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10 Best Email Scheduler For Email Marketing (2023)

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  5. 10 Best Email Scheduler For Email Marketing (2023)
Best Email Scheduler
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Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of setting up an online business. Most of your traffic will be coming from the cold emails you send the people you have on your newsletter. This form of marketing is called email marketing and it was designed to attract traffic to your website and eventually result in sales to help you gain revenue. However, since Gmail does not allow you to send more than 500 emails per day through a normal account, it gets difficult to transfer your messages to more than 500 people. This is where the email scheduler comes into play.

These tools use their local servers to direct emails to the audiences that you like and hence help you launch entire campaigns using just emails. This is the power of email marketing and hence you should tap into it. And if you are one of those people who are here to get insights about the best email scheduler or software, then my friend, you are in the right place.

Best Email Scheduler Tools:

1. Active Campaign

Active campaign - Email Scheduling Tools

Active campaign is one of the most popular email marketing software out there. This is because an active campaign offers everything an email marketer needs. The active campaign lets you schedule thousands of emails to categorized audiences and hence is one of the best email schedulers. It is considered the best email marketing tool for small business owners and for the ones who are new to the world of E-commerce.

The active campaign also offers automation services that let you customize the delay between emails, time of response, and a variety of other things. The best thing about active campaigns is that you don’t need a technical expert to manage your campaigns as a beginner you can easily learn to automate your services and hence using active campaigns is always advantageous.

Also, an active campaign lets you A/B test everything out so that you can be sure that your scheduled emails reach the right place at the right time. This feature isn’t available on all platforms which is why the active campaign has an edge in the industry. Also, on top of all these features, they only charge 1/10th of the price you pay anywhere else, starting at only $9/month. 

2. Benchmark


Benchmark is yet another underrated, yet one of the best email marketing tools in the market. It has all the necessary tools that you need to make your email marketing game strong. They have attractive templates for your professional emails, that not only make the emails look better but also, enhance the user experience. With their 1500+ integrations, landing pages, and A/B testing, you can get your worries off your shoulders. Actually, It is one of the best Email Schedulers.

Benchmark has been delivering since it was launched and hence is one of the best tools to use in our opinion. Speaking of features, benchmark’s key features include visual email builder, marketing automation, which are very important, surveys and polls, reporting, and A/B testing.

On top of that, the benchmark is pretty affordable on your pockets which makes it even better. If you are looking for an affordable yet effective email marketing tool, then the benchmark is the way to go. 

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue - Email Scheduling Tools

Sendinblue is one of the most famous transactional email scheduler. With more than hundreds of thousands of active users, Sendinblue is trustworthy and reliable software that can help you grow your business online. They have a ton of professional templates to choose from and a bunch of different services. Sendinblue is one of the few email marketing software that has servers in the European union which helps companies in their GDPR compliance.

One great thing about Sendinblue is its delivery rate. This comes out to be more than 95% which is a very reputable number. Also, their APIs are just beyond competition and hence they are one of the best in the industry. However, Sendinblue is not all white.

Their services lack some of the more advanced features like goal tracking, integrations, and annotations. However, apart from that, Sendinblue does a pretty great job. If you’re looking for a professional email scheduler, that has a delivery rate, then Sendinblue is the way to go. 

4. Drip

Drip - Email Scheduling Tools

Next on the list, we have another software that focuses more on small to medium-scale online businesses, Drip. drip is an email marketing software that makes it easy for small-scale online businesses to make it big on the internet. With their high-quality services and decent client interactions, drip makes it to the top ten in the email marketing industry.

Speaking of which, drip integrates deploy with popular e-commerce websites like Shopify, Magneto, and WooComerce and also custom ones. They help you make better, more professional emails, to get traffic on board and hence are considered useful for beginners and intermediates alike.

This software is pretty simple to use, as everything is confined to a simple dashboard, which is pretty accessible. They are really popular for boosting your online presence faster than some of the others mentioned on this list and hence are a must-try. Their packages start from $19/month, which is pretty affordable in our opinion. So if you haven’t tried drip yet, then we highly recommend doing so. 

5. Omisend


As the name suggests, omnisend is an email scheduler and marketing software that has helped tonnes of email marketers and is helping thousands as we speak. Omnisend is designed to help eCommerce businesses flourish on the internet by using its services. Speaking of which, omnisend offers automated email services, SMS, push notifications, integration with Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads, which is pretty impressive in itself.

Also, their templates include attractive designs and elements like the wheel of fortune, scratch cards, birthday discounts, and much more to make their emails look clean and bring traffic to their website. Their team has expertise in the eCommerce business and hence comes up with ways to increase your chances of being discovered, using various strategies.

Also, omnisend hooks up to popular eCommerce platforms like, Shopify and Magneto, which makes it versatile and effective to use. On top of that, omnisend’s key features include transactional and marketing emails, dynamic discount codes, e-commerce segmentation, and retargeting. 

6. Hubspot

Hubspot email scheduling

Next, we have a world-class email marketing service called Hubspot. Hubspot as a service is one of the best in the industry because of the quality of the services it has to offer. With more than hundreds of integrations available, Hubspot makes it to the top of the food chain when it comes to email marketing platforms. They have the best CRM platform built-in, which is what makes the majority of people use their services.

Speaking of services, they also have email automation, SMS, landing pages, and campaign creations services which makes them a one-stop destination for all email marketers. However, some do argue that this is what marks their downfall in this industry. Hubspot as a platform is constantly evolving and has another service that beats almost everyone in the industry.

This is reporting. They keep track of every single penny you put into marketing and also help you reinvest some of the revenue back into the marketing and calculate profits and investments. This is what makes them a great platform that keeps track of your money and hence is perfect for people in this business. If you haven’t used their services yet, then we highly recommend you to use them. 

7. Convertkit


If you were enjoying the tonnes of different services that the ones we just mentioned offered, then get ready to be disappointed. Convertkit is a simple email marketing tool that has just enough tools to keep the boat floating. They encourage users to use simple plain texts to make sure that they connect with their audience and hence are perfect for course instructors trying to build a brand.

Since they do not have a lot of visual attraction needed, convertkit is the perfect tool for them. It has optimized every other aspect of the email marketing business and hence is great for quick delivery. However, this does make it useless for some cases, but for what it’s worth, convertkit is a pretty effective tool.

8. Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite - Email Scheduling Tools

For anyone looking to start a freelance venture, mailer lite is the perfect service to use. From personalizing to customizing, mailer lite does it all. If you’re an individual trying to start a side hustle without spending much on marketing, then mailer lite is the way to go.

This platform is free to use for up to 12000 emails/ month to less than 1000 contacts, which is a pretty decent number. Considering you have 600 contacts, you can do 20 product launches and send them emails regarding the same every month. As you are gro, you can use their paid services as well. Speaking of their services, they have a ton of beautiful email templates and automation services.

Also, they are not very big on integrations but have just enough to get your boat floating. If you are looking to present to an audience that is homegrown and is organic, mailer lite is the way to go. However, if you are a small organization, you can upgrade to the active campaign, which has a built-in CRM for your use.

9. Emailoctopus

Emailoctopus - Email Scheduling Tools

Emailoctopus is one of the best revolutions in the email marketing industry. As everyone in the business knows that there is no better way to send emails than using Amazon Simple Email Services(SES).

However, they also know, that using AWS as the architecture, to send emails to a bulk audience would mean coding every email, which is frankly a waste of time for the developer. However, email to us has come to your rescue. Built on fluent AWS architecture, email corpus, allows you to send emails through SES, without having to code for days.

This does have a downside that you don’t get a lot of visually appealing features like the ones you get on an active campaign, but for what it’s worth, you get the highest deliverability rates, which is way more important anyway. Overall, email octopus is perfect for a group that has a tech startup and one member is fluent in AWS coding. If you meet the above requirements, then there is nothing better to use than Emailoctopus.

10. Autopilot

Autopilot - Email Scheduling Tools

Last but not the least, Speaking of automation of email marketing services, there’s nothing better than Autopilot. Autopilot is software that has revolutionized email automation sequencing. Anyone who has ever made an automation sequence for emails knows how quickly they can get confusing. However, autopilot has a great solution. Instead of annotating with just words, autopilot lets you use, emojis, images, and stickers to annotate, which makes them easy to understand.

They do get messy but are much easier to understand than a beautifully organized automation sequence. On top of their automation services, autopilot also offers services like reporting and analytics. Also, their app is so optimized that you can trigger other services that autopilot has to offer without the integration of a third-party application.

This saves a lot of time and hence makes autopilot one of the best in the industry. However, being that good requires a budget. Autopilot charges $49 for 2000 contacts, which is one of the most expensive plans in the industry, considering they don’t even offer a built-in CRM. however, for whatever it’s worth, autopilot is unmatched in automation services. 


These were the top ten email marketing software available on the internet, in no particular rank. We’re sure that you will get substantial results no matter which platform you use. Till then, keep scrolling!

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