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As a music creator, you want to deliver your songs and albums to the right audiences. By partnering with Viralyft, you get to buy Soundcloud plays of real listeners looking to discover music like yours. Get more bang for your marketing bucks with this investment.

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How To Buy Real Soundcloud Plays

Reach your goals with our premium Soundcloud Plays

Choose your Soundcloud Plays package

Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality plays available!

Enter Your Song URL

Provide us with your Soundcloud song URL, no password is needed!

Complete Checkout

Pay securely via our SSL encrypted payment gateway, we accept all major credit and debit cards, You can rest easy knowing your financial information is never stored.

Why Buy SoundCloud Plays from Viralyft?

SoundCloud is a flourishing platform that is flooded with countless music creators from all around the world. For underrated artists and new music creators, even thousands of listeners can be a dream come true. Being with Viralyft can bring these creators the promotion they seek from SoundCloud. The idea to buy SoundCloud plays can bring the best response from listeners on a silver platter to the underrated creators too.

Notable Benefits for Customers

Finding the best website to get the authentic SoundCloud plays from active users depends on a few factors as stated below:

Authentic SoundCloud Plays

Most websites providing SoundCloud plays just increase the numbers once for the specific post using bot users. Bot user plays are a one-time thing and provide no support for the future. But Viralyft provides the plays differently as all the listeners are real users. If they like the songs of the creator, they are going to look forward to more and even choose to follow the creator.

Every SoundCloud play is important for new creators to get the attention that their created music or songs deserve. These plays can push the song up the most listened list and fetch more listeners in the future.

Global Reach for Posted Songs

Posted songs can start getting a good level of engagement as plays offered by Viralyft is from all around the world. This global reach from the plays of the active users can bring out the people who are actually interested in the songs of the user.

Every time the song is played, there is a level of engagement observed and the song gets pushed up more. Getting up on the search list around the world is the dream of most music creators. The facility of getting global reach from the music play plans is definitely the right option.

Secure Plays and Plan Completion

Plays are generally never lost from the songs posted by the users. No requirement of refill will be there unless there is a problem with the number of plays provided. The plans to buy SoundCloud plays are all secure and the completion of the order is something that the website takes care of deeply. Since all the plays are from authentic sources, bulk orders create a great impact.

The songs start getting famous and popular bringing in more plays. A strict tenure is present to help with the plan completion and facilitate timed delivery of the plays.

Secure Payment Process

The website follows a strict policy of never storing any payment data from any of the customers. The security of the payment is better as the payment gateway is simpler but secure. This payment gateway supports all kinds of major credit and debit cards to pay from the plans. Security of the payment mode, as well as the security of the chosen plan, remains at its best.

Payment safety is the major concern for most buyers trying to fetch social media marketing solutions . Since Viralyft ideally provides that security, it is considered a secure website for users.

Maintain Account Privacy on SoundCloud

Account privacy of the SoundCloud handle of the user must remain safe even after buying the plans. SoundCloud followers are pretty common if a person’s music gets the proper engagement. But it is always best to stay safe from every possibility of getting banned. The music shared by the users must remain safe and attention from real accounts may shoot up under certain situations.

This is the importance of account privacy on SoundCloud where only the music account handle is necessary without the requirement of a password. Hence the process is simple and perfect for the music creators seeking help.

Dedicated 24/7 Live Chat Support

Live chat support is not just to take help when required, but it is also for checking orders. Placing an order is relatively easy here as the website design is perfect for everyone.

A dedicated live chat support system is available throughout the day to help the customers get all the services. It may start from the plan choices, package rates and steps or ordering. Even after ordering the customer support remains equally active to provide the status of the specific order.

Best Price Ranges Guaranteed for all Plans

The price range is variable considering the extensive choices of plans. The lowest plan starts at the price of $6 for 1000 plays. It moves up to bulk orders of 20000 plays for just $89. This is as affordable as it gets for the SoundCloud creators. They are going to just enjoy sitting back and relaxing, while their videos start getting authentic plays.

People choose the plan based on the audience they expect at the given moment. Best price points for the plans are decided with the starting choice at $6 which is cheaper than a pizza. In this competitive market. Such a price range with this level of security makes Viralyft an ideal choice.

Trusted Service with Refund Policy

Refund is one benefit rarely seen in social media marketing websites. They can understand the importance of money of the customers and there is a refund policy that applies for the user if the facility is not provided properly or within the given tenure.


Such matters are treated with high efficiency by the customer service executives and a refund reaches the user as soon as possible. This trusted service makes the previous customers drive more people to get the benefits of the business.

Experience and Exceptional Clientele

Social media marketing services are provided by Viralyft for the past 50 years. They have a promising record all these years as they have successfully helped half a million people gain fame on social media. The client list is exceptional as there are people who started with this marketing solution and are now some of the top creators and influencers on social media platforms.

SoundCloud artists also deserve this fame as many of them fail to get the audience they dream and expect. Fetching their songs an ideal online audience can make the song famous. Such songs can be shared by the listeners for others to listen increasing the active audience.

Steps to Get Started with SoundCloud Play Plans

From the process of selecting the plans to order those plans, following a few steps are important.

Deciding on a Package Considering the Expected Reach

All the listed SoundCloud play plans come with genuine users who listen to the songs of the creators. Bulk packages for plays move up to 20,000 which is a huge number for the new creators.

The first idea is to decide the ideal package according to the reach that the user is expecting from the created music. Deciding is done through personal ideas or taking the professional help of the customer care facility of the website.

Filling the details and Providing SoundCloud Link

All songs posted by the creators have a specific SoundCloud link that needs to be provided by the buyers to the website. It defines the specific place or the song where they are expecting the plays.

For ordering, some details need to be filled in by the customer starting from the link and the very few personal details of the customer. All these details remain secure throughout the process and even after ordering from Viralyft.

Payment process and Order Completion

Filling in the details is the most important step of ordering, but the most important step to complete the order is through payment for the order.

There is a broad spectrum of payment options starting from multiple credit and debit cards to complete the payment. These debit card and credit card details are safe because of the SSL payment gateway through which the payment is completed. After going through all these three steps, the chosen order gets completed.

Waiting for the Tenure to Receive the Complete Order

After paying for the order there is a specific delivery time which is the tenure for getting the complete order after they buy Soundcloud plays for the song. All the plays are received within the given tenure and in this manner, the order is completed.

After completion of the order, the song will surely do even better as it starts getting its place in the search and some of the most played songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

SoundCloud creators post their music to get the attention of an interested audience. They expect people who will be future listeners of their songs as well creating a great follower base on SoundCloud. The plans to buy SoundCloud likes improves the chances of getting such followers as Viralyft provides all plays from real users.

Those who like the songs or music are expected to become followers for future music posted on the SoundCloud handle. SoundCloud plays also pushes the song upward in the most-searched list. Hence the listeners go beyond those provided by Viralyft. New listeners are attained and those who are entertained by the music stick to the creator and their SoundCloud handle. This way the creators get hold of a really strong listener base.

Content from SoundCloud can be shared on multiple social media platforms which bring in higher traffic for the posted music. If a person buys SoundCloud plays from Viralyft, their song starts getting the engagement they hope for. This engagement is not just limited to the specific song but even the future music posted as well. It is completely safe to buy plays as those are from authentic accounts of SoundCloud users and there is no chance of getting banned.

Any person can have a sudden increase in plays for their music which is completely normal as many underrated and unknown artists are pretty famous in the SoundCloud community. Viralyft also provides the benefits of security to the user, authentic followers and plays, security to SoundCloud handle and a faster shot to fame, and every new music creator should try this opportunity for themselves.

SoundCloud is a music posting and streaming platform which is dedicated to providing fame to music creators. Many people have started their career in music and with a huge audience, their popularity went to the moon. Posting music frequently, actively evaluating the engagement of the songs are the ways to understand the type of music that most people expect.

Music should be at par with the target audience to bring more followers to the SoundCloud handle. Social media marketing websites provide solutions to get better engagement at the start so that more people start noticing the content and stay interested. Following these ideas can make a person achieve the fame they desire on SoundCloud.

The delivery period after clients buy SoundCloud plays is listed as 24-72 hours. All the dedicated plays from avid listeners come from the real users of SoundCloud music. This means it is not about a higher number of plays but the actual listeners who will be there for the future music posted on the platform.

If a music creator takes the help of social media marketing from Viralyft to influence their popularity on SoundCloud, they can get a faster start. Taking such services, it takes a few months only to become really famous. These plays come from the organic users who remain active on the platform and listen to varied music. The real plays make the SoundCloud handle and the songs posted there more credible with better chances of reach.

Authenticity is something that is given topmost priority at Viralyft. The company only believes in providing authentic services to all of its clients. Having authentic services available on their website is something which they take very seriously. All of the services displayed on their website irrespective of their type are authentic.

They only sell real services to their large client base. The company believes that its customers should get the best services in the industry. The company has quality checks for all of its packages. Company tests its services to ensure that the service you order is real. When you buy SoundCloud plays on their website they promise to provide the real deal. Real plays will reach your account which will aid in your growth.

The presence of fake services in this industry is something that they hate. Fake services can cause a variety of problems for your account. You will face multiple problems if you decide to use fake services. The consequence of using fake services is quite large and can even get your account banned.

To avoid this only real services should be used and Viralyft as a company ensures that there are no lapses on their part. If you ever get a fake service delivered along with your order, you can easily contact them and they will ensure they address the problem. When you decide to get SoundCloud plays from Viralyft you can stay rest assured that only authentic services reach your account.

If you are looking to enter the highly competitive music industry you will have to have a solid amount of SoundCloud plays. The presence of a huge number of artists on SoundCloud has made it difficult to prosper and have a great number of plays naturally.

When you buy SoundCloud plays you are essentially paving a path towards your goal of becoming a musician. The effort required to become a full-time musician will decrease if you have a good number of SoundCloud plays. These plays help you get recognized by the correct people in the industry and help to uplift your career. And Even, Not only Buying Soundcloud plays can increase your engagement rate, Also Buying SoundCloud likes or followers can Increase your engagement with higher rates.

Getting SoundCloud plays as a beginner is very difficult. With a huge number of artists that there on the platform, it becomes difficult to stand out and create an audience base all on your own. If you have the support of Viralyft which is considered one of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays you guarantee your success.

The initial difficulty of getting plays is solved by buying their packages. These plays will help you appeal to a larger audience. This will introduce more people to your music and make you one of the top SoundCloud artists.

The time taken to deliver packages depends on the type of order you place on the website. The order quantity is another important aspect that determines the time taken to deliver your order. Viralyft is a company that understands the importance of time. The company values its customers.

They do not want any of their customers to have to waste any time on their website. To ensure they provide the highest quality of customer satisfaction they have quick delivery of services.

The company has become masters in ensuring that your orders are delivered before the deadline promised by them. After you place an order to buy SoundCloud plays on their website the team instantly begins to process your order. You will see an immediate increase in the number of plays you have.

The order stats to get filled in from the moment you place an order. The company promises that they will deliver your orders within 72 hours. Viralyft has provided all of their packages with a uniform deadline.

They ensure that no matter the order quantity your plays get delivered on time. The company has been successful in meeting these deadlines regularly. Placing an order with them assures you of timely delivery of the services you want. They leave no room for complaint and you will be left satisfied with their prompt delivery.

SoundCloud is an important part of any upcoming musician. If you make music and want to be discovered by the world you should be looking to set up a SoundCloud account.

Many artists who have reached the top of the music world have at a point in their career posted their music on SoundCloud. SoundCloud allows your music to be viewed by the community and gives you an audience interested in the music you produce.

Posting music on an application where all people want to discover new music helps you to find people who can boost your career. SoundCloud plays is an important way of judging the quality of an artist. Many companies and producers use SoundCloud plays as a method to find new talent.

When you start to get tons of plays on the platform it boosts your status as an artist. Your music gains more prominence. Having more plays signifies that people are enjoying your music and playing it again and again.

This creates a positive impression about your music and helps you in your music career. These plays will help you to take your music to the next level in terms of being able to get recognition in the music industry. Just like followers are one of the most important things for an Instagram creator, SoundCloud plays have the same importance for a budding musician on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud plays have a positive effect on your account. It will help you reach a larger audience. However, only getting plays for your account is not the way to achieve success on SoundCloud and as a musician in general. For starters, you will have to make good music. This is the basic requirement for being able to succeed as a musician.

Your music has to be top of the time. If you do not make good music succeeding as a musician is not possible. You should choose a genre of music and start by making songs that play to your strengths. Having good music is essential for being a top musician.

Buying plays will help you to get more recognition. This in turn will help you make connections in the music industry. We recommend that you follow good posting habits when managing your Soundcloud account. Try to find the optimal time for posting. Along with this, you should also try to fully utilize other forms of social media.

Provide links to your music on different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others. Buying plays can help you get a better reach and audience but it cannot replace hard work. You will have to dedicate time and effort towards your music to become one of the top artists on SoundCloud.

The team at Viralyft is known to give a lot of importance to the security of their clients. They have a huge database of clients and ensuring their safety and security is considered to be one of the most important things. The company takes all available security measures to ensure you are safe at all times when visiting their website.

The company tries to protect you against different types of malicious attacks. As a company, they want to instill confidence in you as a customer. The company has taken determined steps towards ensuring they provide the best security to you.

A big step in providing you with good security and keeping your account safe is not asking you for any account details. Providing your account details exposes you to many issues and security lapses.

You expose yourself to many security risks and threats if you share your account details. Sharing your log-in credentials which include your username and password is never a good idea. Viralyft does not ask you for any login credentials.

They can supply the services to your account by just using the URL. They ask you to submit the URL of the account where you want plays to be added. Not having to provide your log-in details ensures you stay safe at all times.

You should keep your login details with yourself and Viralyft ensures that you do not have to compromise on the security of your account when wanting to use their services.

When you get SoundCloud plays from Viralyft, the payment can be made on their website. You will have an assortment of packages to choose from. Choose the package which meets your needs.

These packages differ in order quantity. Choose the order value which you feel best meets the requirements of your account. After selecting the package you will have to enter the URL link of the account where you want the plays to be added.

Being in the best Places to buy SoundCloud plays, Viralyft has provided its customers with a wide variety of payment methods. You have the choice of using the payment method which you trust and are the most comfortable with.

They accept credit and debit card payments. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other popular cards on their site. All of the details you enter ate kept safe and never stored. Their SSL encryption makes it safer for you to make payments on their website.

How much you spend when you buy SoundCloud plays depends on the order quantity you want. These packages differ in price due to the number of plays they add. Obviously the more the number of plays the higher the price of the packages. The company has priced its packages fairly when you compare them with others in the industry.

The smallest package they have adds 1000 plays to your account for just $6. Keeping their prices so low has allowed them to help many customers get the services they want while remaining within their budget. The biggest package they have costs $89 and provides you with 20k plays on your SoundCloud account.

For every field that you want to succeed in, there has to be a starting point. All artists and creators no matter how big they are have had a humble beginning. SoundCloud is one of the best places where upcoming artists can get the best exposure to the industry.

The site is completely free and a great starting point for your music career. Many artists have started their careers on this site and made it big in the music world. SoundCloud is seen by many big producers as a place for finding new talent.

The site brings upcoming artists in contact with people who have contacts in the industry. If used properly, SoundCloud is the perfect launchpad for new musicians.

As people from all over the world can listen and comment on your music you can get their opinion on your music. This helps you to finetune your music and move towards the net stage of your career.

All of the orders placed on Viralyft are executed perfectly. There is a lot of focus on ensuring that the customers get their orders without having to go through any hassle or problems. The company has an excellent track record.

They have been delivering orders to their clients without them having to face any issues or hassles. They try their best to ensure customers do not have any grievances or complaints against them.

If you ever face any issues or want updates on your order you can contact their customer service team. Their customer service teams consist of knowledgeable individuals who are trained to be able to help you.

They have a 24/7 customer service team. You can contact this team in case of any queries or complaints. They have all the knowledge and resources needed to help you with your issues. The customer service team can be contacted through multiple methods.

These different methods allow you to contact them through any method which you find comfortable. The live chat feature connects you the members of the customer service team instantly. You can chat with them about the queries you have and they will guide you. You can also email them and they will get back to you at the earliest.

Tips and Tricks

How Do You Get People to Listen to Your SoundCloud?

Here are some tips and best practices that will guarantee you more SoundCloud plays if you put them to work.

* Use Right Tags

Tags play the most crucial role in helping the audience on SoundCloud find your music. Using appropriate tags while publishing your music helps to make it more noticeable and discoverable.

Hence, one of the best ways to automatically get more people to listen to your SoundCloud is to tag your music. You can add moods and location to your tags as well. Also, go for tags that are more concise and accurate to your music.

* Make Your Album Art Right

When it comes to getting people to listen to your music on SoundCloud, album art matters the most. Wherever your music goes, be it on any other social media platforms or any blog, your album art will always be there with your music. No matter where your music goes, it’s the album art that encourages people to listen to it and makes it stand out.

So, make it count as you now know how much it’s important for SoundCloud plays. Go for artwork that’s unique, eye-catching, and represents your music as well as you.

* Publish Your Best Music

In the end, it’s your music that’s going to bring in plays for itself on SoundCloud and it will also skyrocket your SoundCloud likes. Make sure to make your music worth the time and effort spent by your listeners. Crappy music is liked by none. Hence, such music won’t get you anywhere and will not fetch you any results.

Make sure to keep your listeners in mind while creating music because it’s ultimately them who’s going to listen to it. Always publish and promote good music as it always sells. Good quality music will help you gain traction and go viral easily.

* Cross-Promote

Sharing your new music with your audience and groups on SoundCloud is great. But, sharing it with both the SoundCloud community and audiences of other platforms is even better.

We would suggest you put your music out into the world and not just limit it to SoundCloud. You can do it by sharing it on all your promotion platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

* Engage With Others

SoundCloud is the world’s largest online community for music enthusiasts. For growing in any community, it’s important to consistently stay active, engage, and collaborate. Apart from promoting your music, you should also be commenting, liking, and reposting other people’s music.

Be open to engaging with other people’s content, asking them for collaboration, and reposting some of your songs. It is a win-win as you get the opportunity to celebrate the work of others as well as grow yours.

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Viralyft is one of the most reputed SoundCloud plays providers on the internet right now. If you are planning to buy plays for your Soundcloud account, Viralyft will make sure that they do it like no other. They always maintain their service quality and deliver plays with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
- Jimenez
Although Viralyft is a relatively new in the social media marketing scene of Soundcloud, they have carried out really well in this competitive industry. They provide you with the 100% genuine and active SoundCloud plays. The prices they offer for SoundCloud plays are much cheaper than others.
- Foster
Viralyft SoundCloud Plays is the real deal. They're professional, friendly, and incredibly reliable. Their prices are unbeatable, I've shopped around extensively for Soundcloud providers and Viralyft sets the standard. After working with them for multiple projects I can comfortably say they offer the best customer service experience you'll find anywhere on the web!
- Ross
Viralyft has gained their reputation as the best place to buy Soundcloud plays because of their commitment to excellent customer service and high quality products. Their customer service reps are quick to respond and will help you solve any problems you may have. Their prices are also very reasonable and they offer a wide range of products that can fit any budget. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy Soundcloud plays or any other services they offer.
- Long
What I liked about their services was that I could communicate with them easily and it was a very smooth process. Their customer service is very responsive and they answer to your questions in a timely manner. They also keep you updated on the status of your order. I would recommend Viralyft to anyone who wants to buy Soundcloud plays.
- Myers
I have been using their service for quite some time now, and I can honestly say that they are one of the best. They provide high quality services to each and every customer which is why I keep coming back. Their customer support is also really good. If you're looking to partner up with a company that can help you increase your Soundcloud plays, then I highly suggest Viralyft to you.
- Sanders
The services provided by Viralyft are top notch. Their customer service is second to none, and so far I have had no problems at all with any of my orders. My SoundCloud is benefiting big time thanks to their plays. I would recommend them to any one looking for professional services.
- Castillo
I've been buying SoundCloud plays from them for a while and I can tell you that they're the best in the business. They always deliver my order on time and their prices are unbeatable. Once you have received the plays, they are forever on your account. Now this is some deal.
- Hughes
I want to say Viralyft saved my Soundcloud career! They were able to push my song up the charts and give it a huge boost. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get their Soundcloud presence off the ground or just increase their current plays.
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I ordered 2k SoundCloud plays and they were delivered within two days. I was amazed at how fast they completed the work and how smoothly it all went. I've had no problems with them since the first purchase and will continue to buy from them in the future! Great stuff for just 12 dollars.
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I have tried different companies for my Soundcloud promotion but Viralyft is the best for me. No hidden charges, no false promises, no bogus reports, but true service. I know what I pay for and how many plays I get. And it is amazing to finally have a service where someone from the customer support actually tries to help you.
- Gray
I love SoundCloud and I'm a musician, so I am always looking for new ways to promote my music. I've tried a few other companies that offer SoundCloud promotion services, but the results were not always there. Viralyft has been great for me and the most consistent one. They have great customer service and they are very responsive to all of my questions.
- Bennet
Viralyft is the place you need to buy Soundcloud plays from. Their plays are permanent and from people all over the world. They deliver every order within 2 days like they promise, doesnt matter how big it is. Be it 1k or 20k, they will get you top quality plays quick and hassle-free.
- James
Viralyft is by far the best place to buy Soundcloud plays. It's easy to navigate, you don't have to wait for days for your order to be delivered. At most, it takes them 2 days and that too if the order is large. It's also the most affordable place I've found to buy such premium plays.
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Viralyft is a quality company with quality products. I have been using their services for over a year now and they have been amazing every time! They are the only company I use to buy SoundCloud plays, and their prices can't be beat. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable company to buy from. Trust me you'll never regret it.
- Chavez
I have used Viralyft for different SoundCloud services and I am very pleased. Their prices are the best, their customer service is impeccable. They are very patient with me when I ask them questions, and most importantly, the plays are real! I recommend Viralyft to everyone who is looking for paid plays on SoundCloud.
- Brooks
I am a customer of viralyft and they are just the best. I have purchased from them continuously and they have never disappointed me. Their customer service is also great, which is rare with any company these days. But i really gotta praise how they manage to generate real plays. My account has never been into any trouble after buying thousands of plays from here.
- Watson
I've used several providers for my Soundcloud plays, but Viralyft is by far the best value for your money. The plays are permanent and from real people around the world. They have a great customer service team that responds swiftly to any concerns or questions you might have.
- Ward
Viralyft is the only company that has consistently delivered real plays to my tracks on Soundcloud. I've had experiences with other companies, but they all failed to deliver. Viralyft is the only one that delivers on time and helps me get more exposure on Soundcloud. The prices are very accurate too which makes it all so better.
- Cox
I have been buying Soundcloud plays from Viralyft for about a month now, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the amount of boost in engagement I have gotten in that time. They are very reliable in their service, and they deliver the product exactly how and when they have advertised.
- Ramos
I have tried buying SoundCloud plays from several different companies over the years, but have never had any success. But that was before I found Viralyft. They are by far the most reliable place to buy Soundcloud plays. Global, legit plays for the cheapest prices what else could one need.
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I am really happy with what you have done here. I honestly had my doubts when I bought the plays, but I was pleasantly surprised on delivery. I can see the difference they have brought to my performance ever since. Thank you guys for your service. You are doing a great job!
- Reed
My last order from Viralyft was completed within 2 days. I have to say this is the best service ever! I got my plays from them and now my songs are getting more traction than ever before! I can't thank you guys enough for what you do. Keep it up!!
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I have tried other companies that claim to be the best but this is the only site that has come through for me. If you're looking for quality plays then I suggest you check these guys out. They have got good plans for all kind of needs. I also think the prices are spot on.
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I had my doubts at first, but I took the plunge and purchased 5k plays for $30. When they arrived the next day, I was so impressed. Like this is super fast. These guys are amazing at what they do. I am now a loyal customer to Viralyft.
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I bought the cheapest package of SoundCloud plays that was available and since then I have been back for more. I keep coming back because of the fast delivery times and how safe the plays have been for my account. I will be a customer for a very long time.
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You can buy Soundcloud plays from Viralyft with 100% confidence. Your plays will be delivered within 2 days and they are permanent. The price is unbeatable too. I've tried almost every other service on the internet and no one beats this price!
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I have been using Viralyft for about a year now and they have been great. If you buy Soundcloud plays from them, they are permanent. They don't drop like other sellers. They will do everything they can to help you out, and I really appreciate that.
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The best place to buy plays for SoundCloud is right here. All of the orders I have placed here were delivered to me within days. You can get up to 5,000 plays for just $30 at Viralyft. The people who run this service are trustable and they do not scam anyone! Be assured if you are planning to buy your plays here!
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Ever since I found the Viralyft website, I have been ordering plays from them regularly. It is a trustworthy and reputable website. Viralyft delivers their orders very quickly and they have never let me down once. This website is where I get all of my plays from now because their service is very reliable.
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This is by far the best place to buy plays for your Soundcloud tracks. The package I ordered was delivered within 24 hours and provided me with both permanent and legit plays. They always deliver their order quickly I have noticed. Very consistent and very reliable.
- Hannah
Viralyft is the best place to buy plays for Soundcloud tracks. They provide instant and permanent plays along with a refill guarantee. Their orders never failed to deliver what was promised. The Soundcloud plays arrive in short time, and are all very real people visiting your profile.
- Everly
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