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The competition is tough on Tiktok, and there’s no harm in getting a little help from the experts at Viralyft. Buy followers on TikTok and ramp up your fan club with real Tiktok viewers. When you buy real Tiktok followers, you grow your chances of driving long-term, authentic engagement, too.

Premium-Quality followers are the highest grade available in the market, users will generally have many posts on their profiles and are active users.
High Quality Followers

What's the difference

  • Top Quality Followers
  • No Password Needed
  • 24-48 Hours Delivery
  • Global Followers
  • 24/7 Support
Premium Quality Followers

What's the difference

  • Top Quality Followers
  • No Password Needed
  • 24-48 Hours Delivery
  • Global Followers
  • 24/7 Support
High Quality Followers
What's the difference?
High-Quality followers are a great choice for anyone needing a boost and wanting real followers from a global fanbase without a large budget.
Premium Quality Followers
What's the difference?
Premium-Quality followers are the highest grade available in the market, users will generally have many posts on their profiles and are active users.
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How To Buy Real Tiktok Followers

Reach your goals with our premium Tiktok Followers

Choose your Tiktok Followers package

Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality followers available!

Enter Your Username

Provide us with your Tiktok url, no password is needed!

Complete Checkout

Pay securely via our SSL encrypted payment gateway, we accept all major credit and debit cards, You can rest easy knowing your financial information is never stored.

Why Buy TikTok Followers from Viralyft?


Since its creation, TikTok has been one of the commonest video-sharing platforms. It has millions of users around the world sharing content starting from skits to makeup transitions. Becoming famous on TikTok depends on the number of people who are following and liking the content. As a starter on TikTok, many people buy TikTok followers from Viralyft to gain faster engagement on TikTok at the start. Credible followers for TikTok handle Viralyft as an ideal choice.

Significant Features

The benefits of Viralyft have always worked best for users seeking marketing solutions for the different social handles. Similar features are available for TikTok as this social handle ushers in more new users. Some of these beneficial characters are:

  • Followers from Around the World

TikTok has users from all around the world and it is better to buy TikTok followers from a different region. If the followers are from a single place, the content remains bound to that place. As more people engage from different places, the exposure varies and hence the TikTok account gets people from all places.

Getting a few people from different locations is easier than more people from one location. It is all about people who are actually into the content. Viralyft specifically provides the followers in this manner.

  • Dedicated Customer Service

Customer service is not bound to lengthy and time taking emails like most other websites. It is swift and perfect when it comes to Viralyft customer support. A live support team keeps helping people on the clock. Another one is the email support team which reaches out within a day.

The easy problems get sorted out directly while Viralyft addresses issues like a refund through an email. But the customer care facilities are dedicated to the customers providing the best services. They are simultaneously helping more than one user of the plans for different social platforms.

  • Variable Affordable Plans

Prices for plans range from $6.99 to $79.99 which is pretty epic considering all of it is lower than $100. All plans are not only easy to get but come with some added features. These features include the refill guarantee, top-quality authentic followers and a constant support system.

The plans start with 250 followers for only $6.99, which is cheaper than fast food orders. The biggest plan comes with 5000 followers on the go. It directs the TikTok account of the customer to an instant shot to fame. Followers at these rates let creators who buy TikTok followers on Viralyft live their dream of fame.

  • Timed Delivery of Followers

A specific period is there in which the delivery of the TikTok followers is done. After order completion, the followers must reach the TikTok account on time. Getting popularity needs followers within a shorter period. As an account gets more reach on TikTok, the posted TikTok videos start getting viral.

All these followers will become viewers and provide likes for future videos. Within hours of ordering, the customers can expect the delivery of followers. This keeps the order in control of the clients of Viralyft and expect the plan at the right moment.

  • Active Engagement from Followers

A constant and active engagement on the posted TikTok videos is possible from real followers. If the followers are only bots, it will just increase the number. But the authenticity depends on active TikTok users following the specific TikTok handle. As these users watch videos on the platform, the view count and likes on the videos tend to increase

Hence a complete engagement is possible from the active and dedicated followers. People liking similar content will always stick to the creator as they find the videos perfect for their entertainment.

  • Refill Guarantee

All the plans come with an added refill guarantee. This means if the selected plan is not provided or loss of followers is observed, Viralyft compensates for the loss. The refill guarantee fully refills the order if there is any loss from the number as promised on the package.

Viralyft also provides a few followers or likes in excess with all their plans so that any possible loss is automatically compensated. The loss can occur since all followers provided are authentic and with their changing choices, they may always unfollow.

  • Refunds for Orders

Payment safety comes with the possibility of coming with a refund. If a person is unable to attain the expected order, they are going to get the money back.

This is another way to maintain monetary safety since Viralyft never fails to deliver. In certain cases, after clients buy TikTok followers, even if the orders fail to reach the level of expectation, they compensate for the loss. Customers get the plans properly so that they never have a chance to complain.

  • No Password Policy

Viralyft carries a no password policy with all the order plans. For getting the followers, the website needs a TikTok URL directly. All followers will reach that account after the ordering on Viralyft. But none of the plans require passwords with the details. This means the sanctity and the credibility of the TikTok account are never damaged.

The security of the TikTok account remains stable because only a little personal information is necessary. Chances of risk are high while sharing passwords but Viralyft strictly maintains all its plans without taking a single password.

  • Chances of Account Ban

Many TikTok users take such services to improve their reach on the social platform. But based on the algorithm after taking such services seldom leads to an account ban.

The chances are further controlled with authentic users as followers. TikTok algorithm detects bots and it can catch users with the most bot followers. Viralyft provides authentic users as followers. This not only keeps the account safe but keeps the reach high as well.

Simple Steps to a Successful Ordering

  • Starting with the process

The complete process starts with the process of decision-making. It becomes difficult for the user to select the plan among so many choices. Even in this case, the clients can take the help of customer service or live support.

Making the right choice is important as all the plans have similar added benefits. The affordability of a person varies and based on that selecting the right plan is easier.

  • Providing relevant requirements

Basic details required for the payments are just simple information. Customers must fill in relevant details about TikTok with very little personal information. This information is necessary and among those none of the information is lost.

A compact security measure keeps all the information safe from data leaks. Not saving information like this acts as the second level of security to keep identification secure.

  • Successfully completing the orders

Order completion depends on successful payment for the plan. Viralyft has made the payment process to buy TikTok followers as simple as the push of a button. If a person has relevant credit and debit card from the accepted banks, they can fill in the details and pay in a minute. As the customer pays for the order, they get a confirmation email and the service starts immediately.

Customers should complete their orders for TikTok plans meticulously. At the end of order completion, an order number goes back through an email. This helps with the successful order tracking of the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial safety is outright the first concern for most of the customers. If the money stays secure it eventually draws more people to the website. There is not just single-step security for all the payments. The money stays secure from starting with payment details to completely sending the order. Security of the payment makes it simple for even the creators starting on TikTok.

The first step is the process of providing payment details and none of which remains with Viralyft. The money remains secure as a special-order tracking process is present. Tracking is possible till the order reaches the TikTok account completely. Constant tracking is possible while the plan keeps getting provided.

Viralyft has a compilation of different plans for varied social media platforms. They offer marketing services to these social media websites just like the clients who buy TikTok followers. There are multiple social media marketing websites but Viralyft comes with unique features for TikTok. Firstly, the followers, views, and likes for TikTok come from real people. These people are going to stay as future viewers of the videos posted on TikTok.

An engagement like this is the dream which the creators start with. Engagement of this level will make a mark in the long run and this instant fame will push the videos to the most viewed choices. The authenticity of the services of Viralyft makes it different from other websites. No other website takes care of its orders in this manner.

The future engagement of the TikTok account depends on the content. Creators share the videos and based on the popularity of old videos the new reach is created. More followers and likes start ushering in as the creator becomes famous with future videos. This process of gaining fame takes months on the platform and also posting hundreds of videos. But to start with a potential number of followers it is best to use the TikTok management.

The services to provide the followers at the start can bring fame in the future. As soon as more people start viewing the content, the videos get to the most viewed and most-searched list. More viewers start viewing them and make the creator famous with an increase in follower base.

Worldwide followers as Viralyft provides all its clients is always beneficial. Focus coming from all around the world will make sure that people from every place view the content. Followers from different countries get accustomed to the content and new related people come for newer content.

Previous customers who came to buy TikTok followers state that they found it simpler and faster to get future followers after taking plans from Viralyft. Viralyft provides real users as followers who will view, like, and share the content. In some cases, due to changes in content, they may unfollow as well. Hence just like normal fans, they will show the content to people around them, which can generate huge attention from all directions.

Buying plans from Viralyft will create fame and increase the chances of getting likes and views on TikTok. But if a creator does not hold their ground, the followers will again start decreasing even after buying plans. Some common issues like long delays while posting videos, suddenly changing the video type will result in the loss of followers.

To keep the hype rising for a specific account, the creator must keep the viewers engaged. Followers remain engaged with new videos after they get posted on the platform. TikTok accounts of the people keep getting better as they spend more time on creativity and give their best.

TikTok at present has more than a hundred million active users. So, people can be sure about the exposure they can get if their content reaches all these people. The videos that TikTok creators share on the platform get a steady growth in the number of views. As they buy tiktok followers more users are constantly joining the list.

Right now, the most followed celebrities on TikTok have more than a hundred million followers. This means all that exposure may take time, but with good content, any creator can reach that level. Touching the highest possible follower limit is definitely the growth that people expect. But it takes years of work and hundreds of contents to reach that goal.

Buyers who get tiktok followers from Viralyft get that extra push from the start. This helps the content reach as many people as possible. Reaching the highest limit is all that people need in any platform and since TikTok is booming with users from pop culture, the best creators can get the viewers in no time. Therefore, there is a limitless chance of growth since new active users on TikTok are constantly increasing.

The safety concern is a priority that Viralyft addresses perfectly. They have top-notch SSL security keeping all the data safe. This is the security that best websites have so that people can put their faith in the TikTok plans and order any plan of their choice. Therefore, all those who want to buy the packages need to pay using safe payment methods.

Thus, personal data remains equally safe with the money as clients choose one of the best Places to buy tiktok followers. It is actually safe for the TikTok account. This is because TikTok is not too strict about its policies. Buying followers from websites like Viralyft is fruitful because of the authenticity of the services.

People get the active followers they need, increasing the credibility of the content they are creating. Attract the attention of people with all the viewer base. Viralyft takes care of all the safety measures while they provide the plans. So, the clients do not need to think about the issues after they order and they can easily relax.

TikTok followers keep increasing with the packages and that pushes the viewership of the content. As more people start watching the content, it becomes easier to reach new users. Since Viralyft is all about organic followers, these people are definitely going to watch the videos on TikTok.

At this stage, creating more videos can generate a higher number of views within a short period of time. All these followers effectively induce likes and views on every video after the clients get the complete package from Viralyft. More followers not only create more chances of video views but also higher growth on related engagement.

Even likes and comments on the content are positive growth that can lead the video towards a higher number of views. People seeking more to Buy TikTok views and steady growth must choose the TikTok packages from Viralyft to get tiktok followers. As they send out the authentic people, clients see the growth they expect within days as they order plans. When the growth is taking place in all forms, the video views are going to get induced with it.

The best part about getting exposure to TikTok content when people buy tiktok followers is that it is not limited to TikTok only. This means getting more TikTok shares can be fruitful at first. But then creators must share their content on all other social handles. TikTok videos are famous on all platforms and there is a huge audience for those videos on the other social websites.

This way videos from TikTok go viral with people sharing more with new viewers. A great level of growth is possible in this manner from TikTok. Reaching out to people through content is the best form of branding for the content. TikTok is already the modern app for trends of the latest pop culture.

Great ideas in the videos go viral in no time as people start following these ideas. All TikTok creators need to explore all the avenues possible to make their content reach out to the people. Such a steady growth is like a dream come true for the new creators. Apart from getting followers from the plans at Viralyft, people start getting exposure if they follow this simple idea.

Viralyft has the additional benefit of an order tracking feature. This means every order that clients send out reaches them within the given time and in an orderly manner. As soon as the user places the order from Viralyft, they need to provide some additional info. Providing the email address, people get the order number at the start.

There is a dedicated facility on the website to get the live tracking of the order. People get to see the growth in real-time that they are getting packages from one of the best sites to buy tiktok followers. TikTok follower count directly affects the publicity of the content. More people watching the content can bring better active followers.

As people see the number soaring in the follower count by tracking the order, they also see the real change in engagement. Videos start Buying more TikTok likes and comments than before. This visible growth makes the TikTok algorithm suggest the content to new people. Also, this live tracking maintains transparency about the complete delivery of the order. So, people know that what they are getting is worth the money.

As people buy the plans from Viralyft they always stay concerned about the future benefits. Clients who get the plans see that the growth lasts for months after the complete delivery of the plans to buy tiktok followers. Once people order followers, they feel that they will see the growth for that delivery time.

Even though the whole delivery takes a day or two, the effect of those growths remains for weeks or even months. An evident growth continues with more people following after seeing the content. TikTok growth is set to stay with clients if they are active with content creation. This is because the exposure is from all around the world.

As people share the videos it reaches potential viewers as people buy real tiktok followers who will like the content. These people later become the followers for the client increasing the whole follower list. Since the effects last for a longer period, there is going to be a steady change or even an exponential growth in follower count. This lasting impact can increase the engagement for all future posts directly.

Booming benefits are available with the TikTok plans that all the creators need. The benefits are not just limited to one or two as there are some unique features like no other website. But the best benefit among all is definitely the refill and refund guarantee.

So, after clients start spending money, they can get the money back if they need it. You can stay in touch with the experts helping out all the clients through a live chat facility. The refill guarantee is responsible for maintaining the sanctity of the account as people get all the followers they are claiming.

Prominent benefits like an active refund guarantee are just to keep your savings safe. All the dollars you spend are going to be of proper use. TikTok engagement is going to skyrocket with all the focus on the videos as people buy active tiktok followers.

The refund guarantee is there so that none of the clients lose their money. Viralyft is always transparent about their facilities and so they do not scam their customers. This ideal customer-friendly approach is everything people like and which makes them come back to the website for more.

Non-drop followers mean that the follower base of any TikTok account remains constant. Since TikTok growth is very specific with respect to the number of followers, people want their followers to stay. Viralyft makes sure that the followers people order from their website are non-drop. This means the follower count of the client will not fall suddenly days after they buy the plan. This is important as people want to stay ahead all the time when they are planning to buy tiktok followers.

Since the followers are real people, there is always a chance for them to unfollow the account. But Viralyft has special provisions for all their clients. Buyers who previously buy TikTok plans can contact the support team here.

So, Viralyft always has your back and none of the clients are going to lose followers. They compensate for the loss and for this issue now people get some extra beyond the number of followers they order. This is just to make sure that the loss of a few followers does not put a huge dent in TikTok engagement.

Viralyft always tells content creators on TikTok to get everything they want. If people choose to buy tiktok followers together with the likes, it has a bigger shot at success faster. Together these two packages can make any content famous easily. The benefits of buying them together can be understood based on the places where people can fetch their engagement.

Videos that the creators post on TikTok gets on the top of the search page. As the videos fetch more likes from the TikTok likes packages, it becomes famous. More viewers who visit the search page watch the content and some of them even like and follow the creator.

With it, new followers come from Viralyft plans to buy active tiktok followers who genuinely view the content. All these viewers are always good for the new content. The worldwide exposure that people get from here brings a steady level of fame.

The delivery period of the packages for TikTok followers is only one to two days. As new people are joining the follower list, they tend to show a higher activity when they follow. If people share the highest number of contents during the delivery time, it gets more engagement than usual. As the TikTok account gets suggested to new people beyond the plans to buy real tiktok followers, people find it interesting.

Posting at the right time of the day, when more people are active is the right option. It attracts the attention of many TikTok users who like similar content. The creator needs to show as much activity as possible during delivery time. It sets the standard higher for the account and provides better credibility to the content. Make the most of the engagement coming your way as new followers are joining in every hour.

TikTok is a booming social platform right now. Famous creators here are seeing constant growth in their follower list. This is why there is no chance of TikTok going away anytime soon. It is going to stay for years as a short video-creating platform and provide some unique creators the platform to grow their audience.

TikTok fame is not going to dry out if people keep posting the content that their audience likes as they buy active tiktok followers. It is best to be part of the growth time of TikTok to get instant fame. TikTok engagement will not dry out, in fact, with Viralyft plans it is always going to grow. This is why people need to safely buy the packages they like.

Among the variant options, there are packages to buy real tiktok followers for new creators and even famous creators. Getting likes or followers in thousands can perfectly fit the requirement of any creator. As new viewers join the follower list people get to see new engagement for all future content.

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I have been buying followers from Viralyft for 6 months. I have never had any issue with the followers I get from them. The followers are real people, not fake accounts made by bots. Also, the followers are active on TikTok as well which makes them so legitimate.
- Liam
I was nervous about buying TikTok followers from here at first. But after reading the testimonials of their usees I decided to go for it. It was my first time buying and they were very helpful and answered all my questions. They also had a great selection of followers and it was super easy buying them. I would definitely recommend Viralyft to anyone!
- Noah
I'm super pleased with the website I received my followers in exactly 24 hours, which they say. I have great new followers, they are real people from all over the world. And best of all, I have not received any bad comments on the video. If you are looking for followers or likes on facebook or anything similar, I highly recommend this website.
- Oliver
I have been using this service for about 4 months now and I have to say that the results are perfect! All of the followers are real human beings who really like my TikTok videos. I am very pleased with the service and would recommend it to anyone looking for real followers for their TikTok account.
- Elijah
I've tried some other websites, but Viralyft has the most legit followers. I love the fact that they don't charge for fake atuff. The followers are real people, mostly tiktokers who post videos of their own. It also keeps you safe from any bans.
- William
They are pretty good when it comes to both the quantity and quality of TikTok followers. I have bought followers from them several times and they have never disappointed me. The followers I get from them are all real people and never bots.
- James
I have been using this website for a while now and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with their services. Each and every time I have purchased TikTok followers from them, they have delivered real followers. Price is spot on too. They are a great company to deal with.
- Benjamin
Viralyft is the best place to buy TikTok followers. They send high quality followers, and all of them are real accounts. I am very satisfied with their service, and would recommend it to anyone who want to grow their TikTok account!
- Lucas
This really helped my TikTok account to grow faster. Bought 1k of them for 19.99 dollars and it was worth it. I would definitely recommend other users to buy from them. The customer service is very helpful and friendly as well.
- Henry
I have been using Viralyft to get more followers on my tiktok account. I have increased my follower base to 5000+ from just 1000+. The best part is that they are real people from different countries across the world. Not a single one of them was fake.
- Alexander
I am a social influencer and I upload content on Tiktok. I wanted to get more followers because it would mean more money from my sponsors. Viralyft is trusted by many people as they have many satisfied customers. When you order from them, you know why they are so popular. The same happened with me they are class apart.
- Mason
I'm very happy with my purchase. I got exactly what I was looking for, real followers from all over the world . It's been two weeks now and I'm suddenly getting more and more followers everyday. I guess they have ended up boosting my reach.
- Michael
I'm a social media influencer, and I needed followers for my tik tok page. Viralyft helped me increase my followers by providing me with real people from different countries across the globe. Also, they have a good customer support team. They always reply to me and do it fast.
- Ethan
I was a little suspicious about buying followers from Viralyft because I thought they might be scammers, but I decided to give it a try and by the grace of God I got them and they were real and quality followers that helped me boost my account. I can't thank you guys enough!
- Daniel
I have used Viralyft to buy followers for my tiktok videos. Their prices are very cheap and the followers I buy are always real people and from different countries across the world. Viralyft is definitely the most trusted place to buy tiktok followers. I have been getting a lot of new followers for all of my tiktok accounts with Viralyft!
- Jacob
I'm a new Tiktoker and I found Viralyft when I was looking for someone to buy cheap followers from. I tried it out and they really delivered. The followers are real people from different countries across the world. I have hopes it will help me hit big. Thank you Viralyft!
- Logan
Viralyft is the best site to buy cheap tiktok followers that are still quality. All of them are real human accounts. And they are real cjeap compared to other sites. The support too is really helpful in answering my queries. I am really happy with their service.
- Jackson
Tbh I havent came across a lot of websites where you can buy stuff for tiktok. And amongst the one I found, Viralyft was such an easy choice. They are popular, reliable and still affordable. They are the perfect package at least in my opinion.
- Levi
This was the first time I ever bought something for my TikTok. I have bought fb followers and all from here but only recently started making tiktok videos and felt the need for some boost. Needless to say, Viralyft was class as has always been the case.
- Sebastian
It's so hard to find a reliable source online these days. The number of scams just keep increasing and there's always some new kind of trap. It's even worse in social media promotions. I feel so lucky to be a regular Viralyft user. They have never let me down. Just came here after receiving my 500 TikTok followers and felt I really needed to give them the praise they deserve.
- Mateo
I was looking to buy some cheap tiktok followers at first, but not too many. I just wanted to see if it worked. I bought 100 followers and i was really impressed with the results. I would recommend this website for anyone wanting to buy cheap tiktok followers. Me myself would buy more soon.
- Jack
I had to get some followers for my new tik tok account. I came across Viralyft and tried out their services. These guys are the best in the game when it comes to followers on tik tok. They offer really cheap prices with fast delivery. I highly recommend them if you need more followers on your account!
- Owen
I love my new followers! I'm so glad I found this website. I've bought over 5k TikTok followers total from here, and every one of them has come through. The site is easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for cheap tiktok followers, likes, comments, etc.
- Theodore
I haven't been able to find a cheap place where I could buy cheap tiktok followers from. Its hard to believe, but these guys are really cheap and really effective! I don't ever have to think twice before making a purchase here.
- Aiden
The followers are real people who are interested in my niche content. They are an excellent addition to my social media marketing strategy. Viralyft has gained me hundreds of new followers for my tiktok account. If you are looking for cheap but legit TikTok followers, Viralyft is your answer!
- Samuel
I have purchased followers for TikTok before, but Viralyft is the only service that does it right. The quality, quantity, price; they just get everything right. Their customer service is also great. I'm very happy with my purchase so far.
- Joseph
The Viralyft service is the best way to get more followers on TikTok. I've tested many other services in the past, but I always come back to them. They are easy to work with and deliver in time.
- John
I've been looking for a company that can help me to get Tiktok followers. Viralyft is the only one that could deliver what I was looking for. They're cheap, reliable and fast. Got my followers in less than 12 hours. Honestly, I'm very happy with their services.
- David
I was not a fan of bought followers, but I like making videos. I needed some sort of boost, and this website seemed to be the only one that sold real tiktok followers. I bought $10.99 worth of 500 tiktok followers and it was worth it!
- Wyatt
I am really happy to share my experience with Viralyft. I have purchased Tiktok followers from them and they are all real tiktokers, which is what I wanted. None of them have unfollowed me since then either.
- Matthew
TikTok has been one of the platforms I use to put my content out. I often use the TikTok services that Viralyft provides to promote my TikTok profile and videos. I have bought the smallest package a bunch of times to get some boost. It only costs 7 bucks and gets you, 250 followers. I enjoyed using these services for my TikTok profile.
Being a TikToker is hard nowadays because there are already so many people making content. My strategy helped me get to one point but I felt stuck. Buying TikTok followers from Viralyft helped because of high retention. It gave me enough credibility to attract more followers to my profile. The price wasn't that high either so it fits quite well within my budget.
I wanted to buy TikTok followers because I knew it would help me with my current status. But the first two sites I found looked very dodgy and when I used one of them I ended up wasting my money because I didn't get all the followers delivered. Viralyft delivered all the followers on time. The followers also have real accounts on TikTok.
This is the second time I am using Viralyft for TikTok. I often use it for Instagram and it has worked well. I have had a similar experience with TikTok as well. The services are quite good and it has helped me gain more followers who enjoy my videos. I can easily give this site 5 stars since that's what I feel after using its services.
All the followers that I got after buying them from Viralyft seemed quite real. They had good accounts and quite a high retention. This helped me showcase my profile much better during promotion and thus, I gained a lot of exposure because of them. I believe that if you know what you are doing this is the best site to buy TikTok followers.
Viralyft is the site I generally use for boosting my strategies. Whenever I feel that I need more followers on my TikTok profile I use this site. The reason is the quality of the followers and the price that fits within my budget. I have bought followers 3 times and every time it was a very decent experience.
The biggest reason why I still use Viralyft to buy followers is that I like the quality of the followers that it delivers. Of course, the price is low but there are many sites with cheaper packages but the quality of the followers is low. You will lose them in a few days. It doesn't happen like that here.
The entire process of ordering from the site just took me a few minutes. I am completely new to all this so I was very happy when everything went smoothly and I got the order delivered. I had bought 500 followers and it took the site around 2 days to completely send them to me. In between, I got many new followers who actually like my content.
I have been easily able to justify why Viralyft is a site that anyone looking to buy followers, views and likes should use. It's because you will not be scammed. The site mentions clearly what you are going to get from a service and you will actually get it without any issues. I have used the site multiple times and every time the same thing has happened.
It may not be the cheapest site out there but when you compare the price and the quality you get a different picture. For just 20 bucks I got 1000 followers. It helped me gain much more. Since then I have gained 500 new followers. The boost really helped and I know where to go if I need it.
I had been searching for good sites to buy followers and likes on. I tested a few and got demotivated because the service wasn't up to par. But then I ended up testing Viralyft and the 100 followers I bought stayed on my profile for a long time. This gave me the motivation to buy more and it worked very well for my profile.
I wanted to give this review because I had actually gotten a lot of results by using the services for TikTok and Instagram that Viralyft offers. It didn't cost me much but the results were very much worth my investment in this tool. I will keep using this site since it helps me grow on social media.
When I launched my Facebook page it had like 10 likes in the beginning but using my strategy I got around 100 likes. But it seemed to be static since then. So, I bought some likes from Viralyft and it worked very well. It helped me gain 70 more likes just by buying 100 likes. So, I have started using the site for TikTok as well and I have already seen similar results.
It took 2 days for the 500 TikTok followers to reach me. It only cost around 11 bucks and helped me gain 100 new followers who enjoy my content. I have found that Viralyft works quite well with my approach and have decided to use it whenever I need something extra with my strategy. I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy TikTok followers.
I have enjoyed the services of Viralyft because it has gotten me the results I have really wanted. It didn't empty my pocket because the packages are quite affordable. Also, if you think the price is high, you have to consider the quality that the site provides. The followers are real and have good retention which is what you want and Viralyft gives you that.
I know there are a bunch of bad sites out there. I mean I have been a victim of using them but I am glad I found Viralyft before giving up. After using this site's services, it felt like I got more than my money's worth. I have used this site for buying TikTok followers and likes for 3 months now and have never been disappointed.
This site really does know how to deliver quality followers. I bought 500 followers and when I checked the profiles they all seemed to be real people and this helped me gain more exposure on TikTok which is required if you want to gain more followers. It only cost me 11 bucks and I got very good results.
There are so many options on this site. Initially, I didn't have any planned extra budget for side promotion. I used my own strategy and it did give me results but not much. After searching for a bit I found out about this site and since the price was low I gave it a try and within two weeks I got good results. So, I stuck with it.
This site is just so great! I really liked using it because I know that I am going to get more results than what I spent on the site. I have been using the site for TikTok and Instagram for 5 months now and have gotten good growth on both platforms. Thanks a lot, guys!
This site rocks!!! I was so sad that my strategy was going nowhere. I was only getting 10 or so followers every month. But then I used this site and things changed. I bought the 100 followers package a couple of times and I started gaining 20 to 30 followers every month. So, I started using it more and adjusted my strategies and it helped me get better results. I am thankful for finding Viralyft.
I have to use this site more often because of the results it gives me. I thought it wouldn't work at first but then when I bought a couple of packages for TikTok followers I got good results. I enjoyed the experience and I feel that I can do more with these services to boost my promotion.
From the first purchase itself, I knew that this is the site I have been looking for. Good quality followers, high retention and attractive rates. I have already used the site a bunch of times. Highly recommend it!
This is the site that I buy all my social media services from. TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are the platforms I use and I have used the services from this site on all of them and the results are generally very good and help me get noticed. I have spent over 100 bucks on this site in over 4 months and the results show that it was a good expenditure.
This site is one of the reasons why I have started selling more merchandise using my Instagram profile. It has helped me get more exposure and helped me gain followers who were interested in my product but weren't too sure. I hoped it would help me gain exposure on TikTok as well and it did work well. So, I bought 500 followers again, a week ago.
Viralyft has a lot of services. I have used all the services for Instagram and TikTok. All of them are good. The followers you buy are real and have good retention and the same goes for the likes. If you know how to use your boosted stats you can gain some decent results using this site.
I knew just buying followers wouldn't help me but still buying it from a site with high retention gives you enough time to use your promotion methods. Viralyft sells followers with high retention which is what I needed. It worked out great.
Social media marketing and promotion are not easy these days as everyone is doing it. But using this site helped me get to a decent position where my strategies were more effective. I have already decided to keep this site as a tool to use whenever I need to boost my credibility or status.
Viralyft is a nice site. It is very easy to use and it doesn't take too long to order any service from the site. I liked using the site because it was within my budget and gave me good results. My recent purchase was 100 TikTok followers which I bought as a quick boost and it helped me gain around 30 followers.
I never knew that something like this site existed when I started my TikTok profile. But then I wanted to get more exposure and was looking for strategies when I found this industry. Searching a bit more led me to this site. I used it and I was impressed with how things turned out. Now, I use it regularly to gain more exposure.
This site does sell quality followers which you can't find on most of the other sites in this business. All of them sell bots but not this site. I got real followers that looked very real and helped me gain more followers.
Buying TikTok followers from Viralyft is very easy. I like how the site looks and how much information is very much on display. Also, if you need to know something just use the chat button. They will help you out. They helped me during my first rodeo and now I am a regular customer because the quality is just so good.
This is a nice site because you get what is promised. The site doesn't cut corners and delivers everything on time. I have bought Instagram and TikTok followers on multiple occasions and it has been quite awesome. These followers actually help you get new followers because it adds to your credibility.
People have been telling me that my account will get banned. Well, that may be true if the site is bad and the followers are bots. Not in this case where you get real followers. Your follower count will be boosted by using this site. You can use this credibility to gain more exposure and more followers. This site works quite well.
This site is pretty good. I really liked the followers I bought. The profiles seemed genuine and I still have them after a month so that's great.
This site really boosted my presence on TikTok. O was getting 100 to 200 views per month but after I started using this site the number went up to 500 even when I didn't buy the followers and views. So, whenever I feel that my strategy is not working that effectively I use this tool and it works very well.
I have wanted to grow on TikTok but I couldn't find much success. It was going slow and I was looking for a process to speed up my growth. That's when I found this site and used it. It worked well and I have kept using it since then. I have recommended the site to my friends as well.
I trust Viralyft. In the 6 months, during which I have used the site 5 to 6 times I have never lost my money or seen any issues with my order. I always get what I paid for and the results are very good as well. I bought 1000 TikTok followers and I got them in less than 3 days. The retention is quite good as well.
If you are doubting whether this site works or not then you can test it out if you have 6 bucks on you. That's what I did. My TikTok profile had a few hundred followers so I thought buying another hundred wouldn't be that bad. Surprisingly, this worked and using my promotion strategy I gained more followers.
I have found that it is very easy to deal with Viralyft. I am pleased with the way they handle customers. Even if you are asking something obvious or something that you can find on the site they will try to share the info with you regardless. This is the side reason though since the main reason is the quality of the services.
This site can be used by anyone because it is very easy to use. I have shopped on this site 5 to 6 times and it has helped me boost my presence on TikTok and SoundCloud. My tracks get much more plays now and my videos often get good views. Viralyft is a good social media service provider.
When I first heard about TikTok followers, I was hesitant. However, after reading the testimonials of prior users, I decided to go for it. It was my first time purchasing and they were extremely patient and helpful in answering all of my questions. They also had a wonderful variety of followers, so purchasing them was a breeze. I would strongly advise anyone to use Viralyft! -
- Noel H.
I?ve tried a lot of different ways to get more followers on TikTok, but nothing has worked as well as Viralyft. Their service is fast, reliable, and affordable, and they offer a great selection of followers. I?ve already recommended them to all of my friends.
- Rose
I was skeptical at first, but after using Viralyft, I was convinced! The process was quick and easy, and I received my followers within 24 hours. Not to mention, they were high-quality profiles with real people who are actually active on the app. I will definitely be using their services again in the future.
- Mike
If you?re looking for a way to get more followers on TikTok, I would highly recommend Viralyft. They offer a great selection of followers and their service is quick, easy, and affordable. I?ve already recommended them to all of my friends.
- Sara
Viralyft delivered on their promise! I was a bit hesitant at first, but after seeing the results, I was convinced. I got my followers in less than 24 hours, and they were active people with genuine profiles on the app. I will undoubtedly be utilizing their services again shortly.
- Hussey
My experience with Viralyft was incredible. Their TikTok service is quick, easy, and affordable. I have had multiple bad experiences with other companies earlier so I was a bit hesitant to purchase at first, but after seeing the results, I was convinced. I highly recommend their services!
- Briana
TikTok is the greatest Viralyft service available! They provide an excellent variety of followers and are quite affordable. I would strongly suggest their services to anybody seeking a method to increase their following on TikTok.
- Debrah
After using Viralyft?s TikTok service, I was amazed at how easy and affordable it was. I received my followers within a few hours and the sults were incredible. I am super happy with the service.
- Jordan
For anyone looking to grow on TikTok I would suggest they go ahead and try out Viralyft services. You will not be disappointed at all. Trust me I have gone through this process and I am very happy at where I am right now.
- Celina
I wish I could show you how smooth the process of purchasing anything on Viralyft is. The customer support is incredible and you receive instant services and amazing results. I trust Viralyft for all my social media needs.
- Luke
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