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Want to drive up the popularity of your TikTok channel overnight? Our in-house experts at Viralyft know how to make it happen! Buy TikTok likes from authentic users looking for content like yours with the right support. Buy likes on TikTok, and build your channel’s popularity!

Premium-Quality Likes are the highest grade available in the market, these come from real users all over the world and are terrific for ranking your videos higher!
High Quality Likes
What's the difference
  • Top Quality Likes
  • No Password Needed
  • 24-48 Hour Delivery
  • Global Likes
  • 24/7 Support
Premium Quality Likes
What's the difference
  • Top Quality Likes
  • No Password Needed
  • 24-48 Hour Delivery
  • Global Likes
  • 24/7 Support
High Quality Likes
What's the difference?
High-Quality Likes are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from global users.
Premium Quality Likes
What's the difference?
Premium-Quality Likes are the highest grade available in the market, these come from real users all over the world and are terrific for ranking your videos higher!
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How To Buy Real Tiktok Likes

Reach your goals with our premium Tiktok Likes

Choose your Tiktok Likes package

Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality Likes available!

Enter Your Video URL

Provide us with your Tiktok url, no password is needed!

Complete Checkout

Pay securely via our SSL encrypted payment gateway, we accept all major credit and debit cards, You can rest easy knowing your financial information is never stored.

Why Buy TikTok Likes from Viralyft?

Well, as you may have heard, TikTok has become a big deal now. This user-generated content platform is on the verge of becoming the biggest in the world after youtube. This app particularly exploded in the pandemic, where more people were exposed to the use case of this app and how it could earn money if used right. The TikTok marketers went on a spree and hired every micro-influencer out there to promote their products. TikTok has become a worldwide sensation as this is the perfect place to get your songs viral and also get cool and goofy products out. If you want to stand out as a brand on TikTok and you want to market on it well, then Viralyft offers services to do just that. They let you buy TikTok likes and engagement on other social media platforms to build a strong community and a great social media presence.

But before that let’s learn what Viralyft is and how it works. Viralyft is a website that provides you services that help you grow your presence on social media. This includes buying TikTok likes, followers, views and much more. It is one of the most popular websites to buy engagement from and hence very trusted and credible. They have global networks where they source their likes and are very safe to use as they have already served more than 500,000 users. Now, that you understand what Viralyft is and how it works, let’s take a look at some key features of this service.

Key Features

Quality Likes

Viralyft promises to offer only quality services and hence you can trust buying TikTok likes from them. The likes that you get are from real people and not from auto-generated or bot accounts. Viralyft is very strict about where they get these accounts from and hence only promises to deliver real likes and followers from all around the globe.

Their vetting process makes it difficult for any spam account to end up on your page and hence you can trust Viralyft with any kind of service. Auto-generated accounts and fake followers are used by a lot of services on the internet, which reduces your overall engagement over time.

Hence, viralyft makes sure you get the best quality service when it comes to buying TikTok likes or any other social media engagement.

Timely delivery

Since TikTok is a competitive environment, getting the likes before your competitors is what makes the difference. When using Viralyft you can always expect the delivery of your order to be on time and hence you should check out Viralyft to buy TikTok likes from. Also, they deliver on short notices so you can stay ahead of the curve at all times.

Since engagement in the initial few days of posting is really important as the TikTok algorithm then considers your account as a popular one and puts your content under the limelight, viralyft ensures that you get delivery on time. Timely delivery is one of the most important things to look for in any such service.

Extremely credible

Viralyft is one of the most credible websites out there. When you come to their website for help regarding any of your social media handles, you just leave them with your worries and they will take care of it. You will see the results soon and you will surely be satisfied with them.

More than half a million customers have already relied on them and have seen great results and you can too. Their website has been relevant in this market since they came out, which is a sign of how great they are at what they do, which is why people rely on them. If you’re looking to buy TikTok views from a credible website then viralyft is the place to go to.

Extreme Engagement

Viralyft promises high-quality engagement after you use their services. Since they have a global network, people around the world get drawn to your account and hence are more likely to stick around. The best part is that, after you buy likes from Viralyft, Instagram considers that your video is being liked by people and boosts it to even more people around the globe.

This is what makes your account stand out amongst the rest and hence helps your account in the long run. Now since it does put your account under the limelight, it also attracts more and more organic engagement, which is very crucial for any TikTok channel’s growth. Also, since your content is liked by real accounts, more people are reeled in to like your videos which is what makes using Viralyft so beneficial.

Encrypted payment gateways

Encrypted payment gateways accept both MasterCard and Visa, which are internationally accepted card brands. Since their payment gateways are encrypted your card details are safe and secure and hence you can buy engagement from Viralyft without feeling too worried about the security of your sensitive information.

In this day and age, where people are really scared about their accounts being hacked or their data being stolen, viralyft makes sure your data is safe and hence is considered to be one of the best services to go to. Also, their websites are SSL certified, which means it’s safe from DDoS attacks and also to hackers, so you can rest well and rely on viralyft to get the job done.

24/7 live chat and support

One thing that makes Viralyft stand out in the industry is its impeccable customer support. No matter what’s the issue and no matter what’s the time, the customer support executives are always ready to help you out. They also have live chat support so if you have any queries regarding your order or in general you can contact them immediately.

Since their customer support is quick to respond and gives out helpful solutions to their customers, people love using their services. They also keep you updated on your order which is a sign of high-quality service. Since customer support is one of the most important factors to distinguish a good service from a bad one, viralyft makes sure they are always available for any queries customers may have.

Highly affordable

Viralyft offers its services for very affordable prices and hence is one of the most popular social media presence building websites in the industry. Since you can just spend 10 bucks and try out if you like the service or not, it becomes quite easy to try out. Since they are so cost-effective, many people can try their services out and see for themselves how good they are. Their basic packages start from $10, which is a very menial price for any kind of service.

Even their most expensive packages are not more than $200 which is a fair price for buying TikTok likes. They aim to be one of the least expensive services in the market even while maintaining the quality, which makes them come across as a lucrative service provider.

User reviews

Since Viralyft has been in the market for quite a long time, it has acquired some great customers. Most of the reviews of Viralyft are positive comments from people. This indicates that their user experience is great and hence you should try them out at least once.

Also, even with so many customers already on board, their rating doesn’t falter and stay above 4 stars, which is a really good score after over half a million users already. User reviews should be considered before buying TikTok likes and if you do so you will find, viralyft stays on top.

How to buy TikTok Likes?

Now that you are interested in buying TikTok likes from Viralyft, let us guide you on the process. The procedure of buying TikTok likes from Viralyft is pretty simple and is hence one of the easiest ways to buy engagement from. Well, to start, you have to visit their website and hover on the TikTok tab on their home page.

Once you do that, you’ll see a drop-down menu and you have to select the service that you want to avail yourself of. In this case, you select the TikTok likes button and it will open a new page. This page will show the prices of different packages on offer. These packages vary from $2.39 for 100 likes to $148 for 10,000 likes.

You’ll soon see results on your TikTok page. Also, you don’t have to give them your account credentials for this to work, and hence it’s very safe. Also, as mentioned earlier, the payment gateway is secure, so there is no chance of data theft or privacy breaches. In a few clicks, you booked your order. Buying TikTok likes has never been this easy.

Why choose us?

Viralyft is one of the most credible websites on the internet when it comes to buying TikTok likes. They offer guaranteed results, refill criteria, and much more. Also, their service is pretty simple to use so you can get going with their services pretty easily and they actually aid in boosting your account, hence they are the perfect choice for any social media influencer to flourish.

They promise organic growth as they get in real traffic from around the world, the people who are interested in your account will click follow, which increases your overall engagement. Also, their likes are 100 percent genuine and hence attract all social media marketers to use their services. They deliver your order pretty fast, as your order is a priority to them. Also, their customer support is very supportive, replies fast, and helps you out with even the smallest of queries.

This is why most people choose to buy engagement from Viralyft, so we highly recommend you do so as well. If you’re trying to make your TikTok account flourish in the long run, then Viralyft can help you achieve exactly that. If you’re interested and you have never heard of Viralyft before, we recommend you buy engagement from them and see for yourself. This is one of the best places to get engagement from.

How to choose the perfect website to buy engagement from?

Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple. If you are looking to buy TikTok likes from any website, there are few things to consider. First;y keep in mind the website you’re buying engagement from shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the engagement they provide. 

Viralyft knows that and hence only brings 100% real TikTok followers and likes to your social media handle. Second, always look for a service with great customer service, especially if you’re buying likes for the first time. Since you are going to have a lot of queries regarding the service, a website that is quick to resolve those is important. Viralyft gives really quick replies to all inquiries and is considered to have the best customer service in the industry, which is a pro. Last but not the least, timely delivery.

Fast delivery is really important as the social media world is changing by the second. Hence a service that can deliver engagement in one day is going to be the best for your benefit and viralyft does exactly that. If you’re looking for a service that has all these three things, then viralyft is the way to go. And considering their services on TikTok, if you want to buy TikTok likes, viralyft is the place to check out.


As you saw, using Viralyft to boost your social status has a lot of benefits. Since you are reading this article, we’re quite sure that you are on the lookout for good services and tools to boost your TikTok. And if yes, is your answer then Viralyft is the place to go. It is a one-stop destination for all your social media needs and hence we highly recommend using it. A lot of influencers have already been a part of the Viralyft community and you can be too.

They also offer discounts on their websites, on top of their affordable prices. So if you’re looking to buy TikTok likes from them at the cost of peanuts, then we highly recommend you keep an eye on their website. We’re sure you will be satisfied with their services and features. Till then, keep TikTok-ing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Likes has never been so simple, select the package that is perfect for you, enter your username and complete the secure checkout. Once complete, we begin work and your Likes start rolling in!

We offer real global Likes. This means you will gain Likes from all over the world. So we cannot specifically target Likes by country, interest or gender.

Yes! We work with celebrities, influencers, large corporations, musicians, and thousands of other users across the world. Everyone needs a push to get started and our services do just that!

We provide real Likes, this means users have free will, and depending on the content of your page, some users could decide to unfollow. We provide a large over-delivery with every order and this acts as a barrier to make up for any users who may decide to unfollow. We also offer a 30-day complimentary re-delivery if you need to top up your Likes!

Absolutely, we have served over 500,000+ users from across the world, we never ask for your password and only use high-quality marketing techniques to obtain the desired amount of subscribers, so your account is never at risk!

Likes typically begin showing up as soon as a few hours after purchase, you can also track your order by clicking the button at the top of the page and entering your tracking number provided upon ordering!

The internet has set everything at a superficial pace. We have individuals who have become famous overnight and have gained massive or unimagined popularity. As little as a single viral video can take you to the stars today, such is the power of Tiktok likes. Tiktok itself gained admiration and popularity supersonically and ever since it has set its foot on the internet, we have emerging superstars every day, who have risen out of nowhere.

When you buy TikTok likes, it is indicative of the number of individuals who have approved or admired your content. Higher the number of likes, the higher are strangers or outsiders interested in your content, which means, buying likes directly increases the chances of outsiders engaging with your videos. Increased traffic increases the chances of your content/video going viral. And once your video goes viral, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming the next superstar.

This has been an ongoing query for the past free years, at least since the emergence of social media networking service providers. There has been a radical increase in these providers who, like us, allow you to buy TikTok likes. With many of these service providers in the picture, the internet now has genuine as well as fake service providers.

It goes without saying that as long as you buy Tiktok likes or similar services from genuine service providers the chances of your account getting banned is null. However, if you do get TikTok likes from scammers or fake social media service providers, it can not be entirely ensured if your account can or cannot get banned from TikTok. That is why it is extremely important to buy real TikTok likes and only from the best sites out there.

As long as the terms and conditions of TikTok are taken into consideration, so long as these likes come from real individuals, it is legal to buy TikTok likes. However, ensuring that the likes that you are buying are from real individuals is painfully difficult.

That is why it is always recommended to trust only the best places to buy TikTok likes. Genuine social media providers use effective and legal methods to deliver their services. These methods conform to the terms and conditions of the TikTok platform and remain well under its ambit.

As a purchaser, you have complete rights over the likes that you buy from genuine digital media service providing agencies. Since we and genuine agencies like us employ real individuals through campaigns and other activities, we ensure that these likes remain forever. However, most agencies including us deliver more than the promised likes to remain on the safer end, in case some of the purchased likes disappear over time.

However, that happens only in worst-case scenarios. More often than not the likes that you buy remain on your videos forever. On another note, if you happen to stumble open fake social media service providers, there is a high probability of you getting scammed and the likes not remaining forever or even for a reasonable amount of time.

Since we have extensive networks and bulk resources, these likes are delivered through real individuals who manually like your videos. Most authentic social media service providers have innumerable sources and networks that help them provide the required services. Likes from real individuals remain indistinguishable and often blend with the other likes on your videos.

However, fake digital marketing service providers use artificial intelligence or bots to deliver their services and delude their customers. Bots are easy to identify, they have similar-looking accounts and can be easily distinguished from the remaining, authentic likes.

If you aspire to become a superstar, influencer, or even a highly popular individual on the internet, buying TikTok likes can make the flight to the top exceptionally easier. The benefits of buying TikTok likes are numerous for aspiring artists, and influencers, or even small businesses who wish to exponentially grow their businesses in seemingly lesser times.

Buying TikTok likes rapidly attracts huge traffic to your profile and excellently increases engagement, both of which can smoothly help you grow your business, or become famous relatively quickly. The probabilities of the videos on your account going viral also dramatically increase after you buy Tiktok likes from authentic social media networking service providers such as us.

We are but not everyone is. As much as there are pros of the internet today, so equally are the cons of its existence. Today, it is easy to purchase services and get them delivered from the comfort of your homes but that also means that purchases from the wrong service providers can lead to easy scams and only long chases with no foreseeable justice.

We all you to buy real TikTok likes since we have the resources to deliver the same but not all digital media marketing agencies have these services, or even ideas to execute efficient campaigns that can help them deliver the required services. So not all TikTok like providers are trustable.

Your bank account will not be in danger or threatened by any means if you buy real TikTok likes. By real TikTok likes, we mean likes from real human beings on the internet. This however is to be taken care of by your social media service provider. At Viralyft, we use various methods to generate TikTok likes, however, each TikTok-like delivered comes from a real individual behind the internet.

We ensure that our campaigns remain effective enough to pursue individuals from our network to like the videos on your account. As long as that transparency is maintained, absolutely nothing can go wrong with your bank account. That is why it is best to resort to the best sites to buy TikTok likes and similar services. If you do not run a thorough check, you can get scammed by fraudsters and your account may or may not be in danger.

Yes, it is completely safe to buy Active TikTok likes only and only if you buy it from authentic sources like us. We have all the necessary networks, resources, and manpower to deliver likes in bulk.

However, not every social media networking service providers that allow you to buy TikTok followers have the essential tools, assets, supplies, or even a concrete network or system to deliver authentic likes or likes from real individuals. These likes that come from bots or artificial intelligence are neither safe nor legal to buy.

They may even be a potential threat to your TikTok account as well as your bank account if the transaction made by you is not well encrypted.

As soon as you make the transaction, our team at Viralyft remains on their toes until the very delivery of your services. We ideate and execute various campaigns to deliver the purchased likes and satisfy you with our impeccable services. We have an extensive network throughout the world and bulk resources that help us deliver top-notch services.

The likes that we deliver are real and come from actual individuals from around the world. This is exceptionally beneficial for you since this allows you to reach many-many individuals not only in your locality or country but also around the globe.

If you intend to make money immediately after receiving social media networking services such as TikTok likes, you are living in a bubble. It is practically impossible for any individual to immediately make money after purchasing TikTok likes.

However, if your content or videos have the power to retain the massive traffic generated after you get TikTok likes from us, there is a huge probability of you having an increased engagement that can help you climb the ladder of success and eventually make a great deal of money. The efforts, however, have to be both ways.

In most cases, yes. However, it cannot be guaranteed that after you buy TikTok likes, there will indefinitely be an increase in your TikTok followers. Buying TikTok likes is an effective and easy practice to attract massive traffic to your account on TikTok.

However, whether or not the traffic stays on your profile depends on the content you produce in your videos. If it has the creativity, uniqueness, and spark in it, you will undoubtedly see an increase in your followers, if not, the possibilities are immeasurable.

There is a fair chance of you becoming popular after you buy TikTok likes both instantly as well as eventually. The power of TikTok likes cannot be underestimated, however, not all videos with many TikTok likes go viral. What you produce in the TikTok videos on your account is of supreme importance.

TikTok likes bring in increased engagements, when you buy TikTok likes in bulk, there is an exceptionally increased engagement that gives your TikTok account a splendid boost, attracting traffic from all around the world.

Potential traffics of target audiences dramatically increases the chances of your TikTok video going viral and thereby drastically increases the possibilities of you becoming popular be it instantly or eventually.

No, there is no need for any customer to give any sensitive information such as their account password to buy TikTok likes. We at Viralyft, respect and value your privacy. We deliver our services to help you gain that much-aspiring success as well as popularity. These services do not come at a cost as high as your personal or sensitive details.

In fact, no authentic social media marketing service providers ask for passwords or other private details for services such as these. It is advised to not share these pieces of information not just with digital marketing service providers but also with other service providers, entities, or even close friends and relatives.

Yes, you have to have a public account to but TikTok likes. The whole purpose of buying TikTok likes is to increase engagement, attract traffic and increase followers to gain popularity. None of this can happen if your account remains private.

Moreover, since these likes do not magically appear and come from actual individuals across the world, these likes cannot be delivered unless you have a public account since strangers cannot interact with your account if it remains private.

Only a public account allows outsiders, strangers, or non-followers to view your videos, like, comment, or interact with those videos. So for us to get into action and deliver the required services, you have to have a public account.

Since our services include real humans in the loop, although very remotely, it can so happen that those individuals may over time dislike your videos due to their personal reasons and you may be dissatisfied.

However, the chances of that happening are close to nil. To ensure none of that happens or even if it does, it causes a minimal effect on the quality of our service. We provide more than the demanded likes and services to remain on a safer end. So in case, some individuals choose to unlike the videos on your profile for whatever reasons, our extra delivery compensates for the loss causing no drastic loss to you.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and so not only do we render premium services, but we also deliver over-estimates of the demanded services as well as offer a 30-day complimentary re-delivery to remain in your good books and to keep you satisfied with our services.

No. The likes that you buy from us come from carefully estimated, well-executed campaigns as well as other marketing techniques that persuade and encourage real individuals around the world to like the videos on your TikTok account. Since these TikTok likes come from real human beings and not bots, it is impossible to distinguish between the purchased likes and actual likes on your videos.


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Viralyft is a place I trust for buying TikTok likes fast and safely. The price is the lowest I have found, and the likes come within an hour or two at most. I can track my orders easily too which comes handy a lot of times. To top it off, their support is very responsive to messages.
- Dante Gomez
If you wanna buy TikTok likes then this is the place you should be considering before any other option out there. They have been around for years that's why I found it easy to trust them for my TikTok promotions and the results gave my profile the much needed boost.
- Jensen Phillips
Viralyft is the best place to buy TikTok likes. They have really good price and great customer service. I got my order in less than 24 hours too. I am glad I didn't have to wait for too long for my order. Thank you very much for everything and see you again soon.
- Cruz Evans
I've been using Viralyft for about a month now to help boost my TikTok account. Have bought a good amount of likes and it has done wonders for my account. Other than new likes I've even gotten a lot of new followers from it that i never bought.
- Dwayne Torres
I have never ever used a website for buying TikTok likes so I didn't have a good idea of where to buy it from, But after doing some research I found Viralyft to be what i was looking for. It turned out to be the right decision and I have received more than 5 different orders from them since then. They give me great deals, best quality products, and an impeccable customer support.
- Finley Clark
Viralyft really is a reliable company. It's very fast and easy to buy TikTok likes and everything from them. Their support is also very helpful. I would recommend Viralyft to anyone that's thinking about buying stuff related to TikTok.
- Brady Nguyen
I used to like TikTok like crazy, and used to commit so much time to make each video. But I didn't like how long it took for them to get popular. Viralyft is pretty much the only service that came to my rescue. Not only did they deliver the likes I needed to me almost instantly, their prices are way better than the competition!
- Joaquin Flores
My channel was struggling to get new views and I didn't have a lot of money at the time, Came across the cheap TikTok likes plans from Viralyft and they worked great! My account grew in reach ig and I could see that many new people were watching my videos. I would definitely recommend their service to other people looking for cheap Instagram likes.
- Anderson Harris
I've been buying likes from Viralyft for a while now and they are just awesome! I love that I can buy however much of likes that I need anytime anywhere. Plus my videos get way more likes when I post them now than I have ever gotten before. Thanks Viralyft!
- Derek Sanchez
It's amazing how easily I was able to get thousands of followers for my TikTok account in a very short period that too. The Viralyft team has always been helpful and friendly during the entire process which made it even better. Very pleasant experience.
- Sandra Stark
I ordered a small batch of likes for my TikTok account to test the quality. I'm happy to see that all of their claims have turned out to be true. The delivery was fast but more importantly all likes are from real accounts.. I'll be ordering again soon!
- Sofia Williams
I am a big fan of TikTok and I have been trying to grow my channel by adding more likes. I tried buying likes from various companies but I kept getting scammed. Then, I stumbled upon Viralyft. Since then, they have helped me grow my channel by providing real likes that are made by real people. I highly recommend them!
- Raymond Allen
I have bought TikTok likes from Viralyft, and I admit it was a great decision. I found out about their services through a friend who had used them before, so I decided to give it a shot too. They are very professional, and they always deliver on time. I have no complaints whatsoever.
- Zayn Johnson
I have been working with Viralyft for a while now, and I have to say that I am extremely impressed with their services. They are one of the most professional service providers I have ever worked with. They always deliver on time, and they actually care about my business. If you are looking to get more likes on TikTok, I highly recommend you use this service.
- Angelo Wright
I have been ordering from Viralyft for a few months now. They are my favorite supplier of TikTok likes especially! The likes I get from them are always real and they deliver very fast! I am a frequent buyer, and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for TikTok likes.
- Nico Flores
I purchased a TON of likes, and I am very happy with my purchase. Never imagined any of my videos would have so many likes ever. Viralyft is a great site for anyone who wants to get more likes on their TikTok videos. They are very easy to work with, and you will get what you're looking for!
- Noah Green
I recently placed an order with Viralyft, and I'm very pleased with the results. The traffic I received has boosted not only likes on my vids but also my views and followers on TikTok. They were very nice and easy to work with, and they kept me updated throughout the entire process.
- Jennifer Fox
I've been ordering likes from Viralyft since my very first post on my new TikTok account and I have never once had a problem with them. They're professional and truly reliable. I will Highly recommend it to friends who are thinking of buying TikTok likes!
- Kris Morrey
Just bought 1k TikTok likes from Viralyft and they have been amazing. Had to pay 15.99 dollars and they were worth it. Their customer service is top notch and my order was delivered within the time frame that I specified. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great TikTok seller!
- Ellis Mitchell
Their TikTok likes are super legit. I have bought from them multiple times and my likes all stick around, unlike most other sellers. They're a great company to work with. Whenever I needed some help, someone from their team always responded to me.
- Cristian Roberts
Viralyft is the best place to buy TikTok likes. I bought 5k TikTok likes and paid 68.99 dollars for it. The payment was easy and safe and their delivery was ON TIME. Got all 5k likes like how it was supposed to work. They are 100% trustworthy.
- Kane Jr.
I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Viralyft. They were quick to respond, followed up on my order, and even went out of their way to help me track the progress of my order. I will definitely be using them in the future.
- Kim Brooks
Viralyft offers a great service for a very reasonable price. I have been using their services for a while now and will continue to do so in the future. The customer support is good and they never miss even one of my queries.
- Elian Ross
Viralyft helped me get my account to the top in my friends group and I have seen an increase in followers after buying likes from here as well. I have tried other companies but have had issues with being overcharged or not getting the full amount of likes that I paid for. Viralyft is easily one of the best TikTok sellers out there!
- Tyson Mendoza
Viralyft is an amazing company and the only one I buy TikTok likes from. They are always available to help you out with whatever you need, and they are very quick to get you the product. I have used them before for Instagram and FB, and they are amazing there as well.
- Dominic Castillo
Viralyft is a very professional company. Their customer service is easily the best I have ever seen. They are very quick to respond, and always answer all questions in a timely matter. I have been buying TikTok likes from them for over two months now and will continue to do so for many more to come.
- Jeffrey Foster
I'm a newbie in the TikTok world and I was having a hell of a time trying to get some real likes for my account. I've been buying from Viralyft for a little over a week now and I have been getting real likes from them every single time. I'm so happy with their service!
- Marco Junior
The best seller on this platform! I have been buying TikTok likes from them for almost a year now and they have never let me down. Orders are completed fast and delivery is quick and reliable! Highly recommended 🙂
- Amanda Lopez
These guys are awesome! They delivered the followers as promised and even followed up with me to make sure I was happy with their service. This is how you make a name for yourself. Thanks for the awesome service!!
- Lucy Jenner
I have been using Viralyft for almost half a year now, and I am very pleased with their service. They are quick to respond to inquiries, honest in what they can offer, and have delivered every package of likesso far. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in TikTok marketing!
- Robert Stark
Viralyft knows what its customers actually want. I have been looking for a site that sells quality services. I needed real likes, views and followers to boost my presence on TikTok. I was able to achieve that with this site and it did not even cost that much. I am very happy with the service that I received from Viralyft.
I wanted more likes on my TikTok videos because they add an extra layer of credibility. So, along with views I often bought likes from Viralyft. Due to the high retention of the likes and views, it became easy to promote my videos and still today I gain likes and views on those videos. This is the site to trust for TikTok services.
Viralyft has a good selection of all the important services that one might need for promotion on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc. I have used the services for those three platforms and I have seen some good results which are why I am leaving this review. I have been buying services from the site for a long time now and it works well.
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