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  5. Managergram Review: Check Real User Reviews & Ratings (2023)

Managergram Review: Check Real User Reviews & Ratings (2023)

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  5. Managergram Review: Check Real User Reviews & Ratings (2023)
Managergram Reviews
Table of Contents

It’s probable that you’ve already started to build a social media presence to support your efforts if you’re a brand, company, or artist. You could prefer Instagram, or you might have been focusing on your Facebook and TikTok accounts while sprinkling in some YouTube time. It is indisputable that social media may have an influence on our reputation, capacity to make money, and ability to create new chances, regardless of which one(s) you use.

Because of this, Managergram caters to social media users’ requirements by promising them social media growth. They assert that they can work wonders for your web presence and that you’ll undoubtedly see success quickly. Their platform is built on the success of Instagram, but they have expanded their services to include many other social media networks.

Overview: What is Managergram?

Managergram is an Instagram-centric social media growth agency. It also provides services for other networks. The majority of the material on their landing page is focused on their Instagram services and is made to seem like Instagram.

You may buy bundles of likes, followers, views, and more for a variety of social networks. Any social media network that comes to mind probably has a package available from Managergram.

Managergram guarantees the following with their auto-likes packages:

  • automatic detection for likes delivery
  • There is no cap on the number of posts that may be liked.
  • natural-looking preferences
  • Dedicated assistance
  • exceptional services
  • 30-day money-back promise (money back)

If you are not happy with your purchase at any point throughout the first 30 days, they promise to give you a fast refund. Additionally, you don’t have to provide them with your password to use their services.

When you join up with Managergram, you’ll be set up with automatic recurring payments because none of their packages is merely on a one-time basis; all of them are on a month-to-month basis. If you want to utilize Managergram, getting started with them is easy and quick.

  • Check out the Managergram website.
  • Select the bundle you wish to purchase.
  • Put in the needed details.
  • finalize your purchase and pay

After that, you’ll be registered for the package you chose. It doesn’t specify when you may anticipate receiving your order; it only states that your delivery will be “activated within 24 hours.” The price structure of Managergram offers paid likes and followers.

Businesses can choose to use the optional paid follower tool to grow their Twitter following. They charge $0.50 for every 100 followers or $1 for every 1000 likes for their purchased followers and likes.

Pros of Managergram Review

There is competition among individuals who want to be at the top for Instagram popularity. Others don’t, while some employ reliable techniques. Gaining actual, engaged followers is vital, but so is your approach to competing in this Instagram popularity competition.

You must understand the signs of a trustworthy organization and the hazards of a disreputable company in order to distinguish the credible from the less-credible online businesses that assert to increase your Instagram growth.

The features are relevant to the kind of followers they promise to give because you are purchasing followers and likes from Manager Gram.

Which includes the following:

Secure website protocol HTTP, packages and costs that may be seen, FAQ and support page, Those who are highly engaged and pertinent to you based on the target.

Greater Exposure Reach:

Profile optimized for more visibility, 24/7 Social Engagement – All-day interaction 100% Account Safety – Actions conducted within Instagram’s boundaries, Consistent actions that save time.

Support for Account Managers:

Managergram offers payment methods that include credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. This makes it simple to increase your following or number of likes without having to invest a significant sum of money upfront.

Managergram is ideal for companies who wish to broaden their internet audience. Your company may look more reputable and prominent than ever before by purchasing followers and likes.

Managergram provides a variety of services to meet a variety of demands and price points. from affordable to high-end Followers & Likers programs. It consists of boosted content, focused hashtags, and unique URLs. Almost everyone can find something to enjoy!

Cons of Managergram Review

The next sections of our evaluation provide further information on the many reasons why we do not recommend them.

Poor reviews

On Trustpilot, Managergram has only received 4 reviews. A successful business will probably have more individuals raving about its products and services. Three of the four reviews are unfavorable.

Customers complain that when they submit messages concerning the service repeatedly, they receive no answer at all, no one responds, and they haven’t seen any outcomes.

This demonstrates that the provider doesn’t care about the success of their clients or even care to send what they have promised. This is a serious issue. Additionally, they haven’t claimed Trustpilot and haven’t commented on any reviews.

Super expensive plans

Overall, they have extremely high prices. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars every month, you might not really know what to anticipate in terms of delivery timeframes or the level of quality.

You’re essentially out of alternatives as they don’t provide any free trials or other plan options. This is really troubling, especially given that their plans are ongoing and that the few consumers who have studied them claim that they are unlikely to respond.

Limited Resources for Assistance

Customers complain that Managergram’s “great client service and assistance” is ineffective and that they won’t ever contact the company again.

They provide WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram numbers on their website, however, none of the channels was successful in reaching Managergram. Automation was used throughout. Neither secure nor time-saving!

Best Alternatives to Managergram Review

We’ll go into more detail about some of the greatest Instagram growth tools to help you increase your following and engagement now that we can clearly see that Managergram is not a realistic choice for Instagram growth.

When selecting a firm to assist you in increasing your Instagram following, it’s crucial to make sure that they use natural and organic techniques to increase your following and interaction. The following businesses can provide you with it.

They will aid in your long-term Instagram development, and unlike Managergram, you won’t need to be concerned about jeopardizing your account.


Socialpros - Managergram review

For all of their clients’ Instagram accounts, Socialpros.io claims to provide a dedicated professional account manager, therefore we infer that they themselves provide the service. According to them, using their tools will help you learn more about Instagram marketing, and using their features will help you gain Instagram followers naturally.

Furthermore, you may increase engagement and the number of in-person encounters with your material. Even though we don’t fully understand what this implies, they even have an Instagram growth tactics section on their website.

Although their entire website is a bit ambiguous, we believe that either they are selling their client’s phony interaction or that the service they are offering is a growth business that is essentially an Instagram bot.

A specialized professional account is advised, according to Socialpros.io According to Social Pros, they can assist customers in choosing the hashtags that are most appropriate for their content and industry, and they can also assist you in increasing your follower count naturally.

As we’ve previously discussed in this review, you may receive assistance with your engagement and likes in general, and learn growth techniques that you might not find elsewhere, and they claim to be able to help you find the finest social media listening tools.

With the help of their Instagram features, you may simultaneously obtain assistance with your Instagram likes, comments, followers, and views as well as assistance from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. However, in general, it is still unclear what they provide, which is maybe one of the company’s drawbacks beyond the fact that they are only a generic Instagram bot.



Fastlikes is the kind of business that would like you to think that they can meet all of your Instagram growth requirements naturally. They claim not to utilize a bot or a false engagement to simplify your life, but we believe they do.

Fastlikes makes the claim that they will provide their customers with features of the highest caliber, as well as quick delivery and a quality guarantee.

Although we’re not sure why they have to mention quality twice on their website, this is likely a way for them to make up for the fact that they don’t truly give their customers high-quality features.

Additionally, they claim that they get their Instagram followers from all over the world and don’t need your password to access your account. Another warning sign to consider, is as legitimate businesses who seek to expand your profile naturally, will want access to your account.


Businesses may achieve their marketing objectives with the support of the range of paid services that Managergram provides. You may quickly and easily increase your social media status and reputation by purchasing likes and followers. To choose the choice that is best for you, do your study on the numerous possibilities first.

For publishing to your feed and managing several Instagram accounts, use Managergram. It furthermore offers analytics. In this way, you can assess the success of your postings in directing visitors to your website or landing page.

It provides a practical approach to buying likes and followers. That makes it the ideal choice for companies that require more exposure. But they lack the resources (both in terms of time and money) to create excellent content on their own.

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