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How To Generate Traffic To Your Website Through Social Media?

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Social media today is one of the fastest-growing platforms used by millions, 45 million to be exact. With the rise in the number of users and availability and exposure to different businesses and accounts, social media stands as no longer an option for businesses to build their recognition but as a necessity. In this article, You will read about, How to generate traffic to your Website Through Social Media.

Social media is a space booming with content from various brands, creators, businesses, and individuals marking a name for themselves. Nearly 71% of businesses use social media to build their presence and the number is just increasing.

The benefits of using social media as a business are innumerable but some of the main ones are to attract customers, increase your market reach, reduce marketing costs, develop your brand, and so on.

Social Media today is also being used to generate more traffic to websites to build more engagement and a better understanding of the business. If you too want to drive your social media audience to your website,

Here are six great strategies to keep in mind: 

Your Profile Bio

Be it any of the social media giants that you are on; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your profile bio is the first thing a viewer notices. This is where they know what your business is about and if they’re interested. So this is the perfect space for you to tell your viewers a little more about you by guiding them to your website!

For the viewer who interacts with your posts on your social media handles, they are more likely to want to know more about what you sell, and that’s where your website link comes in handy! With a click of a button,  viewers on Instagram is now a new visitor on your website!

Another great mindset to hold while building more traffic to your website is to understand that optimizing your social media handles which include maintaining a crisp profile bio, mentioning all the right keywords, adding links, and so on is as important as optimizing SEO.

Another bonus is that adding a link to your social media handles onto your website makes it not only more trustworthy but also gives your website a better ranking.

Promote Your Website Content On Social Media

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You’re doing everything right, by the books, to get your website engagement high. You’re uploading consistently, your content is A plus but for some reason, your engagement is still low and you don’t know why?

Well, it is because the audience that you want to seek does not know about the existence of your website, and using social media is just the right way to go about this.

You deserve to see returns for all the effort you put into building the right content for your website and one such way is to put snippets of the work on your website on social media handles. Interact with the audience and direct them to the website through “Swipe Ups”.

Another way to promote your content is to post the same content onto your social media as well. You could either put it out in the form of a teaser or you could post a shortened form of it, asking the audience to head to your website to know more.

Through this, not only are you building more engagement on your social media but getting a lot more visitors to your website!

Engage With Your Target Audience

The best part about using social media as a business is the ability to directly interact with your customers, show them you care about their feedback, and that their time is valuable and appreciated.

So, if you can make your customers feel like they belong to the community you built, why don’t you use it! There are many ways to build audience engagement with your account.

Here are some ways: 

Put up polls and questions for your audience to engage with. Make sure to keep it fun and be consistent with your responses. Cover the responses received on your stories.

Ask your audience questions relevant to your website post. This will build excitement towards the content and will direct them to your website.

  • Put out headlines of the content on your website.
  • Put out fun images and videos of your website.

For posts related to the content on the website, direct the audience towards the website through CTA’s or Call To Action.

Call To Actions are used to drive your audience to your focused area, in this case, your website, using phrases such as Click here, Shop Now, Read More, Visit Our Site, and so on. These CTA’s provide the audience an easy way to interact with your business while you build engagement.

It would be best if you write down CTA’s for specific content you’re going to post that will build more interaction with your website and note down the activity on your website and see what works.

Consistency Is Key

It is an understood statement that it isn’t possible to use social media to drive your audience towards your website if your social media handles themselves aren’t doing well.

To ensure that your audience knows what you are up to, what your business does, and where they can go to engage with your business, you need to be consistent, not just engaging with your audience but also posting on your feed, on your story, using relevant tools to build more reach and find more target audience.

Managing and building your social media presence doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistency and patience to reach there, but you definitely will if you keep the audience engaging and being strategic with your approach.

Another key factor to keep in mind is to understand how the different social media handles work and how to use them to your benefit. A lot of factors affect the reach and overall success of an account including posting frequency, hashtags used, time of posting, the demography of your followers, and so on.

While different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook have their posting frequencies, it would be best if you identify the posting frequency of some of the brands around you that are doing well and accounts involved in the same business as you are.

Remember to consider all the factors and through trial and error, you should find the rhythm that suits your accounts. Use social media planners and calendars to help with managing your Social Media Posting Schedules, thus keeping you on track.

Participate In Social Groups And Conversations

Many social media handles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Youtube have very active social groups that have members and audiences discussing various topics, providing a space for open discussions, forums, and so on.

You can join and participate in these social/community groups where there could be some of your target audience and dance driving them to your social media handles and website.

This sort of activity not only builds better engagement on your profiles and website but also builds a brand and name for your business thus in turn building a reputation making your business more trustworthy and reliable.

Build Reliability To Your Business

Your audience will not fully engage with your account, no matter how great your content is if they do not feel like they can trust you and your business. Social Proofs are used to build value to your business accounts. For every first-time viewer on your account, you must be able to convert them to your follower and gradually your customer.

Some ways to build value to your account is to display your website’s reach, content, and success on your social media handles. When you are putting out the numbers, the data, and content for the public to see, it shows that you are not hiding anything and you are a reliable profile.

Another benefit from doing so is to build more traffic to your website. Your website too must contain your social media handles as well as relevant information such as customer reviews on the testimonials section.

Adding posts, stories, highlight sections of your customer reviews, recommendations, referrals, and inputs from your clients is a great way for a new viewer to indulge in your content. Don’t shy away from posting screenshots of customer feedback and review as this is the closest to bringing a human voice to testify for your business.


Managing your social media handles and emerging successfully is not an impossible task but requires two main ingredients; consistency and patience.

The numerous strategies on developing your social media presence can only give you the knowledge in theory but you need to apply them with persistence to achieve the goals you strive for. Remember, building a brand name and presence takes time. If you’re in it for the long run, you’ve got this!

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