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10 Best Instagram Followers Tracking Apps To Track In 2023

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Best Instagram followers trackers
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With over a million active users logging in for approximately minutes every day, Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the key players in social media marketing. If you are a blogger, influencer, or business owner trying to crack the social media game and make it big on Instagram then it goes without doubt that you already have a business account on Instagram. Even though Instagram does provide some basic insights about the followers gained or loose or the performance of posts and stories, big brands and influencers tend to rely on some third-party Instagram Followers Tracking Apps to keep track gain Instagram followers for better decision-making and strategize if they are not huge fans of the business account.

It is also common for people with private accounts to install such apps to see who all are following or unfollowing them. Moreover, such apps also help you know your followers a little better by keeping a track of their activity, which helps you decide what type of content is famous among your audience.

It will not only help you know which accounts they follow or posts they like but also provide in-depth information on the interactions, reach, and impressions on your posts, without switching to a business account!

Now that you have made up your mind to know more about the people who are following you without switching to a business account,

Best Instagram Followers Tracking Apps To Track:


Iconosquare - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

We would start with the first best app that you can rely on, Iconosquare. This app provides detailed and business-level analytics and is an official partner of Facebook so you don’t have to worry about your credentials falling in the wrong hands.

Be it a proper follower growth chart, demographics, and other statistics which depict the engagement on each post or video on your account.

Previously known as Statigram, this desktop app has been providing useful statistics to over 10,000 clients who then use it to make data-driven decisions by easily sharing key metrics with their teammates.

It is a favorite among both, popular brands and average social media users as it provides in-depth analytics and even lets you host contests and fun quizzes to increase engagement and even integrate with Facebook for cross-channel engagement!

With a monthly fee of per month, it might seem a little expensive but with several useful features like handling multiple accounts using a single platform, suggesting the best time to post, pre-scheduling your posts, suggesting the most appropriate geotags and much more, Iconosquare can be your ultimate companion in acing the gram!


Hootsuite - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

Yet another useful app on the list is Hootsuite. It helps you manage all your social campaigns in one place while keeping an eye on your Instagram followers. Besides tracking the performance of your posts in real-time and pre-scheduling your content when you’re busy, Hootsuite acts as a perfect all-rounder when it comes to social media management.

With advanced features like replying to comments, monitoring activities across multiple accounts, providing a shared library of on-brand social content, and several certifications and training, this app helps you understand and analyze your followers’ responses in the best way possible.

With a free 30-day trial, it allows you to try out features like providing special access to your colleagues, in-depth information about your followers, and top-performing posts.

You can even create a list of people who have followed or unfollowed you thus making it a perfect option to manage your Instagram account! This affordable app has catered to several non-profits, Fortune 1000 companies, and small businesses like Amway and Nokia.


Crowdfire - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

If you are trying to establish and expand your online presence but are not sure where your posts or videos fail in terms of engagement or impressions then Crowdfire can help you with understanding your audience in a better way.

It helps you analyze and recognize accounts or posts that you can best interact or relate with, based on the kind of posts your account has or you have recently liked or commented on.

While Crowdfire majorly focuses on Instagram followers and provides all the information you could need about them, you can even use this app to keep a track of your performance on various other platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

Crowdifre is compatible with iOS and is an authorized app so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your crucial data through it. While you can make a free account, services like scheduling your posts beforehand and others can only be used through a paid account.

Moreover, it won’t automate everything so once the app has provided you with the insights, you will have to build a strategy and interact with accounts on posts and in the inbox on your own. It costs only


Squarelovin - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

Yet another popular app used by famous Instagram influencers and brands to keep a tab on their followers is Squarelovin. This app makes it easier to manage your Instagram account by giving you a better insight into the follower demographics so that you can reach out to potential followers with similar interests and tastes.

While it does provide you with a list of users who have followed or unfollowed you recently, you will have to unfollow or follow them through Instagram itself as Squarelovin does not provide any button or option to do so directly through the app.

After helping several key players in the industry like Nivea, JOOP! and over 1,000 others by increasing the conversion rates and follower count using the most advanced solutions and best-in-class Instagram analytics.

It even allows you to gain better insight into the impressions and responses received on your stories, IGTVs, and posts so that you can create a better strategy for your business.


Jarvee - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

If you are a Marvel fan then you must have thought of finding yourself a Jarvis of your own so that you could also get things done quickly like Tony Stark. You’d be happy to know that there’s a desktop app called Jarvee that can aid you in scheduling, strategizing, and analyzing follower insights and demographics.

It is an automation program that helps you schedule posts in advance, interact with other users on posts, liking pictures, follow people who have followed you, unfollow those who have unfollowed you, and follow new users based on the analytics and insights collected over time.

With so many features to make your work easier, it is quite obvious that it costs a little more but you can make up your mind by getting a free 5-day trial and see how well it works with your business.


SimplyMeasured - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

If you are looking for an app to keep a tab on the response and engagement of your followers then SimplyMeasured can assist you. It helps identify the shortcomings in the content you provide to your audience by comparing it with your competitors and providing detailed reports on the metrics for better business opportunities.

It will assist you in tracking and reaching out to potential clients and followers by providing demographics including location, gender, age, and device usage.

SimplyMeasured can also help in analyzing customer response by listening to keywords relevant to your business or concerning your brand so you can give future and existing clients a better customer experience.

If you’re still unsure, you can check out SimplyMeasured’s free Instagram user report as part of its free trial package. This comprehensive report is available for accounts with over 25,000 followers and depicts a lot of useful metrics in an easy-to-read manner so you can strategize accordingly.



The last app on this list is Zoho which has over 25 years of experience when it comes to social media management. From providing an easy-to-understand monitoring dashboard that helps you engage with your followers in real-time through views, likes, and messages round the clock.

It provides best-in-class analytics through pre-built reports and is trusted by over 60 million companies including KPMG, Hyatt, TATA Projects, Suzuki, Mahindra, L’Oréal, and several others.

If you thought this is all, you’d be glad to know that it offers several other advanced features like scheduling posts in advance, content calendars, creating content queues to keep a tab on comments or posts where your brand is being mentioned, defining and assigning different roles to colleagues using permissions and much more to make sure you can easily manage your Instagram account with ease and without breaking your bank balance.

Followers Insight

Followers Insight

If you have a private account but want to know who all are following you and how your posts are performing in real-time, then you ought to download this app. Followers Insight is a powerful and effective tool that can help you with the analytics of your account.

The app keeps an eye on the impressions received on your videos, posts, and stories so you can improve and analyze your account growth and engagement rate by deciding what kind of content you want to avoid or post in the future based on audience response.You can even find out who likes your posts the most or which hashtags helped you gain wider reach or quicker results.

While one might feel that it provides similar features to that of Instagram insights, this third party app proves to be useful when it comes to analyzing the answers received on stories, polls, and quizzes if you have a personal account and don’t plan on switching to a business account anytime soon.



This mobile-based application can be your savior when it comes to shortlisting accounts that follow or unfollow you from time to time due to various reasons. The best part is that Instafollow is compatible with both Android and iOS so you won’t have to worry about hunting for two different apps to get the job done in case you switch phones in the future.

Once you have successfully downloaded and synced the app with your Instagram account, you can gain insight about the users who have recently followed or unfollowed you and even track users who you don’t follow back to make sure you are not missing out on anyone important!

Be it 500 or 1,00,000 followers, every influencer or brand, be it big or small finds it difficult to maintain their followers to the following ratio and this app can prove to be a blessing in disguise in such dire situations as you can immediately follow or unfollow people with a single tap without opening Instagram to look up each user individually!

Union Metrics

Union Metrics - Instagram Followers Tracking Apps

Union Metrics is a web-based tool that has helped several marketers keep a track of their accounts and followers without spending too much time or effort. If you want to stay a step ahead in strategy and planning but are not sure where you can find all the necessary metrics like deciding the best time to post, which hashtags to use, etc then Union Metrics can help you out.

The reason why Union Metrics is trusted by companies like The Linux Foundation and Fanology is that it provides real-time data including through features like profile analysis (provides insight about what kind of content receives the most response in terms of likes, comments, and shares), keyword listening (it helps keep track of people or users discussing your brand in real-time), campaign reporting (tracking performance of

campaigns by determining how many followers were gained or the positive response it received) and last but not the least, this app also gives you reports using historical data to decide which content you should produce more or what type of content is more relevant to your audience which helps in gaining new followers and gauging the response of the existing ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Instagram follower tracking apps pose a threat to your account?

If you think you can simply download the very first app you see on the play store to help you keep a tab on your follower count then you are making a grave mistake! One of the biggest doubts that major business account holders have is that are these apps even safe?

You might want to stop downloading the first app you encounter on the play store as most of these apps fail the basic Data Privacy Check Audit done by independent firms and curious bloggers.

The reason why Instagram does not encourage people to download such apps is that these apps might use your password while the authentic ones won’t need your credentials to keep a tab on your follower count and similar statistics.

If you are using any application that claims to tell you who all have unfollowed your account, then you can check if it is legitimate or not by changing your password, if it’s still working the same, then congratulations, your account is safe! If the app is not able to sync the updated statistics, then you should immediately change your password and uninstall that app!

The best apps to keep a tab on Instagram followers and why you need them

If you are still wondering why you would need such an app, then here are some reasons why you might need to use an Instagram follower-tracking app.

For business accounts or personal bloggers, knowing what kind of impressions and responses their posts receive is of great importance so that they can approach brands and showcase the same to grab some great collaborations and deals!

Moreover, it can get quite difficult to keep a tab on every single person but if several people unfollow you at once, then one might be keen to dig deeper and see which post triggered that kind of reaction!


This brings us to the end of the article and we hope you now have some great tools and apps to make the most of your social media account.

If you want to fully utilize these apps, we would advise you to purchase the premium version which helps you do much more like scheduling posts in advance, sending out automated replies, and much more without breaking a sweat.

So go ahead and do some more research on the apps listed above to decide which one aligns with your brands’ needs and goals in the best suitable manner and feel free to share your feedback in the comment section below!

Moreover, if you know of any other authorized apps that are great at keeping track of your followers then feel free to share them in the comment section below! Moreover, you can also share your experience of using the apps listed above and how they benefited your business in acing the social media game like a pro!

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