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  5. How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram: 5 Methods

How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram: 5 Methods

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  5. How to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram: 5 Methods
Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram
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Instagram constantly updates its algorithm to incorporate new features and facilitate creators. As such, it affects everything from the way in which you create content as a Creator or brand to the way it reaches your audience. Against this backdrop, the burden of boosting or Increase your reach on Instagram falls upon several factors. Right from the amount of time that a user spends on your post to the frequency with which they come back to your profile and the metrics of engagement that they display with your content.

All of these collectively determine how your page will appear in Instagram search results and account recommendations. As such, it directly impacts your visibility and discoverability by new audiences who could be your potential followers. How to strategize your content to Increase Reach on Instagram? What are the ways that must be implemented to draw in more Instagram followers organically? If you are looking for concrete answers, check out the following methods to apply to your Instagram content strategy to amplify your reach and visibility on the platform.

Evaluate Your Posting Schedules

Posting content on Instagram means that you are posting it for an audience. Therefore, for your content to be seen by the majority of your audience, it is crucial to post when they are online. When more of your target audience is online and ready to engage with your content, it will more likely boost your presence on the platform.

However, it is also significant that your target audience is also the target audience for competitor brands or influencers. As such, posting during peak hours can prove to be a downside. It can hamper getting the reach that you want for your individual Instagram posts. It is Also a Very Important Point to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram

To get optimum engagement from your audience, therefore, you must identify a posting schedule that works solely for your brand. If you have an Instagram business profile, you can evaluate the statistics to see when most of your followers are active and engaging. Further, once you have a set schedule, do not hesitate to optimize it by altering statistics.

Get Interactive with Instagram Stories –

Instagram Stories are proven to generate the maximum reach for your content as well as your Instagram profile. So, if you are strategizing how to boost your reach on Instagram, then Stories should be a block in your roadmap. Not only do Stories Increase organic reach on Instagram among the audience who are not yet your followers. They also come with several options that you can leverage to improvise interaction and engagement.

With Instagram Stories, there is literally no limit to how creative you can get in audience interactions. They come with interesting features such as polls, countdowns, stickers, texts, GIFs, and more. You can even add a relevant call to action or ask questions in your Instagram Story.

Further, you can use Instagram Stories to encourage your audience to contact you via DMs. This will have the Instagram algorithm prioritize your account in search results, suggestions, etc. As such, your account will boost in reach and visibility. Also, it will draw in more of your target audience to become your brand’s new Instagram followers.

Learn the Art of Hashtags and Geotags –

Hashtags are the ultimate tool to get your content seen by the audience who is looking for it. They make your posts discoverable when a particular user searches for similar content. Let’s say you are a fashion influencer who has just posted DIY outfit ideas on Instagram. Now, what will make a user searching for outfit ideas on Instagram find your post among thousands of other posts, is the use of the right hashtags.

However, stuffing a single post with tens and fifties of hashtags will not serve the purpose and only defeat it. Firstly, it clutters your post and your audience will detract simply by looking at it. Secondly, too many hashtags do not guarantee that you are targeting the right ones. (If you are targeting the right ones, you wouldn’t need too many!) The idea is to combine trending and popular hashtags with more niché specific ones.

Further, you can start your own exclusive hashtags that are specific to your brand or content. By doing so, you not only expand your reach on Instagram. But, you also maximize the chances of getting the best possible engagement. That is because you are targeting precisely the audience who is interested in your content. Even This is Also a Good point to increase organic reach on Instagram.

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Tell Stories Using Carousels or Videos –

One of the factors that determine your reach on Instagram is the amount of time that a user spends on your post. To leverage this statistic, captivate your audiences’ attention by narrating stories. It can be about how you make your products, what are your values and mission as a brand, the craft or labor that goes behind your products, and more. If you are an influencer, you can also post the journey from behind the scenes to the final Instagram post.

Now, in what way you present these stories to your audience also matters when it comes to increasing your reach on Instagram. If you want to crack the latest Instagram algorithm with your stories. Then, the best way to do so is through carousel posts and video content. Firstly, video content is more interactive.

More users are likely to watch a full video than read a full-length caption. Secondly, telling stories through carousels ensures that a user will watch all tiles in the carousel to reach the end of the narrative you are sharing. It shows that the particular user is interested enough to watch the complete carousel. Now, this factor directly impacts your reach on the platform, as Instagram will more likely recommend your account when another user searches for similar content.

Crack Your Way to the Top with Instagram Reels –

Instagram Reels is one of the latest Instagram features. As such, the present Instagram algorithm is shown to boost more Instagram content which is in the form of Reels. So, if you are looking to increase your organic reach on Instagram and get more Instagram followers, Reels is your ultimate solution. In the brief 15-second span of Instagram Reels, you can introduce your personal brand, showcase products, post customer testimonials, host contests, and whatnot.

Now, how do Reels actually help to boost your reach on Instagram? When a user browses the Explore tab on Instagram, he/she sees a dedicated ‘For You’ page. After clicking on the first Reel on this page, the user begins to see an automatic scroll of Reels, depending on what they are following, their popular searches, etc.

As a brand or Instagram Creator, here is your chance to get new audiences to discover you and your products. Further, Instagram Reels comes with several editing tools such as AR effects, speed controls, the option to align multiple video clips for cleaner transitions, and a library of video effects and background audios to choose from. You can leverage this feature to level up your social media game by effectively using this space for creative storytelling and improvising audience engagements.


So, wait no further, and crack your way to the top with the latest organic strategies that will help to boost your reach on Instagram. When your reach amplifies, you get higher rates of conversions as a larger fraction of your audience converts to become your followers. Further, a greater reach also boosts your chances of getting more engagement. Hence, your Instagram account gets into a positive vicious cycle where more organic reach amplifies engagement, and more engagement further boosts the visibility of your content on the platform.

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