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Buzzvoice Review 2023: Check This Before Paying for It

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  5. Buzzvoice Review 2023: Check This Before Paying for It
Buzzvoice Reviews
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If you’re a digital content creator in this day and age, it’s very likely that you would consider using content engagement-boosting services for your social media profiles. Social media platforms these days are flooded with several users, out of which many are already popular influencers or budding digital content creators.

In order to stay ahead of the curve and get attractive brand deals, collaborations with celebrities, and other creators, it’s very important to have a large following and a high content engagement. Check out our Buzzvoice review and find out for yourself if you should trust it and use its services.

What is Buzzvoice?

Buzzvoice is a content engagement boosting platform that claims to boost your social media engagement within minutes of processing orders. It markets itself as a social media marketplace and growth service for social media platforms. The social media platforms that they offer these engagement boosting services are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, and SoundCloud. 

They offer a number of engagement boosting services for these social media platforms. You can buy packages of likes, shares, followers, and views for Instagram and Facebook. For Twitter, you can buy these and additionally also buy retweets.

For Tik Tok and IGTV, you can buy views. Also For YouTube, you can buy subscribers and comments additionally as well. In addition to these social media platforms, Buzzvoice allows you to buy plays, likes, and followers on SoundCloud as well.

Why do people buy social media engagement?

People, particularly social media content creators, digital content creators and marketers, and influencers, buy engagement for their social media profiles for a number of reasons. In this day and age when a successful social media presence with a high number of likes and followers and general engagement rates can not only get you to value and credibility but also can be a very good way to make money, buying social media engagement becomes an attractive option.

While many people don’t agree with the concept of buying social media likes, followers, and comments for ethical reasons and call this practice cheating, people who do this defend themselves by saying that there is no other option in the oversaturated and over competitive social media market. Growing your following and audience engagement organically can take a very long time.

Paying for likes, comments, and followers, is an easy way to boost your social media profile. It is also not a very expensive method, which makes it even more attractive to budding digital content creators. Check out our buzzvoice.com review to see if you should be one of the people to use this platform’s social media content engagement-boosting services.

Overview of Buzzvoice Review

There seem to be many mixed opinions of Buzzvoice around the internet. However, on a first impression basis, they seem to have a larger and better online presence than most other companies in this field. They have a semi-professional website and they even have a LinkedIn page that shows up when you google them. This is a welcome surprise. However, on the other hand, the reviews that we have come across have mostly been on the negative side.

Trustpilot, the popular website rating service that rates platforms on their trust levels, has rated Buzzvoice only 2.3 out of 10. This falls under their ‘poor’ category and is definitely a matter of concern. However, as you would notice if you are familiar with the popular social media content engagement boosting services, most of them have low trust scores on ranking and rating websites like Trustpilot.

Providing a service that is considered unethical comes with its own problems and challenges, and that is why you should read this Buzzvoice review in its entirety to make a decision if your own.

What kind of services does Buzzvoice provide?

Buzzvoice provides a number of social media content engagement boosting services for several social media platforms. The social media platforms they provide services for are – Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, and SoundCloud. For Twitter, you can buy packages of retweets, likes and followers.

For Facebook, you can buy fans, likes, and shares on posts, comments, profile followers, Facebook video views, and even Facebook page reviews. Also For YouTube, you can buy packages of video views, likes, shares, comments, and subscribers. For Instagram, you can buy followers, likes, comments, and views for reels. Additionally, they also offer packages for IGTV views, comments, and likes. For Tik Tok, you can buy bundles of followers, likes, shares, comments, and views.

For SoundCloud, you can buy followers, likes, plays, downloads, and reposts. Another unique feature of Buzzvoice is that for many of these social media platforms, you can pay for automatic engagement packages. These automatic engagement packages include all in one likes, shares, and views for all your future posts within the next month. 

What are the pricing ranges?

For Twitter engagement boosting services, the followers’ packages start at 100 followers for 5.97 dollars. The prices increase accordingly. Twitter retweets and likes start slightly cheaper at 4.97 dollars for 100. Facebook fans start at 7.97 dollars for 100, slightly more expensive. Post likes however are much cheaper. You can buy 100 likes for 1.97 dollars. Facebook comments go for 5.47 dollars for 10, and increase accordingly. Facebook followers are cheap as well, starting at 2.97 dollars for 100.

The most popular packages are for their Instagram services. For quality Instagram followers, you can choose between high-quality followers that sell for 2.97 dollars per 50 followers, and real followers that go for 9.97 dollars. per 50 real followers. Likes are cheaper at 100 for 2.97 dollars.

Video views are very affordable, starting at 100 views for 1 dollar. Instagram comments are divided into random, real, and custom. For 10 random comments, you would have to pay 2.97 dollars. for 5 real comments, it would cost 6.97 dollars. Custom comments are more expensive, starting at 4.97 dollars for 10.

The pricing models are similar for the other social media platforms as well. Additionally, you can also buy packages of automatic engagement, and the cost would depend on the kind of package and engagement you have selected.

Pros of Buzzvoice Review

Buzzvoice seems to have a very large amount of services and users as well. There are definitely many positives that their services can offer. The positive buzzvoice.com reviews we came across agree.

  • Fast delivery

The Buzzvoice website says they provide guaranteed delivery of around 30 minutes to a few hours. They claim this depends on the number of likes, followers, or comments you have ordered.

Larger orders would take longer to process for sure. If you want your content engagement boosting services to be delivered quickly, we suggest you take their word for it and use their services.

  • Transparent pricing and charges

Buzzvoice had a transparent pricing system, and clearly explains and displays what you are paying for. The charges for the engagement increase according to the number you choose, and the increase is steady and consecutive.

In the Instagram section, in particular, they also clearly divide random and custom comments, or real and high quality or random likes and followers. The pricing is also different based on the category you have chosen. This is a good sign and a green flag that a service can be trusted. 

  • Automated engagement service

Buzzvoice provides the unique service of giving users the option of buying a all in one package. With these automated engagement-boosting services, you can choose what engagements you want, and for which social media platforms.

They generally last for 30 days, and you can get them for great deals.

Cons of Buzzvoice Review

  • Bad Trustpilot score

Trustpilot is a very reliable website ranking and scoring website. It rated and scored services and websites based on reviews from actual users.

Buzzvoice got a Trustpilot score of 2.3 which is bad. The users that rated them also provided negative reviews.

  • Negative reviews

Unfortunately, there are several negative Buzzvoice reviews online. The users that have reviewed them negatively claim that their orders weren’t delivered, or that they didn’t get the quality of likes, followers, or comments that they paid for.

  • Usage of bot accounts

Several users who have provided negative buzzvoice.com reviews have said that the services they provide come from bot accounts or accounts run by algorithms and not real people.

These algorithms auto-generate random comments, likes, or follows, and can look very fake. This can negatively impact your social media image and reduce your credibility.

Alternatives to Buzzvoice

If the negative Buzzvoice reviews have left a bad impression on you, consider using these alternative social media content engagement boosting services.


fastlikes - Buzzvoice Review

Fastlikes.io provides a number of services for popular social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and even SoundCloud and Spotify.

They are quite popular in the arena of social media content engagement boosting and social marketing.



Socialpackages.net or socialpackages is another popular option for social media content engagement boosting services online.

Here, you can buy packages for engagement on all major social media platforms. They are quite popular and reliable as well.


Much like any other social media content engagement boosting service, Buzzvoice has a number of redeeming qualities, but unfortunately, also many drawbacks. We hope this thorough buzzvoice.com review has given you a good understanding of both its pros and cons, and details on how the service works.

Their pricing ranges have been explained in some detail as well. If you choose to use their services, we would recommend starting small and basic.

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