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15 Best Sites to Get Free YouTube Subscribers 

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Get Free YouTube Subscribers

Have you decided to try your hand at growing a YouTube channel? Do you feel like luck isn’t on your side and your channel is simply not growing fast enough? Every content creator, entrepreneur, and business knows the power of being on YouTube. You get to tap into one of the largest audiences on the internet and market your brand. As a result, the competition is extremely saturated, and gaining organic engagement is quite a challenge. While it’s true that the YouTube algorithm typically favors content that is properly optimized, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes your videos just don’t reach the audience simply because you don’t have enough subscribers. No matter how well you curate your content on YouTube and optimize them if you have a very low subscriber count, it will simply not show up on the feed. So what is the next best solution? Well, if nothing else works out, you can consider using various websites to get free YouTube subscribers.

This way you can effortlessly grow your channel in no time and focus on creating and marketing your videos instead. Are you ready to boost your growth and engagement on YouTube? Then let’s explore the best sites to get free subscribers for YouTube now.

15 Best Sites to Get Free YouTube Subscribers:


FollowLike - free YouTube subscribers

If you’re looking for a site that brings you YouTube subscribers free of cost, then you should definitely check out FollowLike. FollowLike is basically an SEO promotion tool that helps you expand your YouTube channel or other businesses. It leverages link building, SEO tools and social media to improve anything from websites, social media profiles, blogs, music, backlinks and more.

FollowLike uses the concept of give and take to promote your YouTube content by connecting you with members who might be interested. So you can use it to get free YouTube subscribers and improve your search engine rankings too.

Leveraging FollowLike is a sure way to reach users who will subscribe to your channel and genuinely interact with your content.

But that’s not all that FollowLike is useful for. Whether you run an old or new website, it will also help you build up traffic, backlinks, search engine rankings and social networking. Plus you can also use it to generate likes and bookmarks on various major social media platforms.


Like4Like - free YouTube subscribers

Like4Like is another great site to get free YouTube subscribers to boost your channel and gain more visibility. 

Just as its name suggests, Like4Like consists of a team that is dedicated to driving more traffic to any of your social media accounts. Using all kinds of growth tools, they have built a system that will guarantee increased popularity of all your pages and websites.

You’ll also be glad to know that Like4Like is a website that has been programmed meticulously from the ground up. This means that there are no third-party programs, plug-ins or components to interfere when you use this site. 

So how do you get started? Well, you’ll need to join their community to receive a startup bonus of credits. Then you can add your YouTube channel and let Like4Like work its magic to bring you free YouTube subscribers. Once you’ve used up the credits, you can buy them again or get free credits by liking and following other members’ content.


SubPals - free YouTube subscribers

If you’re looking for a site that will cater to your needs when it comes to growing your YouTube channel, SubPals is perfect for you. It is a free growth platform that is specifically designed to provide free subscribers for YouTube. The best thing about SubPals is how genuine its services are. You will be able to kickstart your YouTube channel and gain engagement from real users who will actually interact with your content.

While some of its more advanced services require you to pay a certain amount, the basic services are free for anyone to use. SubPals uses an innovative networking system that lets you gain 10 new subscribers every 12 hours. So you can expect to be the owner of a large channel in no time.

This networking system is absolutely safe to use and will provide results in a short period. Plus you can always connect with their friendly customer support team in case you run into any issues while availing of their services.

ViewGrip YouTube

ViewGrip YouTube

With ViewGrip, you don’t have to resort to buying engagement for your YouTube channel. Instead, you just need to put in a bit of work on their site to earn counts and start gaining YouTube subscribers free. 

The ViewGrip platform is specially designed to help YouTubers like you get more likes and subscribers for free. To get started, you need to create a short campaign for your channel, earn coins and watch new subscribers pile up. Plus its features will keep you posted on the current algorithm and provide free updates too.

In addition, you can set keywords for search engines, customise your target audience, show ads and more. Plus their Worker feature automatically helps you earn the coins you need to exchange for likes and free YouTube subscribers.

Buying subscribers may hurt your channel later on if you don’t know how to do it right. So consider using ViewGrip as a safe and reliable source to bring in free subscribers for YouTube.


YTpals - free YouTube subscribers

YTpals is the one-stop destination you need to check out if you want to grow any of your social media channels quickly. It is a convenient site that provides Borge with free and paid services. 

So if you’re working with a tight budget, you can use their free packages to get free YouTube subscribers. But if you have money to spare, you can avail of their paid plans to enjoy a few additional features.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up and log in first. Then you can browse through their selection of free and paid plans to activate one that fits your requirements. Now you just need to sit back and watch your YouTube channel start growing, simple as that.

If you choose the free plan, you can subscribe and like a few videos to gain 5 new subscribers in 12 hours. Then you can reactivate the plan and repeat the process to gain more YouTube subscribers free.


Traffup - free YouTube subscribers

Traffup is another great site to bring in free YouTube subscribers to your channel quickly. Plus their user interface is so straightforward that they claim even your grandma could use it. 

Besides YouTube, you can also use Traffup to increase traffic on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Soundcloud.

The first step is to sign up on Traffup and link your YouTube channel. Since you’re a new member, you’ll have to start with 0 points. But don’t worry because you can simply visit other websites listed on Traffup, subscribe and like videos to earn more points.

Don’t forget to assign points to your YouTube channel to make other users visit and subscribe. The points will be deducted from your account whenever your channel gains a new subscriber.

These points are crucial to help you gain free YouTube subscribers since many Traffup users prefer sites that carry more points. You can assign more points to attract even more visitors too.



SoNuker is another great option that offers both free and paid services to help you gain free subscribers for YouTube. You can take advantage of their easy-to-use networking system to drive traffic to your channel. It is a foolproof and effortless way to kickstart your YouTube channel and get ahead of the competition.

All you need to do is to sign up, activate a free or paid plan and start boosting your channel. And it doesn’t require any time or effort at all. You just have to spare a few minutes every day to gain up to 10 free YouTube subscribers and 20 free likes.

You can also connect with other YouTubers like yourself on SoNuker. This allows you to leverage its exchange service to get free YouTube subscribers back and forth. Plus using SoNuker is absolutely safe and risk-free. So you don’t have to worry about your YouTube channel getting penalised.



If you want to gain free YouTube subscribers without spending any money, AddMeFast is perfect for you. Instead of money, you only need tokens to use their exchange networking system.

AddMeFast is one of the best sites to help grow your social presence online. Besides YouTube, you can also use their services to boost engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, Telegram and more.

You can also enjoy a free registration process to get started. Once you become an active user on AddMeFast, you will receive over 400 daily bonus points. In addition, it is extremely safe and secure to use. AddMeFast does not charge money for any of its services nor do they invade your YouTube channel’s privacy.

AddMeFast is recognised as one of the best caterers of social media marketing with over 6 million users from 211 countries. Plus its interface is extremely user-friendly and the customer support team is very efficient.



EasyHits4U has been operating since 2003 to bring out the best in your social media platforms. To date, they have successfully delivered billions of ad views and site visits to clients everywhere. You can use EasyHits4U to gain free subscribers for YouTube to boost your channel.

So how exactly does EasyHits4U work to bring you these free YouTube subscribers? Well, it works with an exchange networking system to ensure that every user on the site benefits from it. For every site that you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your YouTube channel. But if you cannot spare the time to visit these sites and get YouTube subscribers free, you can always buy the visits instead.

It also allows you to connect and communicate with other users on the site. This way you can ensure that you’re receiving genuine subscribers that will provide your YouTube channel with lots of engagement later on.



YouLikeHits is another great promotional tool that you can use to get free YouTube subscribers and they are also best in providing real YouTube comments. Plus its services cater to different popular platforms like YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Twitch, Tiktok and more.

YouLikeHits does not sell engagement for any of these platforms nor are they affiliated with them. It is simply a very useful tool that aims to help creators like you kickstart their social media accounts.

All you need to do is to sign up, link your YouTube channel and assign points to make people visit it. You can also earn more points by subscribing to other channels and visiting websites.

You will soon be able to connect with potential subscribers without spending any money at all. In addition, you can also promote your YouTube videos to gain more likes and views.



Whether you want to gain free subscribers for YouTube or earn by subscribing to other people’s content, LikesPlanet is definitely worth checking out. To get started, you need to sign up, like or view other users’ pages, cash out hour earnings and use them to boost your own YouTube channel.

You can link your channel, select the kind of engagement you want, follow any additional steps and watch your subscriber count go up. And don’t forget to assign more points to your channel if you want to attract more YouTube subscribers free. 

Plus you don’t need to worry about using up your points since you can always earn them back in several ways. If you can afford them, you can consider buying them. 

But in case you don’t want to spend your money, earning them by completing various tasks is also an option. These tasks range from logging in every day to receive bonus points to following and liking pages and websites. You can even get your friends and family to use your referral link to earn a few extra points too.



FollowFast is a free social media exchanger tool that can help take your YouTube channel to the next level. You can use it to gain free YouTube subscribers or to earn money by providing likes and visits.

Once you register yourself on FollowFast, you can also enjoy the free bonus points they provide on your first attempt. Later on, you can $0.003 for every single click, like or visit. Then you can use it to help your YouTube channel gain free subscribers for YouTube.

And you don’t have to worry about getting your channel penalised. FollowFast only offers a promotional exchange system that is safe and secure.



YouberUp is another useful site that offers free promotional services for YouTube and Instagram. You can now use YouberUp daily to gain over 1000 free subscribers for YouTube.

Plus the best thing about using YouberUp is that it is 100% completely free. You simply have to earn coins by logging in every day and using them to get free YouTube subscribers for your channel.

In addition, YouberUp is completely against bots or proxies as these can cause the algorithm to ignore your channel. It only provides genuine subscribers that are interested in your YouTube channel. This way you can ensure that you’ll get tons of engagement from them later on too.

YouberUp also puts a lot of emphasis on the timely delivery of its services. So you can rest assured that all your requested tasks will be completed in no time. And you don’t have to worry about violating any of YouTube’s policies since YouberUp is also safe and clean to use.



TubeMine is a great site that offers a one-stop solution for any issues that are stopping your YouTube channel from growing. By leveraging TubeMine’s services, you can gain free YouTube views, subscribers and likes from authentic users quickly.

Whether you need to make your content to go viral, more subscribers or increased watching time, TubeMine has got your back. As its name suggests, TubeMine is literally a goldmine of promotional services waiting to be used.

The first step to getting started is to install the TubeMine app and register yourself as a user. Once that’s done, you can link your YouTube channel and create a campaign. Then you can put in an order for the number of new subscribers you want. TubeMine will automatically work its magic to help your YouTube channel reach potential subscribers from all over the globe.

And of course, you’ll need coins to start gaining free subscribers for YouTube. You can easily get your hands on them by making a purchase or giving likes and views to other users.



RealSubscribers is another reliable site that offers both free and paid services to help you gain YouTube subscribers free. 

The free plan lets your YouTube channel gain 15 new subscribers every time you use it. Plus it delivers the services within 2-4 days without any problem. As its name suggests, RealSubscribers operates without the use of any bots or software. It provides only genuine subscribers who are actually interested in your content.

You just have to link your YouTube channel and add a few details to start gaining subscribers. RealSubscribers will then amplify your channel via influencer promotions, bloggers, social media groups and SEO tools.

If you want to gain more subscribers in one go, you can also avail any of their paid plans. These plans are very affordable and range from $30 to $600, depending on how many subscribers you want.


Creating content on YouTube is the best way to push your brand image forward. Whether you’re promoting yourself or your business, you can really benefit from all the potential that YouTube holds.

But unfortunately, everyone else thinks the same too. With the competition increasing every day, it will get harder for your channel to reach the target audience.

If you feel like you’re not seeing any results, bringing in free YouTube subscribers from reliable sites is a great solution. It does not disturb your original budget and only takes a few minutes of your time online.

So if you want to take your YouTube channel to the next level, check out these sites to gain subscribers for free now.

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