Snapchat Ads Guide: To Gain Reach on Snapchat In 2022

Did you know that people all over the world open Snapchat almost 30 times a day? That’s a huge engagement! Now imagine how impactful will it be for your business to reach the Snapchat user base and showcase your product. Snapchat provides one among the foremost interactive and interesting Ad formats to succeed in and grow your audience. In this article, You Will be overviewing about Snapchat ads Guide.

The mobile-friendly interface, full-screen mode, amazing canvases, and a plethora of filters allow you to showcase your brand in the most authentic way that feels native to the Snapchat audience. Besides engaging the viewers, these Snapchat Ads act as great tools to generate leads and increase conversion rates for your business.

So, what’s the key to creating good Snapchat Ads Guide, that’ll help you gain wider reach? Here is a full Snapchat Ad Guide that’ll familiarize you with the tricks and tips of creating engaging Snapchat Ads. Use them wisely to advertise your brand/products and gain maximum reach By this complete Snapchat Ads Guide.


Choose the right Ad format

The best part about Snapchat is that it provides a growing menu of ad formats to help you achieve your objective/goal. From driving sales, increasing conversions, to boosting brand awareness, you can find specific Snapchat ad formats to get fruitful results. If your goal is to drive sales and generate quality leads, then try Dynamic Ads, Collection Ads, or Single Image/Video Ads. Even Story Ads are powerful for generating leads.

Similarly, App Install attachments work wonders when you want to run ads to boost app engagement and installs. This feature prompts the viewers to swipe up and download the app. Use it to display an Install Card at the end of Story Ads or Single Image/Video Ads. Apart from enabling the option to download the app, this feature also allows you to add different lenses that provide an AR experience to the viewers.

Lenses are excellent tools for driving brand awareness and engagement. Viewers can interact with the Face lens to transform their face or they can also use the World Lens to detect and manipulate the surrounding environment and surfaces around them.

Another ad format to build brand awareness includes a Story Ad along with Lens AR Experience and an extended Play Commercial. If you are looking to re-target cold leads, then use Story Ads to keep them engaged. Story Ads are a great way to drive customer loyalty as well.

Make your Product a Centerpiece of the Ad

Your Ad should inspire and educate the viewers. Create a story that highlights your product and provides value to potential customers. Use high-definition images and videos to showcase your product and its features. Include relevant offers, discounts, or special sales to drive consideration. This type of ad creative is best for e-commerce businesses.

If you want to motivate viewers to install your App or game, then focus on showcasing the user interface, features, and benefits of the app. Highlight the unique element of your app that’ll captivate the attention of the audience.

For local businesses, the key to gaining wider reach on Snapchat lies in glorifying the visual features of the store. Bring attention to the location of the store, the type of service you provide, and the range of products available. For example, if you own a bakery, showcase the bestselling cakes/pastries. Entice the customers by highlighting your flavors and visual designs.

Keep your Ad Short and Captivating

Snapchat is a fast-paced platform where viewers don’t spend much time watching Ads. Therefore, limit your ad duration to 5-6 seconds. The key to reaching as many potential customers as possible is to make your Ad look more organic. The less intrusive your Ad will be, the better reach you’ll gain on Snapchat. Use the linear storytelling format that includes product images and video details. User-generated content or Snapchat-inspired features such as filters and lenses makes your ad more genuine and conversational.

Don’t forget to add good background audio to your Ads. The majority of the Snapchat Ads are viewed with sound on. Therefore, include good music in your Ad creative especially if you have lots of images to showcase. In addition to this, include video testimonials of the customers which will relate well with the viewers motivating them to visit your website and take further actions.

Use Relevant Messages and CTAs to Drive Urgency

As mentioned earlier, your Ad should always begin with a valuable message that drives the audience to visit the website, make a purchase or install the app. Incorporate a short and easy-to-understand message that will add value to your product and resonate with potential customers. Along with this add strong call-to-actions within the first two seconds of the ad to encourage the viewers to click on the links and explore the website. The CTAs can be in the form of an offer/ sale/ discount coupon. You can also directly ask the viewers to click on the link and check out the products.

Add Proper Links to your Ad

Now that you’ve included strong CTAs in the previous step, it is time to complete the action by adding proper links to your Ad. Web View attachments/Website links are excellent to drive online sales. They allow the viewers to swipe up and view a webpage where they can access the range of products.

App Install attachment is another type of link that is best suitable for driving app installs. Attach an app install swipe-up link to your Ad and use motivating CTAs like ‘Download Now’ or ‘Install Now’. This will encourage the audience to take an action immediately to increase your conversion rate.

In case a viewer visits your app but doesn’t install it, you can use the ‘Deep Link’ to re-engage and bring him back to the app. Deep Link is similar to the App Install attachment but with the Deep Link, you can define a location in your app where you want to direct the existing user. For example, if you want to re-target existing users by showcasing more features and information about the app, you can use the Deep Link and direct the users to the information page. App Install attachment only takes the viewer to the download page of your app.

Test your Ad Creative

Testing your Ad creative provides great insights into the performance of your Ad. Run your Ad for at least 2-4 weeks to gather maximum impressions. During this time, you can use a variety of ad formats to find out which combination works well for your brand. Check the analytics to see which type of content resonates the most with the potential customers and where can you improve to make the Ad more enticing and appealing.

Besides this, check the cost-per-action for each ad format. Use goal-based bidding to optimize your results. You can also try and test different bidding strategies to meet your ad objective and get a better outcome.

Understand your Target Audience to Increase Reach

When you are testing your ad, one of the best ways to increase engagement is to broaden the targeting. Expand your target audience by altering the age, gender, geographic location, or even language. This will help you get a wider reach on Snapchat. Keep a constant eye on your audience’s insight to understand who your ideal customers are.

With Audience Insight you can see the interests of the potential customers and create relevant content to connect with them. You can even break down the demographic data to optimize targeting for better results. Adjust bids and add different segments to expand your reach. Advertising on Snapchat is a trial and error system because every marketer has a different set of target audiences and different ad objectives. The more you learn and keep optimizing your ad creativity, the better reach you will gain on Snapchat.


Like any other social media platform, Snapchat also requires a specific approach when creating Ads By Snapchat Ads Guide. The key to advertising successfully on Snapchat lies in creating a balance between the brand and the target audience. Have a clear goal or objective in mind before creating the Ad. Work on the Ad creative in a way that fulfills your objective. Use high-quality images, videos, and audio to make your ad more compelling.

No Ad is complete without strong CTAs – use motivating call-to-action to achieve your goal. Finally, test your ad with a wide range of audiences and gradually narrow it down to define your target customers. Keep modifying your content, audience demographic, and marketing strategy to get a better outcome.