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10 Best YouTube SEO Tool to Boost Your Views in 2023

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Youtube Seo Tools
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If you have a YouTube channel or even if you’re planning to open one, then this article can be your guiding light. Not even exaggerating, but YouTube is a tough nut to crack. With more than 500 hours of content being uploaded every second, there is a lot of competition that you need to face to emerge as the best YouTuber in your niche. Now, to ease this misery comes in one thing called YouTube SEO Tool. as you all may know, SEO stands for search engine optimization and similarly, YouTube SEO stands for YouTube’s search engine optimization.

What this means is, whenever someone searches for a particular video or a type of video on YouTube, it shows a bunch of different results. However, have you ever noticed that whenever you search the same thing twice, even if it’s in two different time intervals, the order of the first three videos remains constant?

If you land on the top three of the search results of your niche, then your video is going to get you a lot of revenue. However, before we get into the conversation of why it is important, let us understand, how you can achieve it, using YouTube SEO tools.

Best YouTube SEO Tools:



The first one on this list is tube buddy. Tubebuddy is a website/online tool that can help you scale your YouTube channel to the sky. With this tool, you can achieve YouTube results that you couldn’t before, and hence is one of the greatest tools that we have ever come across.

Tubebuddy has a multitude of different tools embedded in it. There is a tool to tell you your video analytics as well as the analytics of other channels and also there are tools to find your keywords and enhance your SEO.

coming to the analytics tool, tube buddy’s analytics tool is called video lyrics. This tool helps you gauge your performance compared to the top YouTubers in your niche. When you see the type of titles, thumbnails, and meta’s they have been using, you can implement them to improve your rankings on the search results.

Coming to the keyword tool, tube buddy also has its keyword explorer and generator which helps you write better tags and hence gives you an advantage over other people. If you haven’t heard of them, then we highly recommend using them.



Next on the list is yet another popular tool in the YouTube SEO market, VidIQ. They have been serving this industry for years and now have an understanding and an experience that is nearly unmatched in quality.

vidIQ has a keyword research and generator tool, which compares and analyses the competitiveness of the keyword you’re trying to put into your tags or meta descriptions. It then suggests better tags, making it the perfect place to find YouTube help.

They have a very clean dashboard where you can use their tools to the extent you like. On top of being high quality, professional and experienced, they also provide you free services, if you don’t plan on choosing a paid version either.

If your channel is producing enough revenue, then you can consider choosing their pro versions, which have the upper hand in terms of the variety of tools you get and the amount of utility you can gather from them. If you’re hearing about VidIQ for the first time, we highly recommend you go and check them out.

Moz Keyword Explorer


Next, we have yet another sought-after YouTube SEO tool on the list, Moz Keyword Explorer. As the name suggests, Moz keyword explorer helps you find keywords to end up higher on YouTube search results. Now, why is that important? As we said earlier, landing higher on the YouTube search results means, getting traffic that is genuinely interested in the videos you make, and hence your online visibility increases.

They also score your keyword strength by telling you the average click-through rate (CTR) if you use those keywords in your video tags and also tell you the search volume this helps you understand what is good and what is bad for your YouTube video to be ranked amongst the top three and hence is the perfect tool for, small to medium-sized business owners.

Google Keywords Explorer

Google keywords explorer

Google keywords explorer is undoubtedly from the internet giant we all know and call Google. Now, there is no other platform in the entire world, that has as much information stored up, as Google has.

They have the largest repositories of search data collected, and they’re offering it to you for free. Yes, free! Google keywords planner, however, does not come with the added beautification of the other apps we just mentioned, but considering their results are the most accurate, they are not a bad set to deal with.

Google keywords explorer, like any other keywords explorer, helps you find keywords that are relevant to the niche you select and the keywords you input. Taking into account, that YouTube is also a product of google keywords itself, it makes them even more credible and dependable to use.

However, they also don’t come up with as much of a derailed analytics and comparison as the other tools on this list do and hence are not as useful for some people. However, for someone, who has an understanding of this field, google keywords explorer is a must-use tool, that can make your videos go viral and help you massively with your SEO game.

KW Finder

KW finder

Next on the list, we have a similar tool as the ones we have just mentioned before. KW finder is the abbreviation for Keywords Finder, and it doesnt get simpler.

KW Finder gives you a search bar where you input the keywords that you want to input and then they present you a long list of keywords with individual analytics on the side. They tell you the CTR, the search volume and also, how competitive that keyword is. This makes you differentiate between two similar keywords as there is always confusion in choosing long-tail keywords.

Since you can add up to 500 characters of tag under YouTube videos, you must use YouTube SEO tools like KW finder in order o maximize the outcome of your effort. Also, keyword finder makes valuable suggestions based on compared click-through rates and search volumes to make your SEO even better. If you have never heard of them before, then KW finder is the place to go to.



Majestic is one of the most professionally organized YouTube SEO  tools that you can find online. With everything confined to a dashboard that looks great and has everything right in front of your eyes is a blessing.

Majestic has a keyword research and explorer tool, a video analytics tool, and a marketing management tool which is much better than having a set of three different tools. Trust us on this, no one wants the hassle. Majestic has a “majestic” solution to this.

They have a search bar, where you can search the keyword of your choice and then they give you a long list of similar yet better keywords to choose from. You can then keep on researching, even more, to understand what works the best for your videos. Also, they give you analytics like CTR and search volume for you to properly compare and hence make it the perfect tool for you to improve your YouTube SEO.

Also, you dont have to immediately jump on buying a plan as they offer you a free trial for a limited number of days making it the perfect tool for someone starting. If you haven’t tried their services yet, then we highly recommend you do so.



Serpstat is yet another YouTube SEO tool that has a great impact in this industry. With more than hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, Serpstat makes it one of the most sought-after tools on the internet.

They have interesting tools like SERP analysis, keyword competitiveness, and much more. For basics, they have a keywords explorer that tells you the strength of a keyword by showing you the search volume and the CTR for the particular keyword.

They have a special tool called the competitor graph. This gauges your keyword strength as compared to your competitors, which makes it even more clear as to where you need to improve on.

Also, comparing to the competitors gives you an idea of how you need to improvise on your video in order to rank much better than your competitors in the niche. If you haven’t yet heard of Serpstat, then we highly recommend using their services.

Rank Tracker

Rank tracker

Rank tracker is yet another one of the freemium tools that you can use to improve your YouTube SEO. rank tracker tells you exactly what you need to know in a crisp format so you waste less time and focus on improving your video SEO more. It helps you generate keywords and also compare them to the ones that people are already using, which is what makes them much better than many of the tools available online.

Rank Tracker also gives you details like the click-through rate of the keyword and the search volume, which makes you affirmative on which keyword to choose. They do have a free trial available, but if you’re looking to work with them and grow your YouTube SEO even better, then the heir monthly plan that costs $72 and you will be sorted.



If you have been in the eCommerce business for a considerable amount of time, then we’re pretty sure that you have heard of ahrefs before. One of the leading names in the industry, ahref’s is one of the most sought-after online tools to improve your SEO. be it YouTube, Gmail, or Google, ahref can help you with it all. Ahref’s keyword explorer has one of the largest databases, which accesses data from all corners of the world to present to you.

Ahrefs has big name brands already in their clientele which makes them even more reliable and credible. Their keyword explorer will tell you about the CTR and the search volume as well as the percentage of people searching the term every month.

Also, it shows you the perfect time to post a video containing that keyword in the meta as per the observed demand of the public. However, they do charge a lot for this convenience as they are truly one of the best in the industry. If you haven’t yet tried their services, then we highly recommend doing so.



Last but not the least, YT rank is a free tool that can help you make your YouTube SEO much better within a few clicks. They have a simple website that lets you search the keyword that you have been thinking of and hence gives you results based on what you just searched.

They will show you alternate keywords that may work better in comparison to the one you just typed and hence make you rank much higher on the YouTube search results. If you haven’t yet used their services, we highly recommend doing so because their services are free of cost and hence you may not have to think a lot about it.


Those were the top 10 tools for YouTube SEO. if you want to rank higher on the YouTube search results and if you want your videos to constantly earn you revenue, regardless of when they were posted, then having a good YouTube SEO tool by your side is what makes the difference.

If you want to gro on YouTube as a content creator, focusing on YouTube SEO is more important than creating the content itself. We’re sure if you use any of these online tools, you will see a substantial difference in your YouTube rankings. Till then, keep scrolling!

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