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10 Best Twitter Hashtags Generator Tools to Use in 2023

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  5. 10 Best Twitter Hashtags Generator Tools to Use in 2023
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On Twitter, a hashtag is an unbroken word or even a phrase that can be used to link a number of Tweets that include that hashtag in them. It also allows other users to follow the topics which interest them by just clicking on that hashtag. In this article, you will come to know about some of the best Twitter hashtag generator tools. So, how do you choose the right hashtag for your Tweet? Pick a word or a catchy phrase that is important or resonates with the message your brand is trying to send out and analyze it from the perspective of the audience.

This will give you a clear understanding and reduce any form of miscommunication that is to occur in the future. Clicking on the explore tab to ensure that the hashtag in regard has not been used in a different content any time recently will also help reduce any form of confusion for your followers, and the explore tab will also help you gain inspiration for the new and current trends and the hashtags that will suit your brand the message you are trying to send out. 

Including a hashtag that is trending helps in increasing the visibility of the tweets, which is why there are a number of Twitter hashtag generator tools that are available. Remember, that hashtags are not case sensitive which simply means that using capital letters makes them easier to read and avoids all forms of confusion that were to occur. Adding the hashtag to a tweet during a thread while in conversation with your audience allows you to create a column to monitor the conversation.

Best Twitter Hashtag Generator Tools

All Hashtag

All hashtag

All Hashtag is a website that was created in the year of 2015 and has grown massively since then. The website has four Twitter hashtag generator tools – the “Hashtag Creator” which is a tool that enables you to create your own hashtags, the “Top Hashtags” which is a tool that analyzes and informs you on the hashtags that are the most popular and best-performing hashtags,

The “Hashtag Generator” is a tool that as the name goes generators the top and the best hashtags that your social media account needs lastly, “Hashtag analytics” helps in analyzing the hashtags to get data and information on the hashtags that will help in your marketing strategy. All hashtags are one of the best Twitter hashtag generator tools.

Rite Tag


Rite Tag is one of the few Twitter hashtag generators that can be used on mobile as well as on desktops with ease. This hashtag generator Twitter not only integrates with ease with other social media management tools but also allows you to make sure that you can analyze the various hashtag suggestions from other social media platforms and manage your social media accounts.

The main features of this Twitter hashtags generator are that it supports text and images, gives instant hashtags, allows the set of hashtag creation, works with all social media platforms and not only Twitter, integrates with a number of social media management tools, works as an extension for Mozilla and Chrome, has a week free trial and even provides active customer support through email and chat. It has a very user-friendly interface and is priced at $49 every year.

Tags Finder

Tags finder

Tags Finder is one of the best Twitter hashtag generators that help you search hashtags in bulk. This hashtag generator Twitter makes sure that you can search about 10 hashtags by one search and you can use up to 5 keywords to describe your tweet this Twitter hashtag generator will help you find a suitable hashtag based on the selection of keywords.

This hashtag generator Twitter provides similar hashtags, combines related searches, has a massive database of hashtags based on your location, and even provides information on banned hashtags. Tag finder is completely free, provides real-time hashtag statistics, allows hashtag searches in bulk but has no extension, and provides no form of analytics on the performance of the tool.

Hashtags for likes

Hashtags for likes

Being one of the best Twitter hashtag generators, Hashtag for Likes is one of the most powerful tools that provide trending hashtags for every niche. Knowing to use the right hashtags will enable you to gain the exposure your brand needs and you will be able to attract followers from your target audience. Twitter marketers make sure that they choose the best Twitter hashtag generator tools for their businesses.

When it comes to Twitter, you have the option to choose hashtags from a plethora of categories and the price of this Twitter hashtag generator is $15 every week, though, the free version is available as well. Hashtags for Likes is a social media management tool that provides hashtags that suit the content of your tweets.



This is one of the best Twitter hashtag generators that searches real-time data about any hashtag and even offers insights about them. This social media management tool helps in understanding and analyzing the posts from your competition, discoing the trending and popular hashtags, and even provides information on the influencers who are relevant to your niche. 

Being a Twitter hashtag generator tool, Hashtagify helps in improving your Twitter marketing strategy with the help of hashtag marketing. Hashtagify uses the top and trending hashtags to reach out to a broader target audience base and amplifies your message with customized suggestions based on your Twitter profile. You also have the option to download the charts and the dashboards of your hashtags that were tracked and this tool also shows how well your brand campaign is performing. 

This Twitter hashtag generator provides a range of plans, and it all is based on your needs, hashtag research, and the usage of these hashtags. Being a social media management tool, they also provide options where you can do the most basic hashtag research like choosing the suggested hashtag and then this tool will provide the popularity statistics and also provide options of other hashtags that may be a better choice. They also show you the list of the influencer who has used your selected hashtags if they have.

The main features of this Twitter hashtag generator are that they provide hashtag suggestions, are simple to use, provides analytics and insights on the hashtags, have a free plan for basic searches, is extremely useful for brands, and even provides filtering of the hashtags. The paid plans start from $1 and offer a whole range of plans that will be suited to your needs.

Keyword Tool

Keyword tool - Twitter Hashtags Generator Tools

Keyword tool is one of the best Twitter hashtag generators that provides the best services in finding the popular hashtags for your Tweets. This social media management tool provides services in the free version of the tool as well as the pro version.

It is not only restricted to Twitter but to other social media platforms as well. Twitter hashtag generator tools use Keyword tools to maximize their results on the hashtags generator Twitter and in order to avail maximum benefits of this social media management tool, it is suggested to upgrade to the pro version. By just entering the keyword, there is a list of trending and relevant hashtags that are generated.

The pricing of the Keyword tool is for “Pro-Business” $199 every month, “Pro Plus” $99 every month, and “Pro Basic” $89 every month. If you are looking at annual price charts, then the “Pro-Business” is $159 every month, “Pro Plus” is $79 every month, and “Pro Basic” is $69 every month.

Leetags (iOS/Android)

Leetags lets you take your Twitter game to the next level by helping generate hashtags for Instagram captions. It is a known fact that hashtags can help boost the performance and visibility of any Instagram post. Optimal hashtag usage can lead to a better reach and more exposure. Leetags is the perfect app for any brand or influencer looking to capitalize on Instagram’s hashtag potential.


  • This app is quite easy to use.
  • Use the search bar in the app to search hashtags for terms relevant to your posts. Just separate the terms with a space in between.
  • Leetags provides different categories as well to refine your search.
  • The search result will provide info about the hashtag like the number of posts using it and the relevance of it in relation to your search term.

Apps for Android

Hashtags AI

If you want to become an expert when it comes to ‘hashtagging’ your social media captions then using the best hashtag generator is quite helpful. Hashtags AI: Follower Booster is an app that experts use to generate relevant, high-quality hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms. To start the process you have to enter a base hashtag in the search bar and let the tool work its magic and suggest you some relevant, viral hashtags for your needs.


  • This is an advanced hashtag generator that is quick and easy to use.
  • The tool fetches tags from a source containing more than 43 million hashtags and 75k captions.
  • It can help you find viral and trending hashtags to use with your Twitter post.
  • You can also check out hashtags that have been blacklisted by a platform to steer clear of them.


Tagify by Pixamob Inc. makes the job of searching for a hashtag quite simple and easy. You don’t have to manually search for hashtags that fit your Twitter captions. Let Top Tags do the heavy lifting for you. Using this app effectively can help you find better hashtags for Instagram and get more exposure. And as we know more exposure can often net you more likes and followers from users who enjoy the content you are posting on different platforms.


  • Tagify ensures that users always get fresh Twitter hashtag recommendations.
  • It is easy to use as you can easily find, mix and build up your hashtag collection.
  • The app has implemented a convenient search feature to find all the popular hashtags.
  • It works with most of the popular platforms that use hashtags to boost reach and exposure like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

App for iOS

Hashtag Expert

Hashtag Expert, as the name suggests, is an app that is an expert at suggesting hashtags to its users. If you are looking for an iOS app that you can get from the App Store that can help you find the best hashtags for your Twitter posts then check out this app. Whether you are an influencer looking to boost your fanbase or a small business trying to use Twitter to improve your online presence, hashtags can play an important role. With that in mind, Hashtag Expert has been created to provide you with an easy way to improve your hashtag game.


  • The search features allow you to filter hashtags to refine your search. You can also see the hashtags grouped and categorized in the search results.
  • The tool doesn’t have a learning curve. You can start using it within minutes of downloading it.
  • You can install the keyboard provided by the app to make the process of searching and incorporating hashtags efficient.
  • Besides offering the hashtag generator tool the company also offers a bundle of software tools and learning libraries that you can get access to via a membership.

Why are Hashtags Important?

Hashtags categorize your tweets. It makes it easier for Twitter to understand what topics your tweet relates to. When you incorporate hashtags in your tweets you are telling Twitter what topic you are talking about.

Hashtags help Twitter group tweets together. People who follow a certain hashtag or similar hashtags can see related tweets. Thus, Hashtags ensure that your tweets get more exposure and reach. 

How can I Get a Good Hashtag Generator?

Finding a good hashtag creator or generator is not that difficult. Most of them use similar algorithms to find quality hashtags. Now, depending on your needs you might find some tools more useful than others depending on the features they provide.

Some tools may provide more in-depth insights on the hashtags you search for while others might only show the bare minimum. Depending on your use case the bare minimum might give sufficient information.

We have picked a bunch of different tools, all of which can provide meaningful insights on hashtags. But some of the tools will offer more features than others if you pay for a premium package. Thus, it all falls on your use case and budget.

How to Correctly Use Hashtags on Twitter?

Here are some tips to maximize the effect of using hashtags in your Tweets.

  • Keep the hashtags simple. You don’t want people making typos while using your hashtags.
  • Do some research to understand how well the hashtag is being received and what’s the context behind it. There have been times when companies have used hashtags incorrectly leading to public embarrassment.
  • Use hashtags consistently. This will help build your brand as people will associate certain hashtags with your brand and it will be easier to track growth.
  • People will only use your hashtags if you give them a reason to. No one is going to promote your brand for free unless they feel personally invested or connected to your cause.
  • Use only two to three hashtags at max per tweet. More hashtags can make your tweet appear ‘spammy’ both to Twitter as well as to your audiences.

How to Narrow Down to the Important Hashtags?

Hashtags work the best if they are specific and narrowed down to the essence of the tweet, which is why brands choose to compete in a smaller pool because their target audiences are likely to find what they need if they have something specific in their mind. 

About more than 90 percent of the brands on Twitter use less than seven or seven hashtags per tweet, though, brands really do not know the exact number of hashtags that work the best for them unless they are tested and proven which is why many of the brands prefer using Twitter hashtag generator tools. Hashtags also help in discovering users and helping brands connect with them online provided their Twitter account is not private.

How to Use Hashtags for Your Brand?

One of the easiest ways to choose and use the right hashtags for your brand is by researching your competition, the current trends, and so on, which will help you to gain a better idea about the hashtags to use for your Tweets.

Using the best Twitter hashtag generator makes sure that you are able to jump on to the current trends and gain followers as well. Utilizing the analytics page on Twitter also helps you to gain followers

How to Use Hashtags for Campaigns for Your Brand?

When it comes to hashtags, the more fun and creative it sounds, the better it works with your audience because the name will stick in the minds of these users. Hashtags also need to resonate with the message your brand is trying to send out because they help in creating the hype for the idea or even promote a new product, the launch of a new campaign, or even an upcoming event. Hashtag generator Twitter works as a perfect source for finding the hashtags that are best suited for your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Use of a Hashtag?

Hashtags are meant to tag your posts to help Twitter group your posts. It lets the platform decide which category or topic your post falls in and which users to recommend it.

Is there an Expiration Date for Twitter Hashtags?

There is no expiration date for Twitter hashtags as of now. As long as people keep using the hashtag it will remain active on Twitter.

Most Used Hashtag on Twitter?

There is no ‘singular’ hashtag that is most used on Twitter. This keeps on changing depending on the global context of what is popular or trendy.

Which is Better on Twitter - Tag or Hashtag?

Tags and hashtags serve different purposes. Hashtags are meant to categorize a post based on topic while mentions or tags are meant to tag people or brands whom your post targets.

How Many Hashtags does Twitter Consider as Spam?

There is no set number for this. But in general, try to use around 2 to 3 hashtags and not more. 10 or more hashtags will make your post appear more ‘spammy’.

What’s the Downside of using too many Hashtags on Twitter?

Using too many hashtags on one post can make them look ‘spammy’ to the algorithm as well as users. It can affect your reputation and your future posts will be considered with a pinch of salt.

Is there a way to know the Popularity of a Hashtag on Twitter?

You can check out the trends section in the explore tag for popular hashtags. Alternatively, you can use hashtag analytics apps and sites to check the popularity of a specific hashtag.

Is my Hashtag Working?

You can check out the number of retweets or likes your tweet has received after using a certain hashtag. To know the efficacy of a particular hashtag use any hashtag analytics tool.

How many Hashtags does a Twitter Post Need?

It is recommended to use 2 to 3 hashtags per post. That’s the sweet spot. Using too many hashtags can end up affecting your Twitter growth adversely.

Are Hashtags Still Used?

Yes, hashtags are still working on Twitter. In fact, it is one of the most used ways of promoting your Twitter post organically.

How to Create Catchy Hashtags?

Use Hashtag generators to find viral hashtags. Hashtag analytics tools can help provide info on Hashtag strength. For getting your custom hashtag viral you need good content, solid promotion and of course, luck.

Can I Find Twitter Hashtag Research Tools that are Free?

Yes, there are many free hashtag research tools for Twitter. You will find some in the list we have provided. Alternatively, you can directly use Twitter for hashtag research.

Is there any Reason to Put Hashtags in Comments?

Yes, you should put hashtags in the comments of your Tweets as well if they are relevant and can help boost the visibility of your Twitter post.

Can Custom Hashtags be Created?

Yes, it is quite easy to create custom hashtags. Just put the ‘#’ in front of the word or phrase you want to use as a hashtag. Brands and influencers do it all the time.


The best Twitter hashtag generators are used to help you to create the relevant hashtags for your Tweets and there are a number of Twitter hashtags generator that help in curating hashtag suggestions to improve the engagement rate and reach, while some Twitter hashtag generator tools can also compare hashtags on their efficacy and how popular they are.

Doing your own research and understanding your own needs before deciding on a Twitter hashtags generator will go a long way in improving your overall social media marketing strategies as well.

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