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Growthoid Review & It’s Alternatives: A Complete Guide

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  5. Growthoid Review & It’s Alternatives: A Complete Guide
Growthoid Review

Looking to take your Instagram to new heights? Then check out Growthoid. This amazing multimedia company helps you buy Instagram followers along with other engagements to grow your social presence. What are the benefits? You can focus on improving your content instead of worrying too much about increasing your growth on Instagram. Here we are with a complete Growthoid review and its features.

Whether you are a beginner, a small local brand, or an extensive business, Gorwthoid has flexible services for everyone. It takes away the stress of manually promoting your brand on social media by providing authentic followers, likes, and views.

If you are committed to skyrocketing your Instagram popularity, then check out the Growthoid review below. This review includes everything that you must know before making a purchase. Have a look!



Growthoid is an exclusive Instagram growth service provider that provides an organic flow of followers and engagement. This means that this service is free from bots and automation. Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority of them. When you buy Instagram views, likes, or followers, Growthoid spends the majority of its time learning about your profile and niche.

It uses several metrics like username, location tags, hashtags, business target, and more to find the right audience for your profile. Through smart targeting, Growthoid organically promotes your content and connects you with followers who are genuinely interested in your work. The results are a real follower base with loyal customers, an improved engagement rate, and higher conversions.

Product Features

Dedicated Account Manager

The best part about Growthoid is that it assigns a personal account manager to take care of your automated growth on Instagram. Few companies offer this feature, which makes an enormous difference in the overall productivity and growth. Having an account manager makes it more convenient for you to focus on other important aspects of your profile.

The account manager stays in contact with you and works to grow your following, engagement rate, and overall profile performance. So, you can sit back and use this time to create better content and work on yourself as a creator.

Social Listening

Another best thing about Growthoid is that it listens to your needs and requirements. It understands your current problems and works on the weak points to help grow your brand on Instagram. The experts regularly communicate with you to ensure you receive the best quality services.


Whether you are into fashion, beauty, travel, cooking, or business, Growthoid supports all industries and niches. Many marketing companies do not look at your niche and send followers and engagement that may not suit your field. However, they pays attention to every detail to make sure you receive the right audience that’ll stick with you for a long time.


The best part about Growthoid is that it is HTTPS secure. So, all your information is protected at all times. Even the payment methods supported by this company are safe and offer smooth transactions with legit invoices.

Customer service

Besides being a fully managed service, Growthoid provides 24/7 customer support to solve any queries. Not just that it keeps updating its services to align with the terms and regulations of Instagram.

The only drawback of this company is that you won’t be able to buy TikTok followers, buy YouTube subscribers or even buy Facebook likes. Here you’ll only get Instagram services.

Pricing Plans

Growthoid Pricing Plans

Before talking about the pricing plans, let me tell you that Growthoid offers free trial packs for three days. So, you can test the quality of any service you wish to purchase in the future. Besides this it offers two monthly subscriptions – the Standard plan starts at $49 per month and the Premium plan starts at $99 per month.

As the name of the plan suggests, the premium package has more advanced tools that provide maximum organic growth, priority support, speedy delivery, a visual planner, and content scheduling tool. The standard package offers moderate growth and it is an excellent choice for beginners who don’t want to invest a lot of money.

Both the plans are backed by 14 days money-back guarantee, a free refill policy, customer confidentiality, and 24/7 customer support.

Pros and Cons

The Growthoid review will be incomplete if we don’t mention the pros and cons –


There is a huge list of pros for this company. Firstly, the website is easy to navigate and completely secure. All services whether you buy Instagram followers, likes or views, come by organic promotional techniques. So, they are 100% authentic.

In addition to this, the followers are sorted through smart targeting to make sure they stay connected with you for a long time. Apart from the impeccable customer support system, Growthoid also offers a detailed FAQ section to solve common queries. The packages are pretty affordable and come with amazing money return and refill policies.


Since this company is an Instagram service provider only, you cannot buy YouTube subscribers or buy Facebook likes or even buy TikTok followers. You’ll have to look for other sites to grow other social profiles.

The other drawback is that it only offers a trial period of three days which is very short to understand the working style of this company. Several trusted sites offer a minimum of 7 days for a free trial so this is something you’ll have to think about before purchasing the services.

Alternative sites:



SocialPros.io is one of the best marketing companies that provide high-quality services for all social media platforms. It is an incredible alternative to Growthoid because here you will find everything for any social platform. You don’t have to look for any other site to buy engagement for multiple profiles.

This company promises real followers who’ll actively engage with your profile. The pricing plans are pretty flexible and range from $2.49 – $399.99 depending on the amount of engagement you order. Coming on the interface of the website, it is well–organized, safe, and easy to use.

Even the customer support team is very responsive and provides prompt solutions. If you are looking for a multimedia company that’ll help you grow on multiple platforms simultaneously then SocialPros is the best choice.


socialpackages : Growthoid Review

Socialpackages.net is another safe alternative to Growthoid. From the Growthoid review above, one thing is clear it only provides Instagram services. However, Socialpackages.net supports all the popular social media networks, helping you grow exponentially. All the services are organically sourced so they are bot-free.

This company is well known for its smart targeting tools that provide the right audience for your niche. With amazing money-back returns, refill policies, and privacy policies, you’ll never look for any other marketing site to receive quality engagement.

Socialpackages.net offers both instant and gradual delivery depending on the amount of service you order. So, the entire process looks very organic and works well with the algorithm. Coming to the pricing plans, they are pretty reasonable and range from $3.99 – 247.95 for different growth services.


GetViral: Growthoid Review

Lastly, we have GetViral.io as the best alternative to Growthoid. As the name suggests, this company can make you go viral on any social media platform. The experts at GetViral dedicate their skills to finding the right pool of audiences for your industry. They use organic advertising techniques and follow a strict filtering process to remove any bots or spam.

Besides this, they provide effective solutions to any problem throughout your growth journey. The pricing plans are very economical and start from $2.99 only. Not just that, you can customize your package and pay only for those services that you need to grow your online presence.

Other benefits of GetViral.io include a safe website, 24/7 customer support, a money-back guarantee, a free refill policy, and a privacy policy. It is an amazing choice for those looking to grow on multiple social platforms at the same time.


I hope, the above Growthoid review was useful for you. There is no doubt that Growthoid is an amazing Instagram growth service. However, it comes with some limitations. If you are looking to grow your Instagram exclusively, then Growthoid is an excellent choice. Their customer attention and dedicated services will not only help you gain a wider reach but also take away the stress of doing everything on your own.

This way, you can spend more time on improving your content and strengthening your brand value. However, the ultimate decision is yours. Look at the pros and cons of this website to decide whether or not you want to go for it. Also, pay attention to some of the best alternatives of this company listed above that are suitable for growth on multiple platforms.

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