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15 Best Social Media Post Tools To Use in 2023

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Social Media Post Tools
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Having a social media presence in today’s world is vital for both influencers and large brands. More than half of the world’s population uses social media to get entertained, follow current trends, and shop online. So creators must keep posting relevant and attractive content, which will skyrocket their social media statistics. Another challenge that most creators face is finding the best time to post content on different social media networks. This is where social media post tools come in handy.

However, maintaining an active social presence can be challenging for many people, especially beginners. These tools help you design amazing content and bulk schedule multiple posts for all social media profiles from one place. You can do it at a time that suits you and schedule the posts in advance with no hassle. They also provide advanced tools to monitor engagement and other metrics that improve your social media growth.

Best Social Media Post Tools:



Hootsuite is one of the oldest and most popular social media post tools that allows you to schedule and publish posts on various social media accounts. Select an existing post or create a new post using the content creation feature. Use media library to add and store images, videos, GIFs, and a lot more for future use. Schedule posts in advance to maintain a continuous flow of content on your social media profile.

Whether you have a personal account or a business page, this tool is suitable for all social activities. The best part is that you can try all the features for free. However, the free trial pack limits the number of posts to be scheduled and published. Moreover, it allows only you to send only 30 messages across 3 social media profiles.

The paid plans at Hootsuite start from $30/month – $129/ month. If you are a large brand, then you can purchase the professional plan for $599 per month that includes team collaborations, data analytics, and additional features.


Buffer overview

Buffer is one of the most efficient social media post tools that help users to create relevant posts and schedule them to publish at the most suitable and appropriate time when your audience is most active. This Tool is available both as a web browser extension and a mobile application, which makes it easier for all users to check their workflow from anywhere.

You can even add webpage links, titles, images, and much more to create amazing content. The social inbox helps you to track and respond to messages, comments, and brand mentions on multiple social media platforms from one place. In addition to this, the data analytics tools provide deep insights on targeting the right audience and finding the best time to post your content across all social networks.

The freemium model of Buffer allows a user to publish 10 posts for free. However, with the paid plan (which starts from $5 per month), you can schedule and publish unlimited posts.



Tailwind is one of the best visual marketing and social media post tools in the marketing industry. From discovering new content, scheduling posts, monitoring conversations, and engagement to amplifying reach and analyzing results, this tool provides end-to-end solutions for everything.

Currently, Tailwind supports Pinterest and Instagram allowing users to upload, tag, and publish their content on these two platforms from one place.

The data analyzer at Tailwind is so powerful that it automatically recommends the best time for you to post content on both social platforms. In addition to this, it analysis your audience behavior and provides suggestions to modify your content which will increase the engagement rate.

The three versatile pricing plans of Tailwind are perfect for bloggers, individual creators, small and large businesses. The first two plans cost $99 and $799.99 per month. If you are looking for a more customizable and flexible plan then you can buy the Enterprise pack.

Post Planner

Post Planner

Looking for an efficient social media post tool? Then check out Post Planner. Just like its name, this tool helps brands and creators to create, schedule, and post relevant content with their online community.

It has an in-built Content Studio that helps you pair amazing visual graphics along with texts, filters, and other attractive tools to create captivating content. You can even recycle content or search for trending content in your niche with the help of competent analytical tools.

The best part about Post Planner is that all features are fully automated so you don’t have to waste any time scheduling posts and increasing engagement rate. Get a 7-days free trial to see how wonderful a Post planner can be for your social media growth. If you like the services then purchase a suitable plan ranging from $5 per month to $27 per month.


TweetDeck - Social Media Post tools

As the name suggests, TweetDeck is an incredible social media scheduling tool for Twitter. It is absolutely free of cost and allows you to schedule tweets across multiple Twitter accounts. The comprehensive dashboard of TweetDeck allows you to manage your tweets, notifications, messages, brand mentions, and many other activities.

Customize the dashboard by adding columns to categorize all posts. For example, create separate columns for lists, collections, followers, likes, scheduled posts, and more. Review the scheduled post before publishing to make last-minute alterations, quickly add images, videos, infographics, and more visual aid to your posts and messages from one place.


OnlyPult - Social Media Post tools

Onlypult is an all-in-one social media post tool that is perfect for brands, businesses, and agencies. Apart from letting you work with videos, images, it helps you post content across multiple social media platforms from one place. Create multiple social posts including carousels and stories. Schedule it on different days and times without even logging in to your social account. You can also mark posts for auto-delete at a scheduled time.

Besides post scheduling, it offers a well-organized content calendar, social builder, and monitor tools. The builder helps in creating micro landing pages within seconds. The monitoring tool tracks the brand mentions from competitors, partners, and even buyers.

Onlypult offers four vivid plans that are differentiated by the number of managers, accounts, and users allowed per pack. All the other features are available for each pack starting from $10.50 per month (10 users, 1 manager, 3 accounts) to $55.30 per month (30 users, 5 managers, 40 accounts).


Later - Social Media Post tools

Although Later supports many popular social media networks, its main focus is Instagram. Use this tool to create attractive posts using images, text, videos, GIFs, and many other visual aids.

The media library at Later has a vast storage capacity so share and store as many images and videos as you want. Add labels, notes, or stars to any media item or highlight any image to keep it as a reference for future use. You can also customize your caption for each post from the same dashboard.

The Quick Schedule feature at Later helps to drag and drop a post and schedule it for a specific day and time. The paid plans also allow you to create and upload stories or videos, manage conversations and monitor Instagram metrics. The paid plans start from $8 per month – $40 per month with a 14-day free trial.

Sprout Social

sproutsocial - Social Media Post tools

Sprout Social allows both post scheduling and publishing across multiple social media networks. It is best for those who have a marketing team for collaboration because it provides well-segregated user-level permissions, specific access to managers, writers, and owners.

Every team member can contribute their work and update the social calendar to create a smooth workflow. This method provides a bird’s eye view to all the team members and keeps them updated on what is being published or promoted daily.

In addition to social media scheduling and posting, Sprout Social also provides a data analytics tool to track your performance and modify your marketing strategy for maximum benefit.

The pricing plans of this tool start from $99 and goes up to $249. You also get 30 days free trial to test the features before making a purchase.


Coschedule - Social Media Post tools

Just like its name, this tool provides the best way to schedule and organize your marketing content. It is one of the most cost-efficient tools for solopreneurs and influencers that help in managing your web posts, social posts, and campaigns all in one place. CoSchedule even allows large businesses and agencies to organize bigger projects for each client.

Currently, the monthly subscription for this tool is priced at $60 per month which includes amazing post-scheduling and publishing features along with the integrated calendar, marketing campaigns, and all-in-one social promotion package.

Not just that you also get business analytics and email marketing features too. Whether you want to create a standalone campaign or do a live promotion, CoSchedule will help you out with everything you need to increase brand awareness.


Iconosquare - Social Media Post tools

Iconasquare is a multipurpose social tool that is used for data analytics, social media management, and post scheduling. It is compatible with multiple social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. This makes it easier to schedule different posts for all social media platforms from one place.

The advanced features of this tool allow you to insert saved captions and hashtags. You can also schedule your comment and cross-promote content across different social media profiles with just one click.

The content calendar beautifully shows all the schedules content in an organized manner. You can go to any post at any time and make necessary changes before it gets published. For example, tag people, location, Add hashtags, add a caption, and much more.

If you like any image or video which you would like to use in your upcoming posts then save it to the media library from your computer or mobile phone. Iconasquare automatically tags the used image to prevent you from reposting it again. Coming on to the pricing plans, Iconasquare offers three plans that start from $49.


MeetEdgar - Social Media Post tools

MeetEdgar provides a one-stop solution to all your post-scheduling problems. Use it to schedule your posts in advance for multiple social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also use it to queue multiple content pieces and create different categories to organize your content.

For example, segregating different content pieces into blogs, promotional material, stories, questions and answers, and more. The social calendar allows you to categorize and schedule each post at set times to publish.

The best part about MeetEdgar is that it recycles all your updates and re-shares your content over time to increase visibility and gain a wider reach. All of this happens with the help of an automated system so you don’t have to waste any time. The pricing plan at MeetEdgar starts from $49 per month with several discounts for military and non-profit users.


Brandwatch primarily focuses on social media scheduling, publishing content, social listening, engagement management, and data analytics. All these features are crucial for any content creator to make a mark in their industry. Brandwatch’s content calendar is game-changing as it helps you view all the scheduled content across multiple social media networks. Use the calendar to plan, edit, schedule, and post directly from one place.

In addition to this, the campaign calendar helps you outline, create, and roll out different campaigns on any/all social media platforms within a few minutes. It also has a ‘Content Pool’ which is a media library where you can share and store images, videos, Instagram stories, and Facebook carousels for further use.

Got a team of professionals? Brandwatch provides team collaborations, easy role assignments, and approval processes. Activate the email notifications to share notes and create a smooth workflow.

Currently, Brandwatch has two pricing plans – ‘Essentials pack’ priced at $108 per month and the ‘Full Suite’ which comes with customizing facility along with some advanced features like cross-channel advertising, automated audience targeting, ROI tracking, and real-time data insights.

Adobe Expresss

ContentCal Social media Post

If you are looking for an ultimate social media post tool and content calendar then Adobe Expresss is the best choice. This tool has served some of the top influencers, digital marketing agencies, and large businesses with their content planning and social media scheduling features. From defining user permissions, and streamlining the approval process, to managing multiple accounts at one place and collaborating with your team, this tool does everything.

Social media scheduling and content calendars are just two of the main features of this tool. Besides these, it includes data analytics and reporting, social inbox, keyword filtering, project management, and much more. Adobe Expresss is the perfect application for all creators. Use it to design visual content, get feedback from collaborators, and preview content before publishing.

The best part is that you can try it for free for 14 days and if you love the tool then purchase the basic plan that starts from $30 per month. You can even go for higher plans which are fully customizable and priced depending on your requirements.

Mav Social

Mavsocial - Social Media Post tools

Mav Social focuses more on achieving visual marketing goals. It supports some of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr. This tool is best used for post-scheduling, social listening, monitoring engagement, analytics, and team collaboration.

The digital library provides ample space to store images, videos, and audio for post creation. You can tag them and add descriptions for future reference as well. In addition to this, there is an in-house photo market that saves all your purchased media forever in the library.

The in-built photo editing feature efficiently helps to create compelling posts for all social media channels. You can also search for new content ideas and capture cross-platform engagement for each media post. There is a 14-day free trial available for new users and if you like the features then you can buy the paid plans that start from $19 – $199 per month.

Zoho Social

ZOHO SOCIAL - Social Media Post tools

Last but not the least, we have Zoho Social, game-changing social media management and post tool that is perfect for large businesses and agencies. This tool helps big organizations to grow their online presence faster. From targeting the right audience, creating niche-specific content to managing multiple social media accounts and engagement at one time, Zoho Social takes care of all these features.

Besides post scheduling tools, Zoho Social helps to track marketing revenue over all social media channels. Data analytics and reporting act as a prediction engine and aids in social listening to increase the engagement rate on your profile.

Try the free version of Zoho Social for 7 days to determine whether you like the features or not and purchase its paid plan later starting from $8 per month – $437 per month. A customizable plan is also available to suit your social requirements.


There are hundreds and thousands of social media post tolls in the market that provide a handful of features to create, schedule, and publish content across different social media networks. Some of these tools are too expensive while others provide a compromised user experience. Therefore, to help you grow online, we have curated the above list of best social media post tools that are cost-effective and extremely efficient in their services.

Use these tools to create amazing content and schedule the posts in advance. Some of the tools listed above also provide additional features like social listening, monitoring, profile management, and data analytics which provides an all-around growth in your business. Sign up for a free trial and enjoy the services while they last but don’t forget to purchase the paid plans that will improve your social media presence right away.

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