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15 Best Social Media Management Tools To Use In 2022

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, an upcoming agency, or an established business, having a strong social media management system can help reach your social marketing goals faster. It helps you improve customer service, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase conversions. Statistics have shown that including social media management tools is essential to becoming a successful marketer.

But with so many social media Management tools in the market, how do you which one is the best? The best way to find out which tool is most suitable for you is to look at the key factors that differentiate one tool from the other. Look for a tool that fulfills your social media requirements. This will help you make an informed decision in the end that will bring tremendous results. To help you make this decision,

We have compiled a list of the 15 best social media management tools, including their features and pricing plans.



Buffer is the most popular social management tool that manages multiple social media accounts from a single platform at a time. From content creation, post scheduling, and posting, you can do everything from the same dashboard. Furthermore, it can also schedule the content while browsing the web with the help of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Safari extensions.

The best part about Buffer is that it offers a free trial for a single user with a maximum of three social profiles. Use it to get a hands-on experience of all the features and if you like to continue, buy the starter package that starts at $15 per month. This pack provides a complete social media management solution with access to engagement features, and data analytics for a single user with eight social profiles and the ability to publish 100 posts per profile.

The higher plans at Buffer range from $65 – $399, which offers some advanced features and allows multiple user logins with 8 -150 social profiles.



Another wonderful fully integrated social management tool that is best suited tools for marketing agencies and medium-large-sized businesses is SocialPilot. This tool enhances teamwork with the help of collaboration and custom reporting tools. Apart from this, you get access to the basic features that help in content creation and scheduling. The social inbox feature allows you to manage your audience engagement.

The only drawback of SocialPilot is that they do not have an influencer search feature. However, with social monitoring and listening, you can find your target audience on any social media platform. The user-friendly interface allows you to multitask and save time, which is crucial for every marketer. Even the pricing plans are pretty affordable, which starts from $30 per month and goes up to $50 per month.



Launched in 2008, Hootsuite is probably the oldest yet best social media management tool in the marketing industry. This tool provides all the essential features that a digital marketer needs to grow its brand value online.

Firstly, it manages bulk scheduling by allowing you to upload as many posts as you like at one time. Next, it effortlessly manages all your social media accounts while performing other tasks like content curation, post scheduling, RSS integration, and event organization. Lastly, it provides custom branded URLs and supports all the popular social media platforms.

The only drawback of this tool is that you cannot interact with your audience collectively. You will have to log in to each social media account to engage with your followers. The pricing plan of Hootsuite starts from $45 per month for a single user with ten social profiles. Two more plans allow three users with 20 social profiles at $189 per month and five users with 35 social profiles at $599 per year.



Next on the list is Sendible, the best social media management tool for digital agencies that are looking for an end to end solutions for their social accounts. Apart from the basic features social marketing features that come with every management tool, Sendible provides special tools like the smart queue for repurposing content and auto-posting. It also has advanced social inbox and listening tools to monitor audience engagement, keywords, hashtags, competitors, and brand mentions.

Unfortunately, Sendible does not have an influencer search option but it does have a CRM system that allows you to interact real-time with influencers in your niche. The pricing of this management tool starts from $29 and goes up to $299 per month.



MeetEdgar handles all heavy-duty tasks like profile optimization, multiple account management, post scheduling, auto refilling, video uploading, and much more. It has tools that can help increase audience engagement and brand awareness in the most efficient way. This tool comes with a URL shortener as well which is perfect for editing long profile links. And the best part is that it can even write posts for you.

Besides this, it can categorize different types of content into categories. The data analytics tool comes in handy to monitor your metrics regularly. Add this unique social media management tool to manage your brand’s online presence in the best way at just $19 per month with unlimited customer support.



Falcon is a cloud-based social media marketing and management tool that enhances customer experience with its power-packed features. It is very versatile and a good fit for any type of marketer. With Falcon, you can access tools like social media listening, content publisher, engagement tool, and customer data management. Supporting multiple popular social media channels, this tool also allows auto-queue posting and visual planning.

In addition to social listening and monitoring, Falcon facilitates the creation of different campaign pages with a unique campaign builder that consists of pre-designed templates which can easily integrate with existing client CRM, CMS, and other analytics systems. The best part about this tool is that it provides tons of online guides and tutorials for new users. You also get 24/5 customer support via email or ticket submission portal. The pricing of this tool starts from $129 per month and increases with the addition of custom features.


Loomly - Social Media Management Tools

Loomly is exclusively used for branding and content creation. Therefore, it lacks features like social listening and monitoring which are more beneficial for large businesses. It has a visual calendar and content suggestion feature that assists social media managers to curate good content strategies. In addition to this, it offers features similar to the social inbox that allow you to manage messages, comments, and brand mentions. You can also use this tool to track the social media handles of people who mentioned your brand.

An in-built data analytics tool is available for each social media account that helps you monitor different social metrics. You can test the features with a 15-day free trial or buy the cheapest plan at $48 per month. The basic plan allows two user logins with ten social accounts.



Agorapulse is like any other fully integrated social media management tool that provides a wide range of features like post scheduling, social inbox, content creation, visual calendar, data analytics, and team collaboration. Its competitive analytics tool is most promising and helps to capture your target audience efficiently. Whether you are a solopreneur or a digital marketing agency, Agorapulse provides management for every type of marketer.

With an organized dashboard, you can smoothly carry out all operations. The automated inbox assistant helps to track brand mentions, respond to comments and engage with the audience. Starting from $79 per month, you can get started with all the features to manage your social media. The higher plans range from $159 – $399 per month offering advanced management tools, and multiple user logins.


Eclincher - Social Media Management Tools

Eclincher may not be as popular as other social media management tools on the list but it is just as good as them. This management tool is best for marketing agencies and large business teams who want to improve their customer service. Centered on productivity and marketing automation, this tool saves your time to monitor and automate mundane marketing tasks, bulk scheduling, RSS feeds, and much more from a single dashboard.

The benefits of having this well-rounded management tool are that it increases your return, improves the quality of work, and gives you an insight into what is working for your company and what is not. Besides this, it also provides game-changing features like a visual calendar, comprehensive content publisher, campaign tracking, competitive analysis, post-editing, and scheduling.

It also has a smart inbox that helps you respond to personal messages, comments, and reviews on social media. Not just that, it suggests specific hashtags and keywords as well to help you improve your SEO. All of these features are accessible at an economical price of $59 – $219 per month.


Later - Social Media Management Tools

The software provided by Later is best suited for visual content calendar and post-scheduling work. This management tool was initially launched as a social media posting tool that focused on Instagram as the main social channel. It offered various features to optimize and enhance the aesthetics of the Instagram feed. However, with years of experience in the social media management industry, it evolved into a visual calendar supporting multiple platforms.

There is no social inbox or RSS integration to help in social monitoring. However, in addition to visual planning, Later provides a data analytics tool to optimize your metrics. If you are focused on buying software that fulfills these two needs then Later is the best choice. The price is very economical and ranges from $7.5 – $41 per month.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social - Social Media Management Tools

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool that takes care of all your social media marketing and management needs. It offers various tools like social media listening, content scheduling, posting, and much more that help you to optimize your social media profile and build powerful marketing strategies. In addition to this, it provides amazing tools for effective communication between the team members to maintain a smooth flow of work.

One of the unique features of Sprout Social is its ‘Social Inbox’. This feature has social monitoring and keywording qualities that make it ideal for you to interact with your target audience on a particular social media platform. The best part is that you can respond to their messages, and comments from the same dashboard. Choose from the three affordable monthly plans that start from $99 per month (one user with five social profiles) to $249 per month (multiple users with 20 social profiles).


awario - Social Media Management Tools

The next best social media management tool on the list is Awario that helps you track brand mentions and relevant  comments/conversations about your brand and niche. From social networks, blogs, websites, and online news pages, Awario uses every several online sources to track the information. Besides this, you can also use this social media management tool to monitor popular trends in your industry, generate quality leads, run a consumer sentiment analysis for different campaigns, and much more.

The best part about this tool is that it works non-stop and tracks keywords in multiple languages. In addition to this, it allows an advanced search option with Boolean operators. You can also respond to brand mentions right from your feed. Talking about the pricing plan, Awario provides a free trial to test the services before purchase. Based on your experience you can buy the starter pack at $29 per month and if you are looking for advanced tools then buy the Pro and Enterprise pack at $89 and $299 per month respectively.

Crowd Fire

Crowdfire - Social Media Management Tools

Crowd Fire is a multi-functional social media management tool that takes care of your content, post-publishing while monitoring your competitors, tracking brand mentions, and audience engagement. And all these features are available at a reasonable price of $9.99 – $99.99 per month.

Crowd Fire is popularly known for its powerful content curation feature that helps to find and sort relevant content that you can share across multiple social media channels. It is one of the best management tools used by many influencers and global brands to manage their social presence from one place.

Social Bee

socialbee - Social Media Management Tools

Social Bee provides an advanced management tool that enables you to share content across multiple social accounts from one place. From content planning and creation to engagement tracking, it provides end-to-end solutions for your online campaigns and saves a lot of time. Some of the key features of Social Bee include content categorization, repurposing content, post scheduling, auto-posting, and RSS feed integration.

Additionally, it also provides some advanced features like importing links, media, CSV files in bulk, post customizations, video editing options, content review, team collaboration, and data analytics. Social Bee also provides one of the largest social media integration options with Zapier, JotuRL, Replug, Switchy, Quuu, Bitly, Buffer, Hootsuite, Rebrandly, and many more. Currently, it offers three pricing plans starting from $19 per month – $79 per month.

Zoho Social

ZOHO SOCIAL - Social Media Management Tools

Lastly, we have Zoho Social, one of the current favorites of major digital marketing agencies. For its competitive pricing, ease of use, and wide range of useful features. this management tool has been the talk of the town for a very long time. With Zoho Social, you can create custom dashboards, track brand mentions and automate post scheduling and posting.

Not just that, it comes with advanced reporting software as well as custom reports, insightful graphs, and engagement information. Start with the 15-day trial plan to check the features. If you find them useful then switch to paid plans that start from $10 – $437.


Today, social media has become an integral part of many global businesses. Everyone is thriving to become successful in their industry by constantly improving their promotions, sales, and customer service. But to maintain a smooth workflow and complete each task with great efficiency. You need more than just a team of professionals. This is where social management tools play a crucial role in growing your brand awareness and helping you keep up.

The above list will give you an insight into the best social media management tools available in the market. Go through their features and find the best suitable one for you. Most of these tools provide free trials which is the most promising way to test the working of these tools. So, be smart and pick the best management tool to achieve your highest potential on social media.

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