Twitter for Business: 7 Ways to Promote Business on Twitter

Twitter For Business

You may have noticed that some of the top brands and businesses are often on the internet mainstream due to their tweets. They have figured out that a platform with millions of regular and active users is bound to be a great place for promotion. Not only big-name brands but also many small business have started using Twitter to sort of create a community that can be used to raise awareness about new products, gain direct feedback, interact and engage with potential customers etc.

But since Twitter has been around for over a decade a lot of businesses and brands have already jumped into the bandwagon. It means it is difficult to get noticed on the platform. But don’t worry.

Tips and Tricks to Use Twitter for Business Marketing in 2022:


Well, the first crucial step that you need to take if you want good results is to conduct some research. Yes, research is very important. You cannot skip it. Social ranking platforms are teeming with data and you just have to know how to collect it and use it to your advantage.

Start by researching your peers and competitors. Since you are just starting to get your presence cemented on Twitter chances are there are hundreds if not thousands of other brands in your niche who have already done that or are doing it as well. So, you can easily find successful profiles on Twitter that belong to brands or businesses in your niche.

Look at the profile. See how it has been crafted. What words are being used? How have they provided the description? What are the images used? Then look at their followers and see what their demographic and psychographic. Look at the tweets from the brand that are gaining a lot of engagement.

What kind of tweets are they? All these need to be done so that you have a good idea about what you are getting into, what level you can expect to reach and what are some of the things that have worked well for other brands. Using all this info you can start crafting a good strategy.


Twitter Strategies

Building a strategy is the next thing that you should bring your attention to. Now that you have all the data and you have started gaining useful info from it. It is time to build an action plan that can help you promote your business on Twitter. Making a strategy is very important. You don’t want to jump into social media promotion randomly.

This is because you will be putting in a lot of effort but since it is not organized and focused you will gain poor results which will demotivate you and will make you want to quit. However, when you have a strategy you will know what to do every day and you will be able to focus your efforts on a few things.

Also, it is very important to set very specific goals along with the time frame you want to achieve them in. Specific goals will help you craft strategies that are meant to achieve them and will keep you motivated. Set realistic goals and create a content generation workflow so that you have your work cut out for you. Your plan needs to be flexible as well. The more you grow and the more experience you gain the more improvements you can make to your strategy.

Build a Quality Profile

If someone is interested in your brand or business and decides to search your brand name then they will land on your profile. Thus, your profile is the first thing that your potential audience will see when they search for your brand. So, it is the place where you make the first impressions on your audience.

Your profile needs to be engaging and attractive so that people would want to follow you after they see your profile. Two things that the focus will be drawn to first is the display image that you have on Twitter and the cover image that one can see once they click on your profile. You have to ensure that these two images are synonymous with your brand and are engaging as well.

Do not cheap out on the quality of these images. They need to be of high quality and should be crystal clear. The display image should generally be your brand logo or your brand name. It should be consistent with all the display pics you have across various platforms. The cover image should also be very clear and engaging.

Choose a picture that represents your business. In the about section give the details you can. You don’t get a whole lot of characters which is why you have to put in the words that are the most important while describing your brand. Pin a top-performing tweet so that people know that your tweets are nice and they can follow you.

No Boring Tweets

No More Boring Tweets - Twitter

Even though your Twitter profile is related to your business or brand, people are generally not going to follow you for tweets regarding your products unless they are quite educational and informative. Twitter users want to consume content from Twitter. They don’t want to receive product promotions all the time.

They have logged into Twitter to watch some drama unfold and to entertain themselves by going through interesting tweets. Their Twitter feed is a sort of content real estate and they are not going to waste that space on your profile if all you do is write boring tweets and try to sell them products and services.

What you should be doing is using your research to figure out. What kind of content your target audience is engaging with? Do they like posts with media content more or are they fine with textual but entertaining tweets? Using this data you can craft entertaining tweets that can engage your audience.

When it comes to tweets the majority of your tweets should be related to satisfying the content-hungry users. Some 20 to 30 per cent should be directly about the sale of your products and even those should not be a hard sell but should rather be done in a fun way.

Use videos, images and infographics to make the tweet more visually appealing and shareable. Pick a tone – funny, formal, informal, sarcastic, or a mixture of those. But ensure that the tone of your brand is clear.

Regular Tweets

If you want to gain more exposure on the internet then you have to be regular with your posting. This is very important for Twitter as well. People are getting hundreds of tweets daily and if your tweets aren’t in them then you will soon be forgotten. You have to ensure that you can deliver quality tweets in larger quantities.

Each day, try to tweet two to three times a day. Consistency in the quality of your tweets is important too. The moment people begin to feel that your tweets aren’t that entertaining or useful they will soon ignore your tweets and engage with them less. Many may even unfollow your profile.

So, yes, try to keep up the quality as well. Create a workflow that includes steps to come up with things to tweet about, the implementation of the ideas i.e. creating the actual tweet, and then scheduling it.

The more you use Twitter and learn what works, the easier it will get and you will understand what tweets you need to post. Also, research the best time to post for your target audience and schedule important tweets or tweets that require or expect high engagement during those times.

Look into Paid Promotion

Paid Promotion is nothing to shy away from. Your brand can receive a lot of exposure with paid promotion. There are third party marketing agencies that specialize in social media marketing and so, taking the help of their expertise can work quite well.

Many companies can do a market analysis and research your target audience on social media platforms and give you accurate info on what type of posts can engage them and how to promote your products.

You can even run ads on Twitter and it can be quite useful in gaining attention for your business. Also, paid tools are often much better in quality and require little effort from your side. Thus, if you have some budget it won’t hurt to invest in paid services for Twitter promotion.

Analyze and Improve

The last way to be effective at promoting your business online is to have a feedback loop. This will ensure that you have accurate and specific ways of measuring the performance of your strategies. These are 7 effective ways of starting your business online and using Twitter for promotion. Patience is the key to all of this. If you are new to social media marketing. Then, it will take time to absorb all the info and learn stuff to start seeing good results. So, build a strategy and start working diligently on executing it and improving it.