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How to Add Link in TikTok Bio? 5 Steps to Follow

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  5. How to Add Link in TikTok Bio? 5 Steps to Follow
How to Add Link in TikTok Bio.
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Despite being one of the newest social media sites, TikTok has quickly established itself to be among the most well-liked platforms. Around 750 million people actively use TikTok globally, and the app has received around six billion lifetime downloads from the Google Play Store and the App Store combined. TikTok had a particularly successful year in 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, which contributed significantly to the app’s unparalleled growth. With the app’s features and filters, an actor or actress could be found in almost each house of the globe. This helped influencers on TikTok gain popularity, fame and also money! TikTok creators must continually create interesting and entertaining material if they want to grow their audience. Even better, you can use your TikTok audience to promote your other social media platforms by sending your followers there via a link in your TikTok bio.

This is especially helpful if you own a business because you might contact clients using your TikTok profile. Brands and creators have a great opportunity to increase traffic to the website by adding links to their TikTok bios. So are you looking for a step-by-step guide on “how to add a link to TikTok bio?” Well, keep reading to find out!

What do you mean by TikTok Bio link?

What Do You Mean by TikTok Bio Link

Like with other social networking sites, the TikTok application has a feature that allows users to add a link to their bio. If you use TikTok professionally, it not only helps content creators manage their accounts and engage with audiences, but it also gives you more authority in case you want to link any site to your TikTok. In TikTok, that is referred as a bio link.

What does it mean to include a link in a TikTok bio?

Including a link in your bio as a quick and easy way to maintain your TikTok followers engaged in your account and company page. It’s equally important for you to understand how to collaborate on TikTok, the most well-liked TikTok hashtags, as well as other practical aspects.

A linking to your business account bio is a wise move for the three reasons listed below:

  • By allowing your followers to know where they can learn more about your business, using a web address will assist you achieve this goal.
  • Involve your audience: Those who follow you on TikTok are interested in finding out more about you. On your website, you can provide more information about your business, its offerings, and customer service.
  • Another advantage for your business of having a link in the TikTok bio is that it will increase exchange rates and turn followers into paying customers.

How to Put a link on Tiktok? 

Similar to Instagram, TikTok allows you to add links to your bio. You can add a clickable link to your profile that will take people there.

You can quickly add a link to any TikTok bio by following these two easy steps:

  • Go to your profile page by opening the TikTok app and clicking the profile icon in the lower right of the home screen.
  • Choose “Edit Profile”
  • Provide the URL of what you wish to promote if the option for “Website” appears.

What if, however, you are unable to see a link-adding option in your TikTok bio? The following three points should be remembered to provide you with the ultimate answer to your “how to add a clickable link to your TikTok bio?”

  • You can only use a business account to add a clickable link to your TikTok bio. To access this feature, make sure to switch to a corporate TikTok account.
  • The TikTok “link-in-bio” option is available only to all those business accounts which has crossed the minimum follower count, that is 1000
  • Only the TikTok mobile application allows you to add clickable links to your bio at this time. Thus, it’s extremely important that you use your mobile phone, not your PC for this job.

How to Switch to a Business Account on TikTok?

Consider upgrading to a business account if your TikTok account is a private account and you are interested in employing the TikTok bio link to advertise your company. The TikTok corporate account gives you access to useful features like the bio link and has additional facilities as well. 

Are you prepared to change?

Just take the following actions:

  • You have to touch on the profile that you’ll find right at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • In the top right corner, tap the three lines. You’ll then be sent to the Settings & Privacy tab.
  • Choose, Manage Account.
  • Choose the Business Account switcher.
  • Go return to your profile page, select the Edit profile option, and in the Website area, enter a link to your website.

How to add multiple Links on TikTok Bio?

You can only add a single link in your bio using the aforementioned techniques. What happens, though, if you want to add several links? Thankfully, there is a tool called a LinkTree. One clickable connection in a LinkTree directs site users to more links.

If you want to include additional links in your bio, follow these steps:

  • Visit the LinkTree website & select Free Sign Up.
  • Set an Username, Mail, and Password by following the on-screen instructions. Next, pick a subscription plan.
  • Choose the visual appearance you wish visitors to experience when they click on your LinkTree.
  • Check the URL that was emailed to you.
  • Return to the LinkTree site at this point and enter your links.
  • After that, copy the LinkTree URL and incorporate it into your TikTok bio.

By the way, this solution is also available on your Instagram or Twitter! 

What Links are Available for a Private TikTok Account? 

TikTok is restricted in the scope of what you may link to in your bio. You can include a YouTube channel and an Instagram account. Although you can, it would not be a clickable link if you include a website in your bio.

The simplest way to ensure that your followers are moving in the direction you want them to go is to switch to a business account. You can switch back any time you want!

How to Switch Back to a Private Account?

You can revert to a personal account if you feel a business account isn’t really for you. But, you will lose all analytical data.

Just simply follow these steps to continue!

  • Choose the Me tab.
  • Right at your upper right corner, you’ll find the sign of three dots. Tap on it! 
  • Select the manage account 
  • Then you need to choose Switch to Personal Account, when prompted, select Switch Back.


You can anticipate a surge in traffic to the link’s source now that it has been published to your TikTok bio. The TikTok app in your area might not have been updated in time if you followed all the instructions precisely but are still unable to submit a link. Some users may not be able to utilise this function because the developers are gradually adding it. Although it can seem unfair, have patience and verify your TikTok profile settings again after a few days. Hopefully, the feature you want will be available.

Do you want the creators of TikTok to permit adding hyperlinks to the bio for Personal accounts? Well, we can just hope! Now, you are one more step forward in TikTok technology with the knowledge of how to add a link in the TikTok bio. So, make full use of it! All the best!

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