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Social Sensei Review & Alternatives: Reviewed By Experts

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  5. Social Sensei Review & Alternatives: Reviewed By Experts
socialsensei.co review
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Social media has recently started to gain popularity as a marketing tool for influencers and brands. Naturally, such a lucrative platform is bound to come with a lot of competition. Content creators and brands with higher engagement are more likely to drive sales and bring in profits.

The growth of your social media space depends heavily on the number of people you can convert into followers. Luckily, many marketing agencies offer services to help organic social media growth on platforms like Instagram. 

Social Sensei is one such growth service provider that aims to help grow your account using specific marketing strategies. While Social Sensei offers multiple services that guarantee results, they have received mixed reactions from users. 

If you’re thinking of using their services, the conflicted reviews may confuse you. In this Social Sensei review, we will analyse their features, pros and cons to help you make a well-informed decision. 

How Does Social Sensei Work? 

Social Sensei is a social media growth service provider that uses an influencer marketing strategy to bring in traffic. This tactic has proven to be the safest and fastest way to influence organic growth on Instagram. 

Social Sensei operates by collaborating with big influencers who direct users to your account via giveaway promotions. They offer this service in different packages that vary in cost. Depending on the package you choose, you will be placed on a small to large influencer’s page. 

You are also given the option to choose your target audience based on gender, age, location and, recent Instagram activity. Social Sensei assures clients a significant rise in followers during the promotional period of the giveaway. However, they do not guarantee that these followers will remain long-term. 

Other Services Offered By Social Sensei 

Social Sensei is best known for its Instagram growth services. However, they also offer other services meant to bring in growth and engagement. 

  • SEO Optimisation 

Social Sensei offers on-site SEO audits, backlinks, and competitive keyword research for websites and blogs. SEO optimization is highly essential if you’re looking to rank higher on Google search results.

It is also the best way to bring organic visitors to your site. This service also includes reports, regular optimization, consultations and a personal account/website manager to build your presence online. 

  • Social Media Strategies 

Social Sensei also offers a feature called Social Media Strategies where they work to upgrade your online presence. You can choose from four packages — consultation, basic, essential, and business. Depending on the package you pick, you get monthly consultations, analytics, content strategies etc, 

  • Ad Campaign Management 

They also offer packages that serve ad campaigns on your social media. However, you are required to pick between Instagram, Facebook, Google etc. These packages all contain features to help you set up your ad account, customise audiences and many more. 

What’s the Final Verdict? 

Social Sensei promises to send a huge herd of new followers your way to grow your social media. The marketing strategies that they use are proven tactics to gain Instagram followers

Specifically, the Instagram influencer marketing strategy is a great way to direct users to your account. These potential followers are always eager to win giveaways and are willing to tap on the follow button for it. 

Many have availed their services and witnessed their follower count skyrocket in the following days. Hence, Social Sensei’s claims are genuine. However, they have failed to mention one important detail. While Social Sensei does bring you, new followers, there is no guarantee that it is long-term. 

The number of new followers you gain usually peaks during the promotional period of the giveaway. Afterward, some of them start unfollowing you as they may not be the target audience for your niche. 

You can still use Social Sensei’s services. But you will need to produce consistent content to retain those new followers. The packages also seem very costly considering that the results are mostly short-term. 

We recommend Social Sensei if you have a sales funnel or a landing page to redirect the followers to your services. However, if you don’t fit into this category, you may want to consider other Socials Sensei alternatives.


  • No password required

Social Sensei does not require you to provide your Instagram password when you choose a package. This helps maintain your privacy while they work on growing your account. You will not have to coordinate with them to use your account. You can continue to post just as you usually do.

  • Followers are genuine 

The followers that are directed to you via the promotions are all real people that are active on Instagram. The only challenge is getting them to engage with your content afterward. 

  • Easy to use 

Social Sensei is fairly simple to navigate and does not require you to complete any complex steps. You simply have to choose your package, pay and start coordinating with them. 


  • Too costly 

A package can cost up to $1000 per month. This is a large sum to pay considering that the growth rate eventually drops down. Only established content creators and brands can afford to overlook the costs. 

Social Sensei also does not allow you to switch between global and USA audiences. You will have to cancel your existing package and purchase a new one. 

  • Engagement does not improve 

While the number of followers you gain will shoot up, there is no drastic improvement in your engagement. You will have to dish out quality content consistently to retain even half of your new followers. 

  • Growth is short-term 

These potential followers are prompted to follow you for the giveaway, not because of your content. So you may have trouble keeping up the growth rate as many are bound to unfollow you sooner or later. 

  • No free trial 

Social Sensei does not offer any free trial to new clients. This means that you will have to pay upfront if you want to use their services. This is problematic as you cannot try it out first and decide whether it’s the right fit for you or not. 

  • Does not cover content-marketing 

Although you pay large amounts every month, Social Sensei does not help out with content marketing. You will have to manage the content marketing on your own. You might want to consider taking the help of marketing tools so that you can focus on creating content. 

Reliable Alternatives to Social Sensei 

Social Sensei offers fast results but they don’t promise permanent solutions. If you want solid growth rates and engagement, you can consider other Social Sensei alternatives. Here are a few other social media growth service providers that may suit your needs better: 


Viralyft - social sensei review

Content creators and brands can buy genuine interactions and engagements on Viralyft. The process is simple and allows you to make your purchases in just two steps.



SocialPros is currently leading as the top platform in the engagement marketplace. They ensure that your content is directed to an active audience that frequently engages in content similar to yours. This helps to generate genuine followers and engagement.


GetViral - social sensei review

Besides new followers and likes, GetViral also offers views, auto-likes, and comments. They also offer some of the best prices on followers and likes in the whole engagement marketplace. 

Wrapping Up 

Social media as a marketing tool has started a brutal race to the top for content creators and brands. The competition is high and you need various strategies and tactics to stand out from the rest. 

Social Sensei offers instant followers to boost your Instagram account’s growth. Their packages also vary and have different features. Hence, Social Sensei’s claims are all true to a certain point. 

However, there are certain factors like the high cost, low engagement and lack of content marketing that need to be considered. Larger brands and influencers can afford to overlook these problems. But smaller businesses and content creators may not have the luxury to take risks. 

Hopefully, this Social Sensei review and analysis will provide clarity on what fits you and your brand. 

If you’re looking for a short-term solution to increase your followers and redirect them to your services, you can use Social Sensei’s services. However, if you want to gather a more stable audience that engages with your content in the long run, you will have to venture out and opt for other alternatives. 

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