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The quality and quantity of comments on your YouTube videos can positively impact how it performs with YouTube’s algorithm. Buy real YouTube comments generated by real users of the platform and boost your channel’s performance in the YouTube search results.

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Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality Youtube Comments available!

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Why Buy YouTube Comments from Viralyft?

The world of social media is fraught with competition. For anyone who really wants to gain traction, and increase their social media presence, it might be a great option to Buy instant YouTube comments from us. For instant success on YouTube videos, make sure that you go through the services we have to offer-

Salient Features

We are not like any other service which provides YouTube comments. We’re a class apart, and below we have given some reasons why you should buy YouTube custom comments from us-

Guaranteed Results

We are not one of those companies who are just into this business for the sake of money. You are our top priority, and we have your best interests in a mind at all times. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promise you guaranteed results on the investment that you are making. Hence no matter what package you choose as Viralyft provides the best YouTube custom comments, we will always be able to deliver you that is also that you are expecting.

You will always be able to see a great change in the amount of engagement you have received through the Youtube comments that we provide. These will be legit, and will naturally place you higher within the algorithm of YouTube services.

Great Filtering Process

There are certain services out there which provide fake accounts to give you engagement. These accounts are bought generated, and are not run by real people. Hence the engagement that they provide is insignificant, and dies down after a period of time. Moreover, if YouTube services detect that you are getting engagement from inauthentic accounts, then they could remove or flag your Youtube video link from the app altogether. It does add responsibility to ensure the security of your account.

Hence, we always make sure that at any time any bot generated or automated Youtube account stay away from your profile. We filter out the most authentic accounts on YouTube and make your content visible to them. As a result, actual people with real interest in your content will be responding to your posts when you buy YouTube comments from us.

Consistent Engagement

We also understand that getting engagement is not the only thing that is important for maintenance of a good profile. The thing is that you also need to interact with this engagement, and keep it improving in graph over a period of time. Therefore, any Youtube comments that you get have to be responded to, and replied to with the apt response. Therefore, our company also focuses on replying to the Youtube comments that you get within your posts. once a conversation has been initiated, we try to take it forward, and make your audience feel engaged as well as involved in your project.

This is one of the latest features that you will get from our company when you buy real YouTube comments from us. hardly anyone follows such a technique, and it has proven to be 60% more successful than any other strategy of YouTube services.

Great Networking

A special feature of our company is that we have a very strong networking from our various digital presence. As a result, we have influencers, and icons who are present not only on YouTube account but on other social media channels as well. For instance, we have people who can promote you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms that are prominent within your niche. This ensures that people are able to view your content no matter where they are.

As a result, larger number of people will be able to come to youtube video link and engage with you through Youtube comments. then you buy YouTube comments from any service, they do not rely a lot of networking, and focus only on YouTube. However, we are a wholesome social media growth services, and we ensure that your visibility increases in every platform.

High Expertise and Skills

Other important thing that you ought to know about a company is that we have been working in this field for a very long time. As a result we have had immense experience in the growth of Internet, and identifying the trends that take place in YouTube Account. YouTube changes its SEO now and then, and you need technical experts to understand how to crack the code each time such changes are made. Viralyft is a company you can rely upon for expert guidance in this matter.


We have a highly trained technical team which is always brainstorming new ideas that can contribute to the growth of your youtube account . We are sure that our experience in this field will help you beat any rivals that you might have in this industry.

Highly Flexible Plans

When you work with our company, you will have to not worry about taking a fixed plan. At any time you can choose a plan which is specific to your needs. We make sure that all our plans are very flexible, such that they can serve people from different financial backgrounds and different demographics. Everybody has different requirements from that YouTube comments. Hence, we make sure that you have a large range of packages to choose from. Does you can bring great amount of engagement into your account , or you can start with small packets with small number of commands as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

The safety while you purchase YouTube comments really depends on the site that you have picked. There are various fraudulent services out there that give you Youtube comments basically through bought generated accounts for stop this is completely unauthorized by YouTube, and condemned by the community guidelines. In case you infringe upon these guidelines, then your Youtube account might be banned. However with a service like ours you will always be able to follow the community guidelines laid down by YouTube. We are an organic advertising company, hence you shall never be flagged within the app.

YouTube has a great algorithm which depends highly on the kind of engagement that you are getting. Therefore, commands form a very important part of YouTube algorithm. Any post that has a large number of Youtube comments which are consistently increasing will be ranked higher within the YouTube platform. Thus, your visibility will increase naturally, and more and more people will be able to view your content as well as your channel. Therefore, you can easily see that Youtube comments are a sure and certain way to make yourself famous within YouTube.

SEO is one of the most important thing on YouTube. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are able to maintain it within every part of your account. This means that your video description has to be SEO friendly as well as your bio has to be SEO friendly, and overall content and hashtags that you used also have to be as you friendly. It has been proven that accounts that optimize their search engine optimization, are able to perform much better than accounts who don’t. YouTube is eventually a search engine therefore such aspects will always be important when it comes to ranking any video online.

When you buy YouTube comments one of the first things that you have to keep in mind is that you don’t buy them in a bulk. However, you should buy them slowly and over a period of time. Other in this you need to make sure that your commands are distributed over a range of posts, and not concentrated on one single post. However, different people have different requirements command it’s eventually up to you. If you want to appear more legit, then we would recommend distributing some Youtube comments throughout your videos, and the maximum Youtube comments on Youtube videos that you really would like your audiences to see.

An interactive YouTube comments section of any channel indicates excellent YouTube content. It is an aspect that suggests that the content published on a certain channel is worth discussing and or admiring. In the current era, word of mouth is something that leads to immediate huge success.

As a content creator on the youtube platform, the easiest way of achieving that much-aspired popularity and fame is by ensuring an engaging as well as an interactive Youtube comments section. However, despite creating excellent videos, you can still fall short in ensuring that the Youtube comments sections under your videos remain exciting and engaging.

This is where social media service providers come into the picture. Today there are several best Places to buy youtube comments at affordable prices. Buy youtube comments drastically lifts up a lot of weight from your shoulders and allows you as a content creator to focus on content curation instead of worrying about Youtube comments.

Although subconsciously you most probably already hold the view that buy youtube comments for your youtube videos can lead to the banning of your account, it is not entirely correct of you to assume that statement. Youtube does have fake engagement policies but what you need to focus on is the word “fake”.

When you buy custom youtube comments, you are not necessarily buy youtube comments or bots. Of course that depends on the agency you choose to but youtube comments from. However, most agencies that have been flourishing in the market for their genuine services have been emerging as trustworthy agencies.

These agencies, through their extensive networks have been allowing aspiring content creators to buy youtube comments. Purchases as these are completely safe to make and will not lead to the banning of your link.

As long as you buy youtube comments from a notable and trustworthy website, it goes without saying that those random Youtube comments will remain permanent on youtube video link. Since you are buy youtube comments service, you have complete authority over them as well as the right to retain them forever unless you agree upon their disappearance with your service providing company.

No sane human will buy youtube comments or any other service for that matter, knowing well in advance about their disappearance.

However, if you happen to stumble upon fake digital marketing service providers, then there can be a fair chance that the random youtube comments you purchased disappear over time. That is precisely why it becomes extremely crucial to run a thorough background check and wisely choose only the best sites to buy youtube comments or other similar services.

Well, if you buy youtube comments, it remains your responsibility to ensure that the services demanded by you are delivered through authentic networks and resources. You can do this by picking only notable and trustworthy digital marketing agencies to get YouTube comments or similar services.

Once you entrust an established social media marketing company and purchase a service from them, it can be assumed that the delivered Random Youtube comments mostly have come from real individuals.

Flourishing agencies have a reputation and name in the market, they execute well planned campaigns to deliver their services and employ real individuals to do youtube comments on Youtube videos. They do not use bots or other awful artificial intelligence methods to render their deliverables.

The list of benefits of buying youtube comments is unending. There are several benefits if you buy youtube comments and some of the highest perks of buying youtube comments are mentioned below –

* If buy youtube comments you will receive a highly engaging Random Youtube comments section which will keep inducing engagement on the long run for the same as well as many other videos on your channel.

* Upon buying youtube comments you will be able to better attract your target audience.

* Buying youtube Comments you will maximize the probabilities of going viral on social networking platforms.

* An increased engagement in the Youtube comments section will also attract subscribers from around the world and will help you grow your channel relatively faster.

* Increased engagement in the Youtube comments section may also attract potential sponsors to your channel

Not all social media service providers offer this option since it includes a lot of hard work. However, most genuine service providers do allow customization of youtube comments for their customers. This service is not an easily viable service, thus fake sites or scammers usually abstain from delivering such services.

Thus, the option of customizing youtube comments can be a determining factor about whether a said company is genuine and trustworthy or not. In any case, customized youtube comments are priced at the higher end due to the extra efforts involved in the service.

No. If the service provider knows its game, there can be no chance for the identification of the buy youtube comments. And if the Youtube comments are customized specially, the chances of identification simply boil down to null.

As you purchase youtube comments from an authentic social media marketing agency, they employ real people to do comments on your Youtube video in order to execute their deliverables.

As long as the agency uses its network and resources to generate traffic and engagement in the Youtube comments section of various youtube videos, it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish between real and purchased Youtube comments.

Yes. Although generating organic growth purely through content creation is the most ideal way forward in building a fast-growing youtube video, It is equally painfully time-consuming to do the same.

And time is something that everyone in the 21st century has been running short on. Social media service providers who allow you to buy youtube comments are not magicians and do not ensure or guarantee the success of your youtube video. However, they merely push your channel and help you rise out of inertia.

This means, if your content quality is reasonable, services such as these can help you reach the potential masses. Your content has to be able to retain these target audiences once they reach your channel.

To Buy youtube comments is an ideal decision that will favor only those individuals or groups who are committed and passionate about content curation and require a little support for their growth and expansion.

There is no universal method of delivering youtube comments. Different digital marketing agencies use various methods and campaigns to deliver their services. Most agencies that allow their customers to buy random youtube comments usually have a huge networking backup and extensive human resources.

They use their networks and resources to meet their deliverables. Some agencies also use unique, carefully planned, and well-executed campaigns to render the same. Broadly, genuine, notable, and trustworthy social media service providing sites employ real individuals in some way or the other to do comments on Youtube videos of your youtube channel.

However, fake and scamming websites also use bots or artificial intelligence methods to deliver Youtube comments. These Youtube videos comments appear almost similar and are also easily identifiable in most cases. In any case, there are several methods that can be and are also used by various companies to deliver youtube comments.

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I have to say, I am really very pleased with your service and the comments I purchased. The comments that I bought from here are from real people, which is important as it makes my channel look legit. More comments will hopefully recommend my videos to more people.
- Jeffrey
I found this site by accident and it has been the best thing that has happened to my Youtube. I purchased some comments for it. I have already started to see an increase in traffic. I highly recommend your services if you are looking to buy Youtube comments cheap and quick.
- Otto
I was skeptical at first but these comments really work! The comments are from real people, not fake profiles. They have their own usernames and profile pics and everything. I highly recommend this company and will be purchasing more soon!
- Ronin
I am very impressed with the level of service. I couldn't trust them at first and I wanted clarity regarding some issues. I asked them some questions before I purchased them and my emails were answered promptly. Ordered it when I was satisfied and damn! The comments look real, they are from real people!
- Johnny
I was very skeptical in the beginning but I decided to give it a try because the price was so low. Felt like I didn't have anything to lose so I just went for it. Bought 10 of em for just $8.99 and it was worth it. I am very pleased with these comments. The comments I received are real and by real accounts. I will definitely use this service again!
- Clark
I just bought 25 Youtube comments from here and I am very satisfied with the quality of the comments. They look random but are totally real. I can't choose what I want them to say but they are always sensible and positive which is great.
- Ari
I really didn't know what to expect but the comments are just great. They look natural and have no loopholes. I'm guessing that they're from real people because they engage in conversations with me in the comments section of my videos. I didn't even know that was possible. My mind is blown.
- Marco
I was a bit worried at first after I had paid them the almost 15 dollars they asked for 25 comments. But after they arrived all my doubts were cleared. I got all 25 and all of thek looked so promising and legitimate. Worth the price.
- Edgar
I actually bought comments before from another company and they were all fake. This time I wanted to give Viralyft a shot because they had a lot of positive reviews. I don't want to get banned on Youtube, so I just bought a small amount of 10 comments, but they are real! Even if the price is the same as before, it's just a way better deal.
- Bowen
I've bought youtube comments from Viralyft for my channel and they were so random, I didn't even know what to think at first. I thought it was a scam at first but when I received the comments, they were real and they worked. Good job, viralyft!
- Grady
I bought Youtube comments and views from this site and I have to say, I was very pleased with the outcome. You know exactly what you're getting from this company and that is great quality for reasonable prices.
- Zayne
I bought some Youtube comments from ViralYft, and they are excellent. They all look really natural even after being random. You can get comments on youtube but the most impressive thing is to get them custom & random. All of the comments are from real accounts. All you might find is one or two bogus comments.
- Sullivan
I have a small Youtube channel and I was looking to buy cheap Youtube comments. It was hard for me to get views & i also tried free Youtube comments hack as I have a limited amount of money, so I started searching on Google and found Viralyft & there starter Plan was amazing - Got amazing results on starter, now i have been using it frequently. They offered the Youtube comments that I was looking for and the quality turned iut to be amazing as well.
- Jayceon
This is a real company that sells random youtube comments. I purchased a few comments from here and received exactly what I asked for. The comments look real and are good quality. This is definitely worth your money!
- Sterling
I am really impressed with the comments I bought from Viralyft. First of all, the delivery was so fast! The comments are really cool too! They are random but real and I am sure that they will help me to have lots of views on my video. Thank you so much!
- Andy
Initially I was worried to have paid Youtube comments on my videos but later my videos started gaining enaggement and it returned me almost 20x more revenue than invested to buy them from viralyft. They are best and will definitely increase ranking on Youtube. even, It hasn't caused any issue for my channel ever either so it's all good.
- Raiden
I'm currently using the Instagram comments and Youtube comments from Viralyft. I am in no way a social media expert, but I can see that these comments are legit. They have unique usernames of their own with display pics and it just looks so original.
- Royal
I have ordered 50 comments in total from them and got quality service in return. The comments were natural and the responses from the customer support were almost instant. I will recommend this company to anyone looking to buy Youtube comments usa.
- Royce
I bought 100 youtube comments and they are very good. I was surprised because I expected them to be bots but they were not. They were real accounts!!! The 100 comments cost me $39.99 which might seem a lot but is incredible in comparison with other options available.
- Solomon
I am not a fan of this kinda services. So I usually do not buy YouTube comments and likes. But the prices were lucrative and I just couldn't help it. After I bought YouTube comments, my video now has more likes and more views. I think that the best part of this service is that the comments are from real people. So the decision brought only good in the end.
- Trevor
I am so happy that I found Viralyft. They delivered me real comments for my Youtube videos as they had advertised. I have tried a couple of other companies before but their comments were not that random and looked completely fake.
- Winston
What I want to say is, this is the best place to buy YouTube comments through PayPal as well. I had bought views and subs from some other site but they didnt sell comments. In my search I ended up here and now I wish I had bought the views and subs from here as well. The price and quality is unmatched.
- Emanuel
I've purchased comments from here before. They haven't been the same people every time, and they are not all comments of the same length. I'm happy with this. The quality is good. Will buy again for sure.
- Finnegan
I tried the ViralYT comments. It's legit. They don't make repetitive comments. You'll see sometimes them are really funny, sometimes encouraging, there's always a variety. I highly recommend this service for anyone who wants to get more viewers on YouTube.
- Pedro
I was nervous about buying Youtube comments, but everything worked out great. The comments are real and from different IP addresses, which is what you want to avoid getting your video's comment section flagged.
- Luciano
I didn't know what to expect when I purchased the comments and followers. When I received my order, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the comments were real and not just a bunch of spam. Thanks!
- Harvey
I was looking for a service that could provide me with random Youtube comments for my viral marketing experiment and I found Viralyft. They did a great job and gave me what I wanted for a reasonable price.
- Franklin
This website is awesome! I've bought a lot of stuff from here and recently started buying comments too. They are random but real comments and I'm making more money from my videos because of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Noel
I purchased several comment bundles over the course of many days. Despite the fact that I had purchased them, they were all so distinctive and encouraging that they inspired me to create greater material. Exceptional work.
- Gloria
Viralyft did something ironic since the originality and cost of the comments they presented me with were well worth it. I paid $24.99 for 50 comments and am wanting to buy more.
- Jazlynn
My trust in Viralyft got stronger with each response I received. Such a terrific service that provides honest feedback at a fair cost.
- Broad
I opted to acquire the 10-comment package to learn more about how Viralyft works with its comments and discovered its wonderful service and on-point customer support.
- Amani
The customer service provided by Viralyft's comments is its USP. I was having some problems with a package. They responded quickly and answered all of my questions as soon as I contacted them. It comes highly recommended.
- Madilynn
I'm not sure where to begin because the comments are all so fantastic. The timing is precise and succinct, and the clever comments always leave a positive impression.
- Ciara
Buying comments from Viralyft is such an exciting service that you'll keep going back for more. I purchase the 50 comments bundle on a regular basis.
- Justice
Viralyft's comments are the greatest in the industry since each one includes very thorough and well-thought-out sentences.
- Brendon
This service has given me with one of the most reliable comment packages in the market. I knew this was the service I had been seeking for for a long time as soon as I saw the 10 comments I had ordered.
- Johanna
The nicest aspect about it is that the comments evolve day by day. The 50 comments I purchased were all linked to my topic and appeared to be very natural.
- Laney
Viralyft is by far the finest service for me, as I can purchase comments even with my eyes closed. This is the degree of confidence I have in them to respond to my request for input.
- Kendrick
There are a lot of things going on in my head right now, but I'll sum up the responses I've had in one word: mind-blowing. I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future.
- Abigail
Even if the comments provided by Viralyft are just 10, I strongly advise people to use them. I started by purchasing ten comments and was always blown away by the results.
- Elizabeth
I learned that Viralyft is an experienced player that has been in this sector for a long time after witnessing the quality of the 50 comments I had purchased.
- Grace
Every day, I used to look for different services from where I could purchase YouTube comments. The quest came to an end when I discovered Viralyft's excellent comments and assistance.
- Benjamin
I've worked with a lot of firms, but none of them have provided me with the kind of feedback that Viralyft has. When I got the 250 comments, it was such a great experience that I wanted more.
- Brahm
There are a few standout features that will be tough for any other firm to duplicate. I was really taken away by the lethal combo of superb support personnel and genuine comments.
- Nathan
Viralyft and the crew deserve special recognition. Each of the 100 comments reads like a personal letter full of feelings.
- Brad
If you haven't had the ability to review Viralyft's comments, please do so as soon as possible. Later, I realized how incredible Viralyft's YouTube comments are.
- Adam
When I first started looking at the comments created by Viralyft, I was actually leaping up and down like I was seeing one of my favorite sports teams win a championship. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it.
- Morgan
I would have given it a 10 out of 10! Period! Everything was so well-coordinated and flawless that it made my experience the finest of all as I've tried a lot of comment-buying businesses.
- David
I'd heard a lot about Viralyft's comments before, but I'd never directly experienced them. After purchasing 100 comments from them, everything I had heard about their great service came true.
- Chum
The comments are so genuine that you'll find yourself responding to them and feeling good about it, even if you know the reality.
- Ricky
This organization comes highly recommended by me to anyone who appreciates purchasing comments and is seeking for a reliable source. Visit Viralyft at least once and purchase at least 10 comments.
- Bishop
My friend insisted on buying comments from here because he was a regular customer. We now buy comment packages as a group, and there is no going back.
- Tiana
Every comment is so genuine and captivating that it instils in you a strong desire to work hard and create high-quality material.
- Danna
Start with purchasing 10 comments if you want to utilise this service and are unsure about it, like I was. Even I began by purchasing ten comments, which helped me gain confidence in them.
- Miller
Salute to the undeniable king of all services. Viralyft's services are amazing, as they provide the best packages to buy YouTube likes and comments at cheap.
- Enrique
This firm does not require an introduction and does not merit a review. Viralyft's comments have already created a name for themselves in the business, and frequent consumers like myself continue to purchase from them.
- Jakob
It is not an easy accomplishment to become a firm that everyone can choose based on the final comments, but Viralyft has achieved it. Thank you for providing such excellent service.
- Dillon
The comments become better and better, and it's incredibly captivating and engaging; it keeps your complete attention until the very last comment.
- Kellen
Every comment is nicely written and contains no flaws. This is why I see so many individuals, including myself, buying Viralyft comments.
- Kendra
When I viewed the 100 comments I received, I took notice of the human emotions and inclinations, which are the most important element of the remarks.
- Isabelle
I don't think 2-3 sentences can do credit to the outstanding customer service and genuine comments supplied by one incredible organization. I will undoubtedly suggest it to my colleagues and others.
- Angelina
If I were to wax lyrical about this company's comments service, I'd describe it as a lovely artwork. I'm still envious of the 250 comments I got from Viralyft.
- Diego
It's fascinating, which means it's highly addicting, and I can't see using any other site to purchase comments. I've been buying 250 comments on a regular basis and have been pleased with the results.
- Grayson
I've never become dissatisfied with Viralyft and switched to another provider to purchase comments. This is the influence of Viralyft and the level of service it provides.
- Wyatt
Being in business for so long has given the Viralyft crew an advantage in offering exceptional comments to clients like myself who are in awe of their help and remarks.
- Zachary
If this business had a tag for 'Greatest of ALL Time,' it would have undoubtedly been given to Viralyft due to its comments.
- Milne
I gotta be honest I was kinda bummed at first when I saw I couldn't buy custom comments. I bought 50 of them anyway. I thought being random is still better than nothing. And the price was very cheap after all. When I actually received them everything got 10x better. What's the need of custom comments with this quality?
- Jaiden
I was looking to buy Youtube comments for cheap because I was trying to earn some money. I had no idea where to find this stuff, until I found Viralyft. I am very happy with the results and will be using them again.
- Conor
Viralyft offers something for everyone. you can buy everything from YouTube to Telegram. But their best packages in Youtube is to buy Youtube views and comments. Even they never scammed me & always worked above my expectations.
- Aaron
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