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31 Best Travel Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2023

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Top Travel Influencers
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Traveling is one of the favorite things to do for many people. The prospect of traveling to different places and learning about new cultures always gets people excited. Sometimes you may want to get some recommendations about which places to visit and travel influencers are the best to help you in that regard. These travel influencers have traveled the world and post amazing pictures of their exploits on their Instagram.

The best travel Instagram influencers take incredible pictures of their journeys and their accounts are a treat to the eye. While there are many travel influencers, some of them stand out from the rest. We found the best travel Instagram accounts you should be following to get your daily dose of wanderlust.

Top Travel Influencers:

Murad Osmann


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A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann is one of the most followed travel influencers on Instagram. He has been all across the world in search of different destinations. He invented the hashtag #followmeto. This hashtag showcases pictures of him and his girlfriend in their unique pose where she has her back turned to the camera with the backdrop of amazing scenery.

His photography skills have received a lot of applause from fans across the world. He has won accolades for himself as well as being named one of the top 3 travel influencers by Forbes. They have a youtube channel by the name Followmeto. 


The Bucket List Family

If you are looking for wholesome travel content, The Bucket list family has got you covered. They call themselves family travel enthusiasts and are based in Hawaii. They are not just your average family who post content on Instagram. The family has a fanbase of over 2.5 million followers who claim to be the best travel Instagram account.

The family has traveled to 86 countries. Their accounts showcase their bond as a family while showing you the beautiful destinations they travel to. Their Youtube channel has great content which showcases their adventures and their daily lives as well. They are the top spot to find kid-friendly travel ideas.


Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tufen is someone who likes to show her audience the luxurious style of life in different countries. She bases her content around going to popular countries and having the best experience they have to offer. Jennifer is frequently seen showcasing some of the most luxurious hotels, spas, and more on her Instagram.

She is of British origins and calls herself a traveler, and a storyteller. Her account is one of the best travel Instagram accounts to find the best luxurious things to do in countries around the world. Traveling in luxury is something that Jennifer embodies and shows on her Instagram account.

Jack Morris


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A post shared by JACK MORRIS (@jackmorris)

Jack is one of the top travel influencers from Australia. He travels around the world while shooting some of the most vivid pictures we have seen. He tries to maintain the same theme throughout the photoshoot projects that he does which makes his account a one to watch.

His trips to Thailand and Bali are some of the favorites of his audience. He puts a lot of effort into the editing of his photos which takes them to the next level. Jack makes content that suits the taste of his audience and they keep coming to him for travel content. He doesn’t make many Instagram reels but when he makes them they rake in tons of views.


Alex Strohl

If you have a never-ending love for mountains and snow, Alex Strohl will help you find the best destinations. Alex is a travel photographer and filmmaker who is known for his pictures of various mountainous regions across the world. He is someone who enjoys the mountains a lot and thus showcases the beauty of these natural mountains through his Instagram posts.

The majority of his posts cover the stunning mountain ranges. Alex conducts an adventure photography workshop where he tutors people on clicking good pictures and shares some of his trade secrets. He has a youtube channel and a podcast where he brings guests and talks about some of the most interesting things about photography.  


Chelsea Yamase

Chelsea probably has one of the most diverse accounts in the travel niche. She takes pictures of everything from waterfalls to beaches to the desert. She is based out of Hawaii and has explored quote few places throughout the world. Chelsea uses her Instagram account to put forward a message.

Chelsea wants people to know the beauty of the world and inspire them to go on adventures of their own. She believes that people should try to explore s much of the world ad possible and through her pictures, she tries to motivate them to go out. She is even an acro yoga teacher and tells her fans the importance of this type of yoga in their daily life. 


Daniel Kordan

Stunning backdrops, beautiful skies, and a talent for showcasing grandiose nature is probably the best way to describe Daniel Kordan. Daniel is a professional photographer who works with Nikon. He is a world-renowned photographer. While on his trips he does not keep a single element as the subject of his photos.

The subject of his photos varies from landscapes to animals and even people. The workshops he conducts are very famous among his fans. He covered a variety of topics that helps people to improve their nature photography. He has over 1.8 million followers making him one of the best travel Instagram accounts.


Lauren Bullen

Lauren Bullen is known as gypsea_lust on Instagram. She is the better half of Jack Morris and documents their journey to the different places in the world. While Jack’s photos are focused more on the landscape, Lauren focuses more on the pictures of the couple with scenic backdrops.

The backdrop of her pictures is a reason enough to check out her account and watch the content she posts. She stays in Australia and Bali and you can expect a lot of content from those two destinations. Apart from being a traveler, she is also a fashion and lifestyle influencer.  


Jon Olsson Deler

Jon lives in Cyprus and loves to travel the world. He does not post artistic photos. The majority of his content revolves around the commercial aspects of his trips. He just travels to the places he likes and shows himself having fun there. He has a light-hearted account where you will find him making the most out of his trips.

Jon is a skier as well and runs his own Youtube channel. He dedicates most of his time to filming content for his Youtube channel and growing it. He has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account.


Louis Cole

Louis is a public figure who shares his travel adventures on Instagram. He has a lot of fun traveling to different places with his friends and she shows that on Instagram. He is an advocate for greenery and you will see him posting the importance of this through photos taken in different countries.

Louis loves shooting pictures of animals as well. His account has an amazing voice of living life to the fullest. He takes his viewers on a meaningful journey throughout the world while working on a good cause. Being one of the best travel Instagram influencers he hopes to ignite change in this world to make it a greener place.


Senna Relax

He is a professional photographer and has the skill set required to take the best photos of the places he visits. He is mostly focused on landscape photography. If you like seeing beautiful sceneries you will like the type of content he posts on his Instagram. Sometimes you will also find him posting some pictures of himself in these beautiful places.

You can expect him to find some of the less-traveled paths.  His photos have managed to mesmerize quite a few people. He is great at finding good tourist spots in foreign countries. He has tons of reels exploring all of the great places he visits.


Angelica Blick

Angelica has managed to bring out the best of whichever country she goes to. You should check out her profile to find some inspiring content that might make you want to go on adventures of your own. She feels that with each of her posts, she shares a story with her audience.

She has amassed over 1.1 million people on Instagram who tune in to watch her content. If you are a fan of seeing a mixture of beautiful colorful landscapes and cities you should visit her profile. She likes to take colorful photos and show the world in its full colorful glory.


Ryan Resatka

Ryan is based in Boston. All of the stories from his trips to different countries are arranged into highlights which you can view on his profile. He loves making cinematic videos of the places he visits and these have his audience awestruck. He is very experienced in natural landscape photography and it can be seen.

Ryan has this natural talent that enables him to convert any scenery into a masterpiece.  He captures the power of nature through his lens. His pictures are used by many as even wallpaper for their different mobile devices.


Sorelle Amore

Sorelle is the best travel Instagram account that is on a journey of finding her true self. She wants to reflect on her inner self and does this by traveling around the world discovering new things. She takes herself to new places and amidst provoking thought. Sorelle takes portraits of herself in different settings.

The captions along with the post take you through her journey as a person traveling through the world and discovering herself in the process. It is almost as if a movie is shown through her Instagram pictures. She posts helpful travel content on her Youtube channel which you should check out.


Sam Kolder

Sam Kolder is one of the most talented videographers and directors in the travel industry. He has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram making him rank among the best travel Instagram accounts. He is amazing at shooting videos and editing them to look like digital masterpieces.

Sam is very active on his Youtube channel where he posts videos that are fit to be a part of a movie. Some of these videos such as shooting a short film underwater use innovative concepts and are a fan favorite. The pictures he posts on his Instagram almost make it loom like it’s taken in another world.


This Wild Idea

This wild idea is an Instagram account of Theron Humphrey. He loves to travel but the best part is that he takes his cute dog everywhere along with him. They travel to some of the most remote destinations together and it leads to some amazing pictures. The account is filled with pictures of the dog during their travels and is cute enough to keep you engaged in the account for hours.

Seeing the dog go on these trips should be reason enough to watch their content. They have 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The adventures they have along with the cuteness of Maddie (the dog) will melt your heart.



Marko and Alex are the brother duo who make up VagaBrothers. They started back in 2012 and are still going strong. Their Instagram is restricted to just pictures of their travels through scenic destinations. The bond between them as friends is seen in their videos. They make great content for Youtube.

VagaBrothers have some of the best travel videos on the platform and will keep you entertained for hours. They explore the world and make videos for their fans to enjoy their experiences as well. They have their show on Hulu as well which could be worth watching if you like their personalities. 


Alen Palander

Alen often uses black and white as well as dark tones for his pictures. He sticks to the same theme for all of his pictures which gives his entire profile a nice visual effect. Cityscapes and some landscapes are the most prominent subjects of his photography. He is not a full-time travel blogger but keeps posting content regularly.

Alen has his own set of workshops and presets which you can purchase from his store. He is based out of Toronto but his lens captures the beauty of the entire world. He ranks among the best travel Instagram influencers with tons of travel and lifestyle content. 


Chris Hau

Chris Hau is someone who is invested in travel, comedy, and tech. He uploads pictures of the different journeys he makes. His feed also has a healthy amount of cars featured in it. He mostly stays confined to city photography and is good at it.

His Instagram account can be worth following if you like cityscapes and cars. He has just under 500k on Instagram but the connection he has with his audience makes him among the best travel Instagram influencers. 


Callum Snape

Callum Snape is a great nature photographer. Based in Vancouver he manages to click great pictures n all of the trips he makes. The pictures he posts on Instagram make your jaws drop. He has his own business as well where he trains photographers to build a successful career.

The nature photography that he does is hard to beat. His photography and great charisma have brought over 800k people to follow him. He is one of the most underrated travel accounts on Instagram and deserves a lot more praise than what he gets. His account is a great place to lose yourself amidst all of the breathtaking pictures.


Chris Burkard

With more than 3.7 million followers, Chris Burkard is one of the best travel Instagram accounts. Chris is based out of California and has a knack for traveling around the world. He is known for going to some of the most popular destinations and documenting his trips on his Instagram and Youtube accounts.

He has a distinct style of photography which makes him one of the best in this industry. Apart from being a photographer, he is also a speaker and filmmaker. He has even written a book which you could give a read. He has his own Youtube channel as well where he posts longer videos of his visits. 



Jessica Stein is one of the legends of travel photography. She has a fanbase of more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter and most of her recent pictures feature her daughter as well. Jessica calls herself a “wanderer in a past life” as she does not actively pursue travel photography anymore.

Her daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease and most of her time is spent with her rather than traveling. She raises awareness of this disease and talks about their struggles with it. Though she might not be active her contributions to this niche have made her one of the unforgettable legends we had to include on our list.

Eric Stoen

Eric is known as the World’s 4th most influential traveler according to Forbes. He has worked with several companies and is well known in this field. He goes on the majority of his trips with his kids. His Instagram contains pictures of the amazing people he met and the places he visited.

They go on a trip as a family and it is very entertaining to see all of their trips. The stores of their adventures can keep you hooked on their account for a long time. Their storytelling abilities along with their travel pictures make them rank among the best travel Instagram influencers.  

Carin Olsson

Carin Olsson is better known by her Instagram handle of Paris in four months. She has documented her trips through her Instagram feed. She posts pictures of the beautiful sceneries of Paris and other places in Europe. Her account is not only a place for travel pictures but aesthetic pictures as well.

Her self-portraits are loved by her fans. She has over 800k followers and the follower count keeps increasing. She is one of the most promising travel influencers who always has something special in store for her fans.

Oliver Wong

Architectural photography does not get much better than with Oliver. The majority of his photos are of cities. He manages to bring out the true essence of all of the architectural marvels in different cities. Some would even argue that the photos taken by him look better than the real deal.

He makes many reels as well where he taught different tricks you can use to get better photos. In general, he is an account that posts good content and helpful travel and photography tips. He has amassed just under a million followers and is among the best travel Instagram accounts

Voyage Fox

If you have ever wondered how luxurious it gets, Voyage Fox is the account you should look at. Nathalie travels to exotic destinations around the world and posts it on her Instagram. The unique thing is that she only stays in the most luxurious hotels. You will find her Instagram decked out with pictures from infinity pools, spas, and more against the backdrop of exotic locations around the world.

It is hard to look at the photos she posts without feeling a little envious of her lifestyle. She writes reviews of the hotels he has been to as well which can help you make an informed choice in your next trip. 


EarthPix is among the best travel Instagram accounts with over 22 million followers they do not exactly travel influencers. They share some of the best experiences of people from around the world as well as post pictures submitted to them by their fans. However, they make their spot on this list because the owner of the page is Eric Daimer who is a travel enthusiast.

He posts the different trips he takes on EarthPix which makes them eligible for a spot on this list. From famous attractions to beautiful nature photography, you can find it all present in their channel. 

Hello Emilie

Emilie has a passion for traveling and she shows this passion through the pictures she clicks. She is one of the best travel Instagram accounts that posts landscape pictures. She mesmerizes people with the posts she makes. Emilie is one of the most cheerful people who bring us a dash of color in our lives.

Her Instagram posts will make you want to go on these trips with her. Her account has some of the most aesthetic pictures on Instagram. She is based out of Australia and has 1.3 million followers who love the types of travel content she keeps posting.

Tara Milk Tea

Tara has one of the most beautiful Instagram accounts we have seen. She loves to travel along with being a fashion and lifestyle influencer. She follows a color scheme when posting her photos which provides a cool effect on her Instagram account.

Using this color scheme makes her account stand out from many of the best travel Instagram accounts. Her profile is a mixed bag of things with travel photos gaining major dominance. She has arranged all of her trips in chronological albums on her website which you should check out.


Quin has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The type of pictures he clicks and posts will surely catch your eye. He has managed to create travel content that is loved and adored by his fans. Quin is a well-celebrated photographer who has been featured in many places around the world.

He has found a lot of fame due to his unique style of photography which has made heads turn. Quin takes you on a journey through the beautiful landscapes of the countries he visits. He likes to go to offbeat destinations to find amazing landscapes for his audience. 


These are the best travel Instagram accounts. These accounts manage to capture the beauty of different places across the world through their lens. This list has a mixture of professional photographers, videographers, and even amateurs. Some of these influencers focus more on the photographic aspect of travel while others focus on the lifestyle.

If you go to the Instagram accounts of these influences you should be able to find content that you like. All of them have different personalities and ways in which they present their content. The videos made by some of these influencers are cinematic pieces. If you are feeling a little blue watch some of their videos.

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