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How to Make Twitter Account Private & Public?

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Social networking site is mostly about regular people sharing the updates we are interested in and the specifics of our daily lives. Social media may be really enjoyable. You have the freedom to share your thoughts, showcase your abilities, and speak out against injustice. Yet it may also be harmful. Although many individuals may not bother who reads the words they publish, others would rather keep their opinions and subjective opinions to themselves. It’s a good thing that setting your Twitter account private is quite easy to follow.

Only the followers you approve can view your tweets if you have a private Twitter account. This implies that no one can access your tweets if they are not a follower of yours. Setting your Twitter profile private will stop future users from viewing your tweets, but existing Twitter followers will continue to be able to read everything. How to make your Twitter account private is discussed in this article.

How to Make Twitter Account Private from a PC

How to Make Twitter Account Private from a PC

You can make your Tweets public or private whenever you sign up for Twitter. You may keep your profile private by selecting the Safeguard Your Tweets option. If your Tweets are private, you’ll receive an invitation when new followers want to follow you and may choose whether or not to accept it.

Individuals that began following you before the time you started protecting your Tweets will continue to be able to see and interact with your private Tweets until you formally block them.

At any time, you have the option to switch between private and public tweets. You may accomplish this using the Twitter website or the mobile app. The procedures are as follows to make your Twitter account private on a pc:

  • Visit Twitter’s website.
  • Choose More from the left menu tab, then select Settings and privacy from the pop-up menu.
  • Next, select Audience and tag from the Privacy and safety option.
  • To secure your Tweets, check the box beside it.
  • To ensure your selection, click Protect.

How to make your Twitter private on mobile

How to make your Twitter private on mobile

Modifying your account privacy settings from a mobile app is quite easy. The procedures are as follows to change your Twitter profile to a private account:

  • Launch the mobile Twitter app.
  • At the top-right portion, tap the Settings icon.
  • To access the whole options menu, press the back arrow.
  • After selecting Privacy and safety, select Audience and tagging.
  • Then click Done after moving the slider next to Protect your Tweets.

How to make Twitter account public

Just follow the procedures mentioned in the below section to unprotect your Tweets.

  • Disable the Protect my Tweets option for the site. Drag the slider or select the checkbox next to Safeguard your Tweets for Twitter for iOS and Android applications.
  • Make sure to check your existing follower requests prior to turning your Tweets public. Any pending requests won’t eventually receive automatic approval. Such accounts will have to follow you again if the request remains pending.

You should be aware that your previously inaccessible tweets become publicly accessible when you unprotect them. 

What comes into play when a tweet is not protected?

If your Twitter is unprotected, it means your account is public. Previously private tweets are now accessible to all Twitter users. You may receive follower requests from users, which will show up on your Twitter notifications page. Other activities, such as your comments, media, and likes, are visible to users. You can get direct messages from people.

Anyone with web access may see the tweets and accounts of a public Twitter user. Regardless of whether you have a Twitter account, anybody may view your profile.


Currently, Twitter is the topic of conversation and what’s occurring. This article covers how to make a Twitter account private and public. Using social media without knowing how to keep safe has become increasingly risky. Make your account private to shield yourself from social media predators. Follow these guidelines to browse safely and maintain the security of your Twitter account.

Hence, you may turn your Twitter account private on a laptop or mobile device. Generally, only followers you approve can access private Twitter accounts. When you make your Twitter private, your existing followers will continue to be able to access it.

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