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10 Best Pinterest Analytics Tools to Use in 2023

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Pinterest Analytics Tools

With already a bunch of people on Pinterest and the onset of a variety of big-name brands, the marketing game on Pinterest is taking a turn. A social media platform that everyone took as the basic picture-browsing website is now becoming one of the most sought-after social media platforms, for brands. Since pictures are worth more than a thousand words, having a strong Pinterest game has become very important in this day and age. That is why we bring to you the perfect article to learn from. The 10 best analytics tools for Pinterest can take your analysis and marketing game to levels beyond.

Best Pinterest Analytics Tools:

1. Pin Analytics

Pinterest analytics

Let’s start with the basics, the bare minimum that everyone gets. Pinterest analytics is a tool that is provided by Pinterest to anyone who owns a business account on this platform. Now, even though this comes to stock, this doesn’t mean that it is useless.

Most of what you’re looking for as a business to keep an eye on is available on Pinterest analytics, this includes things like average daily impressions, average daily viewers, audience location, gender and language of the audience, number of repins, amount of likes, and clicks as well.

This whole range of accessibility that you get from the basic analytics tool from Pinterest, makes your work easy when you’re running a business via Pinterest. Also, if you have an external website linked to your Pinterest page, as you should, if you want to run a successful business on Pinterest, then it can also show you which pins were successfully able to redirect traffic to your website. This is a very helpful feature to create more pins that take this traffic to your website.

2. Cyfe


Even though the Pinterest analytics tool is great, but when you’re running multiple campaigns over a network of Pinterest accounts, you will feel that the basic tool is not so sophisticated to understand them better. This is where Cyfe comes into the picture. Cyfe is a free tool that lets you monitor multiple Pinterest networks at once and shows you all the necessary information in one screen, which then can be selected individually to get elaborate detail.

Cyfe has a really good user interface and with the easy-to-understand icons and information, this is a great tool to have. However, there is a paid version available as well. The Cyfe free-to-use version comes with the basic five widgets, which are good enough for basic purposes. However, if you want to get more functionality out of this service then, we suggest you take the $19 version for yourself. It adds a lot more widgets on your screen which helps you analyze your Pinterest account well.

3. Viralwoot


Viralwoot is a famous tool in the world of Pinterest analytics tools. This is because, viralwoot gives you a variety of services, packed in the form of a single tool which is powerful if you look at it. Viralwot, is a step ahead of Cyfe, the tool we mentioned earlier and even better than the basic Pinterest analytics tool.

Viralwoot allows you to not only manage multiple campaigns at once but also allows you to schedule a bunch of pins ahead of time, so you don’t have any problem being consistent on your profile.

It also helps you organize and run really interesting contests on Pinterest which is what makes this tool good at what it does. If that is not enough for you, then viralwoot also gives you accurate and real-time analytics for your Pinterest accounts, which is much better in comparison to the basic Pinterest analytics tools and even Cyfe.

All in all, viralwoot is a tool that is really sought after and hence is used by the majority of business owners on Pinterest. Also, it isn’t that expensive to use, as it asks just for about $10 a month to give you all of these services, which is really reasonable in our opinion.

4. Viraltag


If you thought that viralwoot is as good as it gets, then be ready for a “one-up” on that. Viraltag markets itself as the complete package of visual Social Media marketing tools for all the different social media platforms out there, and it does fulfill that purpose to a great extent. The number of integrations this application has is hard to believe and hence is one of the most sought-after tools in the industry.

Viraltag, not only gives you accurate analytics but also gives you an option to check your growth on any of the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. On top of that, you can select any image from the above-mentioned website, or from a library of stock images that they have lined up for you.

This gives you everything the internet has to offer, and if you’re not happy with what you see, they give you integration with canvas so you can directly attach what you create from there.

On top of all this, they also have an integration of google analytics present, which tells you which pins are the ones that are generating leads for your websites, and hence you should be making more pins like that. All of this is available for just $24 a month, after a 14-day free trial, which is very reasonable for an analytics tool this good.

5. Olapic


After its recent acquiring of piqora, olapic has become a really powerful analytics tool for Pinterest. Olapic was already great at helping you find user-generated content to put up on Pinterest rather than using stock images that are used by everyone on the platform. This is a really good alternative as a lot of people don’t have access to user-generated content on Pinterest which is why they are not that successful in scaling their businesses on Pinterest.

However, olapic helps you with exactly that, after its acquiring piqora it now also has an option to track and analyze the information on your Pinterest account which is really what matters when you’re using an analytics tool.

They let you track the return on interest, your Adsense revenue, google marketing integration to get info on what is working and what is not. The amalgamation of both these software is what makes it such a great tool to have and hence you should take a look into it.

6. Pingroupie


Pingroupie is a great website to increase your Pinterest reach and get a lot of followers when you use it right. It lets you find active Pinterest groups where you can reach out for help as an influencer. This helps you on various levels.

For once, you can get a lot of likes and followers from the group itself if you use it right and you can also get a bunch of help from influencers that have crossed the threshold you’re at. This is a really good way to understand a lot of tactics that you might not have known about otherwise and hence is the smart way to go about getting more reach on Instagram. Pingroupie is used by a lot of people and hence you should try it too if you want a bite of the follower pie.

7. Google Analytics

Google analytics

An obvious yet necessary mention on this list is google analytics. You can use a bunch of Pinterest analytics tools for your benefit, but not one of them will be beneficial if you dont check google analytics. Google Analytics tells you what is the exact number of people entering your website, what they do once they are on your website as well. This is a really powerful tool by google that lets you understand if people are reacting well to your content and hence you should put it to use.

However, one thing that you may not know about google analytics is that it can also show you where your traffic comes from, so you can understand what are the pins that are sending this traffic onto your website, and hence you can make more of such pins to get even more traffic on the website. Having this cycle in place makes helps you to make your content even better and hence you should put it to use.

8. Pinterest Browser Button

Pinterest browser button

Now that we have discussed a bunch of analytics tools for Pinterest, let us now look at one marketing tool as well. This is the Pinterest browser button. What this does is let you select a bunch of photos from the internet with the click of just one button.

This is by Pinterest itself so it does not require any third-party app for you to get this feature. All you have to do is to go to chrome extensions and get the Pinterest extension on your browser. This will give you a button on the top of your scenes and hence you will be able to select photos directly from any website you’re browning from.



If you want to automatize the action of getting images directly onto your board from any other social media platform, then IFTT can help you with that. IFTT stands for If This Then That and lets you give it fun commands like if you select an Instagram photo, then add it to a Pinterest board.

And hence whenever you select an Instagram photo, it will automatically be saved onto your Pinterest board, which will save you a whole lot of time. Unlike most tools on the list today, this one is free and hence you should check it out.

10. Tailwind


Tailwind is yet another great Pinterest analytics tool available on the internet. This gives you a variety of functions available to choose from, all of which help analyze your growth on Pinterest and hence are a must-have. For starters, you can schedule a bunch of pins directly from their website without much effort on top of that, this website gives you a smart schedule option, which gives you the best time to post your pins on.

This is decided by analyzing your audience type and your location and then the website suggests you some good times to post and get a lot of reaches. Tailwind is a great feature to have if you want to save up some time on research. This is good to know because then you know what kind of content that you have to upload, to get people to your website. All of this is available for $10 a month, which is really reasonable in our opinion.


That concludes the list of the 10 best Pinterest analytics tools. With more companies focusing on their Pinterest game, this is the time to get to know Pinterest marketing better. Now marketing is completely a game of numbers and to get the important numbers, analytics is important.

This is why we presented to you this article today. With the 10 best Pinterest analytics tools available on the internet, we’re sure that you will be able to analyze your Pinterest results much better and will also be able to use the added functionalities available on some of the tools mentioned above.

Apart from analytics tools, we have also seasoned the article with some fun marketing tools as well, which will help you in getting a much better knowledge about the complete Pinterest success guide. We’re sure that you will be able to analyze and market your Pinterest content better after reading this article. Till then, keep pinning!

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