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Instagram stories are a powerful medium to grow your Instagram footprint. Buy Instagram story views and drive higher impact with your daily stories. This marketing investment has a domino effect, increasing organic engagement on your page. Boost not only your story views but also your page’s overall engagement.

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Instagram Story Views
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How To Buy Real Instagram Followers

Reach your goals with our premium Instagram followers

Choose your Instagram followers package

Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality followers available!

Enter Your Username

Provide us with your Instagram username, no password is needed! Just make sure your account is set to public so you can receive followers.

Complete Checkout

Pay securely via our SSL encrypted payment gateway, we accept all major credit and debit cards, You can rest easy knowing your financial information is never stored.

Why Buy Instagram Story Views from Viralyft?

If you need story views you have come to the correct site. We are the best site to buy Instagram story views. At SocialProis, we put you first and meet your needs. Use our services to enhance your engagement and maximize your reach on Instagram.

Key Features

Real Services

Authentic services are something that we always strive to deliver. We have always been an advocate for using real services. Only real accounts are used when you get Instagram story views from us. Having real accounts engaged on your profile helps you to get recognized by the Instagram algorithm.

These real accounts are used by real people across the world and thus they pose no risk to your account. You have authentic global engagement when you decide to buy Instagram story views from our website.

Affordable pricing

As a company, we strive to deliver the best quality services at the most affordable price points. We have some of the lowest prices in the industry which makes us the best site to buy Instagram story views. Keeping a low price point allows our clients to get the services they want without burning a hole in their pockets.

You can get quality story views by using your services. Our Instagram story views start at just $1.99. We have kept these low prices without cutting any corners on our quality. The promise of great quality at low price points has made us the best site to buy Instagram story views.

Quick delivery

With all of our services, we promise you a quick delivery schedule. All of your orders will be delivered as soon as possible. We aim to deliver all of the views instantly. The maximum time taken by us is 72 hours. We value punctuality and maintain it with regards to our deliveries.

Secure payments

We provide you with a safe experience when purchasing our services. When making your payment you are redirected to an encrypted page. This page protects your information from any phishing activities online. You and your payment details are always safe. Safety is one of the biggest concerns of clients in this industry. We have ensured that we take all of those steps needed to guarantee a safe payment process.

How to Get Started / how to buy Instagram story views

Choose package

The first step when looking to get Instagram story views is to find the package you like. There are a variety of options on our page. You should choose the one which you feel will be the most effective for your account. The packages differ in the number of views they have. Make your selection according to your account and the requirements that you have.

Enter Details

After you have finalized the package you want, you need to enter your details. These details help us to find the stories where you want your views to be added. We do not ask for any confidential information when you buy IG story views from us. You just need to enter the URL link of your Instagram story. We do not need your Instagram password but you have to make sure that your account is set to public.

Complete Checkout

You need to complete your payment to buy IG story views from us. You will be redirected to a secured checkout page. Here you can choose the payment method you are comfortable with and make your payment. The rest of the process will be handled by us.

What makes us special?

Years of experience

We have been one of the faces of the social media services industry. As a company, we have accomplished many years of serving our clients. Through these years we have gained a lot of experience. We use this experience to ensure you have the services when you choose us to get Instagram story views.

We use the combined knowledge of our team to get you the best story views available on the internet. The networks we have developed over the years help us to find good packages which will help your account to prosper. Our experience has allowed us to become the best site to buy Instagram story views for your account.


At Viralyft, we have a strict confidentiality policy. We want all of our clients to have a safe environment when they are buying services from us. All of the data you enter on our website is safe. We take all of the protective measures needed to ensure that you remain anonymous.

No one will ever find out that you have purchased services from us. This confidentiality policy of ours has helped clients to maintain their legitimacy. You can trust us to ensure you have the best experience when you buy Instagram story views from us.

Great engagement

When you get Instagram story views from us, we guarantee you great engagement. There are many companies out there that will provide you with the services but they do not help increase your engagement. We guarantee that with all of our services you will get the engagement that you are looking for.

When you buy Instagram story views from us you will get your desired engagement from them. We have tweaked our services to ensure that you receive the maximum engagement from them. With our services, the increased engagement allows you to boost your reach and have a successful time on Instagram.


We have been trusted by thousands of customers all around the world. Our clients trust us to deliver the services they want without any scope for failure. Throughout the years we have worked hard to ensure all of our clients can rely on us and our services. When you buy IG story views you place your trust in us and we will do justice to it.

We are seen as one of the most credible sites for social media services. This has earned us the title of the best site to buy Instagram story views. Our credibility has led to the majority of our customers returning to buy more services from us.

Easy to Use

The ease of use for our customers is always on our mind when we make the packages. We have made the process to buy Instagram story views very simple. By just following a few steps you can get Instagram story views. We have optimized our user interface. This helps you to make your purchases much quicker and not have to wait on the website. We aim to provide our customers with the best user experience out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Viralyft, we value our customers and their safety. Safety is one of the most important things for us. We want our clients to feel perfectly safe when they buy IG story views from us. We have set up an encrypted payment gateway for all payments made on our website. This encryption keeps you safe from any cyber-attacks.

We do not store your financial data so you do not java to worry about losing it. Your Instagram account is always safe as well. We do not ask for your password but just the link to your account. This keeps your account safe as your login credentials remain safe with you.

Instagram stories are one of the most engaging features on Instagram. Stories allow you to engage with your audience. Having views on your stories is a great way to boost your overall reach as well. This helps you to reach more people. When you buy Instagram story views, you boost this statistic.

Having increased story views gets you noticed by Instagram. This helps you to reach a larger number of people and get your account recognized. Instagram story views are greatly beneficial for your account and we are the best site to buy Instagram story views from.

We want to make it as convenient as possible to buy Instagram story views for our clients. We know that our clients from around the globe like to use different types of online payment methods. And, we have provided multiple payment options to help our clients with their payments.

You just have to choose the most suitable payment option in our encrypted gateway and then make the payment. We accept all major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more.

The number of story views required for accounts keeps varying. This is a figure which cannot be generalized. You have to analyze your account to find the most suitable number of stories views for you. You should look at the follower count of your account to have an idea of the number of story views you will require.

And, you could start by looking to buy Ig story views in small quantities and then increase it gradually to understand the impact. Every account is different and thus the story views they require will be different as well.

Many clients get worried about getting banned when they try to buy Instagram story views for your account. We assure you that when you buy Instagram story views from us, you will not face any ban from Instagram. We use only real accounts which provide you with Instagram story views.

Some companies provide you with views from bots that might endanger your account. Prevent adding bots to your account. Using only real accounts prevents any punitive action from Instagram. Your account remains safe when you buy Instagram story views from us.

We are one of the quickest service providers out there. After you buy Ig story views from us the order delivery starts instantly. You will find the views getting added to your account. The change should reflect in your account shortly. The majority of our orders are delivered within 24 to 72 hours.

We try to strictly maintain this schedule. The majority of your orders will still get delivered almost instantly. We keep trying to reduce the time taken by us to deliver your orders.

The time taken for the views to show effect in your account depends on many variables. After the views are delivered to your account you should start to notice the change within just a few hours. You will notice more engagement on your Instagram account. The full effect may take a day or two to be visible.

Once the views are added to your account, you need to give some time to Instagram to recognize this increase and boost your account. You should see visible changes in your stats soon after you get Instagram story views from us.

Viralyft is the best site to buy Instagram story views. We work hard to ensure you get the best packages at great prices. Our security features are miles ahead of the competition. We factor in all of the variables to provide you with a smooth experience with us.

We are committed to using only real accounts and delivering real services. You can trust us to find the best package on the internet and deliver them to your account with ease.

You can buy Instagram story views to get better engagement on the platform. Story views will help you to boost your engagement and reach. Becoming famous on Instagram requires a combination of factors. You can buy Ig story views to get a boost on the platform but the rest of the hard work has to be done by you.

You need to make food content along with engaging on the platform. Following a good posting schedule and making target content will help you to get famous. You need to do all of the basics of Instagram correctly and then use story views to get famous.

The cost of the packages varies with the number of story views you want to get for your account. We have tried to keep the prices at the absolute minimum for all of our clients. You will find our website providing you with some of the lowest prices when looking to get Instagram story views. You will manage to secure story views and engagement for your account without having to spend a fortune on services.

Tips & Tricks to Gain Engagement on Instagram

* Find an audience

One of the basics of having great engagement on Instagram is finding your audience. The content you have will not be to the liking of all of the people on Instagram. You need to find the niche of people who like your content and want to watch it. Instagram is a huge platform and it will be easy for you to find the demographic that relates to your content.

Finding your audience helps you to understand the demographic you are targeting. Having this information allows you to make better decisions in your marketing strategy and get better results on Instagram.

Modify your content

Having good content is essential to having engagement on Instagram. The majority of Instagram users come to the platform to get good content. Creators have to use their creativity to generate good content. Having good content will make your viewers stick with you. You should modify your content to make it ideal for your audience.

Check which posts get the most engagement from your viewers. Use those posts as a guide to making future posts. This will help you understand what posts give you the most engagement. Making more of these posts will naturally invoke a greater response from your audience.

Use the different features

Instagram keeps coming out with new features and you should use them in your content plan. New features get Instagram to notice your content more and get better reach. Your audience will also like to see you make use of the different features.

Using the new features gets the reach of your content boosted and helps you to get more engagement. You will be able to make inroads into new audiences. Making use of the different strategies will help you to gain the most on the platform.

Engage on the platform.

Engagement does not only flow unidirectionally. You cannot expect to get engagement from your audience without engaging with them yourself. This is a tedious process. You have to reply and like the comments of your audience on your posts. If they ask questions, try to respond to them as frequently as you can.

Find popular creators in your niche and engage with their content as well. Leave comments on their posts. This will let your account be viewed by people who are interested in the same niche as your content. Enageneing on the platform is a crucial step in gaining engagement for yourself.

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I?m so happy with the services Viralyft provide. They have managed to help me improve my engagement through the Instagram story views. The impact of their services got me to the top of Instagram. Will be looking forward to buying more services from them in the future.
- Beatrice tatum
When I first heard about this company I was not sure of their services. I was a bit doubtful whether this company is legitimate. After buying Instagram story views from them, I have seen huge changes in my account. My reach has increased and I have managed to get more followers on my account as well.
- Erin carolin
I have never been more pleasantly surprised by any company than them. They have some of the best services that I have seen. I bought around 5000 Instagram story views from them. I was a bit doubtful whether this company is legitimate. Will want to get more Instagram story views from them.
- Hailey suplee
When I tell you they are the best site to buy Instagram story views I mean it. I love the packages I have bought from them. This has increased the popularity of my account and encouraged more views on my profile. These services deliver on the promises made by the company.
- Crystal adams
You guys are missing out if you are not using their services. I got Instagram story views from them and they have managed to sweep me off my feel. The delivery was on time and the impact of the services could be witnessed almost immediately. They have become my go-to site to buy Instagram services and will continue to order from them in the future.
- Kendal reeves
I had high expectations for this company but they have managed to surpass all expectations. The story views started to get added to my account as soon as I completed my payment. I have never seen such a swift response from a company. They have become a site I trust to fulfill all of my social media needs.
- Raegan pattinson
I tried this site after my friend recommended it to me. The services I bought have all managed to meet the demands I had from them. They help you to reach out to more people and boost your engagement. I got exactly what I was looking for. I will have to thank my friend for recommending such an amazing site.
- Abilene Anderson
I heard some fellow creators talking about how beneficial this site is. When I bought story views from them I Understood the true range of their capabilities. I must say you will not regret buying their services. I am satisfied with the story views and their effectiveness. Their packages are a must-have for anyone looking to establish themselves on Instagram.
- Zetta Mae penn
Viralyft have become my first choice for Instagram services. They have the best Instagram story views available in this industry. Partnering up with them has made my journey on Social media much easier. I can now gain engagement without having to spend much time on Instagram.
- Tanya waits
I am new to Instagram and wanted to have good engagement rates on the platform. This company has helped me to change my fortune on Instagram. I have managed to reach the target I had set on Instagram all because of the engagement I got from their story views.
- Nancy haim
My older account had received a ban after using fake services from another website. I was dubious when trying Viralyft, but I have been pleasantly surprised. They keep the promise of using only real Instagram accounts. This has helped me to gain engagement without facing any punishment from Instagram.
- Ruth hoffman
The team at Viralyft are wizards. They have managed to magically help me become one of the top creators in my niche. I bought Instagram story views and saw a boost in all of the key stats. I recommend them to all of my friends. Couldn?t have achieved great things on Instagram without their support
- Maya spielberg
I was in shock when I saw the response that I got after buying Instagram story views from them. I still cannot believe that these amazing results are possible when using social media packages. If you are not using their services, you are missing out on tons of engagement.
- Lauren cocper
I was worried about whether I should trust them. They have managed to meet all of my expectations. They deliver services without asking for any personal information. Hands down one of the best sites out there.
- Chloe kawano
I have bought other services from Viralyft before. This was the first time buying Instagram story views and they did not decide. Just like all of their other services out there, it was of high quality. Cannot stress the importance of having a reliable service provider like Viralyft.
- Faith hayashibara
The quality of Instagram story views they provide is unmatched at this price. Other sites charge thousands of dollars for the services they are providing. Finding them has allowed me to save tons of money whole getting good Instagram story views. Will make any more purchases in the future.
- Samantha collins
I am not one to leave reviews on websites but I had to leave one for the amazing service they have. I was confused about the service I should buy and their customer support team helped me out. A big shoutout to them for helping me find the ideal Instagram story views package.
- Sloan hirata
I have tried almost all of the Instagram packages from different websites and I must say that Viralyft are the best. The quality and the price points they have cannot be matched by anyone else. Go for their services without any doubt about their services. They will manage to surprise you.
- Vale hiyama
I have been a customer of Viralyft for a long time. With each order, they have raised the bar even higher. I have made them a permanent part of my marketing strategy. I do not go to any other sites as they manage to provide the best services in all aspects, loved their Instagram story views the most.
- Christian Flescher
Being skeptical of their services I ordered just 500 views. After seeing how effective they were in helping my account I have ordered more. I order story views from them almost every week. Love the support from their customer service as well. Overall an amazing site to buy Instagram story views from.
- Ethan Holland
If you are like me, price is a huge factor. I have searched the internet but could not find another service provider who has better prices. Considering the authentic services they provide they have kept cheap prices. Their services are underpriced and I?m all for it.
- Dexter Wahlberg
Have you seen the prices they have? I?m amazed by how they manage to provide the phenomenal packages that they do for so cheap. I can buy tons of views for my account by just spending a few dollars. Love them for the low prices they have.
- Kobe Banderas
I love the fact that they provide you with a bit more views than you order. It is always nice to receive a bit more than what you order. I lost a few views and they immediately replenished it. Recommend them to anyone who wants to get more popularity on Instagram.
- Micah Branagh
The site is so easy to use. I was able to select my package and complete the payment in a matter of a few minutes. They help me to save time with every purchase I make on their website. They deserve all of the recognition they?re getting. The ease of use has made them the top choice for me.
- Tyler Gadot
I was a bit confused about which plan I should select. I used their live chat option and was connected to a support executive within minutes. He was kind and patient enough to explain the advantages of the plans and guide me to selecting the correct plan for me. I will visit them again for more services.
- Remy hammer
The fact that you can buy 25k views in a single order makes it very exciting for me. It helps me to place huge orders in a single go and makes it more convenient for me. Other sites have a much smaller limit and have issues delivering big orders. They were able to deliver my order without any issues.
- Julian Bening
Kudos to the team at Viralyft. They have made all of my Instagram dreams a reality. I was not getting engagement on my stories so I bought their Instagram story views. My stories have tons of views and more get added each day. They have made engaging on the platform much easier for me and I thank them for it.
- Dimitri Wright
There are many reasons to love Viralyft but their efficiency takes the cake for me. I have made multiple orders and they have managed to deliver all of them on time. I have never faced any delays even when ordering huge quantities. They are one of the most reliable companies out there for Instagram services.
- Cody Brand
The safety of my account is a key concern for me. They did not ask for my login information but just the link to my account. This kept my account safe while I was purchasing Instagram story views. Unlike many other sites, they take your safety seriously which has made them my favorite site to buy Instagram views and other services.
- Aldo Gillett
I am so impressed with their Instagram services. I had bought story views for my account and the engagement they brought be is wonderful. I will look to try all of the other services they have as well. I give them a 10/10 rating. They are a trustworthy company delivering you the best packages at the best prices.
- Bethany Quaid
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