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Premium-Quality views are the highest grade available in the market, these come from real users all over the world and are terrific for ranking your content!
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  • Real Advert Views
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Premium Quality Views
What's the difference
  • Real Advert Views
  • No Password Needed
  • 24-72 Hour Delivery
  • Real Premium Views
  • 24/7 Support
High Quality Views
What's the difference?
High Quality views are a great choice for anyone needing a boost and wanting real viewers from a global fanbase without a large budget.
Premium Quality Views
What's the difference?
Premium-Quality views are the highest grade available in the market, these come from real users all over the world and are terrific for ranking your content!
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How To Buy Real YouTube Views

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Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality views available!

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Why Buy YouTube Views from Viralyft?

Not everyone finds it easy to grow on YouTube. As a matter of fact, for most people, this journey is rather difficult. Do you want INSTANT SUCCESS on Social media platform like YOUTUBE? After you buy YouTube Views from Viralyft- your career will reach the success you have always dreamt of social media services

Salient Features

Every company is not like this. We are always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to YouTube views. Here’s why you should pick us-

Extremely Credible Services

There are various sites today that claim to offer YouTube video views services. However, there are only a few of them which are legit, and certified. Most of these companies basically want to cheat you off your money comma or embezzle full stop however we are a highly creditable service for stop you can find various testimonials and reviews left for us online.

We have been mentioned in various top sites around the world to be the best in the business. Therefore, one thing you can know for sure is that we are highly trustworthy, and will deliver you what we have promised. You will always see a return on investments when you buy YouTube views from us.

Stay Ahead of Rivals

Our company can greatly help you stay ahead of your competition as well. We know that the world of social media platforms is full of rivalry with new artists and creators joining the platform every day. Therefore it is highly important that you stay ahead of the curve by using the right services and analytics. this is something that our company shall be able to provide to you and your YouTube channel.

The first thing that we ensure is that your post is visible to the audience before the posts of arrivals stop. As a result your content is able to get traction and attention before anybody else in your niche will stop. This will greatly help you get leverage within your industry and shine through as a YouTube influencer. Moreover, we focus on your content as well to ensure that your quality always has an edge over your competition.

Only Real Accounts

When you buy YouTube Views from us, one thing you can be sure of is that you will only get contacted by real accounts on YouTube. There are other sites that often fraud you by giving you bought generated engagement for stop this means that they will use fake accounts which are not operated by real people but created in bulk in order to offer inauthentic engagement. This kind of interaction is not approved of by YouTube and could greatly bring down the credibility of your channel.

Therefore, we only offer you accounts, operated by real users of YouTube promotion. We have a great saving process through which we are able to filter out any spam accounts which have not shown the right amount of credibility and legitimacy on YouTube. Hence, we can organically improve the presence of your YouTube channel through real interaction.

Great Retention

Another great thing about our site is that we offer great retention rates of the Youtube views. This means that over time the YouTube views that you get will not dissipate or disappear. They will continue to stay on your content, and you will continue to gain traction even in the long run. This is a feature that is hardly available in other services, which always take extra charges for retention.

However, with our service retention is guaranteed, since we only focus on the quality and the satisfaction of our customers. We would like to ensure that at any time the engagement that you get stays constant, and sticks with you in the long run. if this is something you want, then you should check our services today.

User Experience

Another great thing about our site is that we always offer amazing user experience to the people who visit our site. We have made our site through expert opinions, and by the most creative minds in the world of copywriting. As this is ult we have a site which is easy to navigate and understand. Therefore, at any time you will not find yourself getting stuck while using our website.

User experience is one of the most important things to us since we know that only when our customers are happy with our company to thrive. Therefore, when you buy YouTube views from us, you shall not encounter any troubles.

Targeted Audience

In the end, we are an organically driven company. Therefore, we don’t just want you to buy Youtube views randomly from people who are not actually interested in your content. If that does happen, then it could lead to initial traffic; however, in the long run you will lose your credibility as well as your reach on YouTube. This looks bad for any profile on the app, and it is an eventuality that you should try to avoid.

To ensure that you always get authentic engagement on your content , we always make your profile visible to a particular kind of target audience. We define this audience after thorough research, and after we have made sure that your content suits their needs. Such organic promotion will naturally place you higher in the YouTube algorithm and give you more traffic.

Secure Payment

Another great thing about the site is that we have completely encrypted payment gateways. There is a lot of fraud going on online in terms of online transactions. There are various fake sites that ask for banking details, and then embezzle you of your money. You should always be careful of such fraudulent services, which claim to provide YouTube growth services but, in the end, just want to use you for your money.

As we have mentioned before we had a highly reliable site. To ensure that your financial details remain confidential we have encrypted payment gateways. As a result, any information that you give us in terms of finance would always remain confidential. Therefore, if you want to buy YouTube views from us, we can ensure you complete financial safety.

High Expertise

Our company has been working on the web ever since social media started. We not only have experience in YouTube, but we are also experts at other social media platforms. Hence, we have a strong understanding of other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other media through which people connect socially.


As a result, we can completely understand the changing trends that happen on the Internet over time. We can help you keep up with YouTube, and the most popular trains within that app as well. This will make sure that you are always catering to your audience what they want to see. Moreover, this increases the chance of getting higher engagement as well.

24/7 Customer Support

As we have mentioned before our company values its clients the most for a stop for us it is highly important that you have a great experience where you are using services. We understand that many people who buy YouTube views are new to this entire experience. For them, there are various questions that need to be answered.

Thus, we make sure that at all times you are able to get in touch with one of our representatives to have a better idea on how we provide our services. If you feel you have additional questions or queries regarding how you can get a package and what kind of audience and use it will be able to get to you, then our customer support will be readily available to answer all your questions.


We understand that people from different kinds of backgrounds will be working with us. Therefore we always make it a point to ensure that no matter what financial constraints, or limitations that people have, they are able to make use of our services. As a result, we have created a variety of packages that range from low costs to relatively high costs.

Anything that you pick from us will be easily affordable will stop even if you pick one of the costs on the higher expense side, the result that you will get will be so large that you will be happy with the investment that you have made.

How to Start

Choose a Package

The first thing that you have to do is go through various packages that are available on our site. We have some low-cost plans that provide small Youtube views as well as a few high-cost plans that provide a large number of Youtube views. Whatever your needs are you can choose a package as per your specific requirements.

Provide Information

Next, you will have to give us some basic information about the kind of audience do you want to target. This will greatly determine our content strategy, as well as how we market your content. As we have already mentioned before this information will always remain confidential, moreover it will not be very private or sensitive at all.

Secure Checkout

Once you have done the above two steps, you can proceed to the last step. Here, all you have to do is choose a mode of payment, and transfer the amount that is entailed in the package that you have chosen. That’s it from here on your YouTube channel and Youtube views are our responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have mentioned in many of our articles that when you buy YouTube growth services, then you have to make sure that you are buying it from a reliable service. In case you are buying it from providers who give you bought generated accounts and Youtube views, then there is a high chance that YouTube might flag your account.

This could lead to you getting permanently or temporarily banned from the app. However, when you choose our company, we will ensure that all the ethical guidelines of YouTube are met. Therefore with us, it will always be extremely safe to buy YouTube views.

YouTube is basically a search engine. Therefore, it has an algorithm that marks or forms of engagement when it comes to ranking content. Since it is a visual platform the most important form of engagement here are the views that your video gets.

It is a very simple formula, that is, the higher number of Youtube views you have the more visibility you will have in the future for stop therefore it is very important to buy YouTube views if you want to get organically visible on people’s suggestions.

If you are a part of the YouTube partner program, then there is a possibility for you to get paid for your Youtube views. However, to become a part of the partner program you will have to have at least 1000 Youtube views. Moreover, there is also a requirement of 4000 watch hours.

However, in case you have a YouTube channel that is slowly growing in traction, then many people might contact you to feature their ads. If you manage to get 1000 Youtube views for those ads in your content, then you will start to get paid through the partner program.

Any start can be a problem and more if we try it on a platform as competitive as YouTube is currently. More and more users are joining to create channels in order to earn money on the internet. A bonus or even a lifetime salary. Fortunately, in this world everything is possible. Of course, with a lot of work. You must get the idea that by complying with the current minimum of 4000 hours of viewing in 365 days and 1000 subscribers you would hardly be generating a handful of dollars a year. That is why all users fight for subscribers.

As we well know, there are people capable of taking advantage of any problem that arises. And this is where we find those famous pages that offer us, Youtube views, in exchange for real money. Our valuable money. That which is so hard to gain with the sweat on our brow and hours without sleep.

This service is used a lot by YouTubers and brands to give fame to their videos and for their content to reach a greater number of people, which will favor them at the time of obtaining economic benefits in conversions, sales, or by the platform’s advertising of videos.

The greater the number of reproductions that appear in a video, the more tempting it will be for the visitor to watch a video on this video platform thanks to which, in addition to this, it contributes to SEO positioning through the links in the video descriptions or on the channel itself.

To make your videos popular, choose to buy YouTube views as one of the most effective alternatives. As long as the service is offered by an experienced service provider, increasing the number of YouTube views can contribute to the popularity of your video.

* Buying YouTube views increases your launch

It is important to launch your video dynamically. Posting your video on YouTube should inspire or capture users in some way, or else you are going to have trouble getting your reputation on the website. Therefore, the most obvious benefit of acquiring YouTube views is to instantly boost your video hours or days after it is uploaded.

* Acquiring YouTube views gives you social credibility:

Web users are drawn to videos that have been shared multiple times. When a user sees your video in the search results and sees a lot of visits, they will pay more attention and they will be more likely to see it. You will be able to strengthen your social credibility by getting YouTube views from a credible distributor.

* Acquire YouTube views to attract more users:

The number of people who are going to be interested in your content can be increased by buying YouTube views. If your video has a staggering number of views, people are considerably more likely to be entertained. This is called social proof. It conditions decision-making for many Internet users.

Buy YouTube views to achieve search engine positioning goals. The other advantage to buy YouTube views is that this strategy improves the positioning of your video in search results. The higher the number of views a video has, the more it will scale in the results. In truth, the more views you have on your video, the better your video will be in the YouTube video list.

To make a video become popular and have a good number of Youtube views, it must be promoted appropriately by publishing it through the internet spectrum, although it is difficult to grow the visits of a video, particularly if you have a recent channel. Creation or with a small number of subscribers.

In such a case, it is best to acquire YouTube views, as it is the fastest way for a video to grow in several Youtube views, which will favor its positioning on the platform and the channel that contains it, which has numerous benefits at the promotional and promotional level.

Having a YouTube channel to upload audiovisual content to is essential for any business that wants to have a greater reputation and presence on the web. The Google video platform is the ideal setting to promote any type of content and make it known worldwide. Do not waste time and proceed to acquire YouTube views, you will be able to see how in a short time the number of views of your videos increases significantly and, at the same time, the number of YouTube views to your channel.

Regardless of what medium content is on, it requires visualizations to acquire value. A clear example is YouTube videos, where reproductions or visits are extremely important, being used by the video platform to assess whether the content is of quality or not, and based on this, it gives it a better position within the results of the search.

The number of Youtube views, reproductions, or visualizations of YouTube is used by the video platform to give a better situation to each video within the search results. Even if a video has received many reproductions, it can appear on the cover, with the advantages that this entails when content gets to be promoted quickly through the internet spectrum.

YouTube ranks your videos depending on the relevance of the content and the number of Youtube views.

Many users use the filters to sort by several Youtube views when searching for a video on this platform. This is because people let themselves be guided and have more confidence in content that has been seen by a greater number of people.

For that reason, the best sites to buy youtube views take care of offering you this service to acquire YouTube high retention reproductions, thanks to how you can see how your videos begin to grow significantly in several views, which will help you when you “overtake” your competitors in search results, something that will help you increase your fame on the portal and at the same time increase your number of Youtube Views, with the benefits that this entails.

Buying high retention YouTube visits is the most recommended over other services that simulate visits of just a few seconds and that are detected by the platform, which penalizes the video. When it comes to buying YouTube high retention reproductions with us you will not have that problem and in addition to this, it will not pose any danger to or for your account on the platform.

If you’ve come this far wondering if your YouTube channel and videos are worth buying Youtube views, here’s the answer: Absolutely yes! and then we explain why.

Whether you have a consolidated channel or as if you are just taking the first steps on the most famous video platform on the Internet, buying YouTube views will give you the boost you need to increase the performance of your content and impact potential followers of your channel.

Reaching as many people as possible is often one of the main goals of those who venture to create content for YouTube, so buying Youtube views is a valid, quick, and easy technique to gain more visibility.

Buying YouTube views is profitable and very effective as long as the content you have decided to promote is of quality and you manage to retain the attention of the visits that will send you once you make the purchase.

The price of youtube video views is relative and depends on the factors that influence monetization.

However, here we find a series of data on what YouTube can pay per visit:

YouTube pays an average of $ 0.018 per visit, that is, for 1,000 visits YouTube would pay $ 18

There are several factors to consider when it comes to monetization on YouTube. Depending on the following parameters, our CPM (cost per thousand impressions) will be one or the other:

* Country of residence. Depending on our country of residence, our CPM will be different. Countries like the United States or Germany have the highest CPMs, so their YouTubers are the best paid.

* The theme of our channel. Depending on the theme of our video views, the CPM will be different. For example, if our channel is for home cooking, the CPM will be lower than that of a channel for technological products.

* Target audiences. If our channel is “Family Friendly” content (for the whole family), our CPM will be higher, because it will have a higher audience. We also have to take into youtube account that there is content-oriented to certain sectors whose subscribers have a much higher purchasing power.

In short, the more public our content covers, the more visits our videos will have and the more profits our channel will obtain.

There are dozens of ways we can buy Youtube views on our YouTube channels to grow, one of them being the illicit purchase of subscribers or Youtube views. Many marketing companies use this system to get their customers to appear on the first pages of searches, assuming the risk that this implies. But you should know that it will harm you in the long run.

YouTube has implemented a commendable measure to combat accounts using this system. And is that when you publish a new video, it is shown to 33% of your followers(approximately). If that 33% don’t see the video, or barely get views, the video won’t show up in search engines. It is not offered to new subscribers and neither to the others you have.

Therefore, having ghost subscribers hurts you. If your channel has 500 followers and 450 are bought, your videos will not be shown in suggestions to other users. Only when they search for them directly will it be shown in the search engine.

YouTube rewards those youtube accounts that have active subscribers who watch their Youtube video views. Somehow avoiding the purchase of youtube views and that this interferes in the operation of the algorithms. But as I have already commented, it is a difficult task.

As an answer to the question if it benefits you is a resounding NO. You can get visits and subscribers quickly and easily, but at the same time, you expose yourself to penalties by YouTube or having your account banned. If this happens, you will not only lose the money invested, but you will also send all your effort to hell.

It is better to grow slowly and safely than fast and plummet.

It can be as safe as going to the bakery and blindly buying bread. Yes, they will give you the bread you have asked for, but you will not know if it is from the day, yesterday, its status, if you will like it, everything will be unknown.

What we are trying to say is that your money will go to the bank accounts of those websites where they sell Youtube subscribers. Miraculously that does not fail. We can find hundreds if not thousands of these pages that offer you guarantees and solutions to your problem of having few subscribers or few visits or simply comments on your videos.

Thus, Businesses around the world now regularly buy YouTube views, comments, followers, and likes to increase their profiles, now is the time to follow suit. In the worst case, if we assume the worst, it is that we do not get any subscribers or buy Youtube views. But if we have achieved views and minutes of reproduction in a legal way and this YouTube takes it into account.

Tips and Tricks

What are the ways to make money on YouTube?

People today are not just relying on the YouTube partner program in order to make money. However, there are various ways to gain revenues on YouTube. Some of them have been mentioned below-


Basic attention tokens are earned when viewers are able to view the opt-in ads through the brave browser. These tokens are deposited monthly into a secure wallet. From there, viewers can easily tip the YouTube content creators through these tokens.

For creator’s basic attention tokens offer a very rare and direct means of earning money. At the same time, these tokens give your viewers a chance to show how much they appreciate the content that you are creating for them.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used ways in YouTube to gain extra income. This only means that you partner with another company, or brand and feature their product or services within your video. In the end, you can also provide an affiliate link to their product in your video description. All you have to do is ask your viewers to purchase such products or services.

If a set amount of viewers go to the affiliate link and are using their services, then you shall be getting a certain amount of payment from the company you are affiliated with. However, for this, we have to ensure that you have a good amount of subscribers so that brands are eager to collaborate with you.

Brands Commission

This is a means of earning money that is really exclusive to YouTubers who have a very large fan following. It is similar to affiliate marketing, however, it is a little bit easier to stop, for instance, you do not require a certain amount of users to buy the brand.

All you have to do is promote the product in your channel, and you will be getting paid simply for promoting such products. Therefore you will not have to worry about creating enough transactions.

Fan Funding

One direct way to make money on YouTube is by asking fans to fund your projects. Sometimes if you have an amazing idea it is possible that your audience will naturally turn to support you through financial donations. you can go for crowdfunding through various platforms available online that cater specifically to YouTubers.

How to find the right target audience?

Here are some ways in which you can find the target audience-

Conduct Right Amount of Market Research

To understand your target audience you first need to conduct market research. This can be done through SWOT analysis which will define the strength and weaknesses of your business. Some things that you can recognize through market research are-

* Competition

* Motivation

* Personality types and pain points

* Customers buying habits

* Economic shifts

* Industries such as medical, accounting, ETC for a B2B focus

* The location that can be local, national, or international

* Demographics such as income level, gender, age, marital status, occupation

Know The Existing Customers

One of the best ways to find the target audience specifically for your brand is to learn about the existing industry. You can make use of tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Facebook insights, and Instagram insights to get create information on how your users are responding to your products. This will give you a great idea of what kind of content your viewers are visiting the most.

Target A Specific Group at Once

You have to understand that not everyone will be interested in the content that you’re creating. Therefore it is important to no intuitively who will like your content the most.

This can be done by finding the accounts of similar creators or artists. when you target a specific group, then you don’t have to worry about reaching a worldwide audience. This is a slow process and comes later. Hence in the beginning be very specific about the kind of people you want to target.

How to buy YouTube Views?

YouTube is the place to be at today. It goes for not only people who want to get entertained for a while but also those who are looking for an online career. Once you get your channel monetized, getting money from ads is enough to sometimes replace a full-time job. The amount depends on how many youtube video views you get and there are plenty of ways to add a boost to it.

Make trendy videos

Following trends might seem generic but it never harms anyone. Especially for smaller, newer channels, making videos on trending topics can be their introduction to the massive scene of YouTube fame.

YouTube never runs low on trends and a simple look at the trending tab can give you a quick insight into them. A single viral video can bring you thousands of Youtube views and a lot of new subscribers which in return means even more views.

Create your own style

There is nothing wrong with jumping on a trend but unoriginality can be a real issue. There is no lack of unoriginal clones on YouTube who all just copy-paste entire concepts and never reach anywhere.

Adding a personal touch and flavor to trends is the way to go if you want sustainable growth instead of just a temporary boost in Youtube views.

Create playlists

Once you have a good amount of videos on your channel, it is a good idea to create different playlists for them.

It organizes things and makes it easier for visitors to look for a specific video they come for. A playlist can also bring exposure to your other videos with lesser views.

Make efforts with thumbnails and titles

There is a good reason people invest time and effort into the thumbnails and the titles of their videos. They create the first impression of your video and it needs to be solid. Try to create eye-catching thumbnails without click-baiting the viewers.

The title too should be worded the right way and should build interest in the video. Adding relevant tags in the video description is a must too.

Promote across multiple platforms

The number of active social media platforms is at an all-time high now and you should use them for your benefit. Cross-promotions are a thing and for all the good reasons.

Sharing your new uploads across different social media platforms can maximize the Youtube views they get.

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