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Buy Followers, Likes, Views & More! 🚀

Buy Followers, Likes, Views & More! 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Simply want to learn more? Drop us a line and our team of marketing
experts will get back to you as soon as possible! Generally in 6-12 hrs!

Viralyft only provides highest-quality services and honest engagement to customers in exchange for the most competitive packages. The affordable prices ensure that creators, businesses, and other interested parties of every budget can avail themselves of them.  

Since you already get the best of two worlds — affordability and quality service — we offer discount offers very rarely.  

However, if you want a custom bulk order, reach out to us and our pricing experts will tailor the perfect discount for you. 

Absolutely NOT. With Viralyft, the sky’s the limit, i.e., you can make unlimited purchases. 

However, it’s advisable to stay within your budget and place orders reasonably. That is, if your profile has 100 followers, 50 Instagram Comments, or 150 Instagram Likes will seem more realistic than 10000 likes or 5000 comments. 

Yes. Viralyft immediately sends you an invoice via email as soon as you place an order. 

No, Viralyft is not affiliated with any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or third-party partners.

Drip feed delivery is an automated process of gradually distributing availed services (likes, views, shares, etc.) on your account and content.

For instance, you order 1500 auto-likes on your Instagram account but want 100 likes every hour. Set the drip feature as follows:

  • 15 runs: 100 likes will be delivered in each run.
  • 60-minute interval: 100 likes will be delivered every hour.

PS: Viralyft introduced this feature to ensure that any social media platform doesn’t flag you for using bots or any suspicious activity. Instead, platforms reward you with astonishing engagements. 

Of course. After placing your order, you’ll immediately receive an email confirmation along with the tracking number. To check the order status, go to, type your tracking code/number, and get real-time updates!

We don’t like to keep you waiting. In fact, one of our core pillars is instant delivery.

It usually takes about 1-10 hours to deliver services to customers. The overall results also depend on the volume of the services you buy. If you purchase more likes, views, shares, followers, etc., the delivery will take longer. Every package also has a delivery timeframe mentioned on our pricing page:

However, we always prioritize quick delivery so our customers never have to wait too long for the necessary boost.

You will receive the exact results you want, plus some more

If you buy likes, we’ll give you high-quality likes from real people. If you want views, you’ll get authentic views. But that’s not it. 

Since the provided engagement is from real and active users, they are highly convertible and multiply your growth overnight. 

Absolutely. Our team has been back and forth for endless nights to provide each social media creator with a sustainable solution to keep growing. 

You also don’t need to share your account password; the payment gateway is SSL-encrypted, and you get a refill guarantee. So, there are no compromises regarding your account safety.

Our services work for each customer without fail. 

Viralyft offers a wide range of quality plans at incredibly competitive rates. We always deliver the purchased engagement swiftly. 

However, don’t just take our word for it. Instead, have a look at what our repeat customers have to say:

We act as the engagement partner for all the influencers, creators, or even businesses who want to grow on social media and let you do your own thing: content; while we do ours. 

That is, make the process as simple as a cakewalk!

For instance, if you need a subscriber boost on YouTube, hover over the Services tab, hover over YouTube from the dropdown list, and click on ‘Buy YouTube Subscribers.’

You’ll find a wide range of packages. Select the package based on your budget and needs and opt for it. Then, fill in some basic information to know where (which channel) you want the subscribers delivered. Move to the checkout process, choose any of our SSL-encrypted payment gateways, and pay.

We will take over from there. All you have to do is rest and watch the subscriber count soar one by one.  

While we don’t sing our own praises, one thing is clear: Viralyft is absolutely legit. With unmatched quality services, we’ve served over 1.5 million satisfied social media users and received 5-star ratings from verified customers. 

And FYI: more than 95% of our customers have returned for more!

With a team of social media marketing experts and over 10 years of experience, we build an impeccable social media presence for customers. 

The entire team works in accordance with Viralyft founder Sebastian Jacob’s mission, which is honesty, fair prices, and seamless support.

No, you can’t deactivate refills manually. And honestly, you shouldn’t either or else you may not be able to leverage the benefits. 

If, at any moment, the engagement drops or the ordered engagement is not delivered, our system is designed to automatically refill for the loss. 

You will be automatically eligible for free refills if your order is not delivered as promised. 


  • Our free refill offers last only up to 5 days since your last order placement. 
  • You won’t be eligible for free refills if you buy engagement from other websites.
  • Ensure your username is the same to avail of the free refill. 

There isn’t one reason why your followers are dropping. There can be many (even though each one hurts just as much):

  • Your followers don’t relate to your content because of a change in niche.
  • Your content quality has dropped.
  • You post content very rarely.
  • You shared controversial opinions or got involved in drama with other creators. 
  • You purchased bot followers from unethical businesses.
  • Your account was shadowbanned.
  • Your content violated platform guidelines.
  • The platform deleted accounts that follow you when other users marked them as spam. 

However, if you experience this within 5 days of buying our follower services, we’ll gladly refill your followers for free.

Viralyft is the leading authentic social media services provider that offers you likes, followers, views, shares, and much more. 

Trusted by over 1.5 million creators worldwide, it has more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Viralyft is hell-bent on giving creators, influencers, marketers, businesses, and anyone who needs some support to get recognized in social media.

Once you’ve placed an order and the payment is made, unfortunately, you can’t cancel it. However, we can help you modify your order at