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10 Best Twitter Automation Tools to Handle Twitter Accounts

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Best Twitter Automation Tools
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Twitter automation tools are dedicated to improving the activity on the Twitter account of any user. It can handle the Twitter account with a dedicated system to time the tweets perfectly. This is mostly used by the business accounts on Twitter to help with the response of all the tweets and also faster growth of followers.

Twitter automation tools are useful when it comes to efficiently managing time and getting the most out of Twitter’s popularity. Some of the best automation tools are available to help with the process of handling these personal and business accounts.

Best Twitter Automation Tools:

Seek Socially

Seek Socially - Twitter automation tools

Seek Socially offers the chance to grow on Twitter getting the reach from potential followers. This website offers a not-bots policy to ensure complete organic growth on Twitter. The best part about this tool is that the services of the automation tool are perfectly managed. All this for just a $44/month starter plan and $99/month premium plans.

Seek Socially offers the unique chance to target a specific audience on Twitter. If people want to have followers from a specific niche, they can use the targeting option. On the behalf of the creator, the management interacts with the potential audience. Thousands of followers end up on the account due to this targeted approach and they are all set to stay.

Creators can choose premium plans to seek unlimited growth with complete priority support. This is a reliable website with thousands of active users getting the Best Twitter automation tools with AI-dependent functions. The AI technology dedicated to Twitter growth is patented and hence this is highly secure with no chance of third-party activity. With end-to-end encryption, buyers can experience a successful and favorable Twitter automation and all their information stays safe with Seek Socially at such attractive prices.


Jarvee - Twitter automation tools

Jarvee offers a great choice to begin with a free trial to understand the efficacy of the Jarvee automation tool. Maintain a faster and safer growth with higher traffic on the website. With Twitter automation, growth can be 10 times faster. With the marketing of Jarvee experts, there is a chance to get more followers and clicks from each content. Organic growth makes the experience seamless for every user of Jarvee.

The features start with scheduling tweets and getting Twitter mentions of the most followed users. It is a great way to have the attention of a steady target audience. Automation available begins with followers, follow-back, retweets, favorites, and even the most common hashtags. Apart from this, detailed result analysis, proxy support system and even a night mode for keeping Twitter on DND mode are available from Twitter automation tools.

Reach out to the target audience with the automated direct messaging services that are available. There is ample scope for growth with the plans of Jarvee. After enjoying the 5-day free trial, there can be any starter, regular or professional plans. A common choice is always the regular plan for $49.95/month, while businesses definitely use the professional one at $69.95/month. At such cheap prices, most people tend to buy the best plan that suits all needs.


Circleboom - Twitter automation tools

Multiple trusted professionals from global brands like Netflix, SoundCloud, Roche, NBC are associated with CircleBoom. CircleBoom has one of the best social media management tools that helps with automated control of Twitter. This Twitter management tool offers the most intuitive facility to design and plan Twitter content. Scheduling predetermined tweets using a proper Twitter calendar helps manage Twitter activity constantly.

Designing and planning have never been better with any automation tool. CircleBoom is perfect for newbies as even new people can properly use this automation tool and get the best tool. The most popular plan for Best Twitter automation tools with all these services is available for $34.99/month which is a small price to pay for such a huge help.

First trying out the free service can provide an essence of changes due to queued-up posts. Scaling up with the plans and choosing premium seems like the best one for personal accounts. It has a chance of unlimited growth on multiple social platforms and well-designed and curated posts that can attract the attention of the audience. It is so effective that professionals rely on this without getting concerned.



For effortless growth on Twitter, many users try Tweeteev services. The plans are relatively easier to choose with just $15/week as the regular plan. But if people want double the growth with complete management and only real followers, they must try out the Pro plans for $25/week. With complete safety, Tweeteev is the best bet for people who are seeking growth on Twitter.

Discounts are available for both the plans and real followers show organic growth without any fake accounts. Targeting the right audience can put a spotlight on the tweets from the account. Getting the right audience is difficult for any creators and businesses always want the people who intend to stay with their social media. Tweeteev is a great place to have Twitter automation tools for the growth service that the account needs.

It is all about maintaining anonymity which is what every client wants. At attractive prices, people can rely on the authentic followers that they provide which increases the credibility of the account. A dedicated growth team works on the management of the account and hence users can experience the benefits of automation.



In the world of artificial intelligence, it is important to scale up and grow with every package. Tweepi has its very own Twitter management tool that works ideally with its module. The AI module is very efficient at growing the brand on Twitter and with 8 years of experience, the chance of growth tends to be easier.

It is best to pay annually as compared to monthly plans. It takes just $10.75/month to get a silver plan while a gold plan costs $20.75/month. From getting the most active hashtags to monitoring the competitors and mentions on foreign tweets and retweets. Get 250 followers each day, together with constantly active RTs or direct replies. AI-driven daily recommendations come from a highly effective target audience.

With the gold plan, Tweepi takes care of everything starting from tweeting with a geolocation tag and getting support for a Twitter bio. An automated system not only works with the tweet automation and reply services but also works on the improvement of the user list. All the people who can be potential followers from the target audience get invited to follow and a security measure always remains to avoid the Twitter account getting blocked.



Hootsuite is a pioneer in the field of attaining social growth using an automation tool. They are the best at their role working with the best brands on the market in various fields. They have 18 million customers around the world proving the long period of service they are providing to Twitter users and businesses. Their expertise and vision are what people can invest in while buying the plans.

Data management by Hootsuite is worth the money as there is a detailed analysis of possible growth. Analyzing the trends and activity the experts engage with the audience through Twitter. This comes with an additional brand protection guarantee with automated compliance.

Bring more attention to the audience using publishing, ads and content library. A very collaborative calendar with the Twitter automation tools just adds to the facility of Hootsuite. Premium priority support is all that those users need for Twitter growth.

Hootsuite is the only website that offers customized plans for businesses or brands. But the best thing is the team plan for $99/month. For one month people can have the experience for free and experience true growth. Maintaining the 20 social accounts with a maximum of 3 users is made easy. Post boosting to campaign management, everything is part of the plans. With customized requirements, people can have live help from a team of experts.


Buffer - Twitter automation tools

Share the story on a specific social website and Buffer with carve the path for growth on that platform. Buffer offers the most affordable plans which start from a free plan and continues with an essential plan available for $5/month. This is spare change when it comes to investing towards the future of possible Twitter growth. Instead of missing out on multiple facilities, getting the essential plan is the best thing people can buy for their social media.

From Twitter analytics to engagement, people will miss out on this with the free plan. The insights and a dedicated team to help out with ideas for future growth on Twitter. But the best part about Buffer is that at this rate the expert team handles multiple social accounts at the same time. Buffer is one of the best websites offering direct services of the Best Twitter automation tools without any delay.

Buyers need to choose one out of the multiple services they provide and with an instant update, the follower count rises on Buffer. A cheap Twitter automation tool like this matches all the factors required for posting on time and maintaining active behavior. Buffer has the gold standard even with that price range.


Somiibo - Twitter automation tools

Somiibo is a free and authentic social media automation tool. Growing the online presence exponentially turns out to be easier with Somiibo automation tool. Getting started immediately is best mainly for the new creators on Twitter. It absolutely costs $0 to start with the plans. Somiibo also has a unique social community fully dedicated to helping with the packages.

The best part about Somiibo is that it works on all social accounts. Even with absolutely zero investment, people get all organic growth on social platforms including Twitter. People can choose the better grade of a premium plan at just $10.95/month. Running unlimited modules at the same time for an unlimited period and getting the ideal social growth is something Somiibo offers. Together with the Twitter automation tools, people have the priority support plan too.

Get all services in a single place. The automation tool has unlimited features that automate the functions to bring Twitter fame. The strategy of getting direct engagement and traffic on tweets gets simpler. Additional features like running modules for an unlimited period are only possible with a premium plan. Get complete access to the automation tool just spending a few bucks and with the growth on all accounts, it is going to seem more than just fruitful.


Audiense - Twitter automation tools

Audiense is a unique tool that can segment the Twitter audience based on interests, age group, and various other factors. This helps get followers from a specific niche making it easier to reach out to the target audience. Audience offers a limited free version of the Twitter marketing option together with audience insights.

Just the Twitter marketing tools costs are really low so that everyone can afford the plans. At $39/month people not only get dedicated Twitter marketing and it comes with 20% off. Audience profiling is perfect for most Twitter businesses as they need analytics to cater to their target audience. The price is around $696/month which is half the actual price and it is completely worth it. Detailed insights of the audience and their activity matches no other.

Audiense always goes beyond basic engagement from the audience. Their service is authentic and awarded with multiple honours. Nothing can beat the efficacy of the experts collecting and analyzing the data. Growing on Twitter is going to be really easy with the help of Audiense. Audience Insights can be used as data for having a target audience. Major brands like PepsiCo, Apple, Manchester United are the customers of Audiense proving their efficacy.


SocialPilot - Twitter automation tools

At an amazing starting price of $25.50/month, SocialPilot is the right place to experience growth on Twitter. All the plans begin from personal studio plans to ones for an agency or business just for $127.50/month. With 15% discounts on all packages, this is the best time to have the Best Twitter automation tools for Twitter packages from SocialPilot. At the start, a 14-day free trial is available to check the changes SocialPilot provides.

With constant updates about analytics, publishing content and content creation there is constant help from the management team. SocialPilot also offers constant customer support with integration together with other apps. In addition, Facebook ads and client management just add to the help that people can enjoy.

Posting content has never been easier with a dedicated schedule with a constant chance of post customization. People want to see their growth and analytics is a perfect way to ensure that. SocialPilot provides the data that helps the creator automate their tweets and reactions accordingly. A collaborative effort of the entire team of experts is going on helping thousands of brands. This is an efficient workflow that the client needs to help their Twitter account grow.


Handling a Twitter account takes a lot of time and effort. During the offline hours of the user if there is constant growth going on, then it becomes easier to reach the dream presence on Twitter. Taking the help of major Twitter automation tools, the directed growth of the account is possible.

Tweets get regulated according to the timing when the tweets end up on the timeline. The automation tool grows the account and traffic or engagement on these tweets at a faster pace. All the best automation tools are available for these services in 2023.

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