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MeetEdgar Vs ZohoSocial: Which Is Worth To Buy In 2022

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Searching for an approach to deal with ALL of your social media accounts in a single spot? Welcome to the world of Social Media Management platforms! SMM platforms permit you to plan out your online media for all the significant social media networks utilizing one instrument. Social Media Management can be significantly time-consuming so looking for alternatives to help smoothen out this process is crucial. In this blog, we will attempt to compare two of the leading SMM platforms – MeetEdgar Vs ZohoSocial. We will analyze their features, pricing, pros, and cons and help you figure out your best option!

Here are some Unique Features-:


MeetEdgar-Meetedgar Vs Zohosocial

Scheduling Based On Categories

MeetEdgar utilizes scheduling based on categories. Each post you plan out will be allocated to a category. MeetEdgar has 4 built-in classifications you can utilize including General, My Blog Posts, Recommended Reads, and Promotions and Specials. With the full Edgar plan, you can have limitless classifications for your content. The prospects are unending. Some categories that you can include are DIY Guides, Myths vs Facts, Ask Me Anything posts, and much more!

Classification-based scheduling additionally makes it simple to design your posting timetable. For every social media platform, you must decide how frequently you need to post. For instance, if you want to post on Instagram every day, and 5 days a week you would then be able to plan out your content based on categories. This will also ensure variety in your feed. On one day you share informational content, one day you will connect to a blog entry, one day share an inspirational quote, one day share a tutorial, and on the last day a link to a youtube video.

Automated Rescheduling Of Content That Performed Well

By utilizing classification-based scheduling, MeetEdgar makes it simple to reuse your evergreen content. You should aim at creating content that can be recycled and shared more than once. With MeetEdgar you have the alternative to share your content only once or have it be added to your library to reuse it once more.

As a matter of course the content you add to your library will be evergreen and reused, yet utilizing the high-level scheduling features you can determine whether you just need to resign a post after once or you can indicate to quit sharing a post after a specific date.

Schedule Quickly By Importing Unlimited Content Feed

In MeetEdgar you can import an RSS channel and MeetEdgar will consequently show the latest content from that channel. You can set it to either automatically add that content to your feed or set it for getting approved so you would then be able to review it later.

There are two different ways to utilize Content feeds:

  • Link your blog and YouTube Channel: Since this is your own content, you can set it to be added automatically to your feed without approval. Doing this will save you a lot of time as any content you create can be shared across all your social media platforms automatically.
  • Link with third-party content and industry blogs: Keep your crowd aware of everything with the most recent news and content identified with your industry. Add different sites from your specialty that compose content your crowd would appreciate. Since this substance is from an outsider source you can set it to require approval before it is added to your feed. Set a standard system to approve or reject content. This is a simple yet effective arrangement that lets you distribute important articles and news to your target audience.

Accessibility To Advanced Filters

MeetEdgar strongly believes in being organized and makes it a priority. MeetEdgar makes it simple to figure out your whole library utilizing their amazing filters.

You can filter by – Date Created, Use Once, Social Account, Has Publishable Variations, Social Network, RSS Source, and Category.

You can also utilize channels in your Queue. After selecting the option Queue, you can put a filter for any social media account to see what content is scheduled to be uploaded in the following week. It gives you a chance to screen all your posts before they go live.

Edgar Chrome Extension to Schedule From Anywhere

MeetEdgar makes it simple to share from any place on the web utilizing the MeetEdgar Chrome expansion/Bookmarklet feature.

When you have tracked down a post that you need to share, click on the MeetEdgar bookmarklet symbol, which will appear on your browser once you install the extension, and it will raise scheduling options.

Select the social media accounts, allocate a category, assign whether you just need to utilize it once and afterward from here you can save and add it to your library, plan it out promptly or plan it for a later date


This element is particularly useful for Twitter which doesn’t permit you to post the same content twice. You can keep on posting similar content on Twitter, however, you need to switch around the phrasing in your post. Even, You can either physically add a variation or you can utilize MeetEdgar’s feature of Variations to add to generate alternatives that are not carbon copies of each other. You can also track how many variations have been generated for a particular post and whether they have already been posted or not.

Zoho Social

ZOHO SOCIAL - Meetedgar Vs Zohosocial

Computerize Targeted Engagements

Many feel that mechanizing web-based media cycles will prompt only generic engagement. This doesn’t remain constant for all cases and circumstances. Valuable services like Zoho Social balance automation and top-notch engagement well. Clients are first empowered to see the social scene and recognize the best individuals to draw in with via online media, how, and when.

Utilizing this information, you can tailor your messages, posts, and media to your crowds’ liking and distribute your content when your intended interest group is active. With Zoho Social’s SmartQ forecast engine, this is all a cakewalk.

The instrument considers Facebook posts by timezones and geography. Besides, the bulk scheduler tool permits you to make various posts and schedule their upload times all at once. You can do this through your PC or on any portable device.

High Integration And Simple UI

Zoho Social’s UI is straightforward and easily comprehendible. It has a social share module for Firefox and Chrome that empowers clients to share content in a split second right from their browsers on the same window.

Brilliant Monitoring And Collaboration

The brilliant monitoring feature permits users to follow their clients and base Social Media marketing strategies on precise data.  All correspondence history for discussions is accessible with just a couple of clicks. The search function likewise permits you to keep up with hashtags, events, and identify prospects.

Also, Zoho Social’s collaboration feature permits several users to cooperate and conceptualize thoughts for content, commitment strategies, and distributing plans.

Analytical Reports

Online media reports are produced on the platform. These reports can be imparted to your group and be the reason for arranging. This is enhanced by the analysis and statistics highlight that gives information through visual reports of data with regards to your brand’s social media presence and performance.



  • A/B Testing
  • Ceaseless Posting
  • Produce Auto-Variations
  • Limitless Content Library
  • Categorize your content
  • One login to post to all your accounts
  • Analytical review of the posts


  • Posts get added on a library with just a scramble alternative to pick the order they get posted in
  • Single Person Account
  • Just 3 platforms to post on
  • No admittance to manage with the real discussion
  • One way control only

Zoho Social


  • Consistent Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk interlinking
  • Appears to interface with Instagram better than other platforms
  • Its capacity of following the pertinent social conversations
  • Beautiful interface
  • Three aspects of social media management – distributing, screening, and analytics features


  • Customization abilities are very limited
  • Scheduling is restricted to week by week or month to month and can’t be altered
  • Doesn’t have in-built picture resizing so pictures need to be cropped at times




MeetEdgar offers the following 2 plans:

  • Edgar Lite: $19/month
  • Edgar: $49/month

Zoho Social


Zoho Social offers the following 3 plans:

  • Standard: $8.28/month
  • Professional: $20.69/month
  • Premium: $31.03/month

MeetEdgar VS Zoho Social – WHICH TO CHOOSE?

More or less, we would say that MeetEdgar is stacked with efficient tools that would be approved by business visionaries to keep your social media steady without overpowering interruptions and too much data. Edgar offers limitless scheduled posts, so you can design and distribute your social campaigns from a solitary dashboard. Also, MeetEdgar permits linking with different outsider applications like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Zapier.

While Zoho Social is a standard social media management service. The interface is savvy and smart, and the expansion of highlights that aid online media posting and planning make it a more grounded product and an unmistakable competitor in the class.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to your specific requirements. What caters to your needs may not be that effective for others.

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