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  5. How To Find Trending Hashtags for Instagram & Twitter In 2023?

How To Find Trending Hashtags for Instagram & Twitter In 2023?

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  5. How To Find Trending Hashtags for Instagram & Twitter In 2023?
find Trending Hashtags For Instagram or Twitter
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Digital platforms are used extensively in today’s time for several purposes. Be it marketing, other campaigns, fundraising, raising awareness, etc., everything has been made quite easy and accessible to everyone in this digital age. Here in this article, You will come to know How to find Trending hashtags? So, if you want to make an impact on a place where a huge amount of content is posted every day, hashtags are the way to go. By using trending hashtags, you can easily attract more audiences to your cause.

How do hashtags help?


Hashtags are used predominantly on Twitter and Instagram but ever wondered how do they help people out? It is quite simple. They help people discover your content. We know a variety of content circulated every day on social media and so it’s easily possible for your post to get lost in the crowd. That is where hashtags come in. They make your post more discoverable among the throng of content floating around social media platforms.

Hashtags help you in discovering the people you want to target. They are like search engines on Instagram and Twitter wherein people type in the keywords they want content from and discover things they would have missed otherwise.

Hashtags not only help in connecting you with the right audience but also gets you in touch with the type of content that is in demand and similar to what you are doing. This way, you can easily keep yourself updated with who your possible competitors are and act accordingly. It also helps in reaching influencers with ease, who at present play quite an important role in the promotion of several brands and businesses.

We know that hashtags help in reaching target people, but can any hashtag do the job? Absolutely, not. Using the right hashtag is of utmost importance if you are using it to reach people. So, you need to find or create a hashtag that conveys your idea and also helps in creating a movement toward your content on social media platforms. Trending hashtags help a great deal with this.

How to find trending hashtags?


Since different social media platforms serve different purposes, the trending hashtags on them might not be the same. However, the ways to find the trending ones surely don’t differ much, no matter which platform you are aiming to mark your presence on.

  • Audience oriented

You are posting to create some positive engagement on your posts, so the first thing to always remember is that it should be audience-oriented.

Always check out the hashtags that you target audience use on their social media platform as that is how they will come across your content. It will also make them believe that your content is relatable for them to follow and partake in.

  • Use explore page/tab

This is one of the most sought-after methods to look for trending hashtags in a certain niche or industry. Be it Instagram or Twitter, they have an explore tab that tells you all that is trending in that social media platform. You can select hashtags that have more engagements and created better traction.

  • Follow related content creators

We all slack off sometimes and our creative brains don’t always work. Also, overuse of a certain hashtag might not give you the desired effect. So, follow those content creators who target the people you want to attract.

It will help you in creating a new yet relatable hashtag. You can also tag the said content creators once you use the hashtag and they will help in amplifying your content across the social media platform.

  • Follow hashtags

This might sound a bit weird but it works. Go to the search bar and type keywords that form an important part of your content. Look for trending hashtags and follow them.

You will come across several posts under that hashtag which will help you in understanding the metrics of these hashtags. You can then select the one that will work out best for you.

  • Use tools

The tools here are referred to as applications and websites that help in generating hashtags. If you are out of ideas and want to churn out something fresh and relatable in your nice, this will always help you out.

These tools make use of AI to determine the trends in the present time and help you out with a suitable hashtag.

  • Watch the industry leaders

If you are new in your niche, looking at the content created by industry leaders can help you out a lot more than you would think.

These people usually run campaigns with certain hashtags to gain the attention of people on social media. You can use the same hashtags on your posts too. This will help you in getting better reach.

  • Focus on quality

While using hashtags, people might get carried away to a certain extent. We know hashtags are a way to make your content more discoverable but using it the right way is also important.

Adding unnecessary hashtags might ruin the quality of your post. It also makes the caption part look crowded and can be off-putting. Being concise and effective are the points you need to be mindful of while adding a hashtag.


It is not difficult to get hold of trending hashtags but using them with your content is surely another thing. A simple search will tell you about what’s trending today in the world and you can choose one from your niche accordingly. However, since the hashtag is trending, chances are thousands of relatable content are already doing the rounds on the internet.

The real challenge is to incorporate something fresh and use the hashtag there. There are several ways to find the right hashtag that’s also trending to make your post viral. However, since different social networking sites have different things trending, make sure that you post what is relevant on that particular platform.

Using hashtags is one of the best ways to boost your online presence and be more accessible to people. However, it is important to include the right and relatable keywords. That way your content will actually make an impact on a social media platform.

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