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10 Creative Instagram Story Game Ideas for More Views

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Creative Instagram Story Game Ideas

The currency of Instagram is engagement. The likelihood that someone will notice your material and subsequently learn about your business increases with the amount of engagement you produce. The challenge is in how to increase Instagram engagement when users are being drawn in a myriad of different directions. It is where the concepts for Instagram Story game ideas You are not alone if you were unaware that they existed. You may encourage your audience to participate and engage with your material more frequently by using Instagram story game ideas and concepts. A great game can be hard to resist. Better still, you can use them to increase long-term engagement.

Here is the List of Unique Instagram Story Game Ideas:

Three Truths And A Lie

Three Truths And A Lie - Instagram Story Game Ideas

Many people are familiar with the entertaining game Three Truths and a Lie, which is fairly self-explanatory. Make four posts to your Story, each with a fact about you or your company, to participate in this Instagram game for Stories. Use the Poll Sticker in a subsequent post to ask followers which of the facts are untrue.

All of your followers may easily take part in this Instagram game, which gives them a chance to learn more about you or your business. Learn more about your followers by taking our Instagram Stories quiz. List three facts about yourself that are true and one smart lie. After that, ask your audience to identify which of your claims is untrue.

Create a poll on Instagram Stories using the “poll” sticker that allows your followers to vote, increasing its involvement. Encourage kids to send you emoji stickers along with their responses to your questions to create excitement for the big reveal. Then, admit which of your tales was a fabrication (and provide some more information on the truths!) Your followers will be thrilled to get this personal glimpse into the person behind the brand.

Nominate Your Friends Challenge

Nominate Your Friends Challenge - Instagram Story Game Ideas

You have undoubtedly seen several of these specific difficulties on Instagram. It’s an enjoyable game to host and an easy approach to engage many fans and friends in the challenge.

You may construct the challenge in this game any way you want it to, which gives you a lot of creative freedom. Participants in the game must follow the instructions exactly before challenging their friends to take part.

Using the challenge sticker that is accessible on Instagram Stories is a simple method to promote your challenge throughout Instagram. Users may simply take part in challenges when they have nominated thanks to this functionality.

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag Challenge - Instagram Story Game Ideas

Using hashtag challenges is an excellent additional method for boosting business exposure on Instagram. They represent yet another straightforward choice for holding the competition.

Just tell your fans to make a post for their feed or Story with a brand-specific hashtag to enter. The posts that your followers create in response to the challenge will include your hashtag, making it accessible to everyone who sees them. This can help you expand your audience and boost engagement as it circulates among Instagram users.

The Quiz Game

The Quiz Game - Instagram Story Game Ideas

When you want to foster a sense of community on your page, playing quizzes is a terrific method for you and your followers to interact. Frequently used as Instagram games for Stories, quizzes are based on a template that the host posts beforehand, similar to the GIF challenges.

These games also include a lot of aesthetic customization options. The format and the questions themselves, for instance, are both subject to change. The quiz templates can occasionally be bingo cards, while other times they are just a list of questions with space for the players’ answers. You may encourage more people to take your quiz by asking participants to challenge their friends and followers to do so.

This or That

This or That

Create an entertaining, interactive Instagram game to hold your audience’s attention. Choose a subject and invite your followers to reshare it on their stories with a circle or underline indicating their preference. Bonus points if you ask people to encourage their friends to join them in the challenge.

Ask your audience to choose between two options by using Instagram’s poll sticker. The fun part is thinking of questions that get users thinking and compelled to touch on their favourite response. Be careful to provide pictures for each option.

Spend time coming up with difficult decisions that have roughly equivalent possibilities so that your audience can reflect on their preferences and engage. Create a spreadsheet and fill it up at the start of each month so you have a list of options and don’t have to worry about running out of ideas.

Would you rather

Would You Rather is arguably the most well-known Instagram Story game. It can present hilarious and difficult options. Would You Rather asks a series of questions that are either chosen at random or according to a topic, such “travel edition” or “house décor.” Players are given two options for each question, and they can circle or mark their selection with an emoji or animated IG Story sticker.

The game Would You Rather is entertaining and has a good chance of going viral. Your followers can invite their friends and/or family to take part by using a subtly worded call to action.

Similar to the “This or that” game, “Would you rather” focuses more on posing queries than forcing players to quickly choose between two options. Create two hypothetical situations that would be difficult to choose between, then share them on your Instagram Story along with the poll sticker to play “Would you rather?”

This game not only increases engagement but also provides you with knowledge about the preferences and thought processes of your audience. Spend some time coming up with relevant questions for your brand’s offering; for instance, you may inquire about customers’ preferences for, needs for, and wants from product features.



Bingo is more than simply a game your grandparents play to pass the time. It is a well-known game that draws participants in by asking them to check off boxes that relate to their past experiences or present situation.

Choose a topic (such a festival or a line of products) for your bingo template, come up with appropriate scenarios, then write them down on a 5×5 bingo template. Because we enjoy seeing the many characteristics and personalities of people, bingo is a terrific method to discover more about your followers’ shared experiences.

For instance, at Plann, we developed a Christmas bingo game using terms like eggnog, mistletoe, and so forth. Then, it is up to your followers to check off as many as apply, after which they must post it on their stories. The winner is the person with the most squares cleared! The story from Coffee and Carry On above is a great example of how you can have a little fun with it. Make it as adorable, amusing, or playful as you wish.

Learn About the Challenge of Your Followers

Learn About the Challenge of Your Followers

The majority of the games we’ve discussed in this piece can help you gain more Instagram followers. How well-versed are you in your audience? Ask them about their aspirations, daily activities, preferences, and even their thoughts on your industry to learn more. Instruct them to re-post or DM you with their responses. You can play a game designed to let your users know who your target demographic is.

In this Instagram game, your objective is to respond to inquiries from your followers about you. You can learn about the interests, pastimes, and preferences of your audience by taking on this task.

Knowing this will make it easier for you to produce content that appeals to the tastes of your audience. To prevent your queries from falling flat, be sure to incorporate a lot of graphics, colours, and images. Make your stories more vibrant by incorporating gifs.

Mood slider

Mood slider

Allow the audience to express their feelings or how they would evaluate anything with the slider sticker. Ask for open and honest feedback without hesitation. Emoji sliders can be used to convey a range of emotions when words alone are insufficient. Let your audience members decide whether a piece of material is appropriate for their needs, desires, and aesthetic appeal. Emoji sliders offer a lot of customization. When rating product designs for a burger restaurant, try to match the emoji to the content’s theme, such as by utilizing the burger emoji.

Provide more specifics in your mood queries so that your readers can relate. You could, for instance, ask them to name specific emotions or to describe their moods throughout the course of the week.

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee shop, cleverly uses a green-colored heart emoji slider in their Stories to allow followers to rank the significance of coffee in their life. Starbucks introduces an emoji slider to get people interested before delving further into the company’s support for ethical coffee consumption.

Ask a question, and I’ll respond with information for your followers.

Ask a question

The inquiry sticker, also known as Ask Me A Question, is similar to Reddit’s #AskMeAnything. Any question your followers have, you answer, and you decide which responses to post on your Instagram Stories.

The Ask Me A Question feature is a great way for fans to learn more about you or get a behind-the-scenes look at how you create your work (and the rest of the team, if ever). To include the question box in your IG story, select the Questions sticker. Your followers can enter their questions below.

Asking professionals for assistance is always preferable, especially when it comes to skincare. By responding to audience inquiries and concerns, cosmetics company Dr. Jart (@drjart) demonstrates their knowledge of skincare. In addition to describing various products and their functions, the brand also offers advice.

What is the Instagram game?

Instagram provides engaging tools like games to increase engagement on your profile. You can rely on these Instagram story game ideas when you’re out of ways to keep your audience interested in your account or content ideas. You can simply keep your audience interested in and hooked on your account by using the variety of ideas that these Instagram story games offer.

Instagram stories are viewed everyday by more than 500 million people. If you’re having trouble getting more followers on Instagram, these stories can be of tremendous assistance. Despite being a popular figure, you lose out on benefits from your business if you continue to underuse Instagram story features.

A range of concepts and games are available in Instagram story games to occupy your audience while they are viewing your material. Additionally, it enables your fans to invite their friends and participate in various contests. By doing this, you can expand the audience for your material, which will eventually lead to additional followers. Additionally, it enables your audience to enter the competition and contribute pictures for tasks involving many people.

We’ll fill you in on all of this and give you our picks for the ten best Instagram story game ideas for fans.

How Do I Play Games For Instagram Stories?

One of Instagram’s most adaptable and popular features is Instagram stories. You can include photographs, videos, polls, quizzes, and games in stories. Users and advertisers of Instagram consider this function to be the best one ever added to the platform.

You may promote your company and turn Instagram stories into a huge success for you. These stories are only available on the site for a single day. As Instagram story games, a little extra imagination might be more beneficial than you might think.


Instagram Story game ideas are entertaining ways to convey little bits of knowledge, such as a glimpse into your daily routine or an upcoming product launch. They are easy to prepare, even quicker to consume, and, most importantly, they are a fantastic method to interact with your audience. Instagram Story game ideas are now a necessary tool for digital marketing with over 500 million daily users.

Inspiration for Instagram story games is a great technique to increase profile interaction. In the most practical and enjoyable way possible, it aids you in promoting and enhancing your Instagram community.

The effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy can be significantly improved by using Instagram games. Users can increase their following, engagement, and business benefits by implementing Instagram games on stories.

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