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  5. SidesMedia Review 2023: Scam Alert! Check Why & Save Money

SidesMedia Review 2023: Scam Alert! Check Why & Save Money

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  5. SidesMedia Review 2023: Scam Alert! Check Why & Save Money
Sidesmedia Reviews
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Sidesmedia is a social media service provider which has been around for some time now. For those who are unaware, they basically provide real followers, likes, comments, and engagement on various different platforms. Those who are interested or in want of such services can avail them for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Twitch, Discord, Quora, Youtube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Spotify, Pinterest, etc. Sidesmedia, like many other such social media service providers, provides services that help you grow your account.

They are known to do so in 72 hours, or 3 days. This is incredibly quick in comparison to other providers who sell the same services. The company claims to provide real followers and to grow your account ‘organically’ through their media strategies. And unlike most other providers and companies, Sidesmedia seems to be legit and trusted by users.

This has earned them tons of positive Sidesmedia review from their customers who seem to be satisfied with their services. But if the followers are paid for and bought in bulk, is it really organic growth that you and your account will experience?

Would it even mean anything if your followers do not like or engage with your content? In this Sidesmedia review, we will talk about this company and the services they provide. We will also be discussing the pros and cons of using such service providers, and how it may affect your social media presence.

Furthermore, we will talk about a few other such services that you could use if Sidesmedia doesn’t fit your requirements. And we will end the Sidesmedia review with a conclusion to wrap it up. So why wait further? Let’s dive right in!


As mentioned above, Sidesmedia provides services within 72 hours on various different social media platforms. This list includes some of the most in-demand and famous social media platforms right now. Starting from Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc to Telegram, Reddit, etc. 

Their prices start from as low as $0.99 for the cheapest package and go as high up as $32 for the same for some social media platforms. Let’s go through some of their famous social media packages and see what they have to offer.


Sidesmedia’s Instagram packages include buying Instagram followers, Instagram views, Instagram likes, Instagram story views, reels views, story likes, reels likes, live views, Instagram comments, Instagram saves and shares, etc. Furthermore, the company also provides services that cater to certain regions and demographics. For example, you can buy followers in USA, India, Spain, UK, and Italy.

  • Their follower packages start from 100 followers, which cost $2.97 and go up to 25000 followers for $145.5.  
  • Their Instagram views packages start from $1.99 for 500 views, and go up to $74.99 for 50,000 views. Meanwhile, their Reels views packages start from $1.99 too, as well as the Story views packages. 
  • The companies story likes packages sell for $1.47 for 50 story lkes, to $88.99 for 10,000. Whereas, their Reels likes packages start from $1.99 for 50 reel likes, and go up to $139.99 for 10,000, etc


Facebook is another social media giant which has its roots deep into the social media industry, as well as our lives. The platform which once was famous amongst all demographics and genders, is now mainly used by people belonging to older age groups. But regardless, there are people who still maintain profiles on the platform, whether it be just for fun or to have a consistent social media presence across platforms.

And for such individuals looking for social media services on Facebook, Sidesmedia provides services which include  Facebook followers, likes, video views, fanpage likes, live viewers, reviews, etc. Not just this, the company also sells friend requests, comment likes, votes, post shares, website traffic, replies, and website likes. Their packages are prices as below:

  • Facebook followers packages start from 250 followers for $9.99, and increases up to 5000 followers for $69. 
  • Their likes packages start from $10 for 250 likes, up to  $349 for 20 thousand. The prices and packages remain the same for Fanpage likes.
  • Sidesmedia also provides Facebook video views, which cost $6 for 500 views, and $99 for 25000, etc


Twitter works like the think-tank of social media. It is almost more social than it is media. With thoughts from people all over the world spilling onto the platform, one can scroll endlessly and not get bored in the slightest. From politics, to movies, art, media, music, fiction, fanfiction, entrepreneurship, bitcoins, crypto, etc, Twitter is a hub of all kinds of interests.

It is really easy to engage in Twitter discourse and disagreements since engaging with content is the easiest on the platform. But it provides a limited number of features in comparison to the other social media platforms. And hence, Sidesmedia too provides lesser services for Twitter than it does for other sites.  The services include followers, likes, retweets, and videos views, whose prices and packages info is given below:

  • Sidesmedia’s Twitter followers packages start from $9 for a hundred followers to $350 for 10 thousand.
  • The company also provides customers with the option of buying a 100 likes for $9. And the highest package in this category is priced at $190 for $5000 likes.
  • Their Retweets package costs $9 for a 100 retweets, also called RT’s, and $190 for 5000.
  • Whereas their lowest video views package starts from $9 for 500 views and goes up to $350 for 25,000 views.

They also have the prices and packages of tons of other social media platforms on their website. But these services come at a price. And no I do not just mean the package prices. There are certain cons that you will have to endure along with the pros.  

Pros & Cons:-

Most transactions, choices, decisions, actions, etc have their own list of advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes the advantages weigh out the disadvantages, while at other times the disadvantages make the advantages seem insignificant and useless. So let us see a few pros and cons of Sidesmedia and their services, after which you can decide yourself if you want to use them or not. 

Why you should not use SidesMedia:

  • Short-term solution

The issue with instant followers and likes is that it is not a long-term solution. If your content doesn’t appeal to your target audience, then buying followers or likes would only provide you with an initial short-term boost. Following which the followers may even unfollow you.

  • No consistency

When gaining followers and engagement naturally on your own, there may be a consistent increase in your followers as well as your likes and comments. The engagement should increase over time as your followers increase and your content is more visible.

But Sidesmedia can only provide a one time boost, unless you keep buying services. So it does not guarantee any consistent increase in your followers or engagement. This means that you would have to keep buying their services to keep your engagement up.

  • Followers to engagement ratio

Another con of using such services is the fact that they may mess up your followers-to-engagement ratio. If you have a thousand followers but you are only getting 20-25 likes on your posts, it may seem weird. Same goes for situations where you are getting lots of likes but don’t have the follower count to consistently back it up.

  • Prone to suspicions

The previous point itself is what will lead your account to be look suspicious. If your followers and engagement has too much disparity, it may raise suspicions in the minds of your other followers. Not only this, sudden and rapid increases in your follower count overnight may seem weird to the application’s algorithm and cause your account to be banned or deleted.

  • No refunds

Another con of the company, is that you can get no refunds on the services. If you purchase a service and it ends up not benefiting you, you can not claim any refunds or reclaim any service. 


These were some pros and cons of Sidesmedia, which hopefully will be helpful in making a decision. But if the company doesn’t suit your needs, fear not! We also have alternatives.



With a bright and bubbly website, the SocialPros page markets their services to their potential customers. They have worked with influencers, musicians, and bands all over the world before.

Their customers seem to be satisfied and happy with what they have delivered, as it seems on the reviews. They provide their services on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and SoundCloud as of now.


fastlikes - Sidemedia Review

Fastlikes is another media service provider which works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. They too provide services similar to Sidesmedia, but not as vast. If you are looking for an alternative, you may check it out as well.


To wrap up, Sidesmedia can be a great way to start up your social media career. If used wisely, they can indeed be of great help in growing your online presence and helping you find a footing in the vast world of the internet.

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