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With this unique feature, you can automate engagement on every Instagram post. Buy Instagram auto likes and avoid the problem of having to buy a new package every time you do a fresh post. When you buy auto likes for Instagram, you attract real users looking to discover fresh content.
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Instagram Auto Likes
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How To Buy Real Instagram Auto Likes

Reach your goals with our premium Instagram Auto Likes

Choose your Instagram Auto Likes Package

There are various plans that we have provided for you online. You don’t just have to stick to a set quota of automated likes, but you can go ahead and pick the package that best suits your interest.

Enter Your Instagram Username

Next, we have a small form that you are required to fill out for basic information like Instagram username. Like mentioned before, we do not ask for any such information which might compromise your identity.

Complete Checkout

The last step is very simple. All you have to do is make a payment through one of our gateways. Once you have done that, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the results. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Why Buy Instagram Auto Like from Viralyft?

Have you been struggling to get quality engagement on Instagram? If you want to kickstart your career on Instagram as an influencer- then we have the solution for you. After you buy Instagram auto likes you will be able to get the traffic you have always dreamed of getting on Instagram

Why Choose Us?

There could be other companies out there that claim to provide auto likes to you as well. However, none of them are as efficient as our company. If you want to find out why you ought to choose Viralyft over other services out there, then read on-

Increased conversions

Many sites will offer you automated likes. However, there are only a few of them which can also ensure that you get high rates of conversion. This simply means that the audience that views your content should not like it just for one instance.

Instead, they should be invested in your account for the long run- so that you can get consistent traffic. This is a quality that is only shown by the top accounts on Instagram. Therefore, it is also something that you should be aiming for if you really wish to stay one step ahead of the crowd. If you buy Instagram auto likes from us, we can ensure this for you.

Quality Likes

There are various services online which claim to provide automated likes to you. However, most of these sites will give you bot-generated likes which simply do not increase the quality of your engagement. However, if you are using our site- you can be sure that you will only get the highest quality of likes.

This means, that the people engaging with you daily will be real, as well as active and real users of Instagram which is one of the best social media platforms. Naturally- this will greatly improve the standing that you have online when you buy Instagram auto likes from us.

Improve your Presence Online

We have further mentioned in this article, the various ways in which likes ensure that your presence is maintained online. People who come to your account will not only see the number of Instagram followers that you have on your page, but also the amount of engagement that you get.

This means they will primarily check if you have a good number of likes, and comments on your profile. In case you don’t your reputation online will go down. Therefore, our company likes to ensure that you can buy Instagram auto likes that can give you a strong standing on Instagram.

Fastest Results

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is also important that you can get engagement faster than the rest of the world. To achieve this, you can make use of our automated likes services. We give you results not in days, not in hours, but seconds after you have posted your content online.

Thus, you will start to see a tremendous shift in your engagement after you sign up with our company and buy Instagram auto likes from us. As a matter of fact, we have some of the fastest results in the market. With quick results and sure engagement- we are sure that you will be able to see results that can upgrade your virtual standing.

SSL Encryption

Another thing about online transactions is that they need to be as safe as possible. Some fake companies will ask for your account details and embezzle money off your accounts.

You need to be wary and steer clear of such companies. We are completely safe in this regard since all our payment gateways are SSL encrypted. Thus, we ensure that any sensitive information of your account is kept safe with us with complete confidentiality when you buy Instagram auto likes from us.

Customer Service

For our company- our customers are always our priority and our prime concern. Our motive, at any time, is to increase the level of user experience that we can provide to you. Thus, we always make sure that you can easily get in touch with one of our representatives in case you feel stuck anywhere during the process of buying automated likes.

Some people are new to the entire world of buying Instagram growth. It is for them that we ensure complete accessibility in order to buy Instagram auto likes.

Years of Experience

Other companies in the market, are still new to the process of selling and buying Instagram auto likes. However, Viralyft has had years of training in dealing with online engagement. As a matter of fact, we began working on our project since the day Instagram began to grow in size.

Therefore, we know how the algorithm has changed and adapted to modern trends. Thus, when it comes to identifying opportunities for growth within Instagram- nobody does it better than us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important thing about to buy automatic instagram likes is that they improve the presence you have online. Therefore, if you really want to spread the word for your profile, then likes will be the most important form of engagement. These will help you build strong connections on Instagram, and find various features online. This will eventually increase the number of real users who flock to your account.

If you want to make people curious about your services, then make sure you invest in likes. Moreover, when you get likes you will be able to convert a large part of your audience into devoted followers. Your leads and conversions will increase greatly as the number of likes you get keeps on spiking.

The most important thing that you need to ensure to get likes on Instagram is that you focus on quality content. You always have to give enough time to the things you are creating, if you want to ensure that people can interact with your content. To make posts that are loved by people, you have to create something unique and different. Such things will ensure that people not only like your content but also interact with it in the long term.

Auto likes are the automatic Instagram likes that are available for Instagram as soon as creators post something. People buy this on a monthly basis, which means as soon as they post something, they start getting likes on it. This fast delivery of likes is everything you need to make your posts famous. Basic Instagram likes are delivered to the post only after people buy Instagram auto likes for specific posts. But if they are buying Instagram auto likes from Viralyft, then they do not have to worry about likes after posting.

Once people buy Instagram auto likes, for a straight 30 days they are going to buy automatic instagram likes on the post. As soon as they post, the instagram likes start increasing. This can help with faster fame than other normal likes. Also, the headache of buying multiple likes for different posts is now gone.

Creators start getting their desired likes to kickstart the engagement of all new posts. This is why most creators tend to buy instagram auto likes over all other forms of likes. It sets the standard of their content higher than ever since all the posts start getting on the explore page.

Buying automatic Instagram likes are better to get the relevant engagement on the content as it is almost like an instant delivery. So, every day as buyers start buying instagram likes on the latest video posts. It is everything that influencers on Instagram Platform need for their content. All these instagram likes when you buy automatic instagram likes can push the content to the explore page in minutes.

It gets easier to reach out to the target audience when real users buy Instagram auto likes, who will find the content likable. When you buy Instagram autoLikes create a bigger impact as such instagram likes on all posts continue even after one month since the authentic followers always stay with the account just for the content.

Influencers who have thousands of followers on Instagram Platform also trust Viralyft with their accounts. This is enough proof to show that people feel secure when they buy plans here. Buying Instagram auto likes offer the chance to every creator so that they can get their shot at fame. Safety is not just associated with the payment plans when people buy Instagram auto likes.

The facilities to buy automatic instagram likes for Instagram profile are really cheap. Considering that the plans are valid for the whole month, it is actually worth the money. At the cheapest prices, creators get all the benefits with the fastest possible delivery.

Viralyft created their plans with variations so that people can try out auto instagram likes according to their affordable ranges. Getting 100 instagram likes for a period of a complete month takes only $18.99. From the 100 auto instagram likes to 1500 instagram likes there are always variant packages available.

This is to make sure that every person can get a taste of the changes that occur as they buy automatic instagram likes. Frankly, it is definitely cheap considering the benefits it is going to provide. By spending only these bucks, people can get their account to reach the top within days.

IG Auto likes are designed to buy automatic Instagram likes on the posts. As soon as creators post something, the auto instagram likes feature manages to send them all the likes within minutes. Such fast likes are all you need to make the post instantly famous.

It is easier to get to the explore page if Instagram posts get fast auto instagram likes within the shortest time. Getting on the explore page daily can attract the attention of major influencers on Instagram. It becomes easier to buy instagram auto likes and follow back from these people as people buy Instagram auto likes. When you choose plans for auto likes, it lasts long and so all that you post during this time keep grabbing the attention of the audience.

The entire Insatgram follower base and audience of the content multiplied to a higher level. Creators need this backup for their content to grow fast enough on social media platforms. Viralyft is true to their words about sending the likes as fast as possible when people buy Instagram auto likes. Clients see their post on top of the explore page in no time.

With automated instagram likes, many people feel that as soon as the instagram likes get delivered there is no further change in the post. But it is not true for Viralyft where true and active people offer likes. These people are going to both like and share the best posts on their stories when creators buy automatic instagram likes. As more people share the content in their stories, followers from their accounts also view those posts. Related engagement comes with all those likes at the fastest time.

Related engagement comes in handy from desirable sources. If people get to see true Instagram traffic from their target audience, their accounts will be able to grow. Instagram accounts are going to stay active with the auto likes coming their way.

With it, more positive Instagram engagement is like a positive reinforcement that can make you famous on Instagram. Associated engagement comes with likes only if the watchers are real people. This is why Viralyft has its no bots policy for people who buy Instagram auto likes so that clients experience real changes in their account.

Technical snags may occur from both sides, from the side of the website or even the buyer. If the buyer does not send the right URL for the Instagram account, they will not get the facility. In the case of website delays due to technical issues, the clients fail to get the complete packages.

In both cases where the real users tend to get no service for the money they spend, the website has a provision for sending out refunds. Buyers can get a refund if they do not get the order when they buy Instagram auto likes. This is the best facility that attracts people to safely order.

Every client knows that either they will buy automatic instagram likes or complete money back. So, if you are spending dollars from your savings then do not worry about losing it. You can get a definite facility within the given time without fail. This authenticity is guaranteed for all the auto-like packages staying active throughout the month.

Businesses that want to grow on Instagram need fast growth so that they can reach as many people from their target audience as possible. Branding is now improved with social platforms like Instagram and for these accounts, the automated likes come really handy. Every business account seeks a high follower base to show off its new collections and products.

It sets up a huge market for them as many people in the audience can be their potential clients. As these businesses buy Instagram auto likes, they grab the attention of new people who are going to join the audience. Auto likes are going to make the posts from the business reach thousands of people. Interested people will connect with the business or follow them.

This increases the credibility of the brand among the people. If the target audience sees daily posts from the account on top of the search list, they are definitely going to check the other posts out. Combined traffic of the account will increase. It is huge for small businesses that struggle to have hundreds of clients.

There is never a limit to the number of Instagram plans you buy at the same time from Viralyft. Buyers can choose both directed normal likes while their auto likes are active for the month. If they want a bigger focus on specific posts this will be a great idea. Since Viralyft has a huge network of Instagram active real users, they will never fall short of sending likes.

Instagram traffic from so many organic viewers can make any person famous. Gaining likes from all fronts has never been easier when it comes to getting Instagram fame. The basic likes need to be directed to the specific posts that creators want to be more famous. Since auto likes always send a similar number of likes to the post, it is not going to make much difference as all the posts will start getting relevant engagement.

Making one or a few posts stand out among the crowd is possible after buy automatic instagram likes. Hence, it is a good deal to start off with both as creators buy automatic likes with basic likes since it is never too late to keep growing on Instagram.

Tips and Tricks

How to Get more likes on Instagram?

Use the Right Hashtags

We have mentioned this point in many of our articles. The number of likes you get basically depends on the level of visibility that you have online. Therefore, at any point, it is most important that you can create hashtags that place you in front of the right audience. If you are seen by the right set of people, you will be able to get promoted by word of mouth or online recommendations. This is one of the most defined ways of getting an online promotion and reaching a higher standing on Instagram. You can even buy instagram auto likes to get the best desired results.

Post Incredible Graphics

One thing you ought to remember is that Instagram is a site that basically runs through visual appeal and visual content. Therefore, if you really want to nail the workings of Instagram then you have to focus on creating the best possible graphics for your posts. This could be the best way to increase your IG likes organically. Make sure that your colors are bright, unique, attractive, and eye-catching. Altogether, you need to focus on the design as well as the layout of your Instagram page as well.

Tag People, and Brands

On Instagram, you will only be able to get what you give back. One thing to ensure is that you can tag small brands and influencers who are most likely to return the favor by further promoting your account on theirs. This natural give and take is a very normal process of Instagram and we highly recommend that you make use of it. If you add value to somebody else’s account- we are sure that they will add value to yours by promoting your content.

How to get more traffic on Instagram?

In the end, Instagram is all about increasing how many people get to view you and your content. Therefore, here are some set ways in which you should be able to increase traffic on Instagram-

Discover the perfect timings

If you are one of those people who randomly post content online, then it might be time to change your strategy. The truth is that there is always a perfect time to post on Instagram. A certain audience will be active on Instagram during certain times, while the others will have separate timings entirely.

Therefore, one of the most important things to ensure is that you can crack the time code for Instagram. If you do this, you can improve your reach on Instagram and you will be able to create high engagement.

Be Interactive

One thing that many people miss out on on Instagram is the level of interaction. Instagram is a ‘social media channel. Therefore, interactions and conversations that happen here are one of the most important facets of online growth. Thus, you should always try to find ways in which you can create effective conversations with your audience.

For instance, you can add question stickers to your story. If you want to interact with people through posts, then you can always run campaigns and create conversational posts. Moreover, you have to always be fun and creative in the ways you engage your audience or you can buy instagram auto likes.

How Do You Get Automatic Likes on Instagram?

Just like all other social media platforms, likes play one of the most crucial roles on Instagram. Instagram posts with more likes can provide an array of other benefits too, such as more views, followers, comments, etc.

This happens because the platform’s algorithm moves such posts higher in real users’ news feeds. Haning more likes on posts thus ensures more exposure, reputation, and authority on the platform.

Post At The Right Times

To gain automatically more likes, you should go for posting content at the best times, i.e., times at which your audience is most active.

Now, this time depends from person to person. So, with some experimentation, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the optimal time for posting on Instagram. You can also use the scheduling and various other tools available on the web for further assistance.

Reshare On Other Platforms

Re-sharing your Instagram posts on other social media platforms is a great way to gain more likes, views, followers, etc. on them.

Instagram lets you automatically share posts to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks when you publish. So, why not take advantage of it.

Buy Instagram Auto Likes

If your posts don’t have a good number of likes, there’s a very low probability that people will check out your entire profile and take interest in what you share. This is the reason that at Viralyft, we have got two different kinds of services dedicated to buying Instagram auto likes only. We buy automatic Instagram likes as well as Instagram automatic likes. But out of the two, the buying Instagram Auto Likes service is the most preferred one. So, just like thousands of our clients worldwide, you can also buy the service from us to get likes automatically on your Instagram posts as soon as you post them.

Customer Reviews & Thoughts
We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality service and want to hear from you-Drop us a review below and let the world know!

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Autolikes is the service that I have been looking for, for a long time now. But all I could find was either frauds or sites that used bots. Viralyft was a godsend. Their plans are great and the autolikes always arrive at time. The quality and quantity both are superb.
- Malcolm
The autoliker here at Viralyft has been such a blessing honestly. All of my posts automatically get the likes I have been looking for so long. I bought the cheapest plan that gave me 100 autolikes per posts and I am really loving it.
- Lennox
Viralyft has been my most trusted social media promotional website ever since I got into this whole thing. I recently started using the autolikes and it has become my favorite service from them. It is so consistent every post I make, always gets likes it is supposed to get.
- Martin
I have been a constant client of Viralyft for months having used multiple services for Instagram. Their likes and autolikes especially I just love. The best part about it is that I have never seen even a single like that was from a fake account in these months.
- Jaden
Viralyft might just have the best retention rates online. I have tested many options but the stuff I buy from here lasts the longest. The likes I got from their autoliker last month are still intact on every single post. That's why I keep coming back here.
- Kayson
I can be singing the praises of Viralyft's autolikes but it still wouldn't be enough. They have got everything that needs to be in an autoliker. Good prices, real accounts, and a completely legitimate portal. My account hasn't faced any kind of issue ever since I have started buying from here.
- Bodhi
Viralyft is the best thing to ever happen to my Instagram. I have bought comments, likes, views, everything from here. They are top in quality but the autolike plans have become my absolute favorites. For $83.99 I can get 1000 likes for a whole month and all of my posts without having to buy different plans.
- Francisco
I am writing this review specifically in regards to the autolikes that Viralyft offers. All of their plans are valid for a whole month and bring a lot of likes. Once I buy a plan I don't have to worry about likes, engagement or anything like that for a whole month.
- Cody
I don't know if this is how it is supposed to work but the autolikes I got from Viralyft are still with me even after months of buying them. That's just amazing because I don't have to keep on buying more plans.
- Erick
All of the services at Viralyft are lovely but what I have bought the most are their autolikes. I have already purchased autolikes thrice because it's just that damn good. 500 autolikes every month for 3 months on all of my posts? Absolutely count me in.
- Kameron
I have stopped using internet a lot but a lot of it goes on Viralyft to be honest. I'm using it to advertise my piano classes and buy autolikes for that purpose. I spend $48.99 a month and get 500 of them which is more than I need.
- Atticus
I have been buying likes for a long time from Viralyft and one things has become obvious to me. And that is, that all of these likes come from real people. I haven't come across even a single fake account or bot in all these months.
- Dante
I used to buy a lot of likes for my Instagram at first but my habits have changed now. My budget is the same but now I only spend it on autolikes. The results have been even better than before and all of my posts, old or new, are way more engaging now than ever.
- Jensen
I have come across countless such websites but they cant even come close to what Viralyft is capable of. I have bought their autolikes plan recently and loved everything about it. The deliveries are super fast and every single like is from a legitimate account. Even the price was totally reasonable.
- Cruz
If you are trying to buy autolikes, Viralyft should be your one and only consideration. They have been doing it for years and only here you'll get genuine likes instead of fake accounts and bots.
- Finley
One of the most persistent problems with online paid promotions are that they turn out to be fake. Many sites use software or bots to increase your count temporarily which brings zero benefits. But at Virlayft I have only ever received the most legitimate likes.
- Brady
I have spent more than a hundred dollars buying autolikes from Viralyft but it was worth it in my opinion. I would have had to spend more on buying regular likes. The autolikes have not only saved my money but also time.
- Joaquin
No one can tell that the likes I have got are bought or not. That is because the new likes we get are all from actual Instagram users. Not even Instagram can tell a difference, which is why my account never had aby trouble.
- Anderson
If you are having any doubts regarding Viralyft, I hope I can clear it to you. I'm saying it as a regular client for over a year with them. Aside from speed and quality, you get amazing support from their staff at every step.
- Gunner
Internet is full of many fake sites that act like they are world class but only exist to loot your money. Viralyft is different and a name that you can actually trust. I have been buying likes from here for long and all of them are completely genuine. Haven't lost a single dollar ever.
- Muhammad
Viralyft rocks!! I have bought their 500 autolikes plans and this is just the best thing ever. It cost me just below 49 dollars but the benefits are worth way more than that. Everything about the site is wonderful from the number of likes to their retention.
- Zayn
I have researched a lot before I settled down to go with Viralyft. Was looking for an autoliker but all I could find was low-quality bots or complete scammers. Thank god I somehow came across Viralyft.
- Derek
I have been with them for over a year now. Been buying autolikes and comments for months and they are awesome! All my posts now gets so many likes and it is all because of the amazing effect of the autolikes.
- Raymond
Viralyft is the real deal when it comes to autolikes. There aren't many websites that you can rely on and it gets even worse when talking about autolikes. Every department of autolikes, from the duration to the effect, Viralyft does it the best.
- Kyle
Now that I have started buying autolikes from here, there is not need for me to buy anything else. As all the posts get the likes automatically that I would have had to buy separately otherwise.
- Angelo
The one service of Viralyft that I have found the most useful has to be their autoliker. Once you have bought it, they will automatically keep sending likes on all the new posts you make. All of these likes are from real accounts and never disappear. This is coming from my personal experience.
- Reid
The autolikes I got from here have breathed new life into my Instagram. I don't have to keep buying likes. Now I can focus on making content instead of trying to market it like before. That wasted a lot of my time and didn't even bring half of the results that I'm getting now.
- Spencer
Not gonna lie, I feel like I am getting obsessed with buying autolikes from here. It just feels amazing seeing my posts getting blown up without trying. Everything has become so easier and convenient I can't explain.
- Nico
I tried so many marketing tactics and tricks and what not for my page but nothing ever worked. Heard about Viralyft and decided to give it a try. Since then I have stopped looking for all the other strategies. Viralyft has fueled up my page with hundreds of likes that don't stop coming.
- Jaylen
I recently found out Viralyft sells autolikes and I at once bought the cheapest plan to test it out. I have used their other services before and the autolikes are just the same. I am surprised honestly how they manage to keep consistency in legit every single thing they have to offer.
- Jake
I bought Instagram auto likes because I didn't want to buy likes constantly but rather gain them whenever I upload a post. So, I bought this service from Viralyft and the experience was great. Everything was delivered on time and the rates were very reasonable.
- Skyler
I have used a lot of sites but they all end up delivering way less than they promise. Some of them were straight-up frauds. After getting frustrated I found Viralyft on many lists and decided to give it a try. The results were great from the get-go. Will order again.
- Dean
Auto likes are quite useful for my Instagram brand as whenever I upload new posts I get likes immediately. It makes the posts look more credible. I have used other services of Viralyft before and like those times, this time too, I feel satisfied. Anyone can give them a try.
If you buy the base package only you will get 100 likes per post. Which has worked out great for me. I always get quality service from Viralyft and after buying Instagram auto likes it was a game-changer for me as I was able to promote better.
- Brennan
100 likes per post! Yes, I got them for a month, on the posts I uploaded daily. Viralyft delivered them on time and my posts looked quite credible. The price is easily justifiable because the results you get are worth it. I have already decided to try their services again.
- Kewin
If you have been looking for a service provider that delivers on its promises then Viralyft can be trusted. I have been using their services for some time now especially the Instagram auto likes service and I have had a blast! Give them a try if you want to buy social media marketing services.
- Peter
My friends have been using Viralyft to gain likes and comments on Instagram. I was sceptical about it but then I bought the auto likes package and since then I have trusted the site. I often come back if I need more stats on my posts.
- Julius
Finding this site was a boon. I have bought likes from so many places but they never seem to provide the best quality. But as soon as I started with Viralyft, I noticed the difference. I currently use the Instagram auto likes package and it has helped me a lot.
- Brany
My brand promotion needs constant engagement metrics. Sometimes I need extra boosts and when I found Viralyft it helped me a lot. I was easily able to procure the services I needed. Recently, I have used the auto likes service to avoid buying likes constantly. So far, I have nothing to complain about.
- Julia
There has been a time when I had a lot of distrust for social media service providers. They were fraud and scammed me and delivered bots. After a recommendation from an acquaintance, I decided to try Viralyft and now I know that I was choosing the wrong companies. The service for Instagram auto likes has been pretty good and I now recommend it to my friends.
- Chocolate
The customer support of the company is very helpful. I had issues with my order and it was not going through. But the customer support representative helped me out and the issue was resolved. Now, I have no problem getting likes regularly whenever I make a new post on Instagram.
- Jenifer
One of the best sites I have found for Instagram auto likes. The price of the service is quite reasonable and you can easily order likes and followers for Instagram. The auto likes service works smoothly and I have been receiving likes on Instagram when I upload a new post.
- Quinn
After using different sites that provide really bad services I stumbled upon this gem. It has been smooth sailing for me when it comes to purchasing any social media services. I really like the auto like service for Instagram and have been using it for a few months now.
- Thio
I have been using Instagram and Facebook to promote my brand. I have needed social media marketing services before but have never found the right site. Viralyft has been quite good as I have always received the likes on time after I have uploaded a post on Instagram.
- Macy
There have been many times when I have felt that the brands have been promising a lot but are falling short when it comes to delivering the service. I have never felt that about Viralyft as the site readily sends quality service when I make any purchase on their site.
- Markus
I have been a customer of Viralyft for a long time. Whenever I need to buy likes or followers for Instagram I use this site. The prices are quite low and it easily fits my budget constraints. The auto likes service is pretty decent. You get a bunch of likes when you upload a post on Instagram.
- Gia
My experience with Viralyft has been great. Every step was simple and the processes completed smoothly. Once I paid for my auto likes I didn't have to think too much about it as the company sent the likes on time and I didn't have any issues.
- Adam
Instagram auto likes service from Viralyft has been quite amazing. I was able to get a lot of likes whenever I uploaded on Instagram. I have used other sites but the quality has never been this good. Will come back for more.
- Garter
I have been buying likes and followers for my brand page on Facebook. I recently started a brand profile on Instagram. The Instagram auto likes service on has helped me get started with Instagram promotion.
- Tyler
I have been searching for a good site that can provide me with quality services but after trying a bunch of sites I was ready to give up. Luckily, I found Viralyft. The quality of the services and good customer support of the site is top-tier.
- Garrot
I have always liked the Instagram auto likes service provided by Viralyft. It saves a bunch of time. I always had benefited from the initial push that these likes from Viralyft give my posts. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking to buy Instagram auto likes.
- Georgia
Getting the monthly subscription of Instagram likes at a reasonable rate along with good quality can be tough. Viralyft has been my go-to site when purchasing social media services and I have used the Instagram auto likes service as a monthly subscription.
- Pedro
The amount of likes that you can get per post at the base package is around 100. You can post over 4 photos per day. I have always gotten the likes on time which is very important since the boost at the beginning has helped with my promotion.
- Dawson
I have gone through various review websites and lists and have used different sites but one of the sites that I regularly use for Instagram services is Viralyft. Their auto likes service is one of the best. I regularly use this service if I need a boost.
- Bruce
I highly recommend the Instagram auto likes service on this site. Viralyft has amazing packages. The price was quite low so I was sceptical at first. But after using this service I have always recommended it to everyone I know who uses social media services for promotion.
- Bret
Many people have recommended other sites to me but none have given me more satisfying results than Viralyft. One of the services that I have bought recently is the Instagram auto likes service. This service has given me regular likes whenever I have uploaded a post within a month.
- Mitchel
I didn't have a lot of money for promotion but I knew that I needed some support or tools to get an edge over my competitors. Fortunately, I found Viralyft mentioned in some articles. The starting package was not that costly and I decided to give it a try. Now, I use the service regularly because of the quality.
- Brock
Recently, I decided to start using social media platforms more aggressively for promotion. The services offered by Viralyft have been quite helpful in this regard. The Instagram auto likes service has been one of the best services that I have bought here.
- Kofy
This site has nice customer support! I used the chat button on the website to ask some questions. I got a quick response and the representative helped me navigate to the correct service which was Instagram auto likes and I got good results because of it
- Randy
Apart from high-quality likes at a cheap price, Viralyft has even more cool stuff. Check out the services provided and I?m sure you will love it.
- John Smith
I was stuck at the same level on Instagram. It felt as if I couldn't grow more on the platform. But thankfully I found this site. I have been using the Instagram auto likes service for a few months now. It has helped me boost my growth on Instagram. Now, I always buy social media services from Viralyft.
- Trey
There's a reason why people have been recommending Viralyft to me. I had a bias against social media services in general. But recently I needed a boost to get better at Instagram promotion and the Instagram auto likes service of Viralyft helped me with it. Very reasonable rates and good quality.
- Orton
You can never go wrong with the Instagram auto likes service that is provided by Viralyft. I had a small budget for promotion and I used some of it on Instagram auto likes. Within a month I saw the results. It was worth investing in. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for Instagram promotion services.
- Joaquin
There are many sites that have services for Instagram but many of them are just scammers. I used one site because the price was very low but I ended up losing the likes I bought. With Viralyft the results are much better and I have bought the Instagram auto likes service two months in a row.
- Arthur
Instagram promotion can be quite difficult. It is hard to get noticed. I have known about social media services for a long time but never thought about using them. After using the Instagram auto likes service on this site I know what I have been missing. I am a regular client of Viralyft now because of the service quality.
- Brooks
Before using auto likes from Viralyft I have used a couple of other sites. The services on this site are far better and the rates are reasonable for the quality of the service you get. Everything was completed on time and I have already bought a package for auto likes for the next month
- Cade
Using the services from Viralyft has been an awesome experience. I was regularly using it to buy likes and comments. But since I didn't want to waste a lot of time I moved on to the auto likes service and it has made my life a lot easier. I just buy a package every month and it helps boost my posts for a month.
- Curtis
You can easily buy the Instagram auto likes service on Viralyft and gain a lot of likes on Instagram. At first, I didn't believe it. But once my friend pushed me hard into buying it for Instagram promotion I was amazed. Now, I regularly use this service whenever I need some support.
- Charolette
I come to Viralyft very often for social media services. Whenever I feel that I need to boost the engagement metrics on my posts I buy a couple of packages from this site. I recently bought the starting package for Instagram auto likes. I have been getting a lot of likes on my posts due to this. Highly recommended!
- Rebekah
This is the service I have been looking for! After surviving frauds and scammers I finally found Viralyft and saw that they offer Instagram auto likes. The price was reasonable so I immediately bought the base package. Each of the posts that I uploaded in a month got 100 likes which were great.
- Rubica
The services for Instagram on Viralyft and the services for Facebook are the ones that I have used so far. I don't have anything to complain about. If you want to save some time but still want social media services for Instagram then buy Instagram auto likes from Viralyft. You will be sorted for a month.
- David
Viralyft?s automatic Instagram likes service is amazing and 100% legit! I was able to buy tons of high-quality likes for my Instagram posts at a very low budget.
- Ann Johnson
From my personal experience, I would say Viralyft?s Instagram auto likes it's a win-win. Likes bought from Viralyft helped me boost overall engagements such as followers, views, comments, etc.
- Joseph Williams
I don't think I'd be able to get this far on Instagram without Viralyft. All thanks to Viralyft. Not 4, not 5, Viralyft should get 10 STARS!
- Daniel Brown
I highly recommend Viralyft Instagram auto likes to anyone who wants to boost engagements on Instagram fast at a low budget.
- Susan Miller
I bought 500 automatic likes for my Instagram. My order was delivered almost instantly and I never had any problems with it to date!
- James Clark
I have used several sites for social media promotion for a while. I must say that Viralyft is the best site that I've come across so far.
- Henry Wilson
Apart from high-quality likes at a cheap price, Viralyft has even more cool stuff. Check out the services provided and I?m sure you will love it.
- James Brown
I?ve been using Viralyft for a while and it is better than any other social media promotion site for sure! Good company indeed! Highly recommended!
- Hannah Taylor

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