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10 Best IFTTT Alternatives You Must Try in 2023

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In today’s day and age, all businesses are operating on countless applications to keep it running and growing. Inventory management tools, CRM tools, and accounting software are a few examples, to begin with. And what easier way to operate than to link all these tools with one another? Not only will it decrease your workload, but also save time and increase efficiency. If Your Looking For the Best Alternatives of IFTTT, Here is an Amazing List.

IFTTT is one such leading and powerful Social Media automation tool. The tool has an excellent reputation for boosting productivity and simplifying tasks. Users can even perform hardware integration via IoT. Its benefits are endless, but it might be considered complicated for new users.

So if you are looking for powerful and simple IFTTT alternatives, there are several options that you may want to consider. Some aimed for individual needs and some for business, there’s something for everyone. If you want to turn outdated to automated,

Best IFTTT Alternatives:



If your tasks are dependent on various third-party applications, Zapier is all you need. The tool lets end users integrate different web applications that one uses. There is no need to switch between multiple apps every now and then for repetitive tasks.

All users need to do is pick a Trigger and within a couple of minutes, it will start performing all necessary tasks. The platform helps in connecting over 3k web applications. This also includes Google Docs, Trello, Quickbooks, Facebook Lead Ads, and many more.

Moreover, Zapier also takes care of adding new options every week. Without any code required, users can build processes faster and get more work done. Their zaps help in executing actions so you can solve other problems. This implies that users can set up Zaps without any developer help. To say goodbye to your busy work, get started with their forever free plan.

It lets you automate basic tasks, build one-to-one connections along with customer support. Their Premium Plans start at $20 monthly. The Premium plan enables one to build more workflows, create conditional workflows and get priority support. Users can upgrade or downgrade between plans anytime. It is one of the best alternatives of IFTTT.

Action Desk

Action Desk - IFTTT Alternatives

Considering the landscape of IFTTT alternatives, Action Desk is surely a standout tool.  The robust features of the tool are specially tailored to the need of businesses. This credible tool is trusted by the most innovative brands and investors. Some of these may include Bling Capital, Edmit, Tiger, Station F, and Y Combinator.

From SalesForce to Hubspot, this tool has integrations with several applications out there. Besides management teams, the tool is also suitable for sales. Users can pull out raw data, find real-time information, and build auto-updated reports and dashboards.

Users need not have to rely on designers to build the dashboards that they need. One can import tables with thousands of rows, and also pivot tables with live data. To identify customer pain points and make improvements, Action Desk also gathers operational metrics about the lifecycle of your orders in one spreadsheet.

Their comprehensive blogs and demo tutorials are all you need to get started. The tool is very beginner-friendly and users can get started at $169 monthly. Get started with their 14-days free trial or book a demo for Enterprise-level customizable plans. 

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow -IFTTT Alternatives

Most corporations run off different Microsoft apps for different purposes. Microsoft Flow lets users integrate all these applications, amongst various other features. For operations running on a Microsoft-based ecosystem, there’s no better tool than Microsoft Flow.

The tool helps users streamline repetitive tasks and switch to seamless paperless processes. To automate mundane tasks with ease, users can use its low-code and drag and drop tools along with several pre-built connectors.

Their process advisor is here to record and visualize your processes end-to-end. It also provides guided steps and recommendations to create effective flows and gets deeper insights. The tool is very advanced, staying up-to-date with all the latest technologies and trends.

Now users can make their automation smarter and better with their AI builder. Users can process forms promptly with their process approvals, automated documents, image and text detection. Users can also work on prebuilt models.

The tool lets users create and manage desktop flows, cloud flows, and cloud flows in the hub for teamwork. Some of their clientele include Coca-Cola, Capitol Records, and T Mobile. To increase work efficiency, users can get started at only $15. As one can see, their process is very pocket-friendly making it suitable for small businesses.



Automate is another IFTTT replacement that helps users connect all their cloud applications with amazing ease. Without any IT help requirement, the tool lets automate repetitive tasks within minutes. The tool is trusted by more than 30k reputable companies. Some examples may include Uber, Intel, Adobe, Red Hat, and many more.

Users can easy to create one-to-one automation workflows. Syncing data between two or more apps has never been easier with the help of Automate. It also allows users to create complex workflows spanning across different apps at the same time. Users can conditional logic, delay, format data along with so many other tasks.

The tools’ simplicity and intuition let users create integrations smoothly with the drag and drop feature. There are more than 200 cloud applications to connect with. It also makes it very easy to share workflow within the team. Automate brings this power to small businesses to automate tedious tasks at economical prices.

They have a forever-free plan that beginners can get started with. Their professional plans are also very cheap, beginning at only $9.99 monthly. Before starting with paid plans, interested users may get a 7-days free trial. 



Elastic is a relatively new entrant for effective and convenient API automation. It provides all the tools for easy troubleshooting, intuitive data mapping, and integration visualization. Elastic’s PAAS platforms are trusted by several enterprises and SaaS companies all over the world.

Some of them may include Tata Consultancy Services, WWF, Mambu, and Krombacher. The tool has state-of-the-art cloud-native technology. Without getting distracted from your core business, you can easily generate new data using this tool. Their popular integrations include cloud integration, hybrid integration, and AOI integration.

Users can easily facilitate the flow of data through their API integration and securely integrate with B2B partners. Elastic offers all-in-one benefits of D2B gateway software, API tools, and ESB products. With more than 100 ready-to-use connectors developed, it assures 80% less time per project integration.

You can do pretty much everything, including linking your CRM with your Amazon store. The platform’s architecture is pretty straightforward and can easily take care of out-of-the-ordinary data flow surges.

Their white-label is another benefit that helps in streamlining operations. The tool is considered quite expensive, suitable only for large multi-corporations. To get started, one needs a monthly investment of 199 Euros. 

Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow - IFTTT Alternatives

Launched in 2018, Zoho Flow is one of the best IFTTT alternatives. Break the information silos in your business by building smart integrations using their tool. Some of their popular integrations include Zoho creator, Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Desk, and beyond.

Zoho Flow offers an array of features to its end users. Users can connect apps to ensure the uninterrupted flow of information between them. Move across emails, records, and reports between apps smoothly. Accomplish a whole series of mundane and repetitive tasks with their user-friendly design flows.

They understand that coding integrations can be time-consuming and tedious, especially for non-tech-savvy people. Hence, their easy drag and drop actions can execute heavy tasks without any inconvenience. And if you think that it doesn’t get any better than this, their pre-built workflows make all the tasks even simpler.

All one has to do is pick workflows as per your requirements and get started right away. To bring harmony to your work processes, the tool makes collaborations and teamwork very easy. Besides their free trial, Zoho Flow offers flexible plans for NGOs. Their paid Standard plan starts at INR 575. 


Skyvia - IFTTT Alternatives

Skyvia is one of the top IFTTT alternatives for data integration, management, backup, and connectivity. It is a 100% cloud-based platform offering scalability and contemporary cloud agility. This competent tool eliminates any need for manual upgrades and deployment. It meets the need of both businesses without any technical skills because of its no-coding wizard-based solutions.

The tool is trusted by several companies like Panasonic, Dale Carnegie, Zoom Info, and more. One can easily integrate several cloud applications, databases, CRMs, data warehouses, and more. From Azure to Mailchimp, One Drive to Oracle; you can do it all. One can automate workflows by connecting on Cloud and on-premise.

Users can also automate data collection from disparate cloud sources to data warehouses or a database. Within a few clicks, users can transfer business data between cloud apps seamlessly. Other than this, one can share real-time data via Rest API and connect with different OData customers.

Users can manage any browser data o query using intuitive visual Query Builder or SQL. Some additional solutions include data integration, analysis, Salesforce Data Loader, and Salesforce connect integration. They have several free plans for small businesses and startups. Their paid plans are also affordable, starting at only $7.


Scriptable - IFTTT Alternatives

Made in Copenhagen by Simon Støvring, Scriptable is our final pick. Scriptable is one of the most powerful IFTTT alternatives for IOS users. The tool is ideal for people that are always on the go.

If you are a developer with JavaScript knowledge, even better! Developers can leverage their skills to create several task automation. For instance: To know your to-do list every morning, you can ask Siri to automatically read our emails once your morning alarm, goes off.

Computer experts and developers can use this powerful automation app to write and edit scripts. This automation app is considered more suitable for personal use than business use. However, you may create your work around it for your business too. Their editor is customizable as per your personalized needs.

Some of its core features include native APIs, Siri Shortcuts, documentation, sharing sheet extension, files integration, and more. Users can use their x-callback-URL to connect with other apps. Scriptable is free to use, making it convenient for everyone to leverage.


Workflow - IFTTT Alternatives

If you want to get more done with a limited number of taps, Workflow is your pal. The tool takes care of combining a bunch of steps across different apps into a single click. You can use this tool for several activities from the most basic to the most advanced tasks.

A nose to self, playing a song, reading the news, finding news; there’s rarely a task that Workflow can’t handle. Their drag and drop feature is very simple and convenient to create your workflows. Users can mix and match countless actions to manage media, create shortcuts, and share content, and so on.

However, the tasks won’t be automatic so users will have more control. To initiate any workflow, users will need to activate workflows manually. If you’re not sure where to start with, they also have a pre-ready workflow.

Users can create their functions as they get familiar with the platform. And the best part is, users need not pay a dime to use Workflow. Although it used to charge a nominal price, Apple acquired the tool and made it free. 


Here are our top recommendations for the best IFTTT alternatives to utilize. We don’t expect users to take our word for it. So go and take these tools out for a spin to see what works best for you. Different recommendations are bets for different purposes.

For instance: For a business-oriented app, go for Microsoft Flow or Automate. For a similar replica of IFTTT, Zapier should be your go-to option. Most of these tools have free trials or demos that can help you understand the nature of your business and requirements better. So go check these out and streamline your activities at ease.

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