10 Best Twitter Video Downloader You Must Try In 2022

Best Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter is a popular social media platform. It has millions of users who visit the platform daily and post content on it. Twitter has become the source of some great content. Downloading the video content from Twitter is difficult without using a Twitter video downloader. A Twitter video downloader helps you to download videos of the best quality.

There are many downloaders to choose from while some of them are great the others hamper your productivity. These bad downloaders lead to long download speeds, poor quality, and malware attached to the download files. We have scanned through the internet to bring you a fine selection of downloading tools that are reliable trustworthy.

In this article, we have listed down the top 10 videos downloaders for Twitter.



SaveTweetVid is a great Twitter video downloader. Many people consider them to be the best when it comes to downloading videos from Twitter. They have developed their technology over the years to be able to compete in this segment. With new improvements in their downloader, they have got many people to use their services. They propose to provide their clients with a hassle-free experience. Using their downloader allows you to download videos from Twitter in the best resolutions. You will not have any complaints when it comes to the video quality of the downloaded videos. The tool has dual functionality.

You need to submit the URL of the video you want to download. They will prepare a download in the resolution of your choice. The tool also helps you to convert videos into different formats before downloading them. You can convert your videos into mp4, mp3, or GIF files. This helps you to have various formats to download your video in. this also removes the need to have a separate converter tool. They have support for several languages.

This helps them to reach out to more customers who are not native English speakers. The tool is free to use and does not have any hidden fees. Unlike many of the other companies, they do not have obstructive advertisements that cover the page and make it annoying to use the software. The tool has been designed to be easy to use. They provide safe downloads and do not have any malware or virus attached to their download files. Their website can be accessed by a computer or a mobile device.  You can use the tool as a browser extension as well. Beneath all of your Twitter videos, you will see a download button. Clicking it will start the downloads.

Jihosoft 4K Video downloader

Jihosoft 4K Video downloader

Jihosoft is a paid Twitter video downloader. It has an It is one of the most advanced tools in this segment. They have ensured that they have the most feature-packed video downloader tool that is available on the internet. Their tools are compatible with the majority of the websites. This includes Pinterest Video Downloader , Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. The development team has ensured that their software is good enough to be called the best in this segment. They have perfected their tool to provide additional features which cannot be seen in the other downloading tools. You can download videos in the resolution of your choice.

While this might be a common feature they provide support for higher resolutions as well. The videos can be downloaded in 4K and 8K resolutions. The videos can be downloaded in 60 FPS which makes them a premium choice. This helps you to get the most responsivity from the videos and have better display qualities. You can even download VR videos from Youtube. Using their software you get to download additional elements of the videos as well. You can download the subtitles of the videos.

This is a feature not available in many downloaders. If people place cover pictures for their videos, those can be downloaded as well. When using their tool you get to download all elements associated with a Twitter video. You can convert videos to the format of your choice. To save time you can convert videos in a bulk as well. This helps you to not have to engage in the monotonous task of converting each video manually. Though they house an advanced tool, it is quite easy to use. It costs $25 for unlimited access to the tool. This tool is the best solution for advanced users.

 Leawo video downloader

 Leawo video downloader

Leawo is another paid Twitter video downloader that has been making great strides in this department. They have an amazing tool that can be utilized to provide people the best results. Their downloading tools are known for their speed. It can overshadow its competition with the great speed that it has. This has lead to better responses from the clients. The good features that they develop have helped them to acquire many clients.

Their clients have had all of their expectations met by the development team. The team keeps working on the tool to improve it and make it better with each new version. They claim that they can provide up to 6x the download speed of the average software out there. They have set high expectations with these claims and have been able to outperform these claims. Even, They ensure that their tool does not lead to poor download speeds.

If you have a good internet connection you will be able to download the videos with ease. You can download videos up to 1080p. This is a slight disadvantage when compared to its rivals which can provide up to 8K resolutions. Using their tool you can download live videos. This ensures that no matter what format your videos are in you will be able to download them. The tool categorizes all of the downloaded videos. This helps you to keep store the videos in an organized manner.

You will have access to the name of the video along with other supplementary information. You have access to smart settings. Their software provides you with unmatched performance and a great user interface. You can purchase their software for $29.95 a year or opt for their lifetime license which costs $39.95



TWDown is widely regarded as the most powerful Twitter video downloader. The developers have made the tool keeping Twitter in mind. The tool has been optimized to provide their clients with the best downloader for Twitter. They have been able to provide their users with a very powerful downloader that is available online. This makes it very convenient for all of the users. They get access to a powerful downloader that is online.

This removes the need to have to download big software and exposes your account to unnecessary risks. You get to download your videos by following a simple process. By just entering the URL of the video you get to download the video without any problems. Having such a simple mechanism to download videos has increased its appeal. The developers continue to work on the website to provide the best results.

With each of their updates, they target a specific department of the website which they feel is lacking and improve it. While trying to remain simple they have not compromised the effectiveness of the tool. The tool provides quick conversions as well. They are limited in the format you can convert your videos in. You can only convert them to mp3 format. When looking for a powerful downloader that ticks all of the necessary boxes, TWDown is a great tool for you.



sssTwitter has created a tool specifically for Twitter. Unlike many other tools which provide downloading services for a host of websites, they have only stuck to Twitter. This has made them a highly experienced Twitter video downloader. Since they focus on downloading videos only from Twitter they have specialized in that department. They have been able to allocate all of their resources towards proving their clients the best Twitter video downloading experience.

While it may look like all of the common downloaders but it differs from them in a crucial aspect. They provide their clients’ multiple ways to download a video. The most common method is entering the URL of the videos and clicking on the download option. The other alternative is that you can download the video by adding their browser extension. It is an accurate tool that helps you to download videos from Twitter itself.

You will see that this extension adds a download option to all of the Twitter videos. Their last option is innovative and probably the most efficient one. This allows you to download videos quickly and does not require adding a browser extension. You just need to add sss to the URL of your video in your browser. This will redirect you to their site and download the video. This has made downloading videos much easier. This method world only with web browsers on your computer or mobile device. They allow you to choose the download quality and do not require any paid subscriptions.

Twitter Video

Twitter Video downloader

This website is a simple Twitter video downloader that has gained a reputation for its quality. They have provided quality services to their clients for many years and have emerged as one of the best free options. Their downloader is free and you get access to all of their features. They have tried to develop a stripped-down tool that performs only the basic functions. They help you download videos but do not have support for converting videos to different formats.

But, They cannot help you decide the quality of your download. The download quality depends on the source videos that you are downloading. You can download the videos using the URL of the video. The developers aimed to create a simple tool that would be easy to navigate and use.

Download Twitter videos

Download Twitter videos

This is the most popular Twitter video downloader on the Playstore. They keep updating and working on their tool to get the best results. You will be surprised by the great results they can provide without charging any fees. They have a great rating on the Playstore.

They have been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by over 300,000 people. Using their inbuilt sharing options sending the videos to different social platforms has become easier. Using these features you can send the videos to the social media platform of your choosing from the app itself. The download manager keeps you updated about the progress of all your downloads. They minimized the number of advertisements to ensure a better user experience. They have secured over 5 million downloads on Playstore.

Video Downloader for Twitter- Ahasave


AhaSave has provided Android users with a great Twitter video downloader. You can download the videos through the common method of pasting the URL of your video. In case you are using the Twitter application, they have an easy solution for you as well. You have to share the video and choose the downloader from among the options.

The video will get downloaded once you share it. They have provided additional features as well. The privacy protection option allows you to save important videos in a private folder. They have support for dark mode as well which helps to reduce the strain on your eyes. With a rating of 4.9 stars, they have become the highest-rated downloader.

Video, GIF downloader for Twitter

Video, GIF downloader for Twitter

This is another Playstore application that gets a mention on our list. This application focuses on downloading GIFs and videos from Twitter. With each update the application biomes smoother in terms of its interface. The app allows you to download the videos by sharing them with the app from Twitter. They have over 1 million people who have downloaded their app. It is compatible with all Android devices that have Android 4.1 and above.



TWSaver is a Twitter video downloader that performs exceptionally well. They provide a variety of functions when downloading videos. You can download the videos in different resolutions. This gives you some flexibility with your downloads.

Once you select the video the tool converts them and prepares three separate downloads. You can choose the quality you want to download the video in. They have a detailed step-by-step guide that users can follow to get used to the tool. They have a detailed FAQ page that helps users to get answers to any queries or issues that they might have.


We have incorporated a selection of paid and free tools in the list above. All of the tools listed above have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should choose a tool based on your needs. You have to primarily figure out the extent of work you want the downloader to do.

Whether you want the downloader to just help you download videos or have additional features such as converters, quality selection, and privacy folders as well. Another aspect to consider is whether you want a free tool or if you are willing to pay for the tool. When you pay for the tool you get access to better features and have a better user experience. Many of the free tools can rival the performance provided by these paid tools as well.

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