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10 Best Facebook Video Downloader: Enjoy Videos in 2023

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  5. 10 Best Facebook Video Downloader: Enjoy Videos in 2023
Facebook Video Downloader

There is no argument, Facebook is hands down the most used social media today and it has been so for a very long time now. This is because this application is easily accessible by everyone and with reengineering processes that this app undergoes every day to enhance its efficiency, Facebook has become a couple hundred million people’s favorite app. In this Article, we will read about Facebook Video Downloader.

Now, with such a massive amount of people on Facebook, some are on it to read posts from friends and family, some follow the latest trends and topics, etc., but some people come to this app for the gratification of watching videos. Nevertheless, watching videos on Facebook is cool and satisfying but what happens when you only see the video on your newsfeed and you are unable to find it again once the page reloads, what happens if the author of the video deletes it, and what happens if you are simply unable to remember where you saw the video.

If you are no stranger to watching videos on Facebook, you can agree that all these are common problems amongst a lot more, which are caused by the simple reason that Facebook does not provide videos with a download option. However, all these problems are about to be solved with this compiled list of 10 of the very best Facebook video downloaders. So, let’s get started!

Best Facebook Video Downloader:

1. Snap Downloader

Snap Downloader

It allows the user to download videos at extremely high definition making sure you don’t miss any detail. It also has an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to understand even by a newbie who has had little or no experience downloading videos off another platform. Your Facebook videos no matter how much is going to be in your hands soon if you use this software

It is however not freeware which means you would have to pay for it, the prices start at $19.99 but you first get a free trial so you can test what you are about to pay for. 

This video downloader is special because it works great with all types of software; iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and so much more. It also lets the user download the videos at unfathomable speed, even though the videos are of extremely high quality and lastly, this tool also has a video cutter which makes it possible to edit your favorite videos through its platform.

2. Click Downloader

Click Downloader - Facebook Video Downloader

This video downloader can solve all your Facebook video downloading problems, it has several specialized tools and features in its software that make the entire downloading experience more exciting as well as easy. 

One of the top features is the fact that you can select the quality that you intend for your video to have, this means you can decide how clear you want your video to be. It could be extremely high-definition quality or less than that, it’s all up to you and your preference. 

Another of this application’s features is that you can download whatever type of files from Facebook whether Mp4 or Mp3, M4A, and so on. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about how long your videos are and if the video downloader can download them for you because it also lets the user download videos at high speed no matter how long they are. 

In addition, you could also download subtitles along with the videos and if you happen to be using it for YouTube, you are provided with the option of downloading the entire channel as well.

Finally, last but not least, with the Click downloader, you can access Facebook videos even if they are from private or locked profiles and pages from any browser you can think of e.g., Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. 

This brilliant piece of software can be used for free but the premium version which has a whole lot more features can be accessed for $19.99. Generally, this is one of the best choices for downloading your favorite Facebook videos if you value them.

3. Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader

If you enjoy seeing live videos on Facebook then this may just be the perfect tool for you. Aside from the fact that this allows you to download in high quality, from a whole myriad of websites including Facebook. It enables the user to download live videos which is an extremely rare feature among Facebook video downloaders. 

Live videos are different from the usual videos on Facebook because while the latter can be revisited, the former is only seen once, this makes this tool a gem among treasures, with it, you can download the live video either through the usual copy and pasting of URL or you could opt for the M3U8 link version of downloading. It also allows you to view the information of the video before you download it so you can be sure you are downloading the right video. 

You are also provided with key features such as; browsing history which makes it easy for you to go back and revisit old videos in case you misplace or mistakenly delete them. It also has an in-built video player which means you don’t have to worry about not having the right video player since it already provides you with one.

The price of this tool is $29.95 for a 1-year license and $39.95 for a lifetime license and single-user access.

4. Free Download Manager

Download Manager - Facebook Video Downloader

This tool enables you to save any video from your Facebook into your phone through a couple of easy steps; all you have to do is find the video that interests you, click on the share button, then click on the copy URL option, but first, you have to make sure to have downloaded this app onto your device, (mobile phone, tablet). Then you wouldn’t even need to paste it first because the software would automatically recognize the copied URL and would automatically proceed to be out the video, now you can download the video into your device just like that.

This tool also has a bunch of features such as the feature that lets the user decide what videos are of higher importance so they could be downloaded first, also, if the video intended for download happens to be a large one, this video downloader helps you break it into smaller files so that it could be downloaded at a good speed.

However, this Facebook video downloader only works with Android devices, which means iOS users would have to opt for another option when seeking to download videos from Facebook.

5. FB Down

FB Down

FB down.net is a chrome extension website application that allows the user to download Facebook videos at extreme quality and ease and to put the cream on top, it is totally free.

Thus, the tool is named after Facebook, and it is only proper that it works astoundingly well for all things Facebook-related, including Videos, Audio, Gifs, and even live videos too. 

All you have to do on your end is to copy the link from the video then paste it into this web app and just like that, you now have your desired video saved on your mobile device. This tool also allows the user to convert video files to audio.

6. Get Vid

Get Vid

This is arguably the most efficient of all Facebook video downloaders, in terms of converting Video files to audio. This is because this tool is so user-friendly that it is really easy to use even for a newcomer on the site. 

You can navigate the website easily to select all your desired options because there are no intricacies within it. All that is required from your end is to copy the link from the video then paste it into the site and watch the software take over from there.

7. YTTD Video Downloader


YouTube, Vimeo, and Tik Tok are all examples of the other social media platforms in which this tool also works extremely well and as for downloading videos on Facebook, it also performs remarkably well. 

This downloader is one of, if not the best in terms of providing the user with high-quality resolution in their videos, so if you like to see what you are watching, then no doubt that this tool would perfectly suit your needs. 

Unlike some other applications that would fail to download the video at high speed, if you decide to download it in high resolution, this is no problem with the YTTD video Downloader because it gives you great quality at great speed, in addition to this, you are still able to download more than a single video at the same time without any repercussion to the condition of the video.

8. Get Them All

Get Them All

Download It From Playstore

This application really lets you get them all as it works well with a whole lot of other applications and websites too, letting you download from all of them with ease. Most importantly, it works great with Facebook as well, all you have to do is follow the same copy-paste routine, and just like that, your video of interest gets saved on your phone.

In addition, this application lets the user download all sorts of files not just videos, files including Mp3, pictures, and a whole lot more without any limitations whatsoever.

9. HVD


Download it From Playstore

High video definition or High-definition videos are really good too for downloading videos from Facebook, most especially, if you love watching your videos in ultra 4K HD. This enables the user to see every single minute detail in the video without stressing their eyes because of a lack of clarity. 

This application is also very user-friendly; therefore, it is very easy to navigate through it to select your desired options. In addition to the very clear videos which this downloader provides, the videos are also downloaded at a ridiculously high speed so long as you have good internet connectivity.

This application does not offer the notification feature so you would have to go into the application to know if your download is complete, paused, canceled, and so on. It is a very good Facebook video downloader but if you happen to want to download videos from other sites such as YouTube, you may need to manually input the URL stage software of this app may not quickly recognize it if it is pasted directly.

10. MediaClip Video Downloader 

This application allows the user to download videos from Facebook and a whole bunch of other sites as well, however, it also lets the user stream videos, so if you want to rewatch a video to confirm if it is the right one before downloading it, then this video downloader is perfect for you. 

The MediaClip Video Downloader also downloads other file formats from Mp3 (music) to jpegs (pictures) and even documents, all with ease of copying the specified link and pasting it on the site.

However, this site does not provide the user with the option of selecting the location where the location of the downloaded video, audio, or image files goes. You could however manually modify this from your file manager but this takes time and the video would no longer be available on the history of your downloaded files. 

There is also the issue of ads which would likely get on one’s nerves every once in a while, but if you don’t mind then this video downloader is a fabulous option for getting your desired videos from Facebook.


Everybody is on Facebook, for one reason or the other which makes this social media platform a must-have. Some people prefer to use this app to connect with friends and family. Some prefer to use this app for education, entertainment, or whatever personal gratification, and to do this you would need to employ the use of videos for the total experience. You Must now Know About the Best Facebook video downloader.

However, there may be times when you would need to revisit this video and it may be unavailable. Nevertheless, there is a solution to such an issue and that is the downloading of videos. This article comprises ten of the best tools which can be used to download videos from Facebook to your phone.

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