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  5. Why Instagram Keeps Crashing Everytime (Fix it Easily)

Why Instagram Keeps Crashing Everytime (Fix it Easily)

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  5. Why Instagram Keeps Crashing Everytime (Fix it Easily)
Why Instagram keeps Crashing everytime
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One of the most widely used social networking sites today is Instagram. Although it performs nearly identically to Facebook and other sites. there are several key differences in how the algorithms are used. The shared characteristic is that other people, especially those you are connected to. These are a few of the key elements that contributed to Instagram’s success as a popular app. But like other well-known Programs, some of the drawbacks are annoying like Instagram keeps crashing always.

You can see like, comment, save, share, or engage in any other form of engagement with posts. People can choose to follow you if they find your posts interesting, and vice versa. Instagram crashing actually gets more than a little unpleasant.

Whether it happens when you start the app, when you’re in the DMs, when creating Reels, when you’re trying to post. Or when you’re promoting your posts. However, it is a lot less frustrating than Instagram blocking your posts. Or cancelling your account without warning.

Common reasons as why Instagram keeps Crashing in IOS and Android 

Instagram keeps crashing

It’s confusing when the Instagram app keeps crashing for no apparent reason. However, there are a variety of causes for the app to crash repeatedly, thus this page provides a list of possible causes and solutions for Instagram crashes.

When the iOS and Android platforms make significant changes to their operating system. Roll out new phone versions, Instagram crashes are rather regular. On Android and iPhone devices, there are a few straightforward fixes. That may be utilized to solve a crashing Instagram app.

What to do When Instagram Crash Right Away?

While opening the application or even scrolling down reels or posts. Instagram can crash suddenly and everyone at least one time must have experienced it. In that case what you can do is:

Switch off your phone and restart it. It is the quickest and simplest technique to stop Instagram from crashing. Ensure that Instagram is now working properly, if the problem persists again, look at the steps mentioned below

  • Check and ensure that the application is currently first. Connect to the application market, verify the app’s status, and update it as soon as necessary if there are any updates that are needed. The issue will be resolved when you update the application, and this is the most straightforward solution.
  • If the Instagram app still keeps crashing, then what can you do is- check DownDetector to see if other users have mentioned the same problem. It means that Instagram’s servers might be down. In such a case, you can verify this by going to Instagram’s official PR Twitter feed.

Cache Problems

Cache problems

There must be cache data on each user’s device in an effort to speed up loading because everyone uses various apps on their smartphones. This issue has the potential to worsen over time and perhaps start to cause issues, which could cause Instagram to crash. And even more so if any faulty data cache. In order to possibly fix this Instagram crashing issue, deleting your cache is a smart choice.

If you are utilizing an Android device, you can perform the following actions:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Toggle to the Storage heading.
  • To get an exhaustive list of installed Programs, select Other Apps.
  • Search for Instagram and select it.
  • Simply press the Clear Cache button.

However, the only option you have if you have an iPhone to clear the app cache is to remove and reinstall the app. What you can do in the situation is:

  • Find the Instagram app icon in the App Library or on your Home screen.
  • Till a menu appears or all the apps start to jiggle, tap and hold your finger on the Instagram icon.
  • Click Remove App or the minus sign in the edge side of the icon, which must be present.
  • Verify that you wish to delete this application when it is asked.
  • Reinstall Instagram, then sign into your Instagram account once more.

Storage issues

Storage issues

There’s no doubt that Instagram and other social media applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, consumes half of the storage in your devices. Hence, this might be another reason because of which Instagram keeps crashing.

So, first of all check the remaining storage on your device, if the storage is less, then what you can do is- either uninstall the less-used applications or clear your internal storage by transferring the data to your SD card. In this way you can make sure that Instagram keeps working properly without any glitch.

How to check the storage on your Android?

  • On your Android smartphone, go to Settings.
  • Access the Storage menu.
  • There, you will also see how much space is still available on your smartphone.

You can also view how much storage capacity the other apps on your phone are taking up.

How to check IOS device storage?

  • Navigate the iPhone’s settings.
  • Choose iPhone Storage under General.
  • Check out the storage you have available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Instagram app crashing?

There are several reasons why the Instagram app may crash, including an outdated app version, insufficient storage on your device, a bug in the app, or a problem with your device’s operating system.

How do I fix an Instagram app crash?

To fix an Instagram app crash, try the following steps:

  • Restart your device and try opening the app again.
  • Make sure your Instagram app is up to date by checking for updates in the app store.
  • Clear the cache and data of the Instagram app.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Check if your device’s operating system is up to date.
  • If the problem persists, contact Instagram support for further assistance.

Can a crash be caused by too many apps running in the background?

Having too many apps running in the background can cause your device to slow down and potentially cause the Instagram app to crash. To prevent this, close any unnecessary apps that are running in the background and make sure your device has enough storage space.

Can a crash be caused by a poor internet connection?

A poor internet connection can cause the Instagram app to crash or function poorly. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before using the app, and try connecting to a different network if possible.


As you may have inferred from this post, Instagram is undoubtedly a mistake-prone tool. Instagram has drawbacks, much like every other platform, including this. However, Instagram has done a fantastic job of promptly fixing any flaws that have been reported. Therefore, if a more fundamental underlying reason is at work, they should be able to find it and correct it quickly.

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