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Followers.io Review 2023: Is It a Scam? Check All!

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  5. Followers.io Review 2023: Is It a Scam? Check All!
Followers.io Review
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Instagram has quickly climbed up the ladder for the most popular social media platform. With this rise in fame and usage, Instagram has become one of the most used platforms for setting up businesses. Since businesses can’t run without promotion, influencers who have a following also emerged on the scene.

But if you don’t want to invest in influencer marketing, companies like followers.io have got you covered. Since a lot of people also have the dream of growing big on the platform, the emergence of growth marketing services was inevitable.

Now that we know what this site is for, let us delve a little bit deeper into what they really have to offer and whether those services are of any use. So without further ado, let’s jump right in. Followers.io has been in the industry for a long time and hence has created rapport in the industry if anything.

They have become quite the go-to place for social media marketing agencies. This indicates a massive uproar in the use of followers.io as well. Since we have been researching and reviewing a lot of these social media, marketing tools/websites available online, we have found this to be a decent alternative.

Even though their competitors are most likely to sell you fake followers that might ruin the health of your Instagram handle, followers.io has a strict principle when it comes to the delivery of their services.

After looking through a ton of reviews on the internet, we have made a few conclusions about the platform. But before we dive into the pros and cons of using followers.io, let us understand why there is such importance for growth on social media platforms


Instagram is one of the most visually attractive social media platforms out there. This makes it the perfect palace to showcase products and hence it has quickly become one of the most used social media platforms as well. However, the only use case of Instagram is to build influence and have a reliable user base. Since content cannot directly earn revenue, there has to be some sort of product in the backend. 

Since Instagram users are widely affected by the number of followers other people have, it is usually very important for growth as well. Having a large follower base is just proof of work for most people.

Instagram users equate the number of followers with the quality of the content and hence are more ready to follow your account if you already have a decent follower base. Once you are getting enough followers on your handle, the next most important thing is retention and engagement.

Followers review that sit duck and just view your posts are useless. This is why a majority of social media marketing tools fail to deliver. As fake followers are unable to like and share your posts, they are not of much use either. This is why finding the right social media marketing tool is a must. Now that you know the importance of social media engagement and followers, let us take a look at the pros and cons of followers.io


  • Real followers and engagement

There are a lot of Instagram growth marketing tools on the internet. These websites are generally scams. This is because their services never deliver or even if they do, the followers and engagements are fake.

Since the Instagram algorithm is always looking out for ghost accounts on your profile, having a load of fake followers will affect your reach poorly. This will cripple your Instagram handle, to have any further Instagram engagement or organic followership.

However, with followers.io we have the confidence to say that the followers you receive are high quality. These are not fake followers that are pumped just to increase the number of followers you have on your profile.

They scrutinize these followers review well enough to make sure that none of the accounts that are in your follower list come out to be fake. This is one of the best advantages of using this site.

  • Safe delivery

Once you have ordered your Instagram follower packages, followers.io gives you the option to choose the speed of delivery. We recommend choosing the slow delivery option if you’re not in a hurry because that is the best way to avoid being noticed by the algorithm.

However, you can be sure to receive your order within 48 hours, which is also a great relief. Their delivery speed is great in comparison to other social media marketing services because they actually offer real and active followers. All of our test orders were received well within the deadline and hence we would recommend this service. 

  • Guaranteed results

Since followers.io wants to serve its customers the best way possible, they guarantee results. You get a 100% money-back guarantee in case they are unable to fulfill the order. However, we’re sure that they will. Since they can guarantee money back, it makes the users even more cheerful while investing in their services.

From personal experience, we can say that having the money-back guarantee gave us the peace of mind that other services in the segment we’re offering. This is also a great filter to have when you’re looking for Instagram marketing services. This protects you from fraudulent websites whenever you’re looking for support.

  • No password required

If you are skeptical about giving your credentials to third-party apps, then followees.io has got you covered. Their services help you transfer these engagements and followers review to your account without even logging in once. When you have signed up on the website, all they do is ask for your Instagram handle.

Be careful while entering the username, because you would not have the option to change it once you have ordered the package. This is a great step to prevent users from panicking about data breaches. 

  • Thorough FAQ

Since they do accommodate thousands of newer social media influencers daily, it is common to have a lot of queries. They have made sure that people can take the help of these FAQs during and after the purchase.

Since these are the problems that are faced by a majority of the people who use the platform, they ensure that these questions are answered prior. This also gives the users a sense of security while using the platform.


  • Delivery management

This is one of the most common downsides of platforms that allow you to select delivery speeds. If you are not thorough with the process of social media marketing, we highly recommend you consult your account manager to decide on the speed of delivery.

This is why a lot of the time people who select the fastest delivery options lose retention and even the engagement that is likely to follow the followers. Apart from that, there are no such shortcomings of the platform.


Follower Packages


If you are looking for more such services that can help you get real followers, then we highly recommend you to use Follower packages. Followerpackegs is also one of the veterans in the social media marketing industry and hence is a great website. Their prices are slightly lower than that of followers.io which is great for users on a budget.


GetViral - Followers review

If you have been in the social media marketing industry we’re sure you must have heard the name before. This social media marketing tool offers its services as a one-stop destination for all the platforms out there. If you are looking for high-quality premium Instagram followers, then this is the one website that we’d like you to visit. 


Followers.io is one of the safer bets on the internet when looking for high-quality Instagram followers. If you have tried everything else and it isn’t working then we’re sure follower.io is the website that we’d like you to visit. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!

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