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Genuine comments by real users raise the engagement quality on any Instagram page. Buy real Instagram comments that come from Viralyft’s network of users, who are constantly consuming unique content. With the power of our network, your quest for engaging comments for Instagram comes to an end!
Verified comments are the best available in the market, these are coming from users verified with the blue checkmark! This is perfect for anyone wanting the best quality services to boost their posts.
High Quality Comments
What's the difference
  • Real Random Comments
  • No Password Required
  • Quality Accounts
  • 24/7 Support
  • 2-4 Days Delivery
Verified Comments
What's the difference
  • Real Verified Comments
  • No Password Required
  • Quality Accounts
  • 24/7 Support
  • 5-8 Days Delivery
High Quality Comments
What's the difference?
High-Quality comments are a great option for comments from global users, perfect for anyone needing a boost without a large budget.
Verified Comments
What's the difference?
Verified comments are the best available in the market, these are coming from users verified with the blue checkmark! This is perfect for anyone wanting the best quality services to boost their posts.
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How to Buy Instagram Comments

Want to learn how to Buy Instagram Comments? We have just the solution! Boost your engagement and get your posts trending with our premium packages that provide high-quality Instagram comments fast!

Choose your Instagram comments package

Select from our range of packages to find the perfect size for you, all of our packages include 24/7 live-chat support and we provide the highest quality comments available!

Enter Your Video URL

Provide us with your Instagram video url, no password is needed! Just make sure your account is set to public so you can receive comments.

Complete Checkout

Pay securely via our SSL encrypted payment gateway, we accept all major credit and debit cards, You can rest easy knowing your financial information is never stored.

Why Buy Instagram Comments from Viralyft?

buy instagram comments

Have you always wanted to be a celebrity on Instagram? Do you want to beat all your rivals and emerge at the top of the Instagram game? Don’t worry! With Viralyft we shall give you ensured Success on Instagram. Check out our AMAZING FEATURES below-

  • Clear Communication

We also make it a point to communicate things to you directly. We are the voice of our company, and we want to create the most growing environment for you. Miscommunication might create frustration, and disappointment. Therefore, we keep our directions direct, and simple. This can prove to be important because people don’t usually have the best idea when using new services like buying Instagram growth. Hence, we make sure you don’t feel alone.

  • High Security

Often companies that offer high security are very costly. However, we take care to offer only the minimal expenses at all times. We take all possible methods to ensure that business information is not given out to the wrong hands. Moreover, we do not ask you to disclose any sensitive information that might compromise your identity. You can trust us with the minor details of your account that we will always safeguard with cutting edge technology.

  • Perfect Payment Gateways

The best part about our payment system is that it open 24/7. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a specific time to get the things that you have ordered. Another thing that we must mention is that the process of payment is extremely secure. This means, that you will never find a hitch when completing a transaction. We can facilitate the safe transfer of client date, information, and money while minimizing and elimination any chance of fraud.

  • Budget-Friendly

Moreover, we like to get rid of any extra irrelevant costs. In case, there is any windfall damage or overhead costs- then we take the responsibility for such things. All in all, we can assure you that working with us will be a highly cost friendly experience. Even for higher number of comments, or engagement- the rise in cost is not too much.

  • High Visibility

We responsibly work on your profile, and increase visibility in the best manner possible. Therefore, you will start seeing positive changes on your profile very soon. We are determined about giving you the results that you have always wanted. No matter what you have ordered, we will provide it to you when the time is ripe. With guaranteed results- we are sure you will be on your way to success on Instagram.

  • Custom Plans

You can easily pick the number of IG views, likes, comments, and followers that you would like on Instagram. We understand that needs of different people vary as per their social media goals. Hence, we always take care to provide diverse plans, for customizable needs. We understand that different people have different social media requirements. Therefore, we are always custom creating packages.

  • Proper Distribution

Your engagement will be seen distributed throughout various posts on the app. This natural process is very significant for accounts that have begun their journey on Instagram. Therefore, we ensure that your likes and comments remain constant over time and don’t die down. This makes your account growth look natural, and organic- making you a favorite in Instagram’s algorithm.

  • Credibility

We are running a company that has often been used by people all around the globe. We have had various known customers who have achieved success on Instagram because of our efforts. Therefore, one thing we can assure you is that we are an absolutely reliable site. As a matter of fact, we have been ranked among the most credible places that you can find online. The various testimonials are reviews on the web only prove our point.

FAQ's Before Buying Instagram Comments

Instagram does not have an explicit policy where it states that it will ban people for buying followers. There have been many people online who have already bought followers, as well as engagement. All in all, Instagram has not been able to detect or even suspect that such accounts on the app exist. Therefore, it is highly improbable that your account will be banned after you buy followers. You need to keep in mind, however, that there are certain steps you must take care of.

As we have already mentioned before, once you buy a certain number of followers you need to buy subsequent comments, likes, shares, and other forms of engagement. This is very important for any account that wants to create growth with looks completely natural as well as organic. Once you take care of such small details, Instagram will not be able to detect any breach in their existing algorithm. Therefore, we can assure you that you will remain completely safe even if you buy followers from our company

Our company always guarantees the fastest results in the market. we will ensure that once you buy a certain number of IG comments, you quickly start seeing the changes within your account itself. The first initial changes you will start seeing within a matter of some hours. However, you need to understand that growth cannot be spiked immediately. As mentioned before sudden growth should uniformly distributed over posts as well as time.

Therefore, we make it a point to ensure that all the results are not seen very quickly. Moreover, since we advertise your account organically. It will take some time until your account gets maximum traction as well as traffic. At the most you will have to wait for a few days before you see the highest results on your account in terms of engagement.

Viralyft is very clear and transparent about its plans. This means when they say that they are going to send the comments from real and active people they meet that request. The comments always come from real people for clients who look forward to their packages. They can be less concerned about the problems of bots as they buy Instagram comments. The major issue of getting bot comments and irrelevant comments can be controlled in this manner. Businesses who look for the target audience and possible clients are going to find this helpful as shares of their posts can let their business reach millions really fast.

Comments coming from real people are genuinely the need of the hour. People want an audience as they get Instagram comments for the content they put up on Instagram. These ideas just make the process of getting the focus from the active users. More active users visiting the profile means there will definitely be more engagement. Comments are from real people as these people keep coming back unlike just the higher numbers of fake Instagram comments that people get from other spam websites.

After buying Instagram comments people expect to get a good number of onlookers. When new users tend to try and become an influencer, every viewer of their content counts. Real people commenting on their posts mean they are viewing the content as well. This change can actually push the posts to the right person. This type of comment can influence the visual posts from Instagram in the ideal direction.

After you are buying the comments as the number of comments and viewers start increasing, it suggests the content to other people. New people who view the related content find these suggestions in their feed. Clients who buy IG comments tend to experience a growing number of likes in all their future content and also an increasing number of shares and saves. For commenting on any post, users need to view the content. This is why the exponential change in viewers can create a similar effect on the effects of all future Instagram posts.

Sharing the Instagram URL is essential to buy Instagram comments. It is the policy of most websites to fetch the URL from clients for sending the comments. It directs the engagement to the right post which their clients want to grow. People feel like there are safety concerns related to sharing the URL. But the safety is based on the privacy policy of the social media marketing websites like Viralyft where people buy Instagram comments. All plans are safe with the discretion and protection guarantee offering no access to third-party websites.

Viralyft never asks for complete access to the post. This means the clients do not need to share the password of their Instagram account. As a safe solution for Instagram engagement, Viralyft made quite a name for itself among influencers. Thus, the security available on the website makes sure that none of the data gets leaked from their side as people buy Instagram auto comments. With all the information about the client, their Instagram information is safe as well. This is why only real and relevant comments reach the users every minute after selecting the plan.

Selecting the best website is a crucial task before buying any of the plans. The best websites offer the cheapest packages but the benefits start with privacy. Complete privacy is available for all buyers who want to order. These websites to get Instagram comments offer optimum security with complete refunds so that people like their honesty. Authenticity is the chief concern when it comes to social marketing and organic growth only proves if the website is legit.

Viralyft offers all those facilities, along with the complete refill guarantee. So, you do not lose any of the comments you order here. They recently added the new order tracking feature. Such facilities just prove that their servers are so efficient they can maintain this transparency. None of the packages are delayed as creators want the growth at a specific time. Therefore, the order tracking clearly shows the changes till completion. This is everything that budding creators expect and finding these features only buyers should choose the place to buy Instagram comments.

The safety concerns that most buyers feel is the payment issue and the security issue with each of the plan. Only the best websites have SSL payment security that keeps both personal information and payment info safe. If people can safely provide their information without data leaks, then they will get Instagram comments more. Viralyft has the latest SSL security on its website. So, all the information that you provide including the payment is safe at every step.

Buying comments is the safest with Viralyft. They do not store single info that their clients provide. As soon as the order gets completed, they remove that information from their server. This is done to maintain the privacy policy of each customer and also to keep the absolute anonymity of all those who buy IG comments from Viralyft. The payment stays safe at all points so that the buyers can get a refund due to any issue with the order. Either the clients will get fruitful results for Instagram or they get their money back. This guarantee drives people to safely keep ordering as many comments as they want.

The ultimate goal of every Instagram user when they buy verified Instagram comments is to get verified on the platform. If a person is not getting natural engagement, then it can lead to problems with getting verified. Especially, if an account user is piling up their account with bulk bot followers and bulk engagement, then Instagram does not let the person get verified. In fact, this leads to the loss of credibility of the Instagram account. This is a major issue that Instagram creators may face if they buy from the wrong sources.

Viralyft makes sure that their clients who buy Instagram comments are getting the verification tag in no time. Providing all the expert help they always send out real engagement. This helps the buyers get the relevance and popularity on Instagram that is a necessity for becoming a verified creator. Organic engagement from Instagram comments of Viralyft makes the process of getting verified swifter. Within days, clients get the verification mark beside their name.

Some comments are from bots while the others are from real and active users. Bot comments are not relevant for the growth of the account or the post. Only relevant comments that are from authentic sources can provide the posts with the right direction. It is pretty easy to understand the comments which are provided just for the sake of numbers by the bots and those which are actually made by the real viewers. Viralyft only sends out organic engagement just from real sources.

The bot comments are never related to the post itself. Thus, such comments will be random comments made for every single video. If people get Instagram comments that are post-specific, then it means people saw the post before commenting. This is a true indication that the person commenting is a real user who stays active and watches the posts. This type of activity is always beneficial. Any type of directed comments that are specific to the post act perfectly for the future growth of the content and the creator.

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Customer Reviews & Thoughts
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Viralyft is a boon for the budding insta influencers who need to buy celebrity Instagram comments to look credible. Their prices are the best in the market and so is their service.
- Geoffrey
I myself couldn't figure out which comments were the paid ones and which ones not. It happens whenever I buy new comments. The prices are amazing so I just cant help but keep on buying more and more.
- Gideon
I just got here to write this review after getting my order of 10 comments delivered. It was like just a trial but I am so in love with it. All of the comments are from real accounts and look legitimate. Will be buying more for sure.
- Orion
So glad I didn't have to wait for days to get the comments I ordered. Purchased 50 of them for $12.99 and all of them arrived within the same day. This might just be the fastest such service that I have ever used or even heard about.
- Eduardo
Everything from the beginning to the end went real smooth. It was easy to find the right plan as there is a plan for all kind of needs. Got 25 comments for just $6.99. The delivery too was real quick. And the best part : the quality comments!
- Mario
This is the first time I EVER bought comments from somewhere and I'm kinda shocked. Like I can't even figure which ones are the paid ones anymore. They are just like any other regular comment. I love this and I feel I'm gonna keep coming back here.
- Cristian
I'm so glad I decided to go with Viralyft instead of trying anything else. I usually try out different options but this time I decided not to and it turned out to be a great decision. The comments they sell are no different from the real ones.
- Odin
When I first read the comments were going to be random, I was kinda worried. I thought they would be like all those fake ones you used to see on Facebook in the early 2010s. Thankfully not the case. The comments look genuine I got my money's worth.
- Tanner
I just came here to buy custom instagram comments package from the site and I'm genuinely impressed. The quality of the comments is AMAZING. They look like just any other regulal comment you come across. It took me time to figure which one were the paid ones myself.
- Julius
For all the people out there struggling with reach and engagement stuff, you should give Viralyft a try. I have bought comments and likes from here and it DOES help you grow. I'm regularly buying comments and all of it has gained me a lot of new followers.
- Sean
I researched about Viralyft before I got into it and finally decided to buy from them. Apparently the people here have been marketing here for more than 50 years collectively. This pretty much guarantees reliability and indeed I got good results from buying their comments plan.
- Travis
I have been a Viralyft faithful for a loooong time now. I keep buying stuff now and then. Bought comments for the first time recently and unsurprisingly they are amazing as well. They just can't do anything wrong.
- Wade
When I was younger I used to use all those auto-comments sites to get comments and it was hilarious. There are still many such websites that even ask for money for the same trash quality. Thank you Viralyft for being different and actually providing real comments.
- Warren
I am reading a lot of reviews where people are praising the comments being real. As a regular here at Viralyft, I was absolutely not surprised at all. They are so consistent with the quality in everything and the comments are no different. Love them!
- Fernando
Viralyft is responsible for the fastest delivery that I have ever experienced personally. I ordered 10 comments from here and they all arrived within half an hour. Fast deliveries are always a win in my book.
- Leonel
Reading all the postive reviews got me feeling real good about Virlayft. So many people trust them, there must be a reason for it. I was confident I was gonna love it and I did. All the comments are legittt!! Even the prices are so low I just can't.
- Edwin
I have bought a lot of comments from here. And I am still using Instagram without an issue. Never got any warning or any flags. Maybe even Instagram can't figure out the difference. That's how legit it is.
- Cairo
This is honestly the only option you should even consider buying comments or anything else from. But especially comments because there aren't many sites that sell comments and none that has the quality of Virlayft.
- Dakota
The last time I bought comments, it went terribly wrong. The comments were full of weird stuff in different languages and none of it makes sense. You can't get custom comments here but at least they are always relevant to the post and not out of order.
- Ismael
There is absolutely nothing different in these paid comments from the organic ones. These too come from real accounts the stuff they say is related to the post. A great growth strategy at least for me.
- Killian
Instagram comments have been helpful in boosting the engagement metrics on Instagram. I have had a hard time promoting my posts on Instagram. So, I bought a few likes and comments from Viralyft. It has been a great experience. The results were quite good, better than other sites that I have tried.
- Kingston
I have needed Instagram comments for my posts once in a while. But I was not able to find a site that can provide real comments. Viralyft promises real comments and it does deliver on that promise. The comments themselves are random but the accounts they come from are real.
- Vincent
One of the reasons I got attracted to the Instagram comments service of Viralyft is because of the reasonable price range. For just a few dollars I was able to buy 20 comments. These comments came from real accounts and helped increase the number of engagement metrics on my Instagram posts.
- Nathaniel
Paid promotion is something that I regularly use whenever I need some boost for online promotion. For Instagram, I buy services from Viralyft. Without spending a fortune you can get good results. A few days ago I purchased Instagram comments and they reached me on time. Will buy it again.
- Braxton
Most of the comments that you get from Viralyft will be positive. Though random, these comments will not say anything offensive or negative about your posts and the best part is that they are posted from real accounts! For the price, the service is quite good.
- Ashton
Using social media service providers for likes and comments is something I have trusted Viralyft with. These guys sell good services without you having to break your bank. I recently bought comments for two of my Instagram posts and they got delivered on time. I have no qualms about the service.
- Bentley
Since I have lost my money buying social media services from fraudulent websites I decided to be more careful. So, I just bought the base package to get Instagram comments. I received the comments on my post quite quickly. The results were good so I have already started to buy bigger packages.
- Juan
Many sites provide random comments but what I like about the comments that you get after purchasing the service from Viralyft is that the accounts are very real. For around $3.99 I bought 10 random comments just to test out the service but then I started buying more often and bigger packages. I haven't been disappointed so far.
- Emmanuel
If you have been looking to buy USA instagram comments then you can use this site. Due to the low rates yo,u can buy a bunch of comments without going over your budget. I got 50 comments on the same day.
- Lorenzo
In an industry full of scammers, it is hard to find good social media service providers. Viralyft is one of them and I have been a regular customer of the site for almost a year now. Try out the Instagram services on this site. If you want comments you can buy them as well.
- August
I have always used services to boost the performance of my posts on social media. I have bought Instagram comments as well but Viralyft is one of the top sites that I prefer because of the low pricing and the high quality. You don't have to worry about the comments not being real.
- Elliott
The entire process of buying Instagram comments was quite easy. My friends had suggested Viralyft and decided to give it a try. I bought 25 comments and 50 likes. I got them delivered on time and it helped boost my promotion on Instagram. Now, I often use Viralyft if I need social media services.
- Rhett
Many people don't want to buy random comments and for good reasons. But I felt that the comments that you get from Viralyft are actually quite good. They are positive and come from accounts that look very real. Apart from that, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get comments on your posts.
- Arthur
Custom comments are quite costly. Whenever I buy real comments for Instagram posts I buy a few custom comments along with. Some random comments. For random comments, I use Viralyft because it is very cheap and the accounts are genuine so I don't face any issues.
- Thiago
I needed some comments on my posts to increase the engagement metrics on it and give it good visuals. I chose Viralyft after reading about it on a site. The services are quite good on this site and I have recently bought Instagram comments and the service was quite good. I have nothing to complain about regarding the service and support provided.
- Enzo
There were many bad experiences when buying likes and comments for my Instagram posts. Many sites just didn't deliver the promised number of comments. Thankfully, I found Viralyft. My life has been so much easier when it comes to social media services. You can buy random comments service from this site. They come from real accounts.
- Maddox
Recently, I bought 10 random comments from Viralyft. It was around 4 bucks. It was a good experience so I bought more. All the comments had a positive tone and it didn't cost a lot.
- Matteo
My friends have said that they had gotten good results from Viralyft. I didn't believe them until I tried it. For just a few dollars I was able to get 20 comments. The delivery was quick. I didn't have to wait days for the comments. Quick and high quality along with low rates. Give it a try!
- Emiliano
I didn't feel that random comments would be useful but Viralyft delivers these comments from real accounts. But it did help boost the aesthetics of my post and helped during promotion. If you have some budget and you want to buy comments and likes for Instagram then do give Viralyft a visit.
- Tristan
Viralyft is the best place to buy instagram comments. The Instagram comments that I got from this site are real. I didn't care about the content of the comments as long as they were positive. So, I got decent results from my investment.
- Miguel
Buying Instagram comments from Viralyft has been a great investment. I generally don't use social media services that much. But sometimes you do need a bit of a boost and for that, I always use Viralyft because it has some of the best quality services. I bought a few Instagram comments a week ago. The delivery was very quick and I got real comments.
I never trusted social media service providers after I lost a lot of money buying services from fraudulent websites. I found Viralyft a month ago. The packages were cheap so I decided to test them out. Since then I have bought Instagram likes, comments and followers and a few YouTube views as well. The quality is quite good.
- Dawson
This is the kind of site I have been searching for. After receiving comments from bots and obviously fake accounts I bought Instagram comments from Viralyft. It was quite a nice experience. The comments were real and positive. You get really good quality for a low price.
- Jesse
Instagram comments can boost the engagement metrics of any post. I had bought a few custom comments from other sites and wanted to sort of sprinkle those among a few random comments. I used Viralyft for this because the comments are positive and are sourced from real accounts. Give it a try!
- Oscar
I often shy away from writing reviews but this time I had to because after being scammed so many times I finally found a site that delivers on its promises. Viralyft promises that you will get real Instagram comments and you do get them. One of the best bangs for your buck. I highly recommend it!
- Matias
Please do not trust fake reviews of other sites. After reading good reviews about other sites I lost my money on poor services with very low retention. But I am highly satisfied with the services that Viralyft provides. I generally buy likes and followers but recently bought 25 comments. I didn't even have to spend that much to buy real comments.
- Arlo
Please use the services that Viralyft provides. Do not trust other sites. This industry is filled with bad sites that are out for your money. If you want quality results for your investment Viralyft is the best. I got the comments delivered on time which was a surprise given my experience with other sites.
- Steven
This is one of the best site to buy Instagram comments. The quality of the accounts commenting on your posts is quite good. You will receive positive comments and the price is not that high. I bought 50 comments and it cost around 13 bucks. I am very happy with this purchase.
- Preston
Other sites will provide you Instagram comments as well but where they end up lacking is in the accounts from which the comments come. The accounts are bots and have such random and bad usernames. But I didn't get that with Viralyft. It was money well spent.
- Felix
My business partner and I were struggling with Instagram promotion. We needed a little bit of boost to get noticed. Viralyft was the right choice for us as we got the likes and comments delivered quickly. The quality of the service was pretty good as well. It has helped us gain a lot of exposure.
- Adonis
Whenever I need comments that are real but cheap I always go to Viralyft. The comments are random but are generally positive but the accounts from which they come are very genuine. Viralyft always delivers on the promises that it makes on the website, unlike other sites that under-deliver. Please choose Viralyft and you will get the best results.
- Knox
This is the site to go to if you want to buy Instagram comments. The site will not cheat you and whenever you need any help the customer support is very quick and responsive. You can talk to customer support if you want to split any service and they can help you out if possible.
- Beckham
Instagram comments can help boost the engagement metrics of a post. Sometimes I buy them for this reason. Viralyft is one of my top choices because of the quality that they provide. I have never had any problems ordering from this site.
- Rafael
There are many services for Instagram that Viralyft offers and I have tried all of them. I have never been disappointed with the quality I receive. Recently, I tried buying Instagram comments for the first time and as expected the quality of the service was quite good. You can easily trust Viralyft to buy comments on instagram.
- Javier
I started using Viralyft a while ago to get comments on my Instagram and that's exactly what happened and my engagement doubled in just a short while!
- Logan
Please keep up the stellar work Viralyft. You have made Instagram so productive for me by increasing comments on my post and boosting my reach.
- Levi
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