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Spotify Tips And Tricks: 10 Tips to Get More Engagement (2023)

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  5. Spotify Tips And Tricks: 10 Tips to Get More Engagement (2023)
Spotify Tips And Tricks
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Spotify is arguably one of the most popular music streaming applications on the globe, so we don’t need to tell you that. And, as many musicians have discovered, publishing your music or podcast on the site is incredibly simple.

Growing your fame on Spotify, among other platforms, has become a crucial step to even consider a career in the music industry, whether you’re an artist, a band, or a record company. Many people are looking for faster ways to gain more streams and followers, despite Spotify presenting itself as the land of opportunity for budding musicians and still one of the greatest places to expose new music.

However, the majority of people who have released music and studied the intricacies of how to view Spotify followers have one pressing question: how can you gain more followers and streams?

Artists have used a few tried-and-true strategies to increase the number of people who follow their Spotify playlists. But let us proceed with the rest of this tutorial with a disclaimer: none of the methods in this guide will instantly turn you into a Spotify celebrity.

Nevertheless, you can increase your Spotify followers and streams over time and, more crucially, you can do it by attracting real people to consume your material. Let’s get started.

How to Increase Spotify Engagement

 Music streaming just exceeded MP3 income, making streaming the future monarch. The following are some strategies and the strategy you employ to promote songs on Spotify. And anyway, Spotify’s algorithm favors artists that have a large number of listens from their active fans.

Now let us take a look at a few low-key solutions to the deceptively basic topic of how to attract more Spotify subscribers -:

Put your songs on Spotify

Getting your song on Spotify is the first step toward success. Spotify, in contrast to SoundCloud, YouTube, and Bandcamp, does not provide a free means to upload music. A record label or a digital music distribution business is the most efficient approach to obtain your songs on Spotify. If you’re signed to a label, your music will be uploaded to Spotify by them.

If you’re an independent artist, though, you’ll have to handle your own distribution. Make use of music distribution businesses to do this. Your music will be sent to Spotify and other major streaming platforms via these services.

Furthermore, music distribution services collect and distribute revenues produced by your song. Social Media marketing tools, music services, and artist resources are also available. Everything you need to prepare, sell, license, and advertise your music may be found here. Each music distribution service, on the other hand, is distinct. Before deciding on one, do some research.

Artists, claim your profile on Spotify

It’s critical to build a verified artist profile once your music is accessible on Spotify. Verified artists have access to tools for managing their profiles, selling their music, viewing audience statistics, pitching new songs to playlists, and more. In order to use Spotify for Artists, you must first claim your profile. Artists and their teams are both welcome to join Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for artists allows you to add a blue checkmark to your profile to indicate that it belongs to you. It provides you with extensive data on your listeners and the performance of your music, as well as the opportunity to send new releases to Spotify’s editorial staff or independent playlist curators.

It becomes vital to have a professional-looking Spotify artist profile. Spotify for artists will help you gain a reputation by attracting Spotify playlist curators, fans, and other music business experts.

Friends and family can help you promote your music

This may seem obvious, but asking friends and family to listen to your work might be intimidating. Thankfully, technology has progressed to the point where we no longer require bulk emails to our network.

This isn’t the most complex advertising method, but it’s a quick and easy way to get your music or podcast in front of a huge number of people. It’s also a good method to get actual people to subscribe to your Spotify playlist.

It’s also conceivable that your friends and family enjoy your music or podcasts and promote them on their personal social media accounts, resulting in organic growth.

Present Spotify Playlist Curators Your Music

Keep it simple if you’re contacting Spotify or another playlist curator. Don’t go on and on. Keep it within 200 words. Draw attention to the song’s moods and genres, as well as a couple of major conversation topics for your group.

If you haven’t heard, you may now contribute your music directly to official Spotify playlists. Artists, artist managers, and labels may now submit one “unreleased” music to Spotify directly through the Spotify For Artists site using the “Upcoming” function of Spotify For Artists.

When a curator contacts you and requests additional information, you may brag about your band all you want now that they’re interested. Don’t tell them the playlist you want your music on until they offer you alternatives.

Recognize that the curators do this for a job and take pleasure in their expertise in various musical genres. It might come off as an insult if you tell them where you believe it should go. They know what they’re going to do with your music.

Make Your Own Playlists and Promote Them

 Spotify’s most popular sources of streams are playlists and charts. They’re also one of the quickest methods to reach millions of prospective listeners. Getting your music included on Spotify’s popular playlists, on the other hand, is challenging. Spotify’s editorial team or big labels are in charge of the most popular playlists.

Since we’re on the subject of independent playlist curators, musicians attempting to find out how to gain more Spotify followers frequently build playlists that include a mix of songs they like as well as some of their own music.

Making your own playlists is the simplest method to increase your streams and followers. Make playlists with music from other artists as well as your own. Supporting other artists and sharing your playlists on a regular basis can enhance your chances of receiving a return favor.

Maintain a consistent schedule for updating your playlists. Once every two weeks, try to add or delete tracks. In addition, every time you update your playlist, your followers will be alerted. This strategy will assist in attracting more listeners to your profile, resulting in more followers and streams.

Create a Spotify code and distribute it to your audience

Spotify Codes are QR-like “scannable” tags that may be used to share or discover music on the platform. Artists, brands, playlists, albums, and songs may all have Spotify Codes created for them. Furthermore, a Spotify Code may be shared with virtually anybody. Use them on social media, websites, and any other place where a Spotify URI code may be included. The built-in scanner on the Spotify app allows fans to scan the codes.

Lyrics can be added on Spotify

The option to have your song’s lyrics displayed on Spotify is another function that was just implemented. All of that is provided by either Genius or Musixmatch, with Musixmatch actually providing a bit more capability, such as the option to sync your lyrics to your music in real-time so they appear in the app at the same moment. You must be validated on the appropriate platform for both of these services.

Keep track of your development goals

Spotify places a strong emphasis on singles rather than albums. A track development strategy is just as important as an album marketing plan for most artists. Once the music has been added to a user’s collection, the algorithm will identify it and recommend other tracks by the same artist. As a result, create a strategy that revolves around your chosen music.

Advertising is included in this. Track streams and track downloads should receive a substantial percentage of your advertising budget. We still advocate promoting albums and pre-orders, but the focal track is becoming increasingly important.

Make use of the Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify Ad Studio is an advertising tool that lets you develop and manage your own adverts for the streaming service. You may narrow down your targeting by choosing to target fans of a certain artist or followers of your genre. This is where knowing who your audience is crucial since it helps you to target them more effectively. Playing around with this might help you figure out what ages and genders are likely to be interested in your sound.

Increase the number of monthly listeners

The “Monthly Listeners” number in the top right corner of your artist profile is a gauge that evaluates your popularity over a rolling 28-day period. Every day, the number varies based on the previous 28 days, and the listeners do not accumulate. You can view your daily and weekly listeners if you have Spotify For Artists, but the general public cannot.

Listeners vs. Spotify plays will be clarified. Listeners are those who listen to your music, and plays are the number of times they’ve been played. They don’t accumulate plays; they don’t accumulate plays. We suggest that you keep track of your monthly listeners in the same way that you keep track of your social media followers, sales, and total streams.

The Spotify Algorithm: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Spotify features an algorithm that is meant to deliver you the most relevant new music, similar to how Google uses an algorithm to bring you the most relevant search results. As an artist, there are only a few things you should be concerned about when it comes to knowing how the Spotify algorithm works.

The Spotify algorithm is complicated and difficult to explain in a few lines. Nevertheless, it looks at factors like interaction with your songs, playlist additions, and the regularity with which you upload music, among other things.

Overall, it boils down to how often you interact with the platform and how much your audience interacts with you. The system’s details are complex, and they are beyond the scope of this article.


The music industry is developing thanks to music streaming. One of the finest venues to share your music with the world and develop your fan base is on Spotify. Success, on the other hand, will be difficult to achieve. Staying proactive, releasing excellent music, and engaging with your fans are all crucial.

We hope you’ve picked up a few new facts. Transactional sales accounts are nothing like Spotify. You must stay current with the platform because it is always evolving. Experiment. Assemble a track development strategy with your bandmates. Listeners finding and adding music to their record collections is something we must continually imagine.

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