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Snapchat For Business: 7 Effective Ways You Must Try (2023)

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So, here you are, with a detailed marketing strategy of where all you want your brand to be seen on social media, and Snapchat is one of them. But, how does one market on Snapchat? Let us help you with that! Snapchat is an incredible platform to promote your business. In this blog, we will give you 7 of the best ways to use Snapchat for business in 2023.

Offer e- Discounts

Snaps don’t need to only revolve around a selfie or a pic of your business or your products. You can simply send coupons and discount codes to your Snapchat followers. This is a type of motivator for keeping your followers hooked.

Sending coupons and discount codes helps build customer retention. Discounts have been an effective form of marketing for quite some time now. Previously, brands would give out punch cards. Today, everything’s about engagement on social media.

For instance, you can send a scribble of the coupon code as a snap to put into your site to purchase certain products or services. If you choose to promote these as “Exclusively for our Snapfam” coupons, you will garner a lot more followers.

Create Your Own Snapchat Lenses And Filters

Snapchat Filter And Lenses-snapchat for business

How many Snapchatters have you seen raving on and on about Snapchat filters? Loads, right? what if they were using a filter created entirely by you? imagine the kind of exposure you’d get.

Guess what! You really can do that! Snapchat gives you the option to create your own filters and lenses. You will be charged for it based on certain factors like the geographical area that you wish to cover. The higher the area, the higher will be the cost along with the exposure.

Filters and lenses add an intelligent component to an advertising effort. For example, Coca-Cola once came up with a Christmas filter for Snapchat. The brand used its brand mascot – the polar bear holding a coke bottle and wearing a scarf. Users had a tremendous time posing with this bear filter and made it go viral.

Marketing at local events which is attended by a lot of people can get you immense popularity. Is there a music festival happening nearby? Go there and promote your filter tirelessly.

The adaptability of the framework is to such an extent that you can develop a vast network of things to reach local as well as global customers.It is one the best method to start snapchat for business.

Host Exclusive Behind The Scenes

An effective way of doing business when creating Snapchat stories is to take your viewers behind the scenes. This is the point at which you flaunt what occurs behind the scenes of your business. It very well may be anything from manufacturing a product or a wholesome lunch hour at your workplace to promote your values.

But even then, make sure you’re showing your viewers that is valuable in some way. Don’t just show completely random stuff and spam them. Keep in mind that a BTS story is not a “filler”, it should still add some substance to your brand.

For example, posting a picture of a half-empty cup of coffee is not of any use to your average viewer. Be imaginative and give your business its very own personality.

Why is it that BTS content works? It gives your viewers and customers a sense of personal connection with your brand by encountering what goes into driving the business. It gives a face to your brand!

Think about how excited you get when you get to see the actual filming location of your favorite reality show. There are several people out there. We can think of a lot of people who would give anything just to see “The Bachelor” being filmed in real-time!

Everything’s tied in with keeping your viewers hooked and leave them wanting for more. Don’t simply send them a pic of your assistant working diligently!

Market ‘Limited Period Only’ Products And Services

One of the critical components of Snapchat is its timer. This gives you admittance to a simple method of marketing “limited period only” items or services. This also incorporates coupons and discounts.

For instance, consider the possibility that you needed to give followers a 15% off code to commend a national holiday that happens to fall on the following weekend. You can share a filter, lens, and story to run uniquely only for the days that you want – like a limited period filter till that particular weekend arrives.

You can also utilize the Snapchat timer to get your followers to feel a sense of urgency. This is a form of ‘Call-to-Action’ that influences customer behavior.

You also must’ve come across several online sales on websites that have a timer running which indicates when the sale will end. A Snapchat timer is similar to these and may compel your buyers to make purchases faster.

Feature Your Followers And Drive Interaction

Most consumers would enjoy being a part of your campaign rather than just consuming it. Featuring supporters and fans is something social media influencers have been accomplishing for quite a long while. Regardless of whether it’s featuring a post or flaunting a work of art, it conveys an impressive level of engagement

For instance, consider that you are a brand that sells clothing. You can encourage your audience to send you snaps where they are wearing your brand’s clothing AND using your filter. You can then design a collage to post on your website or other social media handles.

This cycle is tied in with getting your target customers to collaborate with the brand directly. Truth be told, some of the biggest brands in the world have employed the concept of directly engaging their customers to their campaigns successfully.

Your aim should not be simply to make your customers purchase your products, you need to get them excited about being your customers! Featuring your followers officially also gives you immense credibility.

Offer Sneak Peaks In The Form Of Product Demos

About 85% of advertisers see video marketing as the strategy that can get them a high influx of customers. This is a result of the impact video content has on the Internet. It’s assessed that video use will add to 80% of the traffic on the Internet by the end of 2021.

Snapchat stories are short but very compelling. Product demos can be conducted on Snapchat in the form of a multi-part series. Also, if these demos are captured beautifully, your audience is bound to keep tapping till they reach the end of the series.

Adding an innovative element to the story regularly brings about higher engagement rates. You can always take YouTube ads as examples for creativity.

A considerable lot of these pass on their messages within five seconds… the time period made mandatory by YouTube for ads before you can skip them. Also, most of these ads have an element that is either hilarious, engaging, or creative.

With the right kind of content, you can easily create entertaining product demos on Snapchat where you have twice as much the time as on YouTube.

Be Innovative And Keep Experimenting

Snapchat is an extraordinary platform. Since all updates vanish after 24 hours, your marketing strategy for strategy is almost completely different than what you do on other social media platforms. As you explore different avenues regarding various strategies, you’ll ultimately figure out a strategy that works best for you. Keep exploring and trying out new things as much as possible.

If you haven’t yet realized the potential of marketing on Snapchat, then you’re missing out on a brilliant gateway to success. Hone your camera skills, brush up on your creativity, and prepare to go behind the scenes, and just START with your marketing campaign on Snapchat. It’s an excellent way to reach out to the millennials. It’s an ideal opportunity to carry your promotion to the millennial age.

So, Should You Be Using Snapchat For Business?

As we advised you toward the beginning, the bottom line is YES. You ought to utilize Snapchat for your business in 2021 and there are numerous reasons why, which we have explained in detail in this blog.

The crowd on Snapchat is unique, they can’t be reached out to this easily on other social media platforms. Your brand can create an exclusive community on Snapchat with innovative content and a personal touch with your customers. The possibilities that you can tap into are nearly endless!


Not all brands will be experiencing similar engagement when it comes to attracting an audience. A great deal of this has to do with innovativeness and understanding your target audience.

Actually, Snapchat requires a marketing strategy of its own kind. It takes comprehending the framework and learning how to maximize exposure.

Just remember that Snapchat has a lot of untapped potentials and you can be the one who makes the most of it.

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