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10 Best Twitter Marketing Tools: Increase Your Reach in 2023

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  5. 10 Best Twitter Marketing Tools: Increase Your Reach in 2023
Twitter Marketing Tools
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Arguably, one of the top 3 social media platforms, there isn’t a good business in today’s world that fails to recognize the importance of Twitter. Twitter happens to be very effective for marketers, brands, and industries looking to connect more with their audience and to reach out to their prospective audiences. To successfully achieve this, the Twitter user needs to frequently get a certain number of impressions and engagements on his page. Nevertheless, through the use of Twitter marketing tools, this is easily attainable. Luckily, in this article,

Best Twitter Marketing Tools:

1. Sendible

Sendible - Twitter Marketing Tools

This extraordinaire tool works for a variety of platforms but is still so good a Twitter management tool, you’d think it was made especially for Twitter. With features such as the dashboard which lets you go through all important messages, notifications, monitor your data, and oversee the activities on your Twitter.

Another feature is the Publishing tool, this tool lets you schedule posts, allowing you to decide when your target audience or community would most likely be online on Twitter so they wouldn’t miss your posts even if you are not online, you also get to see all your previous and prospective posts in the calendar view.

The site welcomes you with an arrow pointing at a free trial button which allows you to test-run its tools on your preferred social media platform, the good part is unlike some other sites that also offer a free trial, you do not need to input your card details before you gain access, this way you can easily opt-out if you have many reasons to do so.

However, that is quite unlikely considering how massive the results would be, so much so that you wouldn’t mind the $29 per month and $288 per year charge (discount of 25%), after all, this Twitter marketing tool makes your goals easily achievable.

In addition, you get up to 100 posts per day for the free trial alone but this can be increased depending on your plan. Moreover, if you don’t happen to really know what you are doing or perhaps you need help, guidance or want to report a problem, this marketing tool provides the user with options to join webinars, chat with customer care through live chat, and finally, you can read through the many how-to articles on the platform.

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot - Twitter Marketing Tools

This is a perfect tool for any Twitter user hoping to immensely improve their engagements. It allows you to monitor everything that happens on Twitter, including trending hashtags, audience interactions, and your Twitter mentions. It allows you to take charge of your most engaging content through the Curation feature.

This tool lets you compose and post tweets at your preferred time, this should be when you would most likely reach your target audience. It also allows you to have a team all able to post and comment on your Twitter handle, thereby increasing your audience engagement.

SocialPilot is quite cost-effective, with plans starting at $30 up to $150. It is up to you to determine which of the four available plans would best serve your interest. This tool also works with other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked In, and Google My Business, all just so you can reach a wider audience.

3. Crowd Fire


This is truly a sure-fire way to maximize your outreach because it helps you prioritize certain posts above others by letting you know which is most popular among your audience, this way, you know what type of content to produce more often, it also works the other way around by letting you know which posts are not so popular and what you should be doing less of.

You don’t even always have to be online because this Twitter marketing tool also allows you to schedule posts On Twitter at certain times depending on what you want.  In addition, this Twitter marketing tool also helps you to find new content which may be of interest to you and your audience, plus, you can easily publish your content on this site to have a place where your data is gathered

It also has a user-friendly design which makes it easy for you to understand how much audience you will be able to reach and how long it may take, the chrome extension of this site allows you to effectively manage content in a very short time. Finally, you get to decide the platforms you want to use this tool for as it is not just a Twitter marketing tool alone but works great with other major platforms.

4. Tweetdeck


Ever heard the saying, “All the best things are free”, so if you’re like me and you like free things, this particular Twitter marketing tool is for you? This is a very special Twitter marketing tool because it is owned by Twitter itself and what better way to get something than from the source?

It is basically a longer version of the original dashboard on Twitter, which grants the user the ability to monitor and overlook their other profiles in addition to their main profiles. Unlike the usual Twitter dashboard, this tool allows you to schedule tweets, check mentions and create columns all for the progress of your account, and the best part, is you don’t have to pay a fine for it!

If you are a user of a MacBook, lucky you, the app is available for download. However, if you’re using Windows, the app is sadly not functional, but don’t fret, you can still get your hands on it by opening the web page; tweetdeck.twitter.com.

5. AgoraPulse


You can’t possibly really be into social media marketing if you have never heard of Agorapulse. This top-notch Twitter marketing tool. This site is simply jam-packed with unique tools and features which makes it stand out from other Twitter marketing tools.

One of such tools is the dashboard, however, unlike other dashboards, this one lets you manage and monitor notifications, tags, messages over a variety of different social media spaces from this site alone.  If you are heading a team of social media managers, you can even designate specific messages to specific individuals.

Another tool that stands out, is the fact that you get notified even if there is an extremely minor displeasure in a comment that mentions you, with this, you would know how best to respond to the situation in due time. There is also an automated system that makes it possible for you to dedicate tasks and messages to certain individuals on your team.

Last but not the least, you can make your posts come after each other multiple times through the “Evergreen” option. This Twitter marketing tool has a free plan but just for a single user and only works for three social media platforms. You could, however, opt for the real deal starting at €99 per month. Of course, Agropulse is not just a Twitter marketing tool but also works well with other social media platforms like; Facebook Marketing Tools as well as with Instagram Marketing Tools.

6. Buffer

Buffer - Twitter Marketing Tools

When trying to use your Twitter page to connect with your community better, you may find yourself spamming them with unnecessary and repeated messages. This can be very bad if you are trying to get people to read what you have written and take you seriously. Buffer, as a Twitter marketing tool, helps you control this issue, with features that allow you to carefully select times which you wish to send messages and to whom.

The Twitter analytics tools also provide you with unmasked data so you would be aware of what time is most suitable to send messages. This also gives you data that would enable you to be aware of your goals, how far you’ve come and how soon you’ll realize them.

It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to manage not just Twitter but other social media platforms as well. You are also able to head up to a 25-member team on the platform, giving different duties to each person so your work can be easily scalable as well as efficient. Buffer also works great with other social .edia platforms as you can easily control your activities from different platforms through this tool including but not exclusive to; Facebook and Instagram.

7. Statusbrew

Statusbrew - Twitter Marketing Tools

With a solid history of more than ten thousand customers satisfied, you should have no problem trusting this marketing tool too. This social media marketing tool works great for small as well as large businesses and brands looking to strengthen their community and widen their reach. It has an interestingly unique feature that gives you a very detailed analysis of your audience interaction, population, what posts generated the most impressions, and so on.

This is very helpful if you are trying to know what you should keep doing, who you should be speaking to, and where they are. Other features include the tools that let you keep track of your engagements, marketing campaigns, create unique content, and report on your performance so far. It also works with your other social media platforms efficiently, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

8. Hashtagify

Hashtagify - Twitter Marketing Tools

Have you ever felt like taking over the world? well, you could start by taking over Twitter, with this Twitter tool, you are sure to always be on the screen of your preferred audience. It is no secret that hashtags are a significant part of Twitter and one of the easiest ways to get to the trend table.

This Twitter marketing tool allows you to top the trend table by letting you know what hashtags are trending, analyze them and utilize them to your advantage. You also get to follow up on influencers or new trends and pick up new ideas which would positively impact your brand.

In addition, you also get to create your analytics, watch your competitors closely, their moves, and what effects this may have on your brand. You can, however, beat them with this Twitter marketing tool which gives you insights and allows you to plan so you can make the best posts at the best time and if you can’t really come up with something, this site offers you suggestions on what type of tweets would be most appropriate and at what time.

Finally, you get to create your customized reports and get a summary of your overall progress through the user-friendly site. This Twitter marketing tool works in the same outstanding way for platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

9. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics - Twitter Marketing Tools

Just like Tweet deck, this is also a Twitter marketing tool owned by Twitter, this, however, is available on the Twitter platform. All you need to do is simply go to log on to your account, click on your profile, go through the profile settings, find the Analytics button and click on it. Here, you can find useful data such as audience, activity review, upcoming events, and so on. This Twitter marketing tool is free

10. Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect

This cost-effective and time-saving tool is truly a gem among treasures. This tool connects you to your audience effectively; both existing and potential. With distinct tools such as the chatbot, this tool allows you to be available, at all times for your audiense even if you don’t happen to be online.

You can send pre-made messages to your audience when they perhaps seek help, or a request, this allows them to bond with you seeing as you are responsive to their needs. You can also fish out possible spammers which would affect your work and get rid of them in your network.

Through this tool, you can monitor the activities of your Twitter followers, this lets you know their desires and you can use that to your benefit by posting content they would easily relate with. Some other numerous tools and features come with this Twitter marketing tool, such as the scheduled posting feature which allows you to post content at various times without you necessarily being online.

There is also the in-depth analysis report which provides you with a total summary of your work so far, this makes you plan for long-term goals, see what goals you have achieved and how close you are to achieving some. Overall, this Twitter marketing tool would help you bond with your audience in a special way.


Every business must have a very strong social media presence, Twitter is a very major social media site that is popular among a wide variety of audiences so stand out among competitors, scale your business and get everyone talking about you with 10 of the best Twitter marketing tools today.

These amazing Twitter marketing tools will provide you with various ways to use one of the most widely used social media platforms. Each of these tools in the list has the ability to take your Twitter marketing to the next level of success. So, make sure to notice these tools and pick the one that fits best to your requirements to get a better reach. Now, what are you waiting for? Get started right away!

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