses. Owning multiple social media accounts on each platform can help you promote the brand better. The company also provides a bunch of other services related to web automation that can be helpful with digital marketing.


  • For just $12.75 you can buy a pack of 5 YouTube channels. These accounts have been individually created by the company. They are high-quality accounts.
  • These accounts can be used for YouTube marketing. Using these accounts you can start engagements and use them to view videos of your channel. It opens up a lot of opportunities for creative promotion.
  • All these accounts are phone-verified. They have 1 phone number per account. These accounts generally have an image of a girl as the profile pic.
  • The company gives instructions on how to use these accounts so that there is no issue with YouTube’s terms of service.
  • 123Accs provides customer support to customers even after purchase via Skype.


Trustiu - Buy YouTube Channel

Trustiu understands what digital marketing is all about. This is the age of digital and social media marketing. So, if you want to get your content or brand out there this is the time to do it. Trustiu is a platform which can help you grow on social media platforms.

If you need services for YouTube you will find them on this site. A YouTube channel is also an investment. So, when you buy a YouTube channel from a good site you already have some platform to grow off of. You will get high-quality services on this that you will enjoy a lot.


  • There is always an amount of risk involved when it comes to online transactions. When you use a trusted platform like Trustiu you reduce that risk. Trsutiu ensures that there is complete honesty and transparency involved in the transaction.
  • The YouTube channels you buy from this site are top-tier. They are high-quality channels which even generate revenue. This means that the prices of the channels are high but you get the perks as well.
  • You can get all the relevant details about each channel easily. The site has all the relevant details.


AccFarm - Buy YouTube Channel

Having a good platform to use whenever you need services like this is a blessing. AccFarm is one of the best sites to use if you are looking to buy accounts and services. This social media marketplace is one of the most popular ones and one that has a lot of experience.

The company has been serving clients for a few years now. The team brings their 8 years of experience to the table to ensure that you, the customer, get good services. If you want to buy YouTube channel you will find good options here.


  • You have options to choose from a bunch of different types of YouTube channels. And buy fresh accounts for YouTube marketing or buy aged accounts with subscribers or buy monetized YouTube channel.
  • You can trust AccFarm to provide you with the best products. The site will always ensure that you get the best deals. The rates are standard as well.
  • You don’t have to worry about a thing. If you have any questions the 24/7 customer support is ready to help you out.
  • You can buy accounts for other popular social media platforms as well.



PlayerUp is one of the top platforms to choose from if you want to buy accounts online. There are lots of scam sites and scammers out there. You have to be careful while doing such transactions. PlayerUp is a site that can help you with buying and selling social media and gaming accounts.

If you want to buy or sell a YouTube channel then this is one of the best sites for that. When you use PlayerUp you can be sure that you will get a good service. One of the reasons why a lot of people use this site is because of the reliability and transparency it brings to the table.


  • There are lots of sellers on this site. So, you will have a lot of options to buy YouTube channels from this site. Choose the one that fits your budget.
  • There are YouTube channels which are eligible for monetization available on this site as well. You can find all the relevant details on the site.
  • Try opting for the middleman service that PlayerUp provides. This way both the sellers and buyers are protected from any sort of scam. You can rest assured that you will get the product.



Appsally is not a new player when it comes to social media marketing services. This company has been in this industry for many years and provides high-quality services to its customers. A lot of people use Appsally to boost their online credibility on social media platforms.

There are services for most social media platforms as well as SEO and other digital marketing services. The site is basically a marketplace for growth. It handpicks marketers which results in customers getting the best services. This is a good site to buy multiple YouTube channels.


  • The site provides good customer support to its customers. So, if you have any queries you can send it to them for resolution.
  • There are a lot of services. You can basically use just this site for all social media marketing needs.
  • You can buy YouTube channels for cheap. All the accounts that you buy are PVAs. This means that they have been phone-verified.
  • The prices of the services on this site are quite affordable. So, anyone needing a boost to improve their promotion strategy can easily buy the services.


The next entry on our list is It’s a nice platform for people looking to do some business involving social media accounts. The site has a lot of users because it is easy to use and it is reliable. One can buy and sell social media accounts on this site without any issues.

The site takes care of all the details to ensure that both parties have a good experience. If you want to buy a YouTube channel then you need to find a good site for that purpose. Samzal has a lot of features making it one of the sites to best buy YouTube channel.


  • The platform is very reliable for sellers and buyers. Buyers have a money-back guarantee. The sellers receive the funds only after everything is verified.
  • If you are a seller then you can also be worry-free. This is because the site will give you the account back if your conditions are not met.
  • There are many choices for YouTube channels. You can buy the one that fits your budget. It is easy to become a seller on this site as well.


EpicNPC - Buy YouTube Channel

One of the sites where you can buy YouTube channels is EpicNPC. This is a good site to use if you want to buy YouTube channels without much hassle. It is basically a forum where sellers can post ads for YouTube channels. Interested parties can then buy the channel that fits their needs and budgets.

The platform is built for growing YouTubers. You can find a bunch of relevant services that can help you grow your presence on YouTube. If you feel that your channel is doing too good then you can even search for advertisers on this platform.


  • Since there are a lot of sellers on the site buyers have the advantage of finding the channel that suits them. So, you do have a lot of options here.
  • You can buy monetized YouTube channels as well. This way you already start from a level up and can earn money from your content.
  • There are some verified members as well. The ads by these members will have a verification badge next to them.
  • The sellers provide all the details about the sites and even include some handy FAQs.


Mid-Man - Buy YouTube Channel

David Hayes is the founder Mid-Man. It is a new company which started in 2021. But don’t worry about the company is young. David has over 6 years of experience in social media development. The guy knows his stuff. David saw that the market for trading social media accounts was not that good.

There were fraudulent transactions and scams most days. So, he decided to start a platform which provides a good interface for buyers and sellers to connect. You can do secure social media transactions using Mid-man. Many customers have already gotten good results so do check it out.


  • The company puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the platform is safe to use for buyers and sellers. So, you will have safer transactions here.
  • You can buy different types of YouTube channels from this site. You can buy monetized YouTube channels or aged YouTube channel depending on your needs.
  • There are channels with different niches as well. You can even buy channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • Visit the site and use the chat feature if you have any doubts or queries. Customer support is ready to help you.



Swapd is the last entry on the list. It is a platform to buy and sells accounts and services for social media platforms. This is a good site to buy YouTube channels from. Many people do transactions on Swapd because it is very easy to do so. Sellers can easily post an ad on the site.

Whenever someone needs to buy a YouTube channel they can check out the listings and choose the one that suits their needs. Besides YouTube, the site is also useful for people looking to buy accounts for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter.


  • There are options to buy monetized YouTube channels. You will find quality channels to purchase.
  • The site is easy to use. One can simply buy YouTube channel quickly and grow their presence online.


So, these were some of the best sites to buy YouTube channels. If you are looking for the best place to buy a YouTube channel or sell one then you can find good options on our list. Always contact customer support if you have questions. Always let the platform take care of the transactions so that you are safe. We hope our list provided you with some decent options to buy YouTube channels. We wish you all the best.

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