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Top 15 Hashtag Generator Tools (2023): Helps You to Be Popular

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Best Hashtag Generator Tool

Hashtags: the tool was first started by Twitter back in the early 2000s and quickly spread to other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. They are now known as the universal language for discovering content on any social media site.

If you are a social media user, you may have seen the sea of hashtags under posts from influencers, brands, and businesses. Have you ever wondered why? Using the correct and relevant hashtags under your content is the easiest way to boost your natural reach and engagement on social media apps. Even a single hashtag can increase your engagement on Instagram by upwards of 13%!

However, it can be confusing to know which hashtags can get you the most engagement, which is the most relevant for your content, what can help you reach your target audience, and so on.

Best Hashtags Generators tools


Flick - best hashtag generator tool

Flick is a hashtag generator tool that will help you in finding and managing your hashtags more easily and effectively. It has everything you need to optimize hashtag usage on different platforms.

Their hashtag generator tool suggests hashtags that are more likely to be relevant to your account and content rather than a bunch of seemingly random words.

Important features:

  • Hashtag suggestions catered to your niche
  • Filtering out hashtags that are not relevant automatically
  • Tracking the performance of said hashtags
  • Multi-language support for users all over the world
  • Banned Hashtag Checker: to check and warn against flagged hashtags
  • Free resources for training as well as learning
  • Easy to navigate website and interface
  • Safe and reliable services

Users are required to link their account to Flick for them to use the hashtag generator tool, thus platform integration is mandatory. This is a great idea as once you do so, the website also offers its users analytics for your account, the content produced, and the audience as well.

However, Flick can only be used for Instagram hashtags.

For content creators and small businesses, they start from £7 for the Solo package and £12 for the Growth package.

Social media managers and agencies start from £19 for the Pro package and £40 for the Agency package.



Toolzu is a multipurpose Instagram growth site that offers a hashtag generator tool as well. Their tools do the job well and are relatively easy at the same time.

Instead of using your personal or any specific information, the hashtag generator tool uses advanced AI technology to suggest hashtags most relevant to your account and content. Users can search for hashtags using keywords, URLs, photos, etc.

Important Features:

  • Quick and targeted hashtag suggestions
  • Searching for hashtags using photos and URLs, not only keywords
  • Advanced AI-based technology used
  • Multi-keyword option: add five keywords at a time
  • Track analytics and performance of hashtags
  • Precise hashtag suggestions
  • Easy-to-use interface

The site does not offer options to save and organize hashtags such as other websites do, but it makes up for the same with its ability to track and analyze the performance of your hashtags so you can always be on top of your game.

Toolzu is an Instagram hashtag generator tool only.


SISTRIX - best hashtag generator

Let’s generate hashtags that help you reach your target audience with ease by using the hashtag generator tool called SISTRIX. This can also increase your organic likes on your content and garner your account new followers.

SISTRIX offers SEO professionals great data and tools for analysis and search visibility. Just enter a hashtag to start the process. The website even provides a list of the most popular hashtags to take inspiration from.

Important Features:

  • Easy-to-use website
  • Accurate and relevant hashtag suggestions for your account
  • Results based on over 15 billion hashtag combinations
  • Contains the data on more than 7.7 million different hashtags
  • Data regularly updated
  • Up to 30 hashtag suggestions with each search
  • Around 25 searches per day
  • 30 countries included


Tailwind - best hashtag generator tool

Google Play | App Store

Tailwind is a useful hashtag generator tool that can be used to find those sought-after perfect hashtags for every one of your social media posts. The website will help you find intelligent and accurate hashtag suggestions for your content.

You cannot use the same hashtags for every post, no size fits all. With Tailwind, users can tailor the hashtags based on the post and what audience they are looking to target.

Important Features:

  • The hashtag suggestions are divided into categories to better understand the impact they will have on the content
  • Unique and customizable recommendations for hashtags
  • Saving your used hashtags to lists
  • Ability to auto-post with the hashtags in the first comment under the post
  • Built-in analytics for your account
  • Free trial with no requirement of credit card information
  • Fast and precise hashtag suggestions

Tailwind is used mainly for Instagram. They offer a free trial of 30 posts to test out the features before you decide to purchase.

Starting from $9.99 per month for Instagram hashtags.



Kicksta is more widely known for being a social media advertising company, helping users with paid engagements such as auto likes, followers, comments, Instagram views, and more. The company also offers a hashtag generator tool for free.

Users can simply enter a keyword and/or topic into the search bar and choose from its various hashtag suggestions that are related to your search. They can also filter your search results based on categories such as top, random and best.

Important Features:

  • Accurate and to-the-point hashtag recommendations
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Filters for optimizing search results
  • No payment required

The hashtag generator services are extremely basic and do not have any advanced hashtag search options available. They are a perfect company for beginners whose requirements are basic or do not have a budget to spare. It is a free tool however, their other services require a paid plan.


BigBangram - best instagram generator tool

BigBangram is a hashtag generation tool that offers free of cost as well as paid plans depending on your needs. Whether you are just in the market for a simple search tool to give you some ideas or if you have bigger requirements, this is the site for it all.

The free version includes a minimalistic hashtag tool that provides suggestions based on keywords. The paid version can be customized to the users’ requirements and uses advanced search techniques for your business.

Important Features:

  • Quick and easy hashtag suggestions
  • Offers hashtag analysis and insights
  • Free plans for basic requirements
  • Provides hashtag filtering and sorting features
  • Can be used on multiple social media platforms
  • Simple to use
  • Helpful for businesses, influencers, and other agencies

Their services can work under any niche. However, the free version has a very basic search bar and suggestions. Users will not be able to save their hashtags but it is a good site for go-to suggestions.

Starting from as low as $1 a month.

Task Ant

Task Ant - best hashtag generator tool

Task Ant is one of the best Instagram hashtag generator tools available in the market right now. Their goal is to help their users generate Instagram hashtags that boost your authentic reach helping you get more followers and likes and increase your engagement with comments and shares. They can make your account be seen

The company uses the official API Instagram data to analyze hashtags and their performances. Therefore, they know the inner secrets and offer you the best recommendations for immediate results on your page.

Important Features:

  • More than 100 suggestions on each query
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Ability to save and organize hashtags into sets to find them quicker
  • Calendar content planning
  • Quick-copy to Instagram for speedy posting
  • Post scheduler
  • 14-day guarantee

They have sparkling customer reviews on their website to show that the company truly cares about their client’s success in the digital world.

Starting from $15 a week for the Solo package to $49 a month for the Growth package.

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes - best hashtag generator tool

Hashtags for Likes is a great hashtag generator tool to help you select the most popular and trending hashtags to complement your posts. These include a wide range of topics so you can choose them based on your niche.

Important Features:

  • Provides users with relevant hashtags to attract followers
  • Filters out irrelevant hashtags
  • Used by both Instagram and Twitter marketers
  • Choose hashtags from various categories, for example, popular, art, photography, and more
  • Easy-to-use for beginners
  • Free version available
  • Use Hashtags for Likes today to get access to the best hashtags to give your account that much-desired boost of organic and authentic reach.

Starting from $15 per week for the paid version, you can start with the free version to dip your toes.


Later - best hashtag generator tool

Google Play | App Store

The website Later is more well-known for being an Instagram visual scheduling tool but also offers a hashtag generator tool for its users to optimize their Instagram pages.

Their hashtag generator tool is an amalgamation of different tools which can help you save time and effort. This allows its users to get multiple features under the same roof.

Important Features:

  • Organize hashtags
  • Track the performance of the hashtags used
  • Schedule posts
  • Search for hashtags
  • Save captions to use later on
  • Search for user-generated content by the hashtags
  • Visual platform
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Offers a free plan as well

Later is not a dedicated hashtag generator website but their hashtag generation features can offer their users valuable contributions to up their hashtag game. In the long run, this can help you garner more reach and engagement in the form of followers, likes, comments, and so on.

Starting from $12.50 per month for the Starter package and up to $33.33  per month for the Advanced package.

All Hashtags

All Hashtags

This hashtag generator tool provides its users with the ability to generate the best hashtags for social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Important Features:

  • Speedy and precise hashtag recommendations
  • Ability to generate thousands of relevant hashtags
  • Able to analyze hashtags before usage for better performance with charts with the hashtag analytics feature
  • Create your own hashtags with the hashtag creator feature
  • Find the trending hashtags with the top hashtag feature
  • Simple copy and paste feature for accuracy
  • Can be used on multiple social media platforms
  • Free to use

All Hashtags are easy to use, fast, and for free. They can help users expand their organic reach of content and increase the social media presence of your business, brand, or account.



Keyhole is one of the most professional and comprehensive hashtag generator tools on this list and available out there. The company is mostly targeted towards users with large requirements and a big budget to back it up.

Important Features:

  • Hashtag analysis and tracking
  • Hashtag searches
  • Performance tracking
  • Topics related to your niche and hashtags
  • Hashtag campaign management
  • Dashboard
  • Free trial available

This hashtag generator tool is the perfect fit for marketers who look to fund serious advertising and marketing campaigns on social media sites such as Instagram. It is a well-rounded option with multiple features to provide your businesses with hashtag power.

Starting from $79 per month for the Standard package and have a custom price for the Enterprise package. A free trial for the Standard package is available.



Google Play

Tagsfinder is a hashtag generator tool that provides its users with the help to find the perfect hashtags based on the keywords you enter.

Important Features:

  • Quick and accurate hashtag suggestions
  • Ability to filter hashtags based on country, audience, etc.
  • Can set exclusions with specific words that could reduce your post’s overall reach
  • Able to choose categories such as related and similar hashtags and can also combine the two
  • Find the best hashtags for your post speedily and simply with the Hashtags Generator feature
  • Learn about the best hashtags in your country with the Hashtag Statistics feature
  • Browse related hashtags used by Instagram and Twitter users with the Related Hashtags feature
  • Find the hashtags most used in your city or town with the Local Hashtags feature
  • Free to use



Tagboard is a hashtag tool that works differently from the ones present on this list. Instead of generating hashtags, it presents an at-a-glance view of every post that has been posted using hashtags, similar to a Pinterest board.

This can give you a great idea of what content is relevant to which hashtag and well as provide some content inspiration.

Important Features:

  • Unique hashtag tool
  • Presents a board of posts used by the hashtag
  • Ability to save the boards for future use
  • Can compile the hashtags into lists to post

The company starts with a hefty price point for its services depending on your needs, but it is one of the most innovative ways to improve hashtag strategy and performance.

Display Purposes

Display Purposes

One of the simplest tools on the list is Display Purposes. It can be used more as a supplementary with your original hashtag generator tool.

Important Features:

  • Enables the user to search for relevant hashtags
  • Filters banned and spam hashtags
  • Recommends a mix of popular hashtags and ones that cater to your niche
  • Has an interesting blog to learn more about Instagram tips and tricks
  • Free to use


Using hashtags is a surefire way to attract, engage with and build a great audience that is interested in the content you have to offer. And using one of the hashtag generator tools on this list for any social media site will give your accounts that much-needed help in getting your content noticed by people.

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