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How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram in 2023 

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  5. How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram in 2023 
Hide Hashtags From Instagram

It has been emphasized over and over again that hashtags are the only prime way in which you shall be able to hack the Instagram algorithm. If you wish to find people who genuinely connect with your content and stick with you in the long term, then hashtags are the way to go. However, too many hashtags might not always look tidy. Therefore, in this article we will discuss how to hide hashtags on Instagram. If you really are looking for the perfect Tips for Instagram engagement, then nothing will cut it except hashtags. At the same time, since you always have to be visually appealing you must find ways to hide hashtags on Instagram.

Here are Some Effective Ways in Which Instagram Hide Hashtags:

Hashtags Manager

Use a Note App

  • You can easily open any chosen text editor on your phone. For instance, Evernote, or anything that you might find handy.
  • Make sure you add a dot, and press return. Repeat this process at least five times (more would look odd but you can go for it anyway!)
  • Make sure that you have researched your hashtags properly through Google Keywords or a trusted source.
  • Place the entire list of hashtags just below your fifth dot.
  • Copy everything you have typed, along with the line breaks. Do not miss out anything.
  • Open Instagram and post the photo with the desired caption. Do not insert the keywords along with the caption.
  • Once the photo is posted, you can click on the comment button. This is where you should paste all the texts you have copied within step 4. Click on post!
  • That’s it- nobody will see your hashtags under the caption. In all probability no one will pay much attention to the comment section. However, you will get the same benefit as any other person posting hashtags on their post.

All of this will not work unless you use a text editor. So make sure you keep that in mind.

Use Apps Like TailWind

If you want to learn how to hide hashtags on Instagram, then apps like TailWind could be great help to you. These apps have been crafted specifically for Instagram- To organize them and make everything look neat and trimmed.

All you have to do is upload the desired video or image within the Instagram planning app. Next, you need to craft the caption that you would like for the post. They will often also help you get the right hashtags for the niche you are working in. You can Generate the desired hashtags from the suggestions, and even add some of your own.

Next you will get an option to copy the hashtags right onto your first comment. You will also be able to use the ‘add to queue’ option if you want to schedule your post to go public at the right time. If you are looking to hide hashtags on Instagram, this is probably the best way to go about it.

Use Buffer Hashtag Manager

Buffer recently launched its hashtag manager which comes loaded with a host of features that allow you to create tidy Instagram posts with maximum reach. Buffer is one of the most used apps in terms of hashtag management and keeping things neat on Instagram. It provides a feature known as buffer publish through which you will directly be allowed to schedule various Instagram video or photo posts.

This feature will automatically make sure that your hashtag is added to the first comment in order to keep it from the view of the first audience. At the same time, their search feature will let you find the perfect hashtag for your needs and give you the visibility that you have always wanted.

When buffer released their feature of Instagram First Comment, it was found that almost all comments turned out to be a set of hashtags. This is a clear indicator of how people expect many comments to contain trending keywords and hashtags.

This is How You Can Start Using the Hashtag Manager from Buffer-

  • The Hashtag Manager will only be available to people who are a Buffer’s premium or Business customers. So you will first have to sign up for one of these programs.
  • Next, you will have to click on the ‘Buffer Composer’ and pick your Instagram account from the menu.
  • Following this, you should click on the hashtag symbol that appears towards the top right corner on your screen. This will lead you to the actual Hashtag Manager.

Make Sure You Use Dots to Hide Hashtags

Another traditional and highly popular way to hide hashtags would be the dot method. This is actually just a fancy term for using a number of periods between the list of hashtags and the main caption at the top. This will make sure that only your caption is visible to the audience while the rest remains hidden under the ‘more’ section.

Here’s the Steps You Can Take-

  • The first step would be writing the caption that you want
  • At the end of the sentence, you have to make sure that there are zero spaces left. After this, click return.
  • On the next line you need to add a period and then click on the return button again.
  • You need to keep repeating the process until you have a large number of dots between the list of hashtags as well as the caption.
  • Paste the caption right below the post and make it public.

If you really want to hide hashtags on Instagram, then you must remember not to add any extra spaces towards the end of the sentence and also the Instagram dot. In case you do not follow this rule, it will ruin the effect and remove the line break.

At one time, it used to be important to write down the caption with the line breaks within a different typing app, like Notes, etc. However, Instagram now allows people to create effective line breaks within the caption right through Instagram.

Add Conversational Hashtags

Converstional Hashtags

There is another method through which Instagram hide hashtags without making it appear like a spam. All you have to do is turn it into a fun conversation. Hashtags have been around for such a long time that you can easily include them into your conversation at this point. This makes your comments look playful and distinct from regular conversations.

Conversational Hashtags in Your Caption

At the same time, you can add hashtags in the form of a conversation in your caption. This is a highly effective way to make sure that your post appears pleasing to the eye without turning too pushy. At the same time, you are also able to reach the right audience without appearing like a businessman. On the other hand, you have to remember that you cannot put too many hashtags at one single place. That will ruin the whole purpose of making your Instagram caption look conversational and fun.

Invisible Spaces on Your Instagram

This is probably the cleanest option for people who want to upload neat posts on Instagram. You don’t even need any commas or periods to get the job done. The process is extremely simple as well. That’s it- you’ll get infinite space after your caption and nothing will be visible except a starting parenthesis.

Just copy paste this space into your caption and you are good to go. Other than this, if you want you can also make use of symbols in order to fill up space between your hashtags and your captions. Doing so might add the extra quirk that your post needs on Instagram. There are also various space maker tools which are available on Instagram that you can easily use if you want to hide hashtags on Instagram.

Instagram Hashtag Tricks

Here are some basic tips that you should keep in mind if you want to make the best out of the hashtags that you are using.

  1. Make sure that you are using Instagram insights to track what hashtags have worked best for you through time. We also suggest that you make use of the Instagram Business Profile to get highly advanced insights on Instagram.
  2. Do not forget to add relevant hashtags in your Instagram stories as well. People usually stick to their posts and neglect the importance of hashtags on stories. Naturally, this is something to be avoided.
  3. There are always a set of ‘spammy hashtags’ and ‘banned hashtags’ on Instagram. Instagram will warn you beforehand if you use a banned hashtag. On the other hand, spam hashtags look something like this- #tagsforlikes, #follow4follow, #followme, etc.
  4. You can always try to grab a prime place in Instagram’s hashtag pages if you want to increase exposure. This will done by creating frequent posts with the relevant hashtags or by creating posts with highly nuanced hashtags.


Instagram, being a highly visual platform, must always remain neat and presentable. Therefore, it becomes more than necessary that you learn how to hide hashtags on Instagram. If you go through the article above- you will be able to find various ways in which you can keep your Instagram posts Looks More Attractive and tidy. For more information of this sort, make sure you stay tuned to our website.

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