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Zeru Review 2023: Read Complete Review and Save your Money

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  5. Zeru Review 2023: Read Complete Review and Save your Money
Zeru Reviews
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Social media marketing has become the bread and butter for a lot of young influencers out there. Since there are so many brands trying to sell you something all the time, it has become important to be aware of marketing strategies, to make your brand stand out. However, the numbers game is still the most prominent game that most influencers play on the platform. It essentially means, that if you have a larger follower base, you’re better, by virtue of your metrics.

Even though you are putting out better content, Instagram will deliberately recommend people who are getting better stars and more traction than others. To counter that there are a lot of ways, one of which we’ll be discussing today. Since followers are so valued, some websites deliver followers and followers only. If you’re looking to appear ahead of the people in your niche, then these websites have something for you. However, if you are trying to beat the game itself, then these websites also do come in handy.

Today we are going to talk about one such website. zeru.com. It has been on the internet for as long as social media existed and hence is one site to take a look at. Since social media marketing has taken over other forms of promotions, it has become really important to scour the internet for websites that are genuine and provide services to all sections of society. So without further ado, let us look at Zeru Review.


Since we have brought the name into perspective, let us elaborate on it a bit further. Zeru is deserving of a proper introduction, and failing to do so would be a letdown. As we mentioned, it is a website where you can buy cheap Instagram followers. It is one of the many names out there in this line of work.

Zeru has services aligned with multiple social media platforms, including Facebook Twitter, and youtube as well. However, they claim to be one of the most legit and reliable websites in this industry. Today we are going to see if any of those claims stand true when tested. It has bulk packages for followers and subscribers for all of these platforms. They claim that these followers are real and active.


For those who don’t know how this works, let us shed some light. Instagram, especially is a platform that rates your posts based on the amount of engagement you have been able to garner. Since there is immense importance of initial traction of engagement, websites like Zeru come in for a clutch.

It is internationally recognized and has delivered a plethora of orders to be considered for this review. However, the Instagram algorithm has become stricter these days. With strict monitoring of the rules and regulations of the platforms, Instagram dictates most of what you can and can’t do on the platform. This is where the spec of doubt arrives, whether these websites work or not.

Is buying Instagram followers safe?

Zeru.com is one of the few websites that still claim that its followers are real and active. And we can confirm that. They have a huge social media network, which allows them to promote your videos to multiple groups. This is how interested people follow your account. This develops long-term engagement from the user on your profile and also gets you that initial traction that you needed.

Since their strategies are not against the policies of the platforms they cater to, they are on the safer side. However, if you’re thinking of placing a bulk order and expect all of them to be real? Well, that would be an overstatement. There are exceptions however, a large number of orders do have a mix of automated accounts. But if you were to ask us, does zero work?

Pros and Cons:-

Well, as there are two sides to every story, zeru.com also has some fortes and some fallouts. Let us look at them individually to understand if the cons are acceptable and if the pros are making them worth it.


  • Pricing and support

One of the few good things about Zeru is that they don’t compromise on user experience. Their customer support is on point and they do answer if you call them up. Also, their pricing is suitable for influencers at all levels. There are a lot of other websites in this industry that charge way more than what you ask for and do not even deliver the same results in return.

The one tactic they have frequently used in terms of pricing is that they say that they are offering you the services at a much cheaper price, with the real price just below the price they’re offering the package at. Still, their packages are much cheaper than the ones competitors have to offer.

  • Delivery time

Whenever you order a follower package from them, you are going to receive a mail about the same. and in most cases, the followers do come in within 24-48 hours. And since they have great customer support you can call and enquire them about the same. Delivery speeds are better than most of the websites in the industry out there. Overall, zeru.com does a great job.


  • Follower quality

Even though Zeru has good pricing and support and decent delivery times, the quality of the followers that they offer is not at par with the ones out there. This is one of the major reasons why people refrain from buying followers from zeru.com.

As they claim to offer only real and active followers, the results are quite different. Most of the time people find the number of fake followers to be more than the number of organic followers. This creates a bad image, if you may, for the algorithm.

  • Follower retention

The next bad thing about zeru.com is that its followers are usually disappearing after a shorter period. This means, that even if you get the followers delivered to you quicker than most websites, they also disappear within a few days.

This is pretty common on the internet, as automated accounts are now strictly being monitored by platforms like Instagram, which is why it has become difficult to buy followers in recent times.

  • Business results and engagements

Their packages don’t offer anything special when it comes to business results and engagements. Since they are not a growth marketing company, their only goal is to let you buy followers that disappear. Since that makes no difference on your Instagram or Facebook profile it is quite pointless to buy the follower packages you see listed on their website.


Since there is no point in buying followers from their website, we have something else up our sleeves. If you still need an edge over others in your niche, there are good websites out there to do the same. If you’re looking for real and active followers, here are a few websites that will help you out.



The first one on the list of better alternatives to Zeru is getviral.com. GetViral has become one of the best social media marketing tools out there. Since it caters to multiple social media platform, they are the one-stop destination for most social media marketers out there.

However, something that most people don’t know about GetViral is that they are one of the few websites that still offer organic engagement by circulating your videos on their larger social media networks. They strictly check if the followers that you’re getting are real or not. This makes their website much better than zeru.com.


fastlikes - Zeru review

The next name on the list of better choices is fastlikes.io. They have been in this industry for a long time and are quite literally one of the fastest services out there. Their packages are delivered mostly within 24 hours. Since these followers are organic, it does raise an eyebrow in the Instagram algorithm. Also, if you’re looking for high-quality, real, and active followers at cheaper rates, then fastlikes.io is the website for you.


Since we have taken a detailed look at zeru.com and its services, we can finally say, that buying followers from the same would be a bad option. This is because of their follower quality, follower retention, and even bad business results. Apart from that a lot of their customers have also complained, that they didn’t even receive the packages, which is a big red flag for influencers of any kind. Since they have been in the game for a long time, they still do have a follower base that buys from them.

If you’re not looking to get any impact from the followers you bought, then zeru.com can offer you something. If you just want the followers to create a social impact on your potential followers, then buying from Zeru is a considerable option. Otherwise, we would highly recommend buying from the alternatives that we just mentioned above. We’re sure this review must have helped you avoid decisions that would have made you a loss proposition. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!

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