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Updated on May 9, 2024

Buy SoundCloud Likes and Grow Your Virality genuine and verified services

Your music on SoundCloud deserves to go viral, but it’s hard to do that when you don’t get enough engagement. That’s why you should buy SoundCloud likes, so you can start building a loyal listener base. When you buy real SoundCloud likes from Viralyft, you’ll generate authentic engagement that will lead to more Plays and more opportunities to get a huge fan base.

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SoundCloud Likes
Soundcloud Likes are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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SoundCloud Likes
SoundCloud Likes are perfect for a quick and quality boost without a large budget, these come from real global users.
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Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
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Why Viralyft is The #1 Choice?

Why choose Viralyft over the hundreds of other websites that provide SoundCloud likes? Find out why by glancing over our incredible key features.

From Real Users

Real Likes by Real SoundCloud Accounts

Whenever you purchase SoundCloud likes from Viralyft, you can always be sure it comes from a real SoundCloud user. Fake likes from bots are not our thing!

Cheap Rates

Wide Range of Cheap Plans

We offer a wide range of cheap plans for buying SoundCloud likes. You’re sure to find one that fits both your needs and your budget.

Snappy delivery

Snappy Delivery

We’ll make it snappy and deliver your SoundCloud likes within 24-72 hours.

Permanent Results

Permanent Likes

Since our Likes originate from real SoundCloud users, they’ll stay on your music - permanently.

24/7 live chat support

24/7 Live Support That’s Ready to Help

Our 24/7 live support team is ready to help you whenever you need it, no matter what the question or concern is!

SSL Encrypted Payments

Safe and Convenient Checkout

Our SSL-encrypted payment gateway is safe, quick, and convenient. We accept a variety of payment methods, but we’ll never store your financial information.

Why Social Media Privacy Matters!
At Viralyft every service you purchase comes with our privacy guarantee. This means your data is fully confidential, no matter what!
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How to Buy SoundCloud Likes

Eager to buy SoundCloud likes and help your music go viral? Here’s how to do just that with Viralyft. 

Pick an Plan

Select your SoundCloud likes plan

We offer several different plans for SoundCloud likes, with different quantities and affordable prices to meet your needs. Select the one that works best with your budget, knowing that you’ll always receive all our great benefits, like 24/7 support and quick delivery.

Profile Username

Provide the URL to your SoundCloud song

Next, provide us with the URL to the song you want us to deliver likes to. No need to send us your SoundCloud account password!

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase

Complete your purchase using our SSL-encrypted payment gateway. We accept all major credit cards, as well as debit cards, Apple Pay and crypto. We’ll also never store any of your payment information.

Your SoundCloud Likes
Before Viralyft
before buying soundcloud likes
After Viralyft

What are the Benefits of Buying SoundCloud Likes?

Every time you click on a song on SoundCloud, you’ll see a heart symbol with a number next to it. That number tells you how many people have liked the song. 

SoundCloud likes are an extremely valuable form of engagement to all producers in the music industry, regardless of your genre or style of music. They are also the most important kind of engagement you can receive on SoundCloud aside from follows, Plays, and reposts. Let’s explain the specific ways that likes can benefit you. 

The more likes your song has, the more people enjoyed it and wanted to add it to their personal library of liked tracks. Those same people are also more likely to listen to the song again. Thus, the more likes your song gets, the more your listener base grows. And with a strong, loyal listener base, your latest songs have a greater chance of getting heard by even more people and possibly even going viral.

An additional benefit of having SoundCloud likes is that a song with thousands of likes and Plays may trend on the SoundCloud homepage, which will make it visible to a much larger audience. This allows you to get more engagement outside of your base of potential fans. 

Finally, songs with thousands of likes carry a certain weight of credibility that songs with very few likes don’t. It’s just in people’s nature to only listen to songs that they know many other people before them have enjoyed.

The question is, how do you get all these likes? If you choose to get them organically, you may be at it for a long time. It can take months of hard work and grinding to get thousands of likes on your songs, especially if you’re new to the popular platform.

To speed things along and get your music career in gear, do what successful musicians, bands, and composers on SoundCloud do all the time: buy SoundCloud likes. When you buy cheap SoundCloud likes, you can experience all the benefits we described that much quicker.

Why you should buy
Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying SoundCloud Likes

Buying SoundCloud likes is an investment that can greatly enhance your music career. To make the most of that investment, consider these things before clicking “Buy Now.”

Are the SoundCloud likes I’m purchasing real or fake?

Before you buy SoundCloud likes, make sure that you’re buying likes from real SoundCloud users, not bots.

Like most other social media platforms, SoundCloud regularly removes bot accounts as they find them. When they do, the likes that those accounts provided for your songs are removed, as well. This action could tank your engagement metrics, as well as send the money you invested in those likes down the drain.

Clearly, it’s a waste of time and money to buy SoundCloud likes from bot accounts – yet that type of engagement is exactly what many providers offer.

The good news is that with Viralyft, you’ll never have to worry about bots, since all our likes come from real SoundCloud users only. These likes are authentic, will not disappear over time, and typically lead to more organic engagement in the future.

Am I consistently producing and posting high-quality music?

You can’t buy likes for your SoundCloud music if you haven’t posted any songs for users to like. Also, you’re more likely to increase organic engagement with your account beyond paid likes if your songs are high-quality and worth listening to. With that in mind, be sure to develop a long-term plan to consistently produce and post music for users, both paid and organic, to enjoy.

Pros & Cons of Buying SoundCloud Likes from Viralyft

Still not sure if you should take the plunge and buy SoundCloud likes from Viralyft? Here’s a pros and cons list to help you decide.

Real likes

All your likes will come from real SoundCloud users, not bots.

Authentic engagement

Start with paid likes and generate authentic engagement as your music grows in popularity.

Instant delivery

Start getting likes instantly after you complete your purchase.

Secure payment

Pay securely using our SSL-encrypted gateway.

Permanent results

Watch your SoundCloud likes climb without the fear of drop-offs.

Long-term growth

Use paid likes alongside other strategies to help grow your SoundCloud account long-term and increase the chances of your music going viral.

Not a comprehensive solution

Buying SoundCloud likes alone won’t help you sustain long-term growth for your account. Use other strategies like posting high-quality songs to maximize your results.

How to get more Likes on SoundCloud?

To get more likes for your music on SoundCloud, follow these strategies in addition to purchasing a SoundCloud likes plan from Viralyft. 

Tag your songs

More than anything else, tags help other users find your songs. Tag your song with keywords that describe the genre, mood, and style of your music, so that people who follow and search for those keywords can discover it.

Cross promote on other social media platforms

Do you have an Instagram? Twitter? TikTok? Whichever social media platforms you have active profiles on, start promoting your songs there as well as on SoundCloud. This strategy can act as a social proof and help you raise awareness for your music and expand your listener base even wider.

Interact with other artists

One way to generate more interest in your music is to interact with and support the music of your fellow artists. Find musicians that are similar to you in terms of genre, style, and tone, and engage with them. Leave them supportive comments, likes, and follows. Then those artists are more likely to engage with you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about buying SoundCloud likes from Viralyft? Find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section below. 

No, It’s not against any rules to buy real SoundCloud likes. In fact, many popular artists use this strategy on a regular basis to boost engagement with their songs.

At Viralyft, we specialize in providing real SoundCloud likes from real users. Select a plan from our wide range of options to fit your budget and your needs.

No. We never ask for your SoundCloud password, nor do we require you to give us any other sensitive personal information.

Not if you buy real SoundCloud likes. The users who deliver these likes are real people and will be indistinguishable from organic listeners.

Yes! Our plan for 5000 SoundCloud likes only costs $85.

Yes. Since the SoundCloud likes we provide come from accounts run by real people, not bots, it’s highly unlikely that any of your likes will ever drop off. In the event that they do, we will refill your losses within six months of your purchase.

However many SoundCloud likes you need, Viralyft can provide them. If you need an amount that’s more than our largest plan allows, simply reach out to us, and request a custom order.

We only offer full refunds in two situations: if you didn’t receive all your likes by the estimated due date, or if the likes were not as described. For more details, read our Refund Policy

Real SoundCloud likes can help you grow your account by improving your music’s popularity and social status, which can lead to more listeners and followers later on.

The two main pieces of information we require from our customers is the URL to the song they want us to deliver likes to, and their payment information. Rest assured we will never store the latter.


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Customer Reviews

We’ve had thousands of SoundCloud artists buy SoundCloud likes for cheap using our services. Check out what some of them had to say about us in their reviews. 

41 Reviews
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Viralyft is the service I turn to whenever I need to buy likes on SoundCloud or any other kind of social media marketing services. They always have my back and they always deliver. Highly recommend.


I have quite a few followers on SoundCloud, but they don’t always like my new music. So I bought likes from Viralyft, and it helped me with much needed boost and gave it some great looking metrics.


Viralyft was extremely helpful in getting me the Soundcloud likes I needed. I wanted 10K, so they put together a custom order. After purchasing, I tracked the likes using their Track Order feature, and every last like came through on time, like they said. Very satisfactory.


Viralyft stands out among the crowd of SoundCloud likes high quality services. Their likes come from real users, not bots, so no one would ever know I bought them. I haven’t seen any drop-offs, and it’s been a month. Will be buying another plan soon!


My experience with Viralyft was outstanding! I got 1000 SoundCloud likes for $25, and they certainly did the trick. My song looks more popular and I’ve gotten more plays and comments, too.


Buying SoundCloud likes from Viralyft was so easy and cheap! I went with the smallest plan – 250 likes for $10 – to start, just to see how it worked. Since then, I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in overall engagement, not just in likes. I’m going to buy a bigger plan and see what kind of results I get!


Whether you’re an artist, label, company, or music site, Viralyft provides real people to promote your tracks. I have bought thousands of likes from here and I never felt like I was overspending. One thing I really love is the delivery of orders. Late deliveries are rare and it has never happened to me that an order was not delivered.


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent delivery of my SoundCloud likes pack. I am very impressed and happy with the results. Not only do you provide a great product, but your customer service is great as well. I will be back for more soon!


Viralyft offers the best quality of Soundcloud likes. Their service is above all. I have already made 2 purchases with them and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The delivery is super fast, the likes are permanent and they are delivered to you from people all over the world. Excellent service!


I just received my first order of Soundcloud likes and I must say that they are great. The delivery was very fast and the number of likes was exactly as promised. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to get more exposure to Soundcloud. Thanks a lot, guys!


Viralyft is an excellent service. They deliver likes to my tracks on SoundCloud fast and for cheap. I feel that they care about their customers and try their best to meet customer needs. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of buying SoundCloud Likes.


Their service is the best! I have been using quite a few other companies in the past but none of them compared to Viralyft. They offer packages that are very reasonable and they deliver as fast as they have advertised on the site.


I purchased some SoundCloud likes from Viralyft for the first track that I uploaded on SoundCloud. It was a great experience. Got em all on time and they have stayed with me permanently since then. The customer service is excellent and they are very helpful. I am very pleased with the results. Highly recommend!


Within just a day after ordering 500 Soundcloud likes and plays, the results came to me. I was able to reach a huge audience and my new project began getting a lot of hits. I’m very happy that I went with this company and you should too!


Viralyft is one of the best sites to buy SoundCloud likes but they just drain your bank account. However, Viralyft remains the most affordable of all the providers of SoundCloud likes and also the most reliable. Never lost the likes they give me and never harmed my account either


I was tired of waiting for Soundcloud likes to come in and none of my strategies ever really worked. That is when I came across Viralyft. They were able to deliver my order in less than 2 days and my Soundcloud profile has never looked better.


I am really impressed with the quality of service I got from Viralyft. I purchased SoundCloud likes for my song, and once purchased, they delivered them quick. The likes are all real! I purchased 500 likes, and all of them were from 500 real accounts.


I have been ordering from Viralyft for a while now, and I’m happy to say that they never fail to deliver. Since I buy SoundCloud likes from them, it has been really easy for me to get my music heard. They also offer a very good price for each order you place with them, which is much better when compared to other similar services.


Viralyft is the best place to buy SoundCloud likes. Their service is fast and efficient. They have a 100% delivery rate. The staff is friendly and can help you with anything that you need. Viralyft is the only place that I trust tbh because the number of scammers just keeps increasing every day.


Viralyft is not joking around when they say their likes are permanent. I’ve had mine for over four months and none of them ever got deleted or dropped. They also come from many different countries and cities as the site promises.


I am a Soundcloud artist and I needed likes for my tracks. Most of the likes I bought from other sites were useless, they kept dropping sooner or later. But Viralyft is different, their likes are permanent and the price tags make it even better.


My favorite thing to do is to look at the analytics of my Soundcloud tracks. I discovered something interesting when I got my first 1,000 likes from Viralyft. The spike in plays was immediate. I never thought buying likes was ever gonna help me like this.


I’m impressed with their service. I’ve bought many likes before, but this is the first time that I see my Soundcloud tracks getting more and more listened to after I bought their likes. Their service works way better than I had expected.


I have been using Viralyft from the very beginning of this year. I am a small SoundCloud rapper and in order for me to get my music heard, I needed to boost my social credibility which in this case is my Soundcloud likes. Viralyft’s paid likes are really helping with that.


I have purchased likes from a lot of companies before but this one is by far the best. Everything they said they would do, they did. I got my SoundCloud account back on the map in no time at all.


I have used Viralyft for a few months now. Before I found them, I tried other companies but they gave me all fake likes. All of them were temporary too. With Viralyft, my SoundCloud looks solid with legitimate likes. The best part of it is that the likes are permanent. I will buy more from them, for sure.


I am so glad I found Viralyft and bought SoundCloud likes from here. I was expecting the likes to drop off like most companies after a week or so but they actually stayed. It’;s been 6 months now and I still have the likes that I had bought.


I’m very pleased with this company. They are great, fast, and reliable. The likes that I received are real. I will buy more in the future. The prices are very affordable too.


Viralyft is my source for quality SoundCloud likes. Their team is great and they are always on top of things. I don’t understand how they do it but I am getting genuine likes for cheap and that’s what matters for me. I recommend Viralyft to all the DJs that are serious about their music.


I had a lot of doubts about ordering Soundcloud Likes from Viralyft, but when I received the likes the very next day, I was confident they weren’t scammers. They are legit and very fast, I recommend Viralyft to anyone who wants to make his/her tracks more popular.


I’ve tried a lot of different companies out there, but I haven’t found any that compare to the quality and price of Viralyft. Anyone who is looking for serious music promotion should definitely give them a try! I have tried all of their soundcloud marketing services and most recently the likes packages and all of them have been great.


I have been using Viralyft for a while now and their service is amazing. They are quick at delivering top quality real likes from real accounts. Their support is also very responsive. If you are struggling with Soundcloud like me just do yourself a favor and use Viralyft. It is the safest and fastest way I have ever found.


I’ve been using Viralyft for over a year now and their service has been excellent. I use it to boost my tracks on SoundCloud and they have delivered every single time. I highly recommend anyone to try them, you won’t be disappointed!


I was really worried about buying SoundCloud likes because I didn’t want to get screwed over by a scam. I bought 250 likes which was the smallest and cheapest plan available and got them within a few hours. The likes seem to be from real artists like me as well. I will definitely buy more


The best product I have ever purchased in my life! The SoundCloud likes came in so fast and so much. These guys are the best, I promise you that you won’t regret buying from them! All the likes were from real accounts and my profile retained almost all of them


Best service on the market!! This is a trusted review from a real user! Do not fall for the cheap scams out there, they won’t work. If you want the results you gotta spend some money and Viralyft is the best place to do so. I am very impressed with their high quality services and have bought a lot of stuff for my SoundCloud.


Viralyft is the best way to get likes on Sound Cloud. They provide real likes and followers for any social media platform and SoundCloud is no different. I have been using their service for over a year and I am very happy about it. If you’re looking for the best and real service in this industry, go with them. Thank you, guys!


These guys over here at Viralyft are absolutely incredible. I was new to the idea of paid likes for SoundCloud and didn’t really know where to turn. I did a bit of research and found their website, and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Great value, high quality service, I can say nothing but good things about them!


I’m an indie artist from the US and I want to share my music with the whole world. I know my songs are worth listening to and it’s time for people to listen to them. While there are so many SoundCloud promotion websites out there, I decided to use Viralyft because it provides real likes and followers- not bots. I’m happy to say that this website really made a huge difference in my music career!


I’ve been looking to buy SoundCloud likes but was really confused. But this website gave me the best service and made me feel very comfortable and assured. The services they provide are cheap and work better than other providers. I highly recommend this site if you’re looking for genuine likes on your track or profile.


I have been buying Soundcloud likes from this site for a few months, and they are absolutely the best. It gives an extremely effective boost to whatever music you are promoting. I have never had an issue with them delivering the quality or quantity of likes I ordered, which makes them even better than other sites.

Alexa Allen

I have bought 2,500 SoundCloud likes from Viralyft. I must say that the likes delivered were all real and really helped my music a lot to get noticed on SoundCloud. I will buy other SoundCloud promotions such as plays and followers from them in the future.

Nicholas Jacobs

I was looking to buy some SoundCloud likes when my friend recommended me this site. Initially, I was a bit skeptical. But still, I bought its services. I must say that choosing Viralyft for my SoundCloud promotions was the best decision I ever made.

Jessica Miller

If you are looking to buy SoundCloud promotions at affordable rates, then look no further than Viralyft.

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